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  1. That's exactly my point. Most cities couldn't survive without mass transportation. The vast majority of the rest of the nation doesn't need it. Just like the vast majority of the reast of the nation doesn't need 12 lane freeways that are all over cities. You know you're proving my point right?
  2. Trump did pretty well in all the demographics compared to past republicans. But keep up the racism it really helps your cause.
  3. Most areas of the country don't need: Mass Transportation As many roads built As much police and fire services (often the fire service is volunteers) Park maintenance Road Maintenance snow removal etc..... Cities are a cease pool of government waste and service programs.
  4. But he doesn't. Keep coming up with scenarios that don't make sense though.
  5. "If you're white you don't know what it's like to be poor" - Bernie Sanders And people like you have no idea why Democrats keep losing and losing and losing and losing. I reported your racist comment.
  6. Guess what. Many republicans think the government is over stepping their bounds offering those services to begin with. That's what the coastal big city democrats and you don't understand. WE don't need those services like you do.
  7. Just wait until they split in the same fashion as the IRA and PIRA. Right now all the real terrorist attacks are performed by lone wolf agents. As soon as someone takes control of BLM and militarizes them that's when the real terrorism will start.
  8. What wand does he have? A Magic wand of negotiation +8
  9. So much winning! So many salty tears. I'm loving it!
  10. It's just about that time again. Here's the one I made in June Ready to be covered in salt. Ready to cut The finish!
  11. So CNN has sufficient evidence that Trump didn't suffer from voter fraud?
  12. What did CNN do now? Did they fall for another fake news story?