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  1. All of that is great, thanks. I'm in the early stages of trying to buy our first house. You said only talk to banks if you're looking for a jumbo mortgage. Would I typically still do better with a mortgage broker than going with a bank at that point? If it helps, I'm in Northern NJ, buying in Central NJ, credit score well past the point where it stops helping...
  2. It's had the opposite effect on me. Feel like I'm never going to wear a nice watch again.
  3. The people who try and downplay the effectiveness of masks are the same ones who say "just wash your hands and you'll be fine". Guess what? If everyone washed their hands like my 3 year old does, a lot of people would still get sick. You have to wash your hands appropriately to effectively reduce your risk, and you have to do the same when wearing masks. Not sure why one gets nitpicked while the other gets taken for granted.
  4. So when you say tv revenue is more than all player salaries, you're including individual teams' local TV deals?
  5. We'll be sending our 3 year old to "camp" now that NJ just announced things will open up in early July. While we're right across the river from NYC, our town has done a really good job of keeping things relatively contained as I've posted in here before. The activities will be much more limited than originally planned but it will still be worth it for her. I'm not overly concerned about flare ups or what will happen if someone on staff tests positive. I've come to grips with the fact that this isn't going anyway for good anytime soon and waiting for that point to get her back to a normal routine just isn't feasible. We're lucky in that the only people in our families who are at higher risk are our parents because of age. We'll be extra cautious around them and we'll all wear masks/distance when we see them.
  6. My HBO GO app didn't update so I downloaded the Max one manually and got signed in with my cable sub. Very strange to be scrolling through a catalog of movies and HBO dramas and then just below see a big icon advertising the ability to stream The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  7. It's nice that the people who have been booted out of the main thread are just congregating here now.
  8. Don't know the official plan but Stamkos would sit out, they'd test/sit others, play games, and test each day repeating the process. Assume the NHL has more complete info from the NBA on how much spread there actually was from Gobert, but it didn't seem to get anywhere near the point where even a league with shorter rosters would have trouble fielding a team. And there are better precautions being taken now which would help.
  9. The only thing the internet has ever agreed on is that no one understands WTF HBO Max is and how any other HBO subscription rolls into it.
  10. I've never referred to it as anything besides bathing suit. 37 and grew up in Jersey. Seinfeld has a great bit about "trunks" being an old man term.
  11. He already explained maintaining the pool water properly.
  12. Was this the one that involved transmission between coworkers that allegedly could have only come through touching the same salt shaker? That never stood to reason.
  13. Really strange and pretty much the opposite of how the service works. The restaurant usually has to confirm the order to finalize the time when it should be ready and certainly is the one to say when the order is ready. Might sound strange but is there any chance you placed your order for a different location? Happened to my wife recently when she put in an order for a chain sandwich place using her iPad, which she had last used...down in Florida.