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  1. They definitely feed off the energy of the home crowd but their own energy/intensity on the road isn’t an issue. I just think that a lot of those close road games were the type where if they played the same games 10 times, maybe they win 4 or 5 of them against each opponent so the coin is basically coming up tails on them each time. The Illinois and Iowa games were definitely very winnable. They’re also a really bad FT shooting team and not cashing in on those on the road can be killers over the course of the game.
  2. They have no one to blame but themselves if they can’t get a couple more, or impress in the tourney, but let me tell you something: if they end up not making it, I’ll be absolutely crushed regardless.
  3. In the last week, he went after a journalist for having the audacity to obtain and publish his letter to the Astros and then had this “piece of metal” disaster. So he has the players hating on him and the media pissed and eager to report on any more drama. He’s not close to being out of the woods yet.
  4. Does anyone know why Gauthier didn’t get more chances at the NHL level? Produced a ton in the AHL and was already 24 yet only saw 5 games of limited action.
  5. I barely understand what the thread title is asking because the examples you guys keep giving predate TVs with color.
  6. The hockey version of the “don’t trade any prospects” guy is the worst in all the major sports.
  7. Manfred is now getting all pissy with the media because he’s mad his letter to the Astros got reported to the public. Wagons are circling on everyone here.
  8. I ask seriously. I had some major ones for years brought on by a combination of puberty and being well over 3 bills in my late teenage years. Lost a ton of weight but they mostly remained the same. Spent years miserable about the problem and finally went to a plastic surgeon in the city last week and got it taken care of. Best decision I ever made and I’m still partially bandaged up. PM me with any questions.
  9. Some premium economy seats have different price points for aisle, middle, and window. Obviously middle is the cheapest and not a ton of difference between aisle and window but I’ve seen aisle like $12 more than window on AA before.
  10. Don’t mention being their father and the guy sitting next to two of your kids will probably pay you to switch.
  11. The Stranger on Netflix was a terrible mess. I feel duped by the positive reviews I saw for it. We regret not bailing after the second episode.
  12. If your planned savings can be relied upon like that, seems like a great opportunity. If you don’t have one already, maybe open up a credit card with a high credit line in case you really need it instead of tapping the IRA.