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  1. She says people refer to males as "first boys, then guys, then men." Raise your hand if you ever had a waitress come up to you and some male friends and ask "what can I get you men?"
  2. Why the need to get your kid away from his friends in order to show more responsibility? Even if he finds the type of job you're looking for, chances are he can/will get into the same type of "trouble" that he would at home but will have much less oversight than he would while living with you.
  3. Also have to look at whatever assets are securing the debt above your note. If that equipment is part of the building that someone has priority over you on, good luck again. Basically you should expect to sell at a deep deep discount so if you're getting offered something remotely close to par I'd snatch it quickly.
  4. Don't forget about actually being able to obtain access to the equipment in order to seize and liquidate.
  5. Why are we confining this to baby diapers?
  6. Where do you think I keep the dog ####?
  7. What's the difference between jelly and jam?
  8. I've seen people get mad when dropping a wrapper into their garbage from something my kid had just eaten while we were walking around town. People never cease to amaze.
  9. I've used that reference probably 20 times across different threads on here and always thought that person was talking about Walt. Assuming your memory isn't off, thank you for teaching me something. And if your memory is off, thank you just for reminding me of that amazing day.
  10. How good is the beer? I'm happy to act as the GC and get you your logo via a Fiverr schmoe.
  11. Don't have a dog, but if I did, put me in with those who say it's perfectly fine to throw it in a bin that's about to get collected, but wouldn't throw it in an empty bin. It just seems like someone doing that is saying "this is now your problem, not mine" and that's ####ed up, because you're saying you'd rather leave it in someone else's bin for a week than have to carry it with you to a place you're already going. Oh the horror of that physical toll that you're putting on yourself. FOH.
  12. Not a lawyer but my guess is when they were told "yes you needed to provide a verdict based on that specific statement" it's because someone ####ed up and it was too late to change it, not because it had any bearing on the legality of the charge. Isn't that specifically why the charge is assault with a "deadly weapon", and not a knife, a gun, a brick, etc? I've definitely read things in the past that included fairly specific times or locations for where crimes allegedly took place. If it came out in court that it was BaRD an hour later or a block away, I don't think that would be shot down on appeal.
  13. If our world is really a simulation, I hope that whenever my personal run ends, I get a shot to see another version of the simulation where Belichick doesn't have Brady as his QB to see how his entire methodology plays out. Or he gets the Brady who doesn't have a billionaire wife and carries a $30MM cap hit instead.
  14. will probably be your best bet if you don't get a bite here. If you're not familiar, you can either post "jobs" for people to respond to or search through services offered by graphic designers, photographers, crafty people, etc. Starts at $5 and goes up from there based on whatever your or their specifications are, how many edits you want, etc. In the past my wife used it to design her business logo, I used it for a simple tattoo design, and most recently I used it because I had a great picture from the first family vacation we took after our daughter was born. Problem was there was an absolute behemoth of a woman right in the middle of the background of the picture that the waitress took for us in some restaurant. Went on fiverr and $5 later she was scrubbed right out of existence and the picture has been beautifully displayed in our house ever since.
  15. I swear I've never said this on here before... I got a guy on the inside.