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  1. The docs are clearing him for his knee. What about the fact that players coming back off of long stretch if inactivity tend to get injured? What about the fact that he has trouble staying healthy anyway... and just missed season and a half with injuries? What about the fact that this season is over for the Redskins and there is zero upside to not allowing him more time to get healthy, or at least working him back very slowly? Let alone, the line is awful, and they are starting a rookie QB who could benefit from having an experienced back like ADP back there. Not to mention that ADP had ran very well since the new coach took over.
  2. I disagree. Of course the Skins, especially after losing Williams, will be targeting lineman next year. It's already going to be difficult enough judging Haskins behind this line, let alone putting an inexperienced RB back there with him. I seriously doubt that they'd be using a top pick on a QB again, regardless of how Haskins finishes. I'm even more sure that they won't be using a high end pick on a cornerstone RB, with this many needs. However, Guice's terrible injury history in his young career is already enough reason for them to reach out and grab a RB at some point in the draft... and it's also enough for them to think twice about rushing him into a heavy workload on the back stretch of a lost season.
  3. But... Guice is coming off a significant injury.... after he came back back from a serious injury. I'd say it's a lot less important to "see what they got", than it is to save him from unnecessary wear and tear. It isn't as if they are going to run out and draft a RB in the first couple rounds next year, they have too many needs. It makes much more sense to let ADP take the pounding down the stretch of a finished season, in which they already don't have their best lineman, which will obviously be the target area in their draft. I'd also say that using a more experienced RB like ADP will allow them a better look at Haskins.
  4. I seem to be one of the few that doesn't understand any reason why the Redskins would rush Guice back into lead bad, workhorse duties. The Skins are finished... ADP clearly isn't in their long term plans... why would they want to run their oft injured RB of the future into the ground? To find out if he can run the football well? That's kinda silly.
  5. I would love to know the coaches explanation for not running the ball in the first half. Even after the fumble recovery. Dalton can't throw and the line can't pass block... and Mixon is running the ball well. I just don't understand how people can be coaching at this level with playcalling like this.
  6. How many times will the Bengals choose to throw the ball all three downs and go 3 and out? I feel sorry for the fans of this team. I honestly don't think that they really want to win.
  7. How many times will the Bengals choose to throw the ball all three downs and go 3 and out? I feel sorry for the fans of this team. I honestly don't think that they really want to win.
  8. Am I the only person who saw Williams clearly on his knees when they pushed him back before he fell forward into the end zone?
  9. Looked to me like Jones hurt himself on his last carry. It was his good run, he got up funny and took himself out of the the game. He did not return.
  10. I dropped Mike William's in the 3 leagues that I had him in.
  11. Ronald Jones looked like he injured himself on his last carry. He took himself out of the game and never came back.
  12. The Raiders organization is an embarrassment. How can anyone possibly respect Gruden or anyone else within this organization at this point? They clearly don't respect themselves. I learned in 3rd grade that you teach people how to treat you.
  13. McCoy has a lot more left in the tank than most are giving him credit for. He was a beast two years ago. Last year he had limited touches on a pathetic team. I guarantee that NFL coaches are smart enough to know that. Which is why he got so much interest and was signed so fast. Do you think McCoy... as proud as he is... signed on so fast with a team to he a backup? You don't think that he talked to Reid and made sure that he would have the kind of role that he wants?
  14. Steve Smith makes Emmitt Smith look amazing on the microphone.