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  1. That's right, baby, I just bought this truck straight cash. I got cigarettes for me and my family the rest of our lives!
  2. Sorry, but whenever somebody says bust all I can think of is boobs. Like a perky rack. Two sweater puppies. A busty seductress.
  3. Boise has shut out the opponent in the 2H of their first three games. I think that bodes well for Air Force ATS.
  4. same. was wearing a helmet. nothing like traversing huge elevation drops on a deep trail. or finally making it up a steep incline for the first time when you're finally strong enough to do so. The event that sold me on bike helmets was encountering what I can only describe as a pothole, concealed with high grass, just off the side of a very solid, compact dirt trail. My front tire caught it perfectly and stuck. I don't remember flying over, but I remember getting up and moving my #### to the side - as I had landed on the other side of a blind corner and needed to avoid getting potentially ran over. It gave me a headache, but what really sold me was the subsequent nausea. I'd never associated the two before - head trauma and nausea - and can't imagine how much worse off I could have been sans helmet. Especially being alone in a remote location. Don't get me wrong - I'd prefer sky burial when the time comes, and that's hopefully what would've happened, inadvertently. But that wasn't the time. It wasn't my time, Cletus.
  5. Eflin and Teheran are making consecutive starts against each other. Braves 6-0 SU 8±3 rpg with opposing starter in that spot this season. Braves o5½ -105 Phillies/Braves o10½ -110
  6. starting pitchers with a ERA greater than 4.7 are 9-0 versus Dinelson Lamet sdql
  7. Well, that's interesting. Do you know anything about 49ers training camp scheduling. Because I have a theory they flew to the east coast WEEKS before the opener. As a result, I doubt they did their best work in practice this week, getting acclimated to life back home and the time change. I think the way everything worked out they'll be the most-affected team returning home in that spot this week.
  8. if you have faith in a small sample it looks like DD wins in store
  9. Out of all those games it only happened 14 times where they won both games. They went 8-6 SU and 7-7 ATS (7-1 SU and 6-2 ATS L8).
  10. Okay. NFL G3 when you just played the first two games of the season away: 36-61-4 ATS (.371) against an average line of -3
  11. Sure, no problem. Dude, I bought D-Backs at the end of the 2nd inning last night. It SUCKED. They responded by allowing 2+ base runners in six straight innings. In 3 of those innings, relief pitchers Andriese, Sherfy, and Clarke combined, allowing 10 runs on 11 hits. In 3 innings. They turned a 4-2 lead into a 12-5 deficit. I think Sherfy was the MVP though. He literally did the worst relief pitching I've ever seen in my life - keep in mind I paid 65 cents of juice to back this team, and they were winning by 2 runs - Dude came into the game, gave up five straight hits - three doubles and two singles - all five of those dudes scored, and then Sherfy left the game without recording an out. He literally got paid to do that. Allowed 5 runs in ZERO innings pitched.