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  1. Your own fault for letting Mike Tomlin coach your entry.
  2. Anybody want to start talking about the draft yet? I can't believe that I'm making a 525 mile round trip to see the Steelers get eliminated on the Jumbotron. But, since I prepaid the hotel and nobody wants to buy my tickets, it is what it is. At least I'll have a good dinner at the Carlton on Saturday night. I SO wish that the Steelers would fire the ###-clown head coach. I'd turn in my season tickets in protest, but the thousands of fans who turned them in after the Super Bowl run in the 70's probably regret that now. Or their kids do. Either way. But frustration doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. I'm going to show up Sunday in my Browns jersey (No, I'm not a fan - the name is "OWEN" and the number is 16 - you figure it out) . I did wear it to the opener in Cleveland to troll the fans there, and then again when we played them here. It will be a long time before they're that bad again, so I don't know how many more times I can pull it out. Might as well get as much use out of it as I can. Thinking just maybe that the Browns beat the Rats and Tomlin somehow screws it up and loses to the Bungles.
  3. Somewhere, Satan is laughing because he obviously owns Mahomes’ soul. How do these circus throws never catch up to him?
  4. I know it has nothing to do with this contest, but I had Henry in my season-long league. And lost.
  5. Glad to see that there are several guys in here that are part of the 250. Hoping one of the regulars wins it.
  6. I think the happiest guys have to be the 44 who have Mahomes and CMac, but NOT Conner...
  7. My ghost entry quit showing up for work after I was knocked out in week 11. 👱‍♀️
  8. Well, if it hadn't ended last week, this week would surely have been the end. Alex Smith - gone Mitchell Trubisky - out this week Marcus Mariota - Seriously? That's who I'd have been counting on? David Johnson - 79 yards from scrimmage Melvin Gordon - ACL Royce Freeman - 17 yards Peyton Barber - Someone scored, anyway James Conner - 95 yards from scrimmage Jarvis Landry - 3 catches, 30 yards Keelan Cole - bupkus John Brown - 1 catch 25 yards John Ross - Hang on, someone else scored! Geronimo Allison, Taywan Taylor, Terrance Williams, yuck, blecch and pooey! Travis Kelce - bye week Greg Olson - 2 catches, 11 yards Dallas Goedert - 3 catches, 33 yards Blake Jarwin - 2 catches, 25 yards Nick Vannett - 2 catches, 22 yards Kickers and defense - who cares? I'm tired of looking at boxscores. My question is, with this group of crud - how did I even make it to week 11? Congrats to those moving on from here!
  9. The Kelce TD line move convinced me that I have nothing left to live for. I needed him to outrun the Turk by 14, but there’s no way that happens. In the words of Kramer, “I’m out!” Sleep beckons. A couple of postscripts: This year was my best finish ever. I can’t wait to use what I learned next year (yeah, I know,,,) i did learn that if you draft seven WRs, and only two of them score - not even count, just score - you will likely lose. Thank you Landry, Taylor, Cole, Allison, and Cowboy bust T Williams. And to the highly-owned Brown/Ross combo, you weren’t much help, either. it hurts less to get knocked out early. i won all three of my season-long leagues this week, clinching playoffs in two of them. It feels hollow. Best of luck to all who remain. My most fervent hope is that someone on the boards takes the whole thing. Until next year...
  10. They were reading my last rites after the 1:00 pm games, and while I’m on life support, I‘m not dead yet. I need Travis Kelce to outrun the line move by 14.15. Nit likely, but could happen.
  11. It’s been my best year ever, but time to bow out gracefully. I’m 18 below the cut after the 1pm games. Trubisky -8.05 DJohnson, MGordon and RFreeman - 7.90 and 18 Kelce -3.2 Bears - everything counts Not enough bullets in the gun to make it to week 12...
  12. I'm the only team (from the start) with M Trubisky (6), M Gordon (8), J Landry (8), T Kelce (9). Replace M Gordon (8) with D Johnson (8) and I'm one of two teams (from the start). Incidentally, we're both still alive.
  13. Moving on to week 11! USAGE, players with remaining bye weeks in bold M Trubisky 6, A Smith 3, M Mariota 1 - I honestly thought that Trubisky was my throw-in because I wanted three QBs. Probably saved my season thus far. D Johnson 8, M Gordon 8, J Conner 7, P Barber 2, R Freeman 1 J Brown 9, J Landry 8, Allison 4, K Cole 3, T Taylor 1, J Ross 1, T Williams (DAL) 0. Welcome to the party, John Ross! I actually used the 4.20 points from Landry this week. Allison is done for the season, Cole had 22 snaps and no targets this week, Williams has a broken foot. When they print my obituary in this year's contest, there will be an entire paragraph about how I whiffed on the WR position. T Kelce 9, G Olsen 6, D Goedert 2, N Vannett 1, B Jarwin 0 H Butker 6, M Crosby 2, J Lambo 2 Bears 6, Browns 4, Titans 0 So only four byes left, but 27 games from those four players. and I'm down to just three unused players totalling $11. I've never been within ten points of the cut, and I've beaten by an average of 28 points per week. That said, I'm on borrowed time (but then again, so are 1,350 of us that are left.)