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  1. Took a small position on SNRE Friday before the big run. I'm highly skeptical but this is what keeps me from getting out just yet: Mount Sinai is about as legit as it gets.
  2. I got out of my position with NERV - don’t like the pattern in that chart.
  3. Makes perfect sense to me. In on 6/19 - $5 puts. Thanks for the info.
  4. Why is the loan period on these loans 2 years? That is ridiculous. Hoping this gets revised.
  5. I filled out an application on my banks website. Part of the application involved uploading the form.
  6. I'm with a smaller regional bank. Banker gave me the following response:
  7. What happens if he doesn't get the loan? The loan isn't guaranteed to go though. He is basically telling you he will bring you back he jus needs to get the loan in place. He is taking a ton of risk if he does this because we have no idea how the 'loan forgiveness' is going to work. Instead of getting upset you should be thanking him.
  8. The handshake is out - at least for the time being. Why risk a fist bump? The hug as well. So what's it going to be mowing forward? Nods, bowing, all verbal?
  9. I haven't read any of the other responses so I'll just give you my unfiltered opinion. There's nothing wrong with you, you just process and react to the world a bit differently. Don't hide it. It's not something to be ashamed of nor proud of. It just is. Most people are not a******* but you have to give them the entire picture. If you do that you may find yourself with more ally's - you may even find that you are given opportunities that are better suited to you. I hired a young guy a couple years back. He told me in the interview that he is on the spectrum. We hired him and everyone is aware. Nobody cares and nobody gets offended when he misses cues. Our industry is constantly evolving as is everyone's role on our team. We don't base everything on his Asperger's but we factor it in when we're game-planning and I think that benefits both him and the company. You're one of my all-time favorite posters Sheik. It sounds like you're a fairly accomplished individual. Let it go - this may actually end up being a good thing.
  10. 5 YO son: we live in a nasty world. We eat diarrhea, drink pee and the air is farts.
  11. There is no window with this offense. Trubisky has been bad but the entire scheme needs to be overhauled.
  12. Some people have mental blocks with things like spacial awareness. It's hard for those of us who are 'normal' to understand how something so simple can be so confusing for others but it's a real thing. I knew a guy, a manager at an IT company, who could not tell left from right, so when his GPS was telling him to turn right/left he had a method of holding his fingers in a 'guns' position, the 'L' appears properly in the left hand and that was the only way he could distinguish left from right. He did this every single time he had to make a turn.
  13. The thing that would concern me most is older kids hanging around your younger daughter in a house with zero oversight. That’s not a risk worth taking imo.