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  1. Your current (and very temporary) weekly leader - Crazy Jags guy!
  2. For the third straight week, I have nobody going on Thursday night. Go defense!
  3. Does anyone like this guy? The only time he’s anything other than white bread milquetoast is when he tries to be cool (he isn’t), calling players by their nicknames - “Isn’t that right, Witt?”: “Pass down the middle to Nuk.” It’s tough to stay awake.
  4. Le'Veon Bell: I grossly overestimated my worth, misplayed my hand, and lost $14 million. Antonio Brown: Hold my beer.
  5. Looking at a few things on my lineup and others. For my positions. QB - Lamar, Brady and Daniel Jones. 42 entries have these three QBs. I didn't go through them all, but I'll bet one or two are "10+ QB Guy". RB - Cook, Carson, Murray, Duke and Gore (avoided Breida purposely). Only one other entry has these same five, but he's rolling with Josh Allen solo at QB. WR - Julio, JuJu, Lockett, Deebo, Gordon - I'm the only entry with these five. I presume it's because Deebo shows up on only 355 entries. TE - Howard, Anders, Waller. 59 entries with these three. Again, one or two are probably "10+ TE Guy". PK - Gay, Carlson, Gonzalez - 27 teams with these $3 kickers. DT - Cowboys, Cardinals, Bengals - I'm the only one. Other things off the top of my head I found interesting. Apparently five people set their lineups early and left them alone with Andrew Luck in there. He won't be getting y'all many points. 143 guys lucked out when Cairo Santos landed Succop's job. 378 Succop owners, not so much. 202 entrants believe that Gronk is going to unretire at some point. 173 are willing to wait for Golden Tate to come back. 329 will be waiting nine weeks for Kareem Hunt. 17 have rostered both Tate and Hunt, 15 have Gronk and Hunt, 3 have Tate and Gronk, but nobody has all three..
  6. That’s why I used him as the analogy. They could just as easily blow up in my face.
  7. Your first rule of “know your league” is critical. I just did an auction tonight where I know that QBs (at 4 pt TDs) are way overvalued (Mahomes went for $50, Watson $27, Rodgers $25, and we ran the Patriots fanatic to $21 on Brady). Because of this, I decided to punt QB and TE, target a few guys late for cheap, and spend my money at WR. QB - Winston $2 RB - Carson $27, Gordon $16, Murray $18, Peterson $1 WR - Hopkins $60, Adams $57, DJ Moore $11, Watkins $1 TE - Waller $1, Gronk $1 (just to see if I could get Pats guy to go $2 at the end) PK - Rosas $1 - streaming vs DAL wk 1 DT - Jets $1 - streaming vs MIA wk 1 I spent a couple of bucks too much early on Carson, but he was a target. Gordon will be value even if he plays just half a season. If he gets traded, I may win the league on that pick alone. The league obviously has short benches, so keeping vigilant on the waiver wire will make this team better as the year progresses. BTW, the rate my team app puts this team at 99/95/80 to make the playoffs. And I didn’t use FBG valuations.
  8. OK, this is my final final. Until it isn't (although I haven't changed anything in three days - my longest run this preseason). I think that I mostly have guys whose pendulum has been on the upswing since the values were released, and if David re-did them today I wouldn't be able to field this lineup. I think. I also paid close attention to bye weeks, and as I've posted previously - my top two QBs, RBs, and WRs have six different byes. Week 7 should be only a minor points hiccup with both Smith-Schuster and OJ Howard out. QB - Lamar Jackson - BAL/8 - $12 QB - Tom Brady - NE/10 - $11 QB - Daniel Jones - NYG/11 - $4 This is the same three I've had for quite awhile. Jackson is a value, and will be highly owned. Brady will probably have low ownership, as he celebrates his 83rd birthday this year, and (as I've said before) he is here to be my scapegoat when I drop out. And since I've put this together, Jones as only cemented himself as a sooner than later starter with the New York Football Giants. I have three guys for what I'd have to spend on Mahomes, and their cumulative production should be significantly higher. RB - Dalvin Cook - MIN/12 - $24 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/11 - $18 RB - Latavius Murray - NO/9 - $16 RB - Duke Johnson - HOU/10 - $9 RB - Frank Gore - BUF/6 - $4 Frank who? Listen, for four bucks, I'm good if he gets me 2-3 decent double-digit starts. Carson and Johnson are going to be heavily owned (I'll cop to putting Johnson in only after Miller was out, but the Hyde acquisition hasn't dissuaded me from rostering him). I think Cook has top-3 (or better) potential, and Murray seems to be overlooked in a lot of places. Would you take last year's Mark Ingram for 16 bucks? Or even 20? Murray should be well worth his coin. WR - Julio Jones - ATL/9 - $32 WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster - PIT/7 - $30 WR - Tyler Lockett - SEA/11 - $19 WR - Deebo Samuel - SF/4 - $9 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 I wanted two stud WRs, and maybe two of the "safest" on the board, if there is such a thing. Lockett is one helluva 3rd WR, and the other two are Dave Kingman-like home run swings. TE - O.J. Howard - TB/7 - $18 TE - Mark Andrews - BAL/8 - $9 TE - Darren Waller - OAK/6 - $8 Dropping down to Frank Gore was the mechanism I used to take my third TE in Andrews. I only had two TEs in every other iteration, and I was never comfortable with it. I feel better now. PK - Matt Gay - TB/7 - $3 PK - Daniel Carlson - OAK/6 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 Shhh... don't tell anyone, but I think that Daniel Carlson is by far the best kicker value on the board. The other two guys have jobs in offenses that should be better than average. TD - Dallas Cowboys - DAL/8 - $5 TD - Arizona Cardinals - ARI/12 - $4 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/9 - $3 Here, I have two defenses that I personally ranked higher than their worth. And the Bengals. With the spate of trades/injuries in the last week and a half, it gave me the opportunity to fill out my roster and have two backups at every position. This may not be a sound strategy (I think it is) but it helps me sleep at night. Do I wish I had room for a sixth receiver? Yeah, probably. But if a TE2 gives me flex points, I can live without a WR6. How do my bye weeks look? Pretty well-balanced, I think. Not more than three players off in any given week, giving me at least a 19-man active roster each week. $ by week: Week 4 - $9 Week 5 - 0 Week 6 - $15 Week 7 - $48 Week 8 - $26 Week 9 - $51 Week 10 - $26 Week 11 - $41 Week 12 - $31 Position by week: Week 4 - WR 4 Week 5 - nobody Week 6 - RB5, TE3, PK Week 7 - WR2, TE1, PK *This could be trouble Week 8 - QB1, TE2, DT Week 9 - RB3, WR1, DT Week 10 - QB2, RB4, WR5 Week 11 - QB3, RB2, WR3 Week 12 - RB1, PK, DT Is this the answer? Probably not. What are the chances? But I make notes at the end of each season about roster-building strategies, and I've hit most of the points I was looking to do when I started. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. And now for something completely different (than my last post) And I expect this will change again in the next week and a half. QB - Lamar Jackson - BAL/8 - $12 QB - Tom Brady - NE/10 - $11 QB - Daniel Jones - NYG/11 - $4 Debated on Jameis instead of Brady here, and may still go that route. RB - Dalvin Cook - MIN/12 - $24 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/11 - $18 RB - Latavius Murray - NO/9 - $16 RB - Peyton Barber - TB/7 - $13 RB - Duke Johnson - HOU/10 - $9 I'm a lemming on the Carson/Johnson thing. I like Cook as a top 5 RB this year, and if Murray gets six useable starts, he's value. I think he gets more. WR - Julio Jones - ATL/9 - $32 WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster - PIT/7 - $30 WR - Tyler Lockett - SEA/11 - $19 WR - Deebo Samuel - SF/4 - $9 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 Not loving Deebo, and it's kind of a wing and a prayer, but he fit moneywise and bye week wise after I had the other spots filled. TE - O.J. Howard - TB/7 - $18 TE - Darren Waller - OAK/6 - $8 IMO. Howard and Engram are better values than Kelce, Ertz and Kittle. PK - Matt Gay - TB/7 - $3 PK - Daniel Carlson - OAK/6 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 Three cheap kickers who have a better shot than most at keeping their jobs. TD - Dallas Cowboys - DAL/8 - $5 TD - Arizona Cardinals - ARI/12 - $4 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/9 - $3 Defenses are less of a crapshoot, but I like to have three so that I'm not "stuck" with just one on a bye week. One thing that I like about this iteration is that not only do I have no like bye weeks per position, but my top two RBs and top two WRs have four different bye weeks.
  10. Here's my latest iteration, and my favorite so far - with explanations: QB - Tom Brady - NE/10 - $11 QB - Matthew Stafford - DET/5 - $10 QB - Daniel Jones - NYG/11 - $4 I had Brady before, but with the Josh Gordon reinstatement, he's almost a must-have. Watching Jones, he'll be the starter sooner than later, so I loved that. I think Stafford is continually underrated year after year, and one of the reasons that people don't need to take a QB until everyone else already has one. RB - David Johnson - ARI/12 - $30 RB - Kerryon Johnson - DET/5 - $23 RB - Latavius Murray - NO/9 - $16 RB - Peyton Barber - TB/7 - $13 I'm admittedly thin here, but I think I have four guys who will produce. With this year's pricing, I'm afraid that more luck will factor into winning this year's contest than previous years. I just don't see a lot of 23+ rosters. Injuries may still change that and provide us with a bargain or two, but it's draft-and-hope at this point. WR - Julio Jones - ATL/9 - $32 WR - Adam Thielen - MIN/12 - $24 WR - Curtis Samuel - CAR/7 - $12 WR - Marquez Valdes-Scantling - GB/11 - $11 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 5 WRs is still a low number. But I upgraded several of my fliers to get... uh... more sure fliers? I mean, Gordon will be on every roster except for his dealer's. I think Jones and Thielen can carry me and Samuel/MVS have tremendous upside. TE - Travis Kelce - KC/12 - $29 TE - Darren Waller - OAK/6 - $8 IMO, the talent differential is greater between Kelce and Ertz (Kittle isn't even on that tier for me) than that of any other position, and at 1.5 PPR, the price is well worth it. Waller has been around awhile, but if Jared Cook can get 900 yards and 6 TDs, it seems to me that Waller should easily reach that. Eight bucks on him seems like one of the few true bargains on the list. PK - Matt Gay - TB/7 - $3 PK - Daniel Carlson - OAK/6 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 I believe that these are the three $3 kickers with the best shot at keeping their jobs for the season. TD - Cleveland Browns - CLE/7 - $6 TD - Houston Texans - HOU/10 - $6 If this lineup holds, this will be the first year that I've spent more than the minimum on a D, and the first year I didn't draft 3 or 4 of them. But I have both of these units in the (lower end of the) top 10 D/ST and think that they're probably worth passing a third.
  11. I haven't messed with this in a week or so, and I have some different opinions on some players today. And it will no doubt change again. But I like reading analysis with my cut-and-paste, so I'll do the same. QB - Baker Mayfield - CLE/7 - $19 QB - Kirk Cousins - MIN/12 - $12 A lot of places have Mayfield as a top 5 QB. He's #7 on this list, so there's some value. And I figure that the guy throwing to Diggs and Thielen has to put up some points, right? RB - Saquon Barkley - NYG/11 - $36 RB - David Johnson - ARI/12 - $30 RB - Latavius Murray - NO/9 - $16 RB - Kalen Ballage - MIA/5 - $12 RB - Chase Edmonds - ARI/12 - $6 Two studs in Saquon and DJ. Murray steps into the Ingram role and is a high end RB2. Ballage has potential written all over him. Edmonds is insurance for DJ. WR - Chris Godwin - TB/7 - $22 WR - Tyler Lockett - SEA/11 - $19 WR - Michael Gallup - DAL/8 - $10 WR - Mohamed Sanu - ATL/9 - $10 WR - D.J. Chark - JAX/10 - $5 These are merely the mid-priced guys I like best with the highest ceiling (IMO). Godwin specializes in short- and medium- range stuff, and Jameis has been told to quit looking downfield all the time. A lot of targets left with Doug Baldwin, and Lockett should be the main beneficiary. Gallup is my sleeper WR of the year, and his volatility works for this contest. Sanu has a high floor, which should get me some points when Gallup doesn't. TE - George Kittle - SF/4 - $25 TE - T.J. Hockenson - DET/5 - $10 I hate carrying two TEs, and I think Hockenson is a bit overpriced. But with only two, I wanted to get two whose bye weeks would be over and done early before the Turk starts to get serious. PK - Greg Joseph - CLE/7 - $3 PK - Daniel Carlson - OAK/6 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 Joseph and Gonzo are in much improved offenses, and I like Carlson because I'm an Auburn fan. (Sometimes the reasoning isn't necessarily logic-based) TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/4 - $3 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/9 - $3 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TB/7 - $3 Three cheap defenses to save me money elsewhere. These were all taken with fingers crossed...
  12. Hell, if ANY of them get hurt, I'm screwed. But ya tosses the dice and ya takes yer chances.
  13. I was screwing around with some lineup ideas and came up with this "Studs and duds" package. If Josh Gordon gets reinstated (and let's face it, if it will help the Patriots, it's more likely to happen), I don't hate it. QB - Patrick Mahomes - KC/12 - $27 QB - Jimmy Garoppolo - SF/4 - $11 RB - Saquon Barkley - NYG/11 - $36 RB - Ezekiel Elliott - DAL/8 - $33 RB - Kalen Ballage - MIA/5 - $12 RB - Giovani Bernard - CIN/9 - $9 WR - Michael Thomas - NO/9 - $32 WR - Tyler Lockett - SEA/11 - $19 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 WR - D.J. Chark - JAX/10 - $5 WR - Willie Snead - BAL/8 - $5 TE - Travis Kelce - KC/12 - $29 TE - Jason Witten - DAL/8 - $8 PK - Daniel Carlson - OAK/6 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 PK - Greg Joseph - CLE/7 - $3 TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/4 - $3 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/9 - $3 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TB/7 - $3
  14. Bell might be the player he used to be. But I laughed (full disclosure - Steelers season ticket holder) when I found out he was going to the Jets. I think we're all going to find out just how much an offensive line means to a back - especially to one with his running style. I wouldn't touch the guy where he's being drafted...