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  1. Not sure how many reports there were around the media, but he was known for being a prima donna and a pothead in HS. Million dollar skillset with a ten cent head.
  2. Here's the thing. I really don't want the name of this place posted in this thread. A google search would inevitably lead to this thread, and I would feel like a schmuck if the owners knew people (me) were giving a play-by-play of other guests, etc. I might be able to post a few pics once when I get them uploaded. If by "weird" you mean "awesome"...then yes. Honestly, as I said, I don't really think they could see us. If anything, maybe an occasional glimpse of us from the shoulders up. That said, the fact they were 10 feet away added a level of excitement we'd not had before. Think you misread something along the way. There was no plow-share involved.Congrats on enjoying yourself but I don't think I would dig other people checking out my work. I don't get the whole voyeur thing but to each his own I guess.That's probably because you have a small wiener.
  3. If I won the lottery, this is the car I'd buy. I love the Porsche 911, but the Tesla is just an awesome car. But that price tag definitely puts a bit of a crimp in things. Not to mention you have no idea how long the car would last, your repair options would be limited and I think you have to have a special charging station installed at your house as well.It say if you can charge your cell phone you can charge your car. Also for long drives and or emergencies I'd just keep a small gas powered generator in the trunk. Did you miss the 2 cents per mile part?That's kind of offset by the initial price, no?I guess that all depends on what you drive now. If you're in a $65,000+ car now what's another $40k?A 61.54% increase.
  4. I like your style, dog.