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  1. Metcalf made one of the greatest hustling plays I’ve ever seen, he’s something else.
  2. The Saints seem like a good landing spot, but they don’t seem to have any interests, at least publicly. Have the Saints just labeled AB as a player they won’t touch with a 10 foot pole? On a different note, I think the chances are extremely likely once AB does return, a hammy injury will follow, not wishing an injury on him, but being out of football that long and getting up there in age, I would be amazed if he doesn’t suffer some kind of setback.
  3. Golden Tate throwing punches into the goal post after his TD, I think that was for Jalen Ramsey.
  4. He will be a disaster if he’s the same guy he was with Pittsburg. He hated JuJu getting the attention and how in the world is he going to handle DK Metcalf being the alpha male WR. This will be a train wreck for the Seahawks. If AB doesn’t get the majority share of targets/TDs, he won’t be a happy camper.
  5. It’s a head scratcher for me that Seattle would be interested in AB. They are undefeated, offense is clicking, they should be focusing on improving the defense.
  6. I’m sure every site had Mattison a top RB this week.
  7. Miles grab his hammy after that failed 2 pt. conversion, hope he is OK
  8. 10 Team PPR 1QB Gave: A.J. Brown, Fulham Got: Terry McLaurin, Tyler Lockett
  9. The Saints didn’t need any excuse to sit him another week, they could have easily have rested him, there is absolutely nothing good coming from this, only negativity towards the Saints and Thomas is the result. After Thomas went ballistic on Twitter over a harmless tweet from Devante Parker, for him to punch his teammate isn’t a surprise at all. Hopefully he misses a game check over this.
  10. Just feel horrible for Dak, I hate the Cowboys, but seeing how emotional he was when he was being carted off the field, and then remembering what happened to his older brother earlier this year, it really made me feel so sad for him. I sure hope he has a speedy recovery and will be as close to 100% as possible for the 2021 season.
  11. Never really went to the casino more than 2 or 3 times a year until I retired about 2 years ago (I retired at age 55). I think I might be up around 6K after today. I watch a lot of YouTube slot channels and even those guys admit they always end up losing $$ for the year. The hardest part for me is leaving the casino when I’m ahead. To me, it’s my hobby, I went from running marathons to sitting down and playing a video games, lol.
  12. The casino near me gives $55 fee play once a week but on Thursday, it can be more, the most I’ve gotten in free play was $110, but you have a chance to get a lot more than that. They are trying to get people to come back, they must have lost a lot of revenue due to the virus. I try to limit my actual loss to $100 each trip, I can always go back the next week, it’s just a little over 1/2 drive.
  13. Just hit my biggest slot jackpot, $11.5K, on a $2.50 bet. This was a big shock, it was on a Dragon Link slot called Golden Century. They paid me in cash, I was kinda of surprised, I was expecting a check since it was a large amount. Biggest slot win I had before was $2K. I know playing slots is not a smart way to gamble, but it is so entertaining and every once in a while you can get real lucky. I was a little leery walking out of the casino with that amount of cash. I did a couple of laps around the floor of the casino to make sure I wasn’t being tailed. Also, I know you are not required to tip the attendants who bring you your winnings, but I always give them something, not a high percentage like you would a waiter/waitress, but I did give the attendant $120, about 1% of the jackpot. Anyway, pretty sure not too many of you care, but I can’t tell my family or friends about this, they all would be asking me for $$$. Today was a good day for once.😊