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  1. I never said he was an idiot. I was obviously (see what I did there?) misquoted. I said he's a moron.
  2. Reasons Mason Rudolph will start vs. the Browns last week: 1) Mike Tomlin is a moron. End of list.
  3. Well sadly, this is my stop. 20 points down after the 1:00 games, but not enough horses left to get me back into it. This is my longest run, and like every year, I’ve learned more things that should help me next year. I’ll continue lurking, but I’ll leave y’all with my annual wish that the winner comes from this board. Best of luck to all who remain.
  4. Really good uniqueness in a lot of positions. Such low numbers on guys like Dak, CMC and Kupp are going to really work in your favor.
  5. Rarefied air for me this year - first time in 7 or so years I've made it this far. Some tough omens loom. Lamar (8), Brady (1), Danny Dimes (2) - $27 total, averaging 37.6 points per week with only one week under 30 points. Cook (11 - this one's gonna hurt this week), Carson (8), Lat (3), Duke (3), Gore (5) Julio (9), Juju (4), Lockett (8 - hope he's back), Deebo (4, but the last 3), Gordon (3 - may need him if Lockett is out) - The last three weeks, I've only used two WRs each week. Not a good sign. Howard (1 - the biggest wasted money in this contest), Andrews (8), Waller (10) - Six times I've used two TEs, one week I used all three. Gay (5), Carlson (0 - just because I wanted an Auburn guy), Gonzalez (6). Three $3 are giving me 12.7 points per week. Cowboys (4), Cardinals (5), Bengals (2) - Weak. 7.4 points average ppw. I've only hit double-digits three times. Again, Dalvin is going to hurt me here. Also going without my top usage K and D. Ownership numbers are: Lamar (753), Brady (179), Danny Dimes (87) Cook (417), Carson (630), Lat (26), Duke (586), Gore (107) Julio (39), Juju (83), Lockett (499), Deebo (42), Gordon (680) Howard (69), Andrews (604), Waller (489) - Gay (133), Carlson (104), Gonzalez (105). Cowboys (277), Cardinals (18), Bengals (70) So my ideal this weekend is for huge games from Daniel Jones, Latavius Murray, Frank Gore, Julio, Deebo and Juju (yes, come back, Juju!), OJ Howard, Dan Carlson, the Bengals, and whatever two high ownership guys I have. Everyone else should stink.
  6. And I’m glad he didn’t otherwise I’d have lost a league I won. Maybe two if Money Badger tied it and kicked another FG.
  7. Congratulations on getting through next week already!
  8. On one hand, i don't feel great because I'm only 20.3 above the cut with nobody left. On the other hand, 478 pepple would have to leapfrog me to knock me out. Seems like a lot. I think I'm feeling cautiously optimistic?
  9. On point #1: you’re dead on. Brady would have just whined to the ref. #2, I’m willing to bet it would have made a difference.
  10. I'm probably toast. Lockett, Deebo and Gordon are all off, so I'm stuck with Juju's 4 point "performance". I doubt with only 1000 moving on that I'm going to be able to overcome that.
  11. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that there are different rules for different players? If Garrett had taken Brady's helmet off and hit him with it, what do you think the penalty would be vs. what it's going to be?
  12. Moving on, but week 11 will be my toughest week. My intent was to never have more than three players on a bye any given week, and never more than one at any position. With Gordon going to the Seahawks, I have both him and Lockett out (not to mention Carson) sitting. Some guys stepping up would be nice (I'm looking at you, Juju). Otherwise, I'll be relying on my TEs for both flex positions for the second straight week. Cook and Waller (co-MVPs) have counted for me every possible week, while Daniel Carlson is my last dead weight. Lamar (7), Brady (1), Dimes (2) Cook (10), Carson (7), Murray (3), Duke (2), Gore (4) - but forever ago. Julio (8), Juju (4), Lockett (8), Deebo (3), Gordon (3) Howard (1 - welcome FINALLY), Andrews (7), Waller (9) Gay (5), Gonzalez (5), Carlson (0) Cards (5), Cowboys (4), Bungles (1)
  13. Oh, and speaking of wasted roster space - why is Anthony Chickillo still on this team? Even without the assault (yeah I know. See: Ray Lewis) he's still horrible. I have season tix and will occasionally catch myself watching him get beat on every play. He almost never touches a skill player on the offense, but comes rushing in once the play is done (See: Ray Lewis again).