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  1. Really the smart (but tricky) move is never play a guy off of a multi-week injury his first game back.
  2. Something about being hurt it looked like...
  3. Please tell me Connor didn't get dinged up already. 😫
  4. Had him earlier in the year but dropped him. Now I have some RB question marks and staring at his name on the wire. I've actually seen him ranked as high as top 15 this week. Seems some think he's going to keep progressing out of his bye. I just don't know...
  5. Dropped Goff for him Hoping to never play him with Lamar as my QB but I feel much better now just in case.
  6. The body control on the not-TD before his TD was something to behold as well.
  7. I know he's only had a week total to work with the Redskins new QB....but I expect Terry to get 10+ targets a week going forward. If he catches half that's a nice floor.
  8. My money is on Pascal. But if I play Reynolds its over Watkins or Anderson. All 3 seem to have a about the same boom/bust potential. Not really a good problem to have.
  9. This guys is intriguing. 4th rd. draft pick but has all the intangibles and has produced lately when given the chance. Since Rams play in the 11 personnel consistently he will get a ton of snaps. Problem for me is I have a few guys with the same type of upside so still pondering who to drop for him. Actually leaning towards the 49ers D since I have the Bills.
  10. Thoughts on this guy going forward? With Engram and Walker as my TEs, I'm thinking of taking a flyer.
  11. Bills over SF here. (Disclaimer: SF will blow up as I've failed at picking the correct team 3 straight weeks)
  12. Good to hear. My sudden WR wasteland needs him.
  13. I just picked up Pascal for Hilton so might play him instead. Otherwise will roll out Watkins if Mahomes plays. This sucks.