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  1. Happy with the Vernon/OBJ trades, but this Tate move is pretty bizarre.
  2. Not sure why it's confusing to dump a diva WR with a bloated contract on a non-contending team.
  3. Explain to me why franchising Collins is a good move for a years from contending team. I'll wait.
  4. So much wrong in this post. What is the point of franchising Collins? Yes, things turn around fast in the NFL, but the Giants won't compete for 2 years minimum. I'm sure they leveraged SF vs the Browns and got the best deal they could. I'm thrilled.
  5. What's the point of OBJ rotting on the Giants in their rebuilding years? As a Giants fan I'm loving this deal. Gets rid of a diva who was going to do them no good as far as winning SB's, and picks to rebuild. I also think it was a great deal for the Browns. It IS possible for a deal to be great for both teams, and this is it.
  6. Luck could handle AB. Can't imagine him giving a hoot about his antics.
  7. They’ve gotten an incredible amount of mileage out of the Christmas one.
  8. MizzTa00 = Mizzel BrowNo00 = Noah Brown AkinJo00 = Akins McKiJ.00= McKissic
  9. Mack and Coutee will be huge for him this week.
  10. Minimalist approach hoping for less entires this year: QB - Patrick Mahomes II - 40 QB - Drew Brees - 38 QB - Lamar Jackson - 22 QB - Dak Prescott - 16 RB - Alvin Kamara - 34 WR - Michael Thomas - 28 WR - Tyreek Hill - 27 TE - Travis Kelce - 29 TE - Blake Jarwin - 7 PK - Justin Tucker - 9
  11. Geico commercials are horrible in general, but the grandpa nose whistling thing takes the cake.
  12. Any thought to the "thumbs up" instead of the current like smiley? Seems more natural in this setting?
  13. If someone wants to troll, they can take 10 seconds to do this, so the reason behind excluding it doesn't fly. But what if we just want to quickly laugh at something funny? It really shuts down the engagement.