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  1. I guess it will take a while to see if he is just doing this because he has no choice or if he is sincere. If he never does squat in the future regarding supporting the police and talking to kids that violence isn't the answer, then we will know it is just for show. Crowell Attends Funeral
  2. My initial thought was about the same regarding Crowell, but I'm in the camp now that he really realizes that he screwed up and is stepping up now, not just to save his job, but to try and make something good come out of this mess.
  3. I didn't realize that was Dabney Coleman.
  4. Rewatching Season 1 now, the last time Ned Stark talked to Jon he told Jon that the next time he saw him he would tell him about his mother, too bad Ned didn't last much longer.
  5. She had him burned, don't think that is going to go over well with Jaime. I wonder why she didn't just have him buried with the rest of the family?
  6. If Jaime kills Cercei, I'm guessing Jaime will also make sure he dies too, all his kids are dead, can't see him wanting to live any longer.
  7. Just went back and watched the start of season 1, watching Jamie throw Bran out of the window, he was hoping to his death, almost forgot how evil Jamie is/was.
  8. I thought Ghost was going to show up instead of Ramsey's dogs and finish him off.
  9. Sounds like a real nice fella: Mr Duterte spoke at a rally in Quezon City, where he was filmed joking and making crude comments about the rape and murder of Jacquelline Hamill, who was taken hostage, raped and killed during a siege in 1989. He implied the death of Ms Hamill was "a waste" because of her beauty, and said the mayor "should have been first" to rape her. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Mr Duterte can be seen describing seeing Ms Hamill’s body, and saying: “I looked at her face – son of a b**ch- what a waste. “I was so angry because she was raped, that’s one thing… but she was so beautiful, the mayor should have been first. What a waste.”
  10. If that's the case, Manziel doesn't have a prayer.
  11. He fails a test in March, does this timeframe match the MMA fight that Gordon and his best buddy Manziel attended? The NFL probably tested him the morning after that fight. Thanks Johnny!
  12. Just schtick, kinda of funny though.
  13. Vin Diesel Epic Scene in Knockaroundguys
  14. Billy Jack scene in the park