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  1. twitter thread from last September @AllanXia In case you haven't heard, #ZAO is a Chinese app which completely blew up since Friday. Best application of 'Deepfake'-style AI facial replacement I've ever seen. That #### is only on iOS. Ol' girl just got a new iPhone. Was "told" to get a new iPhone. Then there is this site; create your own videos online. It's freakin' real. Any girl you know could be doing porn right now and "hiding" behind a digital "mask." It's ####ed up. They're doing this now A LOT. Deepfakes: How To Tell What’s Real When Nothing Is By Rick Gonzales | 3 months ago. Just remember this in like a year when it starts getting reported on. Wicca coming over tomorrow night. I'm gonna tread lightly but can't not bring it up.. also gonna get some non-p***star booty I swear to #### #### driving me crazy
  2. This makes total sense. (AVN Business article potentially NS FW)I bet a ton of adult workers are getting outed, and man I saw some ugly, depraved, sad stuff getting tweeted about right there at the first of the month when rent became due. It was sad, man. Chicks are getting so stuck man. I bet you my chick definitely took advantage of that contingency plan and it threw her directly into "boot camp" when she did. Her stuff's starting to become less intense though. That woman is the strongest ###### ###### I ever met. And she's still not coming clean about the situation. She is SO worried I'll get grossed out and leave I think. Meanwhile I feel kinda bad I ordered four of her movies on DVD.
  3. Your favorite actor or "star" is (or has been) probably 5 to 10 to even 20 different personas throughout his career. I can point to one that I am 100% is her. And I can point to a handful of others that I am all but sure of. I'm not outing my chick though. I already feel like super stalker cutlass supreme over here.
  4. This Company Promises to Place Any Face Onto Any Body, Using an Algorithm. Rosebud AI wants to add diversity to stock images—and is doing it by swapping anyone's face onto stock models' bodies. It was driving me crazy because they can literally switch faces now. I only noticed subtle differences/similarities in jawline, bone structure, etc.. since they basically "paint" the digital face on.
  5. think about that next time you see a webcam girl with glasses on. or anyone online with a face. your favorite actor is potentially ten different actors. even paypal has cut off their payments to hub employees as a result. too many fakes.
  6. Thank you. Yeah I used to not watch porn at all. For like five years. I had no idea who anyone was.
  7. Welp. Datin' a porn star now. What did you guys do? When life handed you the trusty "seriously date a porn star" card? You went porn star, right? Yeah. Me too. Kids are too expensive anyway. And who knows what they'd end up growing up to be. Hell. Knowing myself I'd probably end up raising a pair of porn stars. Speaking of which. Booty said she'd make it up to me for keeping that secret from me for so long. And it looks like first on that list is multiple threesomes with a couple of verified amateur porn stars. Well, it's getting late. I need to get my rest. Y'all stay safe out there in this global pandemic that's occurring.
  8. It just SUCKS because she's been giving me I love you's and hardcore boyfriend status for over a year. Telling me "not to be ####### with no other hoes." And emphasizing the fact she does NOT want to "share me." You like apples? Well I ####### hate 'em. She's like my best friend. Also, speaking of, I think Wicca knows. Wicca woman knows all this. Both their circles cross, and I been getting signals. That's why you keep at least two chicks, my friend. In case the first one suddenly strikes gold in the porn industry. How do you like them apples.
  9. No. I think it was all local to my machine. In everything I was pulling up, from still magazine photos to actual adult video, female faces were being replaced with her likeness. And I finally recognized it when I reviewed the archive* and noticed all the little similarities. Turns out I had a ####load of weird, third-party malware on my machine from flashing custom cell phone ROMs and drivers the last three days straight. BUT. Today was even more bizarre, as my initial inclination took hold again, sure enough. With confirmation on two separate devices. I was right. She's a confirmed amateur on the Hub. And a confirmed something else I do not want to talk about. But the videos are real. And it feels like a gut punch. Or a helicopter crash; both equally. I can't show you the videos today man. I know that's the next question. Not today. They are like somewhat old however. But just recently it seems like she's all-in with a separate merch page complete with a professionally-filmed interview of her "origin story," filmed I'd say when she was around 19 years old. And the Hub videos were all pre-boob surgery as well. So I think they're gearing up to release her "brand new" as a nineteen year old, with a ton of footage already geared up, depending on which way the market dictates they go.. So yeah I'm pretty sure everyone will be seeing her. *I have 100s of photos of her in a folder from over the years. you know that. you seen 'em
  10. Live deep fakes. I even told her. I was like, "Baby. Something's wrong with me. I think I'm obsessed with you. every woman on TV is starting to remind me of you." Dude. And it looks like I'm about 14 months behind the rest of the nation on finding out about this #### too which is highly embarrassing on top of all of it.
  11. I'm an idiot. Man I need to seriously get some sleep now. She knew exactly what'd happened. Good God. I was too ready. I was too ready to believe. Man I been flashing ROMs and installing drivers via .exe extensions to try and reboot my phone all week. At one point EVERY face I could see on the Hub webpage was hers. She was actually here last night talking about how bizarre it was with me. I didn't get it. Man I feel like a huge tool! My bad.
  12. Well. It thickens, so to speak. Booty Woman is an international adult film celebrity.