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  1. Well, I will be anxious to see what it is unless it was regarding the firings earlier, but I didn’t consider that a big story, plus it was a good thing.
  2. The big story is that they are officially retiring the name Redskins on Monday, but not announcing new name yet, something to do with trademarks. Redskins Is No More
  3. It will be interesting to see what the lyrics to the new fight song will be. Here is a link to what they are presently and what they were originally. Can’t believe they had “scalp’em” in the original fight song. HTTR Lyrics
  4. It’s been used before and “Tails“ had nothing to do with the player involved. Tail Between Legs
  5. Dynasty Blueprint is my favorite of the ones I subscribed to, I really like their show.
  6. Thanks for your posting your reasoning, it’s hard to find the perfect podcast, but your right, there are just so many now, way, way more than in the past. For some reason, I get turned off put podcast that talked about stuff other than football, I guess I’m just getting older. I used to listen to most of the popular fantasy football podcast shows, but I just got turned off by most of them because 30% of the show was either off topic or talking about their own teams.
  7. Jimmy’s broken back might be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
  8. Just curious why you didn’t like it? I like it because they are not wasting listeners time with stuff not related to football and they seemed very knowledgeable in their debates and discussions with each other. Very nice top 20 RB discussion in their 1st ever podcast in my opinion. The first podcast I’ve heard in a long time that didn’t waste any time with silly jokes or talking about unrelated stuff not pertaining to fantasy football. I’m glad I found it.
  9. Just listened to these guys first podcast, I really liked it and subscribed, best new podcast I’ve heard in a very long time. The Fantasy Fued
  10. If they did choose Red Tails, I just would hate hearing “Washington leaves town with their tails their between legs”. I just don’t think “Tails” would turn out to be a good choice. I want the Tuskegee airmen to be honored, just don’t think this is the best way. But, of all the names that are mentioned now, if Red Wolves are not chosen, even though I think it’s a bad choice personally, the Red Tails does seem like a good choice of what’s being mentioned. It was nice in 2007 for President Bush to award the Tuskegee Airmen’s members, who were still living, the Congressional Gold Medal.
  11. Don’t like the Red Tails at all, horrible nickname for a sports team. Much rather honor the Tuskegee airmen with something on the national level, not a sports team. The Red Wolves are the top choice in recent polls locally, even Dwayne Haskins has come out as a fan of the Red Wolves, while earlier he was in favor of Red Tails. Haskins Red Wolves
  12. The Warriors would be great if only Golden State didn’t already have it. I remember the Warriors sweeping the Bullets in the NBA final when I was kid, I was so sad. Red Wolves are the perfect choice, hopefully Snyder is on board.
  13. I will push for the same draft order from 2020 to be used. In my 10 team league, I’ve had the 1.10 or 1.09 for the past three years, there are a couple teams real strong teams and a couple that are lousy. I wouldn’t want one of the stronger teams to get an early pick, just doesn’t seem good for the league, that’s why I’ll push for using the previous draft order. If the league was more balanced, then I would probably go a different route, maybe some sort of weighted lottery.
  14. I will be so disappointed if they don’t choose Red Wolves.
  15. Regarding the Red Wolves, the more I look into it, the more I like that as a potential new name. Former Redskin Fred Smooth is really pushing for this. Here is a link to what the uniform could look like, but it’s just an idea, not sure if Dan Snyder is willing to even consider the Red Wolves. Red Wolves Uniform Idea
  16. Maybe need to start a new poll and include Redwolves, don’t think it has any ties to Native Americans, so it should be eligible. Washington Redwolves
  17. Jimmy will loose a couple spots in the rankings after that ride.
  18. How about honoring one of the greatest Native American college football players and rename the team after him, even keep the logo. The Washington Sixkillers Sonny Sixkiller
  19. Looks like Cleveland Indians are next. The Chiefs will be soon to follow, at least I think so. Cleveland Indians Path Forward
  20. I miss those days we had rock fights with kids from different neighborhoods. We would use the metal top of trash cans for shields, boy those were the days.
  21. I just think it would be a smart moved for Kansas City Chiefs to get a new nickname. Since it’s pretty obvious the Redskins days are numbered, the Chiefs are in the crosshairs now. Chief This is a word that is commonly given as a nickname which incorrectly labels Native American men. The term 'chief' itself is incorrect. American Indian leaders were never 'chiefs', but headmen, or clan mothers, and so on. Not 'chiefs'. Native leaders were highly disrespected by the USA. So calling someone 'Chief', is just a way to continue that disrespect. Trust us when we tell you, being called 'chief' carries with it the same insulting, belittling sting for a Native man as being called 'boy' does for African American men.
  22. I can’t understand how Chiefs isn’t considered offensive by their fan base. When someone of Indian heritage or even from India is called “Chief”, it’s not meant as respect but is very offensive and hurtful. I never realized how offensive the name Redskins was until I was watching an old 1950s western television show a few months ago. There was a scene where 3 or 4 Indians were murdered by some soldiers and were blocking the path for the soldiers to continue and the commanding officer yelled get those “dirty redskins” off the road. It took that to make realize how offensive the term is.
  23. The initial poll for this tread was started in 2013, if a new poll was started, I’m pretty sure it would be way more in favor of the Redskins name being changed.