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  1. I thought I had heard that he had 2 touchdowns called back for penalties vs TB.
  2. Going to Game 5 tonight, hope the Bucks get their groove back. Need better spacing, quicker passes to open guys that actually will hit shots tonight. Giannis needs to see these double teams sooner and make good decisions. Need more transition opportunities also. At the moment the Bledsoe signing looks terrible, would have rather spent the money on middleton/lopez/brogdon. Will be wearing a t-shirt that says: Giannis Antetokounmpo Making Milwaukee Great Again
  3. I was at almost of those Bucks playoff games as well in 2001. Like no other basketball games I've ever been too. We beat the Lakers both times that year (to the best of my memory) and were the worst matchup from the East for the Lakers. I think it would have been a much better series than Philly.
  4. Saw Steve Aoki last week, it was a great show. Got lucky with a couple presales and now have June 27 Imagine Dragons, Summerfest Milwaukee Sept 2nd Metallica in Madison Oct 16th Metallica in Milwaukee I also have Little Big Town tickets for April but I can't go now, wife will take a friend.
  5. Just saw an NFL alert on ESPN, no night game next week.
  6. Just to throw it out there between the differences of opinions from a bunch of adults (I'm 42 and have loved Star Wars since I can remember), I thought it was very good, and will be seeing it at least 2-3 more times in the theater. It was not perfect, and a couple useless scences could have been taken out. But I can't forget just how great I felt watching most of the movie, it' hard to explain. Just so many things reminded me of watching the originals as a kid. The absolute best part, my 11 year old loving it. Thought everything was super cool, and now I get to take my 6 year old next week too, and get to watch and listen to her talk about it after the movie and have lightsaber fights after seeing Rey kick ***.
  7. Saw Guns N‘ Roses tonight, Milwaukee WI. Overall I am very happy I got to see them live. No opening act, they played 3 hours and 20 minutes. Supposedly they haven’t played the Milwaukee area since 1991 so I had to go. Not a perfect show (Axl’s voice at times)but I thought all of the music and Slash were very good.
  8. 12 team ppr: Team A trades: Buck Allen, Jack Doyle Team B trades: C.Carson, C.Fleener
  9. Picked up a Switch and Mario Kart 8 deluxe for the kids today, looks like it should be pretty sweet.
  10. Today might be the last day to get them. Supposedly New York was done yesterday, but today limited Walmarts and Targets are supposed to put some out. I was lucky to get 1 of the 4 at my local Target. Website showed 0 for my store but I was out for a Switch at Best Buy so drove over to Target after getting my ticket. 1 guy beat me up to the door and then a few more showed up, website that showed 0 magically changed to 4 according to these guys, I was just checking to be sure. Got 1 of them..pretty sweet and lucky, thought I missed it for good not going out Sunday night/Monday morning.
  11. Tonight is the night! First showing 7pm on a 3d UltraScreen with leather recliners. Myself, wife, brother, and in a couple days soon be be 10yr old. Got to take him last year for Force Awakens on his bday. I've got 6 tickets lined up for the family on Tuesday (movie theater up here has $5 Tuesday plus Superscreen/recliners), Dad and his wife and I guess I'll determine tonight if my 5yr old daughter can go. Yup one of those parents but she likes watching Star Wars and Superhero movies...
  12. Most of the big box store ads aren't out yet, however Kohls is supposed to have some PS4's, Uncharted 4 bundle for $250 plus you get $75 in Kohls cash. If you or your wife shop there, $175 for a PS4 sounds pretty cheap. Best buy, Target, Walmart, Toys r Us, and more still to come. Ads should be leaked in the next week.
  13. Forgot to mention I got him in the 10th yesterday. Wouldn't count on that anymore though.