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  1. 5 YO son: we live in a nasty world. We eat diarrhea, drink pee and the air is farts.
  2. There is no window with this offense. Trubisky has been bad but the entire scheme needs to be overhauled.
  3. Some people have mental blocks with things like spacial awareness. It's hard for those of us who are 'normal' to understand how something so simple can be so confusing for others but it's a real thing. I knew a guy, a manager at an IT company, who could not tell left from right, so when his GPS was telling him to turn right/left he had a method of holding his fingers in a 'guns' position, the 'L' appears properly in the left hand and that was the only way he could distinguish left from right. He did this every single time he had to make a turn.
  4. I’m ok with it as long as it’s just pedos... not the 18 year old with 17 year old girlfriend or whatever.
  5. The thing that would concern me most is older kids hanging around your younger daughter in a house with zero oversight. That’s not a risk worth taking imo.
  6. My oldest just turned 5. He finished his first season of soccer. It was fine, he said he liked it. Just this week a friend of ours invited us to a soccer get-together that spontaneously formed at a park in their neighborhood. Apparently one of the neighborhood dads recruited a few kids to play with him and his kids and it’s become a nightly event that has grown into multiple games for different age groups. We took our son one night and he loved it. The next night our three year old got in on the action and we went every night last week. My son asked if this could be his new soccer team because he likes it so much more than the league he was in. It got me thinking, growing up I always had a lot more fun going to open gyms/parks/driveways and playing pickup games than I did playing on school teams or other organized teams. It was just fun. All the practice, bureaucracy, and pressure were absent. You played when you wanted, no commitments. Maybe part of the problem is sports have become overly structured and just aren’t as much fun as they used to be.
  7. I’ve always been interested in the local radio commercials I hear for HRT. Anyone have any experience?
  8. 4YO: Mom, who would you rather marry, dark vader or a woogiee?
  9. What good can come from a kid sitting at home unsupervised day after day? The only scenario I could see where this might be OK would be if he had a best buddy in the neighborhood that he's always with or a bunch of friends in the neighborhood that he's hanging out with. If he's just sitting at home by himself all day that seems like a recipe for developing some really bad habits at a really young age.
  10. People. I like most people but I'll take the blue collar person over the higher-class, pretentious humble-bragger any time. Those people exhaust me.
  11. Switching to a mid-engine configuration is supposedly much more expensive.... shocked to see they've kept a $60k price point. Looks sweet!
  12. I'd take him hiking... some really scenic hikes in my area
  13. I left 2.5 years ago... haven't regretted it for a moment.
  14. Someone used to do this at an office I worked at. By the end of the week, there was usually 3 or 4 just sitting on top of the urinal.