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  1. Yo, seriously, maybe scout a wash & fold place and its proximity to where you'll be. And/or stay at a hotel with coin operated laundry machines. That's an hour well spent some random travel evening: utilizing the outdoor coin-op machines, watching three sports centers in a row on your queen-sized bed with your last change of clothes on, and then boom - wake up to a brand new, fresh & folded suitcase. *For best results, practice this method in your home for up to a week before departing
  2. Just act like you been there before. Boom. Final answer
  3. well what do we have here you motor boating s.o.b
  4. It's true. You learn something new every day. However, as is often the case, modern western medicine chooses time and time again to treat the symptoms of disease rather than attacking its true, root causes. That being said, I will now participate with you in your hypothetical thinking game. Which do I choose? I choose farts, my friend. Every single day of my life. I choose farts. Every single day when I wake up at 4am to begin the mile-long hike to the baking soda factory by the light of the moon. A job I've worked at since I was ten years old. Where I still work full, daily shifts. Enduring the monotony. Longing. Longing for the day I'll never see. The day I finally get to attend the 1 o'clock, all-you-can-eat, hour-long buffet at my cousin's bankrupt Applebees.
  5. Schedule an eye appointment without telling your wife and kids. It's simpler than you think. Eye doctors work out of offices in WalMarts now. You don't have to be afraid of anything. Pay your little fifty bucks, or pretend you're disadvantaged and negotiate a small payment plan. Life is a negotiation, even with doctors. No one is more familiar with the drawbacks and benefits of small business negotiation than the self-employed ophthalmologist renting office space from his local WalMart. Just pop in there real quick and pop out with a prescription for contact lenses. Then - Whomever can wear daily contact lenses the most consecutive days in a row before their wife notices WINS the contest and I'll give you a hundred bucks prize money. Boom. Not only will you land a cool hundo for yourself but you'll also potentially save the lives of others while benefiting society as a safer motor vehicle operator. Thank you my work here is almost done
  6. L6 seasons Tulsa coach Frank Haith 20-13 SU 69 ppg as the underdog dog catching less than 5 points on the spread. sdql
  7. gonna fall into a action junkie situation right here I think.. Since taking over in 2017 opposing teams have been able to beat Holtmann's Buckeyes in their same-season rematch situations. Overall it's gone 12-7 SU and ATS with Indiana, Iowa and Rutgers combining for all seven losses. Teams playing on home/neutral went 10-2 scoring 77±9 ppg with the Indiana Hoosiers the proud owners of those two losses. sdql Badgers -115 Badgers o61½ -109
  8. Were you just in a "cleaning out mood" yesterday or are you gonna parlay it into something else.
  9. Just keep the most recent hard copy in your glove box for your friend. For income tax returns I keep five years' worth - every year I add one to the pile I call "keepers" and then shred the oldest, six-year-old return + evidence. That five year threshold is what I've always been told to keep; remember hearing that ever since I was a kid.
  10. mo how you doing brother it's always good to see you. y'all enjoy the fights tonight, watch closely I hope y'all learn a lot I know you're really into the technical aspects of that sport brother