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  1. This episode was probably the weakest of the series. I was glad that Holly didn’t get taken out. From the previews it looked like she was goner. I think the private investigator won’t last too much longer.
  2. The actor who plays Detective Jack Hoskins is the same actor who played Russ Langmore in Ozark. Without the beard he looks totally different. Anyway, can’t wait for next week’s episode. Wish this was on Netflix.
  3. The Browns just hold all the cards. Worse case is they lose Hunt after the 2020 season due to him becoming a unrestricted free agent. The Browns would then get a compensatory pick in the 2021 draft, probably a 3rd rounder. Best case for the Browns is a team really wants Hunt now and they can work out some kind of trade. For example, the Browns tender Hunt at a 2nd rounder, then they can trade his rights to another team for less than that, maybe a team will give the Browns a 3rd and 5th round pick or a player. The new team will have to pay Hunt at the 2nd round tender $$$ though, or they could also agree to a new contract which would be a 99% chance of occurring. A team would not make that trade without having discussions with Hunt and his agent. If the Browns only tender Hunt at a 3rd round value, they are almost giving Hunt away. I could be totally wrong, but this is how I see it. The Texans ended up giving the Browns a 3rd round pick for Duke Johnson (it was a 4th round conditional, which ended up being a 3rd). I’m sure the Browns would want more than that for Hunt. A 3rd round tender is just a little over $2 million.
  4. The Browns are clearly in the driver’s seat when it comes to Hunt. They can sign him to a long term team, which probably won’t happen. Most likely they will tender him. They can give him a 1st round tender, which costs only $4 to $5 million. If a team signs Hunt, the Browns would get a 1st round pick. Pretty expensive for any other NFL team to sign Hunt to an expensive contract, then have to give the Browns their 1st round draft pick. A team can sign him and work out a trade with the Browns too and not have to give up a 1st round pick in this scenario. If Hunt gets a 2nd round tender from the Browns, that would be around $3 million for 1 year. It’s just going to be real expensive for any other NFL team to acquire Hunt for the 2020 season. With the rookie draft being extremely loaded, it is going to be interesting if a team goes after Hunt aggressively.
  5. In redraft leagues, Montgomery was suppose to have a big impact and Sanders wasn’t supposed to do to much this year. Sanders was projected to be more valuable next year and beyond in dynasty leagues. Sanders is just a little ahead of schedule, though it took a injury to Jordan Howard for him to do what he has done. I was worried about his fumbling issues that he had in college more than anything else. After a bad game earlier in the season, I think he was benched and was used less in the following games because of the fumbles. I don’t think he has fumbled since then and he’s taken a lot of big hits.
  6. Big gamble starting backups in a championship game, especially if they are the backup to the backup 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  7. Another nice game from Miles, looking better each week, have to think he has put himself in rookie RB tier 1 discussion with Jacobs now. I know in dynasty PPR leagues, I wouldn’t be too eager to trade Sanders for Jacobs straight up, I might do it but it’s not something I would pursue.
  8. I’ve drafted for need in the past and it always seemed to backfire on me. Now I just draft by talent and will use need only as a tiebracker.
  9. Great movie. Frankie, I’m not going to put his last name, was the starting RB on the team, high All-American, ended up going to University of Tennessee on a track scholarship, as of last year he still held the triple jump record at T.C. Williams High School, over 45 years that record has lasted. He is a friend and coworker of mine. He wasn’t portrayed in the movie, but he is the most humble person you would ever meet. He spoke very highly of Coach Boone, said to here of his passing, Coach Yoast, the other coach, just passed away in May, he was 94. My little brother dated Yoast’s youngest daughter (he actually had 4 daughters, only Sheryl was portrayed in the movie) all thru high school. In real life Sheryl was absolutely the most beautiful girl I ever knew, she was a year older than me, and out of my league, but she was a friend and would always give me a big hug and make me feel a little special, she passed away when she was in her 30’s of an undetected heart condition, while she was sleeping. I have a lot of other stuff I could post, but with the passing of Coach Boone, it’s brought up a lot of memories from my youth. Coach Boone RIP. 😢
  10. I think if Howard plays, Scott will get way fewer touches, but I will have less confidence in starting Sanders. I’m hoping it’s just Sanders/Scott and they get a similar ratio of touches that they had last week against the Redskins. Sanders got the majority of touches and hopefully it continues in week 16. I read something earlier today that said it’s trending that Howard won’t play, I got my fingers crossed🤞.
  11. It’s between Fournette and Miles for me, Jordan Howard is making it tough, if I knew for sure that he was inactive, Miles easily will be my choice. The only problem is Fournette’s is an early start and Miles is late☹️. I’ve been looking to see if there was any recent updates on Jordan Howard, haven’t found anything.
  12. Melvin to the Chiefs, makes me want to make a play for him in dynasty, wonder if the Chiefs could afford him.
  13. Kerryon Johnson is the only player that I wouldn't have in your list in the top 30 for sure. I would have DJ Moore in there somewhere and also it would be hard for me to keep out Miles Sanders. Nice list!
  14. All I said was he needs to work on his fumbling. You list 2 of the greatest RBs in NFL history. If you are saying that Singletary is already in this group than he absolutely has nothing to worry about. But, I am not putting Singletary in the Hall of Fame just yet. I read a article that the NFL's average fumble rate last season for its Top 10 leading rushers was one for every 124.5 offensive touches. Right now Singletary is way above this ratio and needs to work on it. Can't see how that wasn't worth mentioning. I need to remember never post negative information, my bad.