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  1. I'm looking forward to this, not counting on the writers finding that magic they had the first few season, but I'm hoping: Prison Break 2017
  2. I'm in, but if after this 2 hour episode there is really nothing to get excited about, just another cliffhanger soap opera style, I will throw my remote control thru my TV for being such an idiot to have fallen for this crap.
  3. I'm sure all of the FAQs and answers are from 2016 or before, none are for the new rollout. I sent a ticket in with a problem, their answer was that if I looked at the FAQs I would have been able to fix the problem. Anyway I did look at the FAQs and still sent in the ticket, they just copied and pasted the exact answer that was in the FAQs. Still didn't fix my problem, so I just sent in another ticket.
  4. A trade went thru in our league, which put the owner over the roster limit, he tried to drop a player by selecting the add/drop feature. After selecting the player he wanted to drop and then selecting the "perform add/drop" feature, nothing happens. I tried to drop a player myself and couldn't also. Has anyone tried just to drop a player yet? Our commish has followed the suggestions here on how to setup according to the suggestions from here and all abilities are selected for the owners.
  5. Here's a couple of my favorites when I was growing up: Skittle Pool This Was My Top Childhood Toy
  6. Prison Break Seinfeld Curb Stargate SG1 Fringe Quantum Leap Andy Griffith (until Barney left) Dexter Sopranos John From Cincinnati (Only lasted 1 season)
  7. I found a similar thread discussing the lack of dynasty rankings by FBGs that I posted in a little while back: OLDER DYNASTY RANKINGS THREAD I've come to the conclusion that dynasty players make up such a small percentage of FBGs subscribers now that they have officially thrown in the towel regarding dynasty content and are all in for DFS. I still have 1 year left in my sentence, foolishly paid for a 3 year subscription, oh well, what can you do. I really use to think that there were thousands upon thousands of dynasty enthusiasts here at FBGs amongst the subscribers, but I guess I couldn't have been more wrong. Good luck with DFS!
  8. As a postal service employee I get 13 days per year, have over 2500 hours banked. Rarely get sick, but I have used over 800 hours in 33 years of service.
  9. Yeah, I'm doing the prepaid, just setup my account to automatically pay thru credit card and got 1GB extra.
  10. Just switched from AT&T to Verizon. I have an IPhone 6, ported my # to Verizon, had to wait 2 business days for AT&T to unlock my phone (I thought it was unlocked since my contract was completed, but you have to request AT&T to unlock the phone, even if you are no longer under contract). Anyway, I have an individual plan, unlimited talk/message, 2GB data, but get 1 additional GB for setting up autopay. Really no different than my AT&T plan, but my monthly bill went from $70 to $45. The guy at my local AT&T store told me that my IPhone 6 would not work on Verizon, glad I didn't listen to him.
  11. Can't wait for my subscription to end, foolishly signed up for 3 years, but that was before the DFS craze hit and FBGs went all in, screwing the seasonal/dynasty players.
  12. Maybe if more athletes grew their fro's out, there will be less concussions. Kapernick growing his fro out also brought back so many good memories I had growing up. The Jackson 5 cartoon was my favorite and for some reason, the first time I saw Kap's fro, my mind went back to my childhood, thanks Kap.
  13. Tannehill for me, but really not a fan of him or Smith.
  14. DELETE
  15. Looks like we have enough guys now, thanks!!!