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  1. Steve Smith makes Emmitt Smith look amazing on the microphone.
  2. As a Cowboys fan, there is nothing more frustrating than watching them refuse tobpound the ball with Morris. He has been effective, and they haven't been able to pass the ball for 3 weeks. How hard is it to just run the ball, use what's working, make the defense respect the run, and then pass the ball? They have been terrible, and I think most of it falls on the coaches. There isn't any other reason why the Cowboys play tight in the first half, and get blown out after halftime. They are being out coached. The other team makes halftime adjustments and the Cowboys do not.
  3. Even more so... It would be nice if they game planned the game around McCoy, who is by far the best offensive player they have. Instead, the hardly give him the ball... Then almost completely remove him from the game as soon as they get down. They bring in C level backs, as if McCoy isn't a good option to catch out of the backfield.
  4. The Cowboys may be struggling on offense the past couple weeks, but they are the ones with an ornery grin on their faces. This is because they know... They have an incredibly fresh McFadden on the roster. Every week, the freshness has grown stronger. Word from the sidelines is that the freshness is palpable out there tonight.
  5. If they threw the ball to ADP more often, it would really help out their offense.
  6. He's not even remotely on the same page with Mariota.
  7. As I mentioned before, he isn't much different than OBJ. Shep is here to win your league down the stretch.
  8. This is two weeks in a row that I left him on my bench. It won't happen again. Also, after watching the game... it was interesting to see that when Ben really needed to make something happen, he was constantly looking JJSS's way.
  9. I agree that the breakout is coming... I'm just not sure that it will be here quick enough to help FF owners this year.
  10. So, bad QB play or the two aren't in rhythm together? Either way, that also hurts Davis' prospects in redraft.
  11. I think it was rather simple. They abandoned the run before they gave it a chance to work... Once they realized it did work, it was too late. And their left tackle needs help on pass plays if Smith doesn't come back. It was really that simple. They could've have any rb or te chip him... Or dump a few check downs right behind him to slow him down. Instead, they abandoned the run and let him pin his ears back on their transparent fill in LT. Unless McFadden can play LT or fill in for Sean Lee, he isn't going to be the difference maker.
  12. No way on earth they start McFadden. It wasn't the RBs fault that their left tackle couldn't block. The coaches failed to give him any help. The constantly lined the rb up on the opposite side. It was awful, but McFadden is NOT the answer.
  13. He got 45 yards on a single drive. That's a bad thing? He had three long runs on the same drive... so it doesn't count? It shows exactly how they could execute if they stick with the run. I seriously doubt that they make the same mistake twice.