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  1. wow.  look at that rep.  top notch.

  2. :bag:

    last thing i wanted to do was limit the amount of tufnel available on the innerwebs during peak slacking hours.

  3. nice to have a quality ####ributor back in the ffa.

  4. party at ahrn's. be there or be square. easter egg coloring at noon, people!

  5. i'm right with you red three.

  6. apparently you can.

  7. don't listen to homer.

  8. this guy has a crooked penis.

  9. :unsure:

    i like my junk.

  10. what's up smegma breath?

  11. oh, beru. you're lean, mean, and i bet you're not too far between...are ya?

  12. did you eat all my ####### cadbury eggs? :gangsigns:

  13. finless said there was an easter egg in here for me. :confused:

  14. you must be high.

  15. i'll thank you to stay out of my aliases'ses's profiles.

  16. terribly sorry to disappoint. i will work harder for furley going forward.

  17. :hifive: +5

    quadrophenia ftw.