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  1. Been brutal in NYC. Think we've had one day in the last two weeks that wasn't at least touching 90, and not only is that continuing the rest of the week but it's going to hit upper 90s towards the end of the week, through the weekend with heat index up to 110. I'm done with the summer and it's barely mid July.
  2. You never know if things will work out long term but for as long as it lasts, I'll enjoy them getting great writers from horrible platforms on to their very simple, clean platform. If it dies in a few years, at least it was a good few years.
  3. What do you mean by her having poor office skills?
  4. It's amazing that this guy can make "Knicks" and "Nets" sound virtually identical. He manages to pronounce both an I and an E with more of an A sound. Listen to him talk about Durant's decision and rattle off those team names 5x each in 10 seconds and you almost can't tell who he's referring to at any given point.
  5. There is. It starts with sending me two of them. (Finally logged in myself to confirm my disappointment)
  6. No email yet and too nervous to check. Cap, did you put in for the max 4 practice round tix? If I won I had always thought about keeping two and selling two but I now realize the better move would be to swap a pair with someone else who won another day so I could get the most time on the course possible.
  7. Both the best/worst were good reads. Was surprised Zibanejad didn't make the cut for one of the best. $5.3 x 3 more years is a steal at his recent production.
  8. Nothing will ever be as preposterous as him recently saying that you can complete a rebuild in the NHL basically overnight and rebuilding is much easier there than in the NBA...a league where a team can go from a middle tier playoff team to the Vegas championship favorite with one transaction.
  9. People who knew him seemed to think he was just the nicest guy ever. Very sad. "Pillsbury Throwboy" is still the greatest nickname ever IMO.
  10. Think I'd rather have a guy refuse to shoot 3s at all if his upside is to only hit them at a 30% clip.
  11. From my experience, the anticipation ahead of a scenario like yours almost always results in failing to live up to expectations.
  12. This is why people think there is collusion around the RFA process.
  13. Love it. And Dolan has absolutely no involvement in NYR operations. Which is why the team has actually been running well and successful post-lockout. He handed the keys to Sather, agreed to sign the checks, and then GTFO. Thank god.
  14. Same thing was said back then, and it was said before that as well. Teams generally do dumb #### and can't help themselves.