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  1. Tyreek looks pretty impressive in this picture that was recently posted, I think he was working out at a local elementary school:
  2. I wouldn’t want the guy to get bitten badly, but I wish there was a K9 running down the one guy who fled in handcuffs, he finally got caught, but was pretty elusive/fast, considering he was in cuffs.
  3. Hurst would be my choice, staying away from Hooper, don’t like his new home for fantasy. Hurst should be pretty consistent with the Falcons.
  4. I saw on twitter the refund issue was asked and answer was given by MFL: MFL Answer in Tweet
  6. I hope the NFL does this and drops the draft pick incentive nonsense.
  7. That wasn’t my intention, but I was trying to think of other ideas, since the NFL is clearly going to do something since the Rooney rule isn’t accomplishing what they want. They are going to do something soon. My idea of looking into the practice of recycling of the fired coaches instead of giving others a chance first, doesn’t seem to be a good idea, even horrible by some, but I was just trying to come up with something. I am not a supporter of the NFL forcing teams to hire minorities. Yeah, I agree 100% with you. There are already laws that cover discrimination in the workplace, I would rather see the NFL getting sued by someone who feels they weren’t hired because of their race. It would take balls for someone to do that.
  8. I friend of mine, he lives in a single family home in Northern Virginia, his community has a pool but it’s not mandatory to join, but for the 1st time there wasn’t enough owners to sign up, around $500 is required and needed a minimum of 170 owners, they cancelled the pool for this year, this happened yesterday, too much uncertainty and no refunds was an issue.
  9. I agree with you, I’m not for any kind of discrimination, but it seems the NFL wants more minorities hired, it’s their business, their idea of draft pick incentives sounded horrible to me. I guess since there were 3 black head coaches even before the Rooney rule was established and 17 years later, after the Rooney rule, the NFL only has 3 black head coaches. So I guess they are headstrong to do something to increase the number of black head coaches and GMs (I think there is only 1 black GM). I’m for the best qualified person to get the job, no matter what color of their skin is. Since the NFL higher ups want more minorities, it would be nice to at least have some good ideas to achieve this. I think at one time there was a peak 8 black head coaches. I honestly don’t think there is any good idea.
  10. Does anybody have ideas? Recycling of coaches seems not to be an issue for anyone other than myself.
  11. There are other jobs than being an NFL coach, I didn’t say they couldn’t get another job, just not in the NFL. I am sure most went to college and have degrees. At least John Fox isn’t being recycled anymore.
  12. This is the best idea that I could come up with, it sounded better in my head then when I read it. “Any head coach that gets fired, cannot get hired by another team until 2 years have passed (they can’t even be hired as a QB coach), coordinators only have to wait 1 year, all other coaches 6 months. This should lead to more job opportunities, hopefully for minorities.” Minority coaches are exempt from this rule.
  13. After reading this article, my first thought was today has to be April Fool’s Day. Not sure what the best idea is to make sure minorities are not being discriminated against in the NFL hiring process, but this idea is awful. Minority Hiring Incentive NFL
  14. A lot of companies have union workers, you do realize the postal service has over 500,00 employees and deals with multiple unions. All union contracts aren’t the same. I’m sure the language in the postal unions contracts and whatever business you are in, along with your union’s contracts, are not similar at all.