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  1. Not sure I would even call this a starting point.
  2. 100% rain and 15-19 mph winds game time. With Wilson and Pettis decisions this is an issue.
  3. Jed

    Ty Hilton

    He practiced Friday of last week. And that’s been the norm. Not this week though.
  4. Jed

    Ty Hilton

    No practice all week.
  5. Trying to think of someone I hated worse in Survivor history other than her, and I can't come up with anyone. The remaining players are going to fall all over themselves to take her to the finals.
  6. Why would they possibly promote Pope? Gordon ain't playing.
  7. I'm not saying that stat is not a problem, but this is what the QB's did those weeks: Det vs mobile QBs @Dal L24-26 Dak 17/27 255 2 TD Elliot 155 Vs GB w31-24 Rodgers 442 3TD Jones/Williams 5.5+/carry @Chi L22-34 Trub 355 3Td pass No Run gm- Trub 1 rush TD Vs Car 20-19 Cam 357 3TD Caf 4.0/carry I've got an Allen or Wilson decision in these 2 FFPC championship weeks and it's killing me. Talking myself into Allen for the higher ceiling.
  8. This seems like over managing.
  9. Pettis may get a downgrade with Goodwin back this week.
  10. John seems like a genuinely nice guy. I hope they have him back for another season.
  11. This one did not age well in less than a month. This is why I wanted Jones.
  12. Jed

    Le'Veon Bell
  13. So I'm way too excited about this guy ROS.
  14. Jed

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    I'm out. With my JAX contingent on bye, Gronk out and Hogans zero that did me in.