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  1. I still do wet t-shirt contests every once in a while in my kitchen with my girl tho; so the dream still lives on, albeit scantily.
  2. It's also NIU coach Thomas Hammock's shortest turnaround of his season (head-coaching career) after playing on the road last Wednesday in Toledo cheers bro.
  3. "Chris Creighton" and "Shaq Vann" are the keywords for the Google search. NIU is 11-0 L11 versus Eastern Michigan. You'll read about the eleven-game streak, but NIU was laying an average of 16 points in those games combined. Creighton is 0-5 against NIU since he took over in the middle of that losing streak, but the last three years in a row were decided in overtime by margins of 7,3,3. Since 2016 Coach Creighton 15-9 SU and 16-7-1 ATS against teams allowing more than 157 rushing yards per game, and even better when the opponent averages less than 30 ppg on offense. During that same time, Eastern Michigan 15-5 SU and 15-4-1 ATS when Shaq rush for more than 33 yards (5-3 SU and 7-0-1 ATS as the dog). The team total is 24½ but I passed because if they cash that, money gonna cash too. Eastern Michigan +185 Eastern Michigan +7 -150 Eastern Michigan +3½ +110
  4. Celtics just had their winning streak snapped. I think they'll score a ####load in the 1Q (and win the 1Q) but end up losing the game.
  5. yo remember, no matter what happens, whenever you go to bed 2nite there's gonna be two MAC games tomorrow. football games. and literally 100 NCAA men's basketball teams playing tomorrow too so that'll be pretty fun also. well thanks I guess I'll talk to you later y'all have a good night don't bet too much. also 26 hockey teams play tomorrow too (last but not least!) cheers bro
  6. Just reading about it, I guess it was some sort of disaster due to field conditions. Affected a lot of people so it's a big deal this year because it's such an important market to reach!! Yo looking at neutral site dogs, it doesn't look high-scoring. Especially at this type of venue, and especially early. Also - random trivia - Philip has gone against Andy more than any other coach. He thrown 474 passes versus Andy-Reid-coached defense. Looking at neutral-site dogs I think 20 looks like the limit, with a max of 10 1H and probably exactly 3 points 1Q. When Philip gets 20 or fewer versus Andy the full-game total goes under. Unless he go 27+ and the game goes over the total. Neutral-site dogs have had pretty uniform results though, so that's where I get the under lean. ¡Adicto a la acción! Chargers u20 +194 Chargers 1Q u3 +104 Chargers 1H u10½ -120
  7. Uh oh. The grass look thirsty. Quick, give it a complete breakfast.
  8. yo I wonder if they got the lawn fixed at El Estadio Azteca yet
  9. How do you know when you have the flu, as opposed to just like a cold or sore throat or something.
  10. Eagles have been a team that starts out slow at home for some reason.. Just about half their home games since 2017 saw them scoreless in the 1Q.
  11. Talk about rare air: There has been one regular season road favorite in Philly since the 2017 season started, and it was when Philly was resting starters for the playoffs. Eagles 17-4 in all their other home games during that time since 2017.. I also like how the Eagles have been sleeping in their own beds for 3 weeks. Cheers bro. Eagles o25 +277 Patriots/Eagles o45 -103