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  1. Not really. I'd be picking up Pettis and throwing him in.
  2. Anyone worried about 15+ mph winds in Miami tomorrow?
  3. Yea this sucks along with the Sanders hit. Right now I have Zay Jones to put in but Pettis is still on the wire. Goodwin back but Garcon out. Seems many are high on Pettis this week but I'm not sure I get the love...
  4. Not even rostered at the moment in my league. But I think he clears waivers on Saturday so will make for an interesting rule exploitation (NFL fantasy) if he's picked up and used next week.
  5. Goodwin should be back. I have those 3 reversed.
  6. I have Jones in this week over Gordon and Baldwin after Sanders went down. I'm scared.
  7. Well lets be honest. "ROS" for many is this week. I've got a few comparable options I'm considering but I'm having a heard time pulling him.
  8. Sick. He didn't go high enough in my draft at #7.
  9. Feeling good about riding him in to the playoffs as my backup.
  10. Lucky to grab Ware before anyone else. He's as valuable on my bench as in my lineup IMO.