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  1. I wasn't going to play him this week but everyone has him as a top 5 RB. I just don't see it...
  2. gd sloman...rams kicker situation is going to rear its ugly head later in a bad way.
  3. Yep, and hopefully both have good games which also means Lamar is starting to get going.
  4. First time posting in here. 0-6 so far and lost 3 games by 1 point. This week Zeke needed just 1 more point at the end. I thought posting this would make me feel better...oh well.
  5. I am starting him over Moore, Chark, Boyd, and Slayton
  6. All in on Chase "The Points" Claypool this week!
  7. Starting with confidence as a WR2 if DJ is out.
  8. Problem is that the Chargers aren't very good. Leaning towards Wash. @ Giants now that Young is back.
  9. 49ers make a lot of sense this week.
  10. Second that. I plan on using him during Lamar's bye.