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  1. I guess to each their own. I like Jones more than I do Adams. I think there is a difference between a guy that is a solid player and a guy that makes a big play once in a while. We really don't know enough about Jones simply because he has been so under-utilized. I think Adams is a good solid player but in the middle of the pack for NFL Wr #1's. As average as Rodgers has been he still is better than most and has helped to make decent WR's put up better numbers than their talent level is. I'd love Adams in fantasy but if he were to leave the Packers he would not come close to his current numbers in my opinion.
  2. This team has zero playmakers on it. Rodgers is not what he used to be but you could see that last year. The play calling is terrible. We refuse to feed the running back when averaging 6+ yards a carry. The front office, while not wanting to mortgage the future, have failed to put more talent on this team and wasted having the best QB in the league and a chance for multiple titles as well. I think it's time to blow it up. How can we not have any speed/quick guys? Those types are a dime a dozen in the NFL. Lord a year ago we had Lacy and the change of pace was Starks 😂 . Look at New England, they drop and grab those quick players every year for cheap.
  3. FYI Got all the bells and whistles of the Big Deal by just calling regular customer service number.
  4. I called the 855 number and I got a recording saying their offices were closed. So I decided I'd just bite the bullet and call the number I normally use and I got a recording there too, I've called them in the middle of the night before with no problems. Now it says I have to wait until after 8am. This is what I get for trying to do all this last minute this year.
  5. I totally forgot about this whole dance this year and then I got my bill. I am currently scheduled for disconnect tonight at midnight. I am seriously nervous I am going to end up with no ticket on week 1. The lady I talked to said when I scheduled to disconnect that I wouldn't be able to get SundayTicket now. I think she meant through some other company. Do I have to wait for service to be shut off to call back, or can I call them later today with the Big Deal bit using the 855 number?
  6. Interesting find while trying to find the name of the actress from last night for educational purposes: Tatiana Krumula is a Bulgarian drug distributor and a minor villainess in the 2013 comedy movie The Heat. She is portrayed by actress Kaitlin Olson who played Dennis Reynolds' twin sister Deandra "Dee" Reynolds in the hilarious hit sitcom series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  7. So not really "under" the slipper per se. It would be interesting to know if the edge of the slipper was on top of the key (hard to tell from the photo), or the key is laying just adjacent to the slipper. So not really "under" the slipper per se. It would be interesting to know if the edge of the slipper was on top of the key (hard to tell from the photo), or the key is laying just adjacent to the slipper. Funny but as I recall he twisted and moved the book case. I guess they decided to put the book case back in place perfectly before taking that pick.
  8. Steven Avery is a POS. No one is doubting that. So are Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey. If Avery is guilty the police are the ones who created the most reasonable doubt. The moment anyone involved with the civil suit was involved all evidence is put into question. So I trust zero evidence, zero. I have no problem believing that SA would do this based on timing. Anyone capable of rape and murder do not think logically like the rest of society. I do think reports that Avery raped/sexually assaulted a girl previously is important but in both directions. First against Avery obviously because it shows that he is a rapist. However, the police could easily be extra motivated to get this guy put away if they had knowledge of this sexual assault. I don't like the ex-boyfriend even a little either but that doesn't make him guilty of anything. I hope Avery is the one who did it for the sake of the Halbach family. I have thought about it and my current thoughts about all of it are this. I figure society is a better place without SA in it. I also wish that every last person involved in the prosecution and investigation of the case be removed and never again be allowed to serve in any capacity in the judicial system.Go scorched Earth because those people are just as shady as the Avery's. Flush the world of everyone involved in the investigation and initial defense of Brendan Dassey. Was it in this thread that I read that while in jail Avery would have Brendan's dad go bang his wife, Lori I think it was, and now they are married?
  9. A bit off topic but since I liked this so much I watched Jinx. It was pretty good but not even on the same level as this one.
  10. If it's not Steven Avery I am going with Brendan's brother I forget his name as being the guy who did it. He was around and leaving about the same time as Teresa was leaving. He would have access to plant evidence knowing the cops would want Steven for the crime. I am almost positive the police planted evidence. I wonder if it was someone else in the Avery family if they know but don't care. Here is the appeals document if anyone is interested:
  11. If I'm the Manitowoc county police and know he did it as they claim I would've stayed as far away from the investigation as possible. Any and all evidence found while someone named in the civil suit was involved would seem inadmissible to me. No way I would put a man away for life based on what I saw in the documentary. The Manitowoc county police are a bunch of buffoons and good ol' boys and operate as such. I am pro-police and believe 97/100 they want to do their jobs in the best and most ethical way possible. I have seen them be the most disgusting people I know at times too taking advantage of their position of power.
  12. It's not really evidence but the phone calls to his woman when the murders were supposedly taking place are the most difficult thing for me to get my head around when thinking of his guilt. He was calm and no signs of stress or being drunk or anything that would indicate that he had a woman tied up and was in the process of raping and killing. The bonfire is one of the biggies for me when it comes to his innocence. The timing is just too convenient. Silly that out of all the things these are the 2 that stand out for me on both sides in proving his guilt or innocence. I'd love to see all the raw film without it being edited.
  13. Regarding DNA evidence, didn't they say there was no signs of cleaning chemicals like bleach in the garage? I also could swear they said that no DNA for Halbach was found but that DNA for Avery was there, making it less likely he cleaned up evidence? Based on what we know from the documentary, that poor Brendan kid got the shaft. If he did all the things he was coerced into saying he still shouldn't be locked away for life. It's obvious he is not a normal functioning person and his age at the time should warrant much more consideration that it seems to have. I'm 50/50 on Avery. I think the cops are as bad as he is though. Nothing adds up like it should in any direction.
  14. I'm wanting to start him but have yet to pull the trigger. All the 20 carries talk and I still see him ranked around 20th RB. So few RB's get that type of volume I can't imagine him not being closer to the 10 range.
  15. I think back to High School. I may have thought it was cool if some guy was getting over on the system by making a false claim to get to see some naked chicks. I probably would have high fived the guy. Now whether the chicks would have tolerated his presence is another matter. Most of the girls I knew would have teamed up to blind the lothario with hairspray and other materials available to hand. They would not have put up with this. Also, if the lothario was trying to see the girl I was dating naked I would have kicked his ###. I'm just not seeing the scenario of horny boy getting over on the system actually ever playing out. I understand we guys can understand that initial impulse, but really, who thinks it would ever actually happen successfully? Absolutely but what if he argues it's his right? Also you are describing bullying...lame I know but it could be claimed if such things actually happened.