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  1. He was in my lineup, and anyone is an upgrade over MVS.
  2. Grabbed Chubb,, ASAP Dropped Lamar Miller. Miller's status was declining with both Blue (now in a timeshare) and Foreman (soon).
  3. The 5 main starters they're counting on for next season---Williams, Taillon, Nova, Musgrove, and Archer---combined in 121 games for a 3.64 ERA. The other pitchers used in the rotation had 39 starts before today, for a 5.22 ERA.
  4. In the 72 starts by the trio of Williams, Musgrove, and Taillon, that part of the rotation has a 3.39 ERA. In the other 70 games, the Bucco starting rotation has a 4.71 ERA.
  5. Adios to David Freese and the professionalism he brought to the club during for several years. Buyers in July, sellers in August.
  6. Pirates in June/July under Hurdle-----237-181, a .567 win %. Pirates in Aug/Sept under Hurdle-----189-225, a .457 win %.
  7. Only 87 runs in their last 24 games (10-14), a waste of good pitching.
  8. The Bucs are now 186-220 in Augusts and Septembers under Clint Hurdle, going back to 2011. That's .457 baseball. We are again witnessing the annual letdown.
  9. The club has 60 wins. I believe they have 29 games left with divisional rivals against whom they've played nearly .600 ball this season (28-19). They also have a chunk of games versus Miami, KC, and Minnesota. In all, the schedule really favors a prospective post-season slot. But they have to keep hitting at the level they've demonstrated since the start of July.
  10. Brewers are 29-29 since June 1st. But, if they can play .500 ball the rest of the season, they'll still be in line for a prospective playoff spot.
  11. Bucs have used 20 pitchers this season. The club has an overall 4.22 ERA. I looked at the 11 active ones, from Ivan Nova to Nick Kingham to Alex McRae, who've logged innings for the team. Their cumulative ERA is 3.84. Then, I examined the 9 who are either gone (Smoker, Glasnow, etc.) or inactive (Kuhl). Their composite ERA is 5.03. Kela and Archer should be fine additions to help get that ERA closer to, or under, the NL mean of 4.07.
  12. This is part of an essay I'm working on because I was intrigued by Archer vs the AL East compared to other MLB teams: Chris Archer started his MLB career in 2012 with the Tampa Bay Rays. In the seasons that followed through 2015, he compiled an impressive 3.33 ERA in over 564 innings. Since 2016, in 498 innings, his ERA has been 4.10. Some would cite the rise as a by-product of pitching frequently against the fierce foes in the AL East. And that is a valid position. Facing high-scoring Boston, the Yankees, Toronto, and Baltimore carries many hazards for opposing hurlers. The 29 year-old Archer is a veteran of such wars. His 54-68 win/loss mark may reflect battle scars. And they do. Almost 47% of Archer's innings have come against AL East adversaries, resulting in a 4.02 ERA and a 21-33 record. Versus the rest of MLB, he maintains a 3.39 ERA. In 21 career starts against NL teams, Archer's ERA is 3.29 . So, away from the usual opposition, he is a more effective starter. The Pirates had to be aware of Archer's work given these contexts, or they wouldn't have sent 3 good young players in exchange.
  13. All very true. Would not like to see them make a move by tomorrow for the sake of making one. Hoping for an acquisition to be a viable upgrade or, at least, a solid complementary addition.
  14. Curiously, the Bucs staff maintains a road ERA of 4.93, in contrast to their 3.85 ERA in home games. A full run per game lower at home.
  15. The Nationals began the season 32-22 with a team ERA of 3.25. In going 16-26 since, their team ERA has been 4.67.
  16. This is GM Neal Huntington's 11th full year on the job. The club has an 812-897 record during his tenure. That is .475 baseball, or a season average of 77-85. They've not won a division title in that span. Otherwise, all is just fine with Pirates ownership, who don't appear concerned though this has won thin with the dwindling fan base.
  17. Last 44 games for the Bucs (14-30)----a 5.03 staff ERA. Last 44 for Milwaukee (27-17)-----a 3.61 staff ERA. The Pirates are 30-45 so far this season vs NL clubs. Maybe they need more games against the weak AL Central.
  18. Interesting note on MLB payroll---It stands at $150M per team on average. The Bucs and the Brewers are both at about the $100M mark. But it's pretty clear one franchise has leveraged their salaries well, and has the NL's best record as of July 6th. The other remains stuck with a .473 winning percentage.
  19. Thanks! With the Pirates at 40-46, and on their third straight way to another sub-par record, how are the people in charge (Coonelly, Huntington, Hurdle) living up to their contracts? The answer is they're not. They shuffle players in and out, with little variance in the results. The lack of commitment toward developing a genuine winner is tiresome. Ownership, of course, draws a profit, win or lose. So, fielding an authentically-competitive team remains a low priority. When this happened with Leyland in the mid-1990s, he bolted to manage an upwardly-bound team. Hurdle must be content with a paycheck.
  20. How's it going, Gents? Long time, no see. Fred's still doing the thread's heavy lifting. Happy Independence Day! 40-45 record, on par with 2016 & 2017. Truly a model of consistent mediocrity. Picking an All-Star from this squad will be rough. Maybe Dave Roberts will go with Colin Moran.
  21. The club has the same record as the San Diego Padres. They've played .427 ball over the past 10 Septembers. They gave away bullpen mainstays Hughes, Nicasio, Watson for virtually nothing. They're near the bottom in almost all hitting categories in the NL. How does that merit a 4 year extension for the GM?
  22. Pirates are 20-36 since the 4 game sweep of Milwaukee in late July. They epitomize what it means to be a demoralized group of players.
  23. Signs of the problem----apart from the offense being 14th in the NL in hits, doubles, homers, batting average, and slugging percentage, the bullpen has a 4.65 ERA over the past 89 games.
  24. Disheartening to see the Bucs continue to unravel since the All-Start break while the Brewers and Cardinals still manage to stay within range of the Cubs.