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  1. New ineffective QB, no touches, incumbent has been hurt. Why will Samuels take over?
  2. Same but I also have CMC (thank you lord)
  3. It will be Mclaurin or Hardman for me if he can't go. Already have Watkins. Would hate to roll out Hardman too and have Robinson go nuts again at his expense. Leaning McLaurin.
  4. Not sure what to do this week. Assume that if he plays Sunday he's "100%". I could slide Carson or Scary Terry in but I still like Connor more if he can be counted on.
  5. Steelers should be able to put it together and their schedule is good (includes Miami at home after the bye)
  6. Yep, Cowboys and Vikings for me.
  7. Welcome to the starting lineup. Was playing the Goff road/home week vs. the Chiefs gonna be fun.
  8. Payton is still allowed to coach after Bountygate. You'd think think they'd be happy enough with that coup. But alas.
  9. SEA did OK for me last week but I don't like this week. Looking at HOU (who I had dropped for SEA, ungh), Bills, who aren't sexy but have a high floor, and also considering swinging for the fences with the Browns who are much better than they played last week, pissed off, and playing a crippled Jets squad.
  10. Ravens. Future value not looking great.
  11. Not sure about that one. He hasn't been unleashed yet this year.
  12. Thanks, looking forward to the ride...another bonus is he is a keeper option for me in 2020 in the 8th round if he pans out.
  13. No but only because Watkins went nuclear so I've got my #3 for now.
  14. Same here. And I had #10 waiver priority. My league is sleeping on him.
  15. BAL and HOU locked and loaded...
  16. Same here but I had Lamar Jackson on the bench. I'll also be working the home/road splits with Lamar going forward. Unless he proves week 1 is his new jam...
  17. Probably...I'm considering dropping even though I can keep him next year. I have better options for that as well.
  18. Perfect PPR RB. Still have no qualms taking him #1 overall with a bullet...
  19. So he's basically a WR 4/5 at this point...