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  1. Appreciate the insight. Can't hold off that long...I'll be spending the money by middle of November at the latest. A few years back I took advantage of a 100K Amex offer with only 5K spend for the platinum card. That was pretty sweet.
  2. My wife has had chronic migraines pretty much her whole life but things got way worse for her starting about 10 months ago. It's been damn near hell for her this whole time and we don't know what caused things to slip so much, but are still trying to figure that out. She has tried all different variations of CBD and it did nothing for her in terms of relieving her pain. Using the CBD/THC combo helps but is nowhere near as effective as straight MJ. That can allow her to go from having debilitating pain to more of a nuisance headache within 15 minutes. I bring that up because if it isn't working on a 120 lb woman I seriously, seriously doubt NFL players can come close to seeing the type of pain relief that they'd be able to get from heavy painkillers with CBD only. Adding in THC may come closer but most likely still falls short of the relief obtained from all THC.
  3. There's no way this can fail for our hero here. Surely those work lunches/dinners, flights, and airport lounge visits will only land during 3 of the 5 days of the work week.
  4. Do the more impressive point offers (100K) ever become known ahead of when they become available, or do you just kinda need to keep an eye out and jump on them once offered? I know I'm going to have a very expensive November coming up and should be able to knock out 2 or 3 "spend $5k over 3 months" requirements that month alone so I'm trying to plan out the best method of attack.
  5. I thought the question was going to include "no damage to the other vehicle" too in order for it to be in any way up for debate.
  6. They're pointless, and it's why the league should adopt the proposal to fix kickoffs that - of all people - Greg Schiano introduced. Think this got officially proposed for the NFL a year or so ago. Had some support but not enough. Could be in the future though.
  7. It's my favorite show of all time but never really would knock out many episodes in a row (back when I used to have all the DVDs) and I haven't thought of it as a "fall asleep to" show since back before there was streaming. Interesting to see how much that changes with the new format.
  8. Just roll with a challenge system and forget about the ref being able to get buzzed down on any play. Then just get the call communicated to the ref by the guys watching on 70" screens and save all that time from the ref staring into an iPad. Enormous time saved right there.
  9. Could not get enough of her. Very upset we didn't see more of that action. Having trouble deciding if she's "find her oddly attractive" worthy because she didn't really jump out as hot at first.
  10. Barracuda Grill is the one we went to multiple times. Pickled Onion is more of a bar/restaurant that was pretty good. It's right on the main street in Hamilton. Saw a couple other people liked Lobster Pot but we weren't fans. Could've been an off night though. (thank you old CC statements for these names)
  11. I looked at the lunch menu for one of the resort grill type places when I was making sure I wasn't crazy with the prices I was quoting, and there were gluten free options all over the menu. Think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  12. All good points, but to be clear, that was all my opinion on the mindset that I think is most effective for the first week or so when trying to start a big lifestyle change. Spend a week eating healthy meals and no snacks to break all those bad habits and train your body and your appetite, then incorporate snacking into a more typical and balanced diet.