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  1. I don’t agree with @GoBirds most of the time but the bolded is uncalled for.
  2. Dr. Fauci is getting death threats: What the #### is wrong with people??
  3. Well you should. If I knew that we could get through this crisis with minimal loss of life and with economic recovery, I would gladly accept 4 more years of Trump followed by 8 years of Don Jr. I mean that sincerely.
  4. History is full of leaders who were surprised by events and in a majority of cases we find that they shouldn’t have been. FDR received plenty of warnings about Pearl Harbor. George W Bush knew before 9/11 that some kind of terrorist strike was coming. And on and on. Leaders are not judged by these errors, no matter how stupid they are: they’re judged by how they react to them. Despite everything he’s said and done, if a month ago Trump had done a complete 180, declared a national shutdown, invoked the DPA to its full extent, and warned the public exactly what was coming, he might have gone down as one of our great Presidents. Even now he could redeem most of what he’s done wrong and perhaps even secure re-election. But he just does not seem capable of that kind of leadership.
  5. You weren’t told those things by me. And I don’t speak for anyone but myself. As I mentioned in another thread, right now I really don’t give a #### about the election. It’s the last thing on my mind. I don’t care which side “wins” the argument; things have gotten too serious for that. President Trump is in charge and I desperately want and NEED him to do well. I would much rather congratulate him than criticize him. The criticism comes only with much reluctance because I can’t help but think he is doing a poor job right now. I do not wish to think this way.
  6. 1. 50 billion in rent due today. 2. 90 billion in mortgage payments due today. Most landlords can’t work with tenants on the first amount because they’re stuck with the second amount. A true leader as President meets with the banks and arranges a temporary suspension on the mortgage payments. That’s what FDR did. But we have Trump.
  7. Yeah whatever. I honestly don’t care about that comparison or whoever you want to compare him too. What I care about is that Trump isn’t willing to tell a governor that it’s unsafe to let people gather for religious services because he’s apparently frightened of pissing off his religious base and doesn’t want the buck passed to him, and the result is that people are going to get sick and die. It’s shameful; there’s no excuse for it.
  8. Trump was asked about DeSantis’ decision to exclude religious services from his shelter in place order. He declined to offer any opinion. Trump was then asked about a national shelter in place order; he said it wasn’t necessary because some states don’t need it. Meanwhile the Governor of Tennessee, who refuses to issue such an order, said that there’s no proof that shelter in place has a positive effect. History is not going to be kind to any of these people, but that doesn’t help us right now.
  9. President Trump was asked his opinion of Governor DeSantis’ decision to exclude religious services from his shelter in place order. Trump declined to offer an opinion. Pretty shameful; this is why he’ll always be one of the weakest Presidents in our history. He refuses to take responsibility for anything. Least alpha politician in my lifetime for sure.
  10. So tiresome. The news reporting was and is extremely accurate with regard to that subject.
  11. They just can’t accept that Trump was wrong and the media was right. They can’t handle it. There always has to be a caveat: “both sides were wrong” “we’re not SURE the media is right”, “nobody saw this coming”, “Obama’s fault”. They can’t handle it.
  12. It should also be noted that Dr. Fauci is being attacked continually by a number of Trump supporters on the Internet; he is accused of being part of the “deep state”:
  13. You’re right about that. The headline says that Fauci is “open” to a shutdown. Actually he is for a shutdown.
  14. This is wrong as well: Direct quote from Trump: “One of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.”
  15. Good. Here you go:
  16. Close enough: Rudy Giuliani tweeted that Michigan’s Governor Whitmer was coveting up hydrochloroquine because Democrats would rather have people die than for Trump to be right. Trump retweeted this and then twitter took the whole thing down.
  17. Well I think he is wrong. Not embarrassing though. I think people who defended Trump’s statements prior to yesterday should be embarrassed. That’s different.
  18. No @Ramblin Wreck is not a strident Trump defender and he has not attempted to justify President Trump’s false statements.
  19. I think that in this situation we can’t leave it to individuals to decide. Or local or stage authorities. It’s a national crisis.
  20. But Blasey Ford was consistent in her story the whole time. And prior to her testimony I liked Kavanaugh and thought the criticism against him was unfair. I’m sure you are correct that there are hypocrites out there but it doesn’t apply to me (though I’ve been a hypocrite for sure in other situations.)