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  1. L6 seasons A's 26-12 O/U when their starter is making consecutive starts versus the same opponent (1st MLB). -however- During the same time, opposing teams are 10-22-3 O/U in that spot versus the Jays (30th MLB). -thought I had something-
  2. They look like boobs to me. I also think butt cheeks looks like cleavage sometimes.
  3. Yep. Sickest run of my entire life. And that's in addition to (+) that 18u from the Charlie Blackmon 12th inning home run game, so 137 total. I picked up my badge for the Moontower Comedy Fest, so am basically forcing myself away from wagering the next four nights. To try and gain perspective on what I wanna do. Those Twins wagers snuck in there though. When I got done with that Trailblazers game the other night, after all the live betting, felt like I'd been in a literal fight. Barely slept I was so jacked up.
  4. Mariners lead the league with 16 wins and the average line in those games was all of their combined games this season +109
  5. Since June 2017 left-handed starters 29-13 SU hosting the Twins (25-5 SU favorite). sdql
  6. M's 11-2 SU away on 103 combined runs (8±3 rpg) and 11-1-1 to the over.
  7. Frankie Montas 4-4 SU home: no first inning run allowed: 4-0 SU with 5 runs allowed in 26 innings allowing a first inning run: 0-4 SU with 18 runs allowed in 21 innings might know pretty quick how it's going to go