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  1. Mahomes overthrew him in the end zone.
  2. Since Danny Amendola basically had the same injury and recovery time as Tyreek Hill, I went and looked at what Amendola did his 1st game back: 12 targets, 11 receptions for 102 yards, not bad at all.
  3. Gurley is taking more hits picking up blitzes and staying in for pass protection then he is carrying the ball and he is basically the last option on pass plays, unreal.
  4. Sometimes those failed 2 point conversions really come back to bite you.
  5. Is it worth stashing the Jets defense? They have: Week 9 - Dolphins Week 10 - Giants Week 11 - Redskins Week 12 - Raiders Week 13 - Bengals Week 14 - Dolphins
  6. He won’t get another dime other than his $9,000,000 signing bonus, no way the Patriots will be able to get away from that. They took a big risk in signing AB and they will pay for it.
  7. He fumbled on a kickoff return, not a good game for the rookie.
  8. Gurley finally looks like himself, at least for 1 play.
  9. Push them back, 57 yard field goal attempt if the defense holds. Giants with a rookie QB, it’s a good call. Hindsight is 20/20. I don’t think Gruden is a good head coach, but a 47 yard field goal is a chip shot for the Giants kicker. It’s not a dumb call, just didn’t work out in my opinion. The difference to me is that a 47 yard field is pretty automatic for Rosas. Also, other than the Giants ending up and getting a TD on this offensive drive, throughout the rest of the game, they only scored 1 other offensive TD. The odds of the Giants getting an offensive TD actually was pretty low on any drive.
  10. If he doesn’t take the penalty, it would have been a 47 yard field goal, not long at all. Crazy if this is considered a dumb decision.
  11. I guess AB has a pretty good case to get his signing bonus from the Patriots. No way the Patriots can say they are not paying AB because he didn’t disclose the civil case against him. Even though AB didn’t disclose it, the civil case was made public right after the Patriots signed AB and they not only kept him on the team, they even let him play week 2. So the civil case is a non issue.
  12. Until someone signs AB (it that ever happens), this thread should be moved to the FFA forum.
  13. The only logical explanation on that 4th and 9 draw play, is little Timmy was told he could call one play as long as he promised to get better.