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  1. I feel every owner deserves one mulligan, if it happens again, then I would be pretty ticked off.
  2. I liked Ted getting Larry's ex, and Ted's ex turning Larry down because she wasn't attracted to him physically only for Larry to see her later with a dude that looks just like him, that was funny.
  3. I don't think that episode would get any new fans to watch the show. But for us who were already fans, this episode was OK, not great, but hopefully will get better. Richard Lewis looks pretty awful, man does he look old.
  4. Really like this season , only 4 episodes left, gonna miss Ray Donovan
  5. These cars refusing to stop for the cops but still using their turn signals during the chase is funny. Wished the officer had a K-9 when the driver took off and wasn't captured. I wonder what the ratio of officers who have a K-9 is? The woman who interfered with the female deputy during her attempt to put the guy in handcuffs deserves some jail time, she was a piece of work.
  6. I have to think if Deputy Kevin Lawrence had seen the little girl get treated like a rag doll, he wouldn't have been so nice to that driver. He was kinda of buddying up with him. Deputy Lawrence is one of the better officers on the show, so is Mastriani. Wished someone in that crowd would have helped Mastriani out, unless the crowd got there after the other officers arrived, can't understand how at least 1 person wouldn't have tried to help Mastriani. I would have to think that if something real horrible had happened, Live PD would have cut the feed off and we wouldn't have been able to see. Not sure how long their live delay is, but I would think that it is long enough for them to cut the feed. No way I would have wanted to see that little girl get thrown while Mastriani was wrestling with the father. When I was watching, I was sure that she was going to thrown and hurt real bad.
  7. That was the most intense live TV I've ever seen when that guy was swinging his baby around fighting the officer, that was unreal.
  8. I was hoping for some "extended time" to find out was was exactly happening with that traveling basketball team's coach and what that woman's forehead looked like, could only hear her voice.
  9. Just a little confused with the storyline about Chuck setting up Axe shorting the stock. Did he still think the stock was going to make $$$ for him or did he know it was going to tank? Was he willing to lose the original $$$ from his trust, but was blindsided by his dad putting all of the rest of his trust $$$ into the stock? Now that his wife has joined Axe in the shorting of the stock, she will be in legal trouble also I guess. I know that Axe shorting the stock wasn't illegal, but his actions to get the stock to collapse was something that Chuck was counting on Axe to do. It is good entertainment, not sure how Axe will get out of this mess.
  10. I like the show a lot, just hate it when the show is ending and they are in the middle of an investigation and we get no closure. I don't watch it live, I DVR it, can't stand watching anything with commercials, except live sporting events.
  11. Hopefully no more child custody crap next season. Going to miss Quinn. Can't figure out the Max coming over drunk angle, he sure sobered up pretty quick when he was comforting Carrie.
  12. 10 Team, PPR - 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 FLEX Team A Gave - Keenan Allen Team B Gave - Doug Baldwin, 2018 1st Round Pick
  13. 9PM tonight on Fox - Looking forward to getting the gang back together.
  14. I'm looking forward to this, not counting on the writers finding that magic they had the first few season, but I'm hoping: Prison Break 2017
  15. I'm in, but if after this 2 hour episode there is really nothing to get excited about, just another cliffhanger soap opera style, I will throw my remote control thru my TV for being such an idiot to have fallen for this crap.