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  1. Little nervous playing him for the first time (in the Championship) since he pulled up lame but I got no choice. Lets rock!
  2. Right...a couple early Ingram rushing TDs in this game and his ceiling plummets.
  3. Why? So he gets his 5 TDs in the first half? And no way Cle lays down in this game.
  4. Same here. Also considering the Jets after what said Bills did against them Monday.
  5. Interesting thing in my league (posted above) is I'm the team with CMC and Lamar but the team I'm playing went undefeated. Go figure...
  6. QB L. Jackson QB - BAL RB C. Carson RB - SEA WR A. Thielen WR - MIN WR Z. Pascal WR - IND WR A. Miller WR - CHI TE J. Cook TE - NO W/R C. McCaffrey RB - CAR K M. Gay K - TB DEF Jets DEF ==VS.== QBD. Prescott QB - DAL RBD. Cook RB - MIN (or K. Drake) WR K. Allen WR - LAC WR A. Robinson WR - CHI WR T. Lockett WR - SEA TE M. Andrews TE - BAL W/R A. Kamara RB - NO K J. Tucker K - BAL DEF Steelers DEF
  7. I have Lamar and CMC and finished 2nd during the season and will be in the Championship against the 1st place team...who didn't lose a game ALL YEAR. Hmmm, I probably should be ashamed about that but maybe I can give him him his first loss when it counts.
  8. Pascal had one catch or target (can't recall which) during TY's last comeback game but that game script was different than it should be tonight. I also would expect Lattimore to be on TY as long as he's on the field. I think this is a good situation for Pascal.
  9. Thanks to CMC, Lamar and a handful of overachievers, anything he gives me tonight is gravy!
  10. With Njoku surprise inactive I'm all in. "Yay"
  11. You'd think if he was cleared by an independent neurologist already, we would know. Maybe its today since they play tomorrow.
  12. "Expected". He still hasn't cleared the protocol as far as I know so I can't chance it. There's no pickups for us in the playoffs.
  13. Saw some stat that Troy Hill as been even more effective than Ramsey since he joined. The Rams have been blowing up passing games since. That being said I do think Gallup and Cooper will get theirs today.
  14. I dropped him a couple weeks ago to avoid temptation but could use him now since he negates Pascal and Dede seems quite iffy.
  15. I'll admit I took Goff a couple rounds before him. I was targeting him but kept watching everyone take other QBs so I waited and waited...