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  1. Yo. There's a universe inside of you. That you know exists. Today. Yesterday. Every day that you get a little bit throwed alone, by yourself, you see it. Every now and then you see it. An unexplored universe within yourself. Then what happens?
  2. Did you ever take psychology 101 and part of the grade was actually participating in crap like this
  3. Can I stand there for five minutes, three times in a row? Because that's what I'd be doing inside my head.
  4. Rolling out Rams DST and gonna back Rams to win SU as well Cheers Brosephs. Yo Nugs. FSU gotta sting less or at least be tempered by Brady's first drive no? Can't remember how deep you cut for the Bucs at the moment..
  5. Couple 2H shutouts today. Browns got 6 in the 1Q and then.. Man, you had to know JDR and Rivera was gonna post up on D though. Had to see that coming, right?
  6. Came in to talk #### about the innane crap ESPN spews Agree with you on the storylines. Man we've sure gotten dumb as #### as a country - just going by the media that we consume. Either that or I been reading too many ####### books. The sad thing is, it's going to take about three weeks and I'll be totally consumed by this same bull #### I'm calling "inane" today.
  7. There he is! Yo just in time for W2 public fades system. Think about it dude..
  8. Yeah, and the rookie too. So basically their #1 and #2 WR, I think. Was thinking they might've had time to plan, or make other plans, so to speak. Titans aren't 100% themselves on defense either. Definitely deserves a look. But now that you mention that stuff probably not multi-unit like I was going to do, gnome sayin' Yo ETA yeah I'm taking the +3. Just 'cause I love dogs and I think the injuries thing is sticking out waaaaaay more in the public eye than a "Broncos early season home angle" ever possibly could..