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  1. Unbelievable, isn't it. I just got that 2.625% on a 15 yr. It practically free money.
  2. Link?VA703? You there?Just purchased at 2.625% on 15 yr fixed w/20% down.
  3. Wow. Sorry about the legal system issues. But on you and your wife working things out as well as you are! Must be tough.
  4. Sorry, Mike. But the bolded sentence is exactly what I was getting at when I asked the question. There is a difference between one time druken cheating and an affair. Although not much. And both are very wrong..... not sure where I am going with this.Also, sorry about the . But you get a night of scotch out of it!
  5. Long story that had a 14-page thread back in July. Sorry you missed it but I'm not gonna go through it all again. The affair lasted for about a month and when she went to break it off with him he didn't like that so he raped her.Oh, I didn't miss the original. Quite the opposite! I got ZERO work done for those few days! I just don't remember if you ever got her to fully tell the truth and fess up or the level of detail you were able to ascertain about the whole ordeal.
  6. Do you have any idea how the affair started, how long the affiar lasted in total, and how many times she actually cheated? It sounds like it is going to be a tough road but you're already making progress! Congrats.
  7. No one is going to fix this mess any time soon. NO ONE. You could lower taxes to zero and companies would still be scared to hire. Make huge cuts to the budget and you'll only see less consumer demand leading to more layoffs.That's the American way. What if we had listened to folks that said we couldn't put a man on the moon? What if Edison threw in the towel after the 468th failure? What if we had surrendered to the English during the Revolutionary War? I'm really tired of the Victicrats spitting out that it's OK because nothing can be done. Get out of the way then and let someone else try. Obama is a lawyer not a businessman and it shows. he runs the country about how I would expect a Law grad with no business skills whatsoever. He has zero business sense and looks really baffled by what is happening right now. he doesn't even come out and make a pep talk...half of the problem is people "BELIEVE WE ARE IN A RECESSION." he needs to talk to the country and encourage people to spend some money, those that have it, and also needs to make the folks who can hire others comfortable. it's not as hopeless as the Left would have you believe. Try what?Nonsense about regulations and corporate tax rates. Even though corporations don't pay those rates anyway. Regulations are not getting in the way of corporations. What is the GOP proposing? As someone in an industry that is absolutely FROZEN (booming but due to the fears of the EPA/Obama administration, but not hiring/spending) I know first hand that you are wrong!
  8. -Don't want more kids.-Condoms suck.-Wife taking the pill forever isn't realistic.-Surgical options for women are move invasive.You have a better permanent, 100% effective alternative?
  9. You're right that we've been through this before.1. Being belligerent on your porch (or in your house) is not illegal. 2. Disobeying warnings to calm down is not illegal. 3. Threatening to make someone pay is not illegal. For the police not to have been wrong in their arrest, Gates would have had to do something illegal. You do understand its up the courts to decide if someone is guilty of something illegal right? The police officer doesn't decide this. He is only following protocol, the judge will decide what happens next.So what is the definition of disorderly conduct?