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  1. Yep. Wife and I got them a couple weeks ago and we're taking our 3.5 year old tomorrow.
  2. My ~4 year old and her cousins are doing a candy hunt (think Easter egg) around the grandparents' backyard.
  3. One of the more unbelievable things I've seen. So happy I managed to stay awake.
  4. Blueberry, blackberry. Blackberry, boysenberry. Boysenberry, huckleberry. Huckleberry, raspberry. Raspberry, strawberry. Strawberry, cranberry. Peach.
  5. Steve Cohen is going to stuff Jerry Reinsdorf in a locker and I can't wait to see it.
  6. I always appreciate when you post links to Twitter but it also makes me angry every time that this board software doesn't embed them automatically. #airingofgrievences
  7. When I read your OP I knew the price point would be a problem. Only from the sense of what you were trying to accomplish. A month is just a long time to be paying for nice lodging... Why not just modify the plan and make it a long vacation instead? You can get a two week trip in using 7 vacation days if you time it right. Allows you to increase your nightly budget and have more time to enjoy the area.