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  1. If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.
  2. Looks, umm, interesting.
  3. Thoughts and prayers Kee. Stay strong.
  4. I almost clicked 'Finishing Badly', but went with 'Finishing OK' after thinking a bit more. I may not like some of the decisions being made, and how rushed it feels, but the main plot points are still consistent with what's come before. Might be the finale changes my mind one way or the other.
  5. With all the shout outs to various shout outs to pop culture (Back to the Future, Big Lebowski, etc), they definitely should have had a montage with the song 'You're the Best' playing...
  6. Damn. The way they shot it was awesome. So intense. Not sure I took a breath the last 10 minutes. One nit to pick: A jillion fighters retreated into the castle and Arya and the Hound just run around in dozens of empty hallways and rooms?
  7. I want to love this movie more than I do. It touched the right emotional bases and completed most of the original Avengers arcs. There are tons to like in this movie. However there were some misses for me too. Didn't really like Thor Lebowski though I did find it funny here and there. Didn't really like metro-sexual Hulk. Captain Marvel is either over-powered or not quite powerful enough. Plot holes all over the place. Still, they gave out plenty of fan service and Marvel's greatest hits clips. Honestly it was like one of those tv shows where they start going "remember when" and then show a scene from the previous season. People ate it up, but it felt like filler. Still processing. Looking forward to seeing it again, but will wait for streaming. No desire to see it in the theater again.
  8. My hovercraft is full of eels. Drop your panties Sir William, I cannot wait until lunchtime. My nipples explode with delight.
  9. Dany and Sansa survive, team up to go kill Cersei. Episode name - Battle of the (rhymes with itches)
  10. I can't see Bronn killing Jaimie or Tyrian. Every time he's had a chance to sell everyone out and take off, he comes back and does the right thing for the Lannister brothers. I see him setting up the shot to kill Jaimie an/or Tyrian, having a crisis of conscience, then pulling the trigger only to see he's shot someone that was about to take Jaimie or Tyrian out, then making some quip 'looks like I'm right fooked now'. If Bronn kills either one of them I'll be severely disappointed.
  11. If he brings her an undead elephant, she's as good as his.
  12. Good points. To take it further, as Jaimie he is no longer Kings Guard, he is the oldest male heir for House Lannister. What would happen if he bent the knee and pledged House Lannister to King Jon and/or Queen Dany? Cercei couldn't claim to be a Lannister Queen (if she even is). But then if they recognize Gendry as oldest Barretheon heir, and he bends the knee, Cercei can't claim to be a Baratheon Queen. Where would that leave her? Ruling Queen of No House?
  13. Unsure on this, but before they try and tackle this something needs to be done to end the 'College is Necessary' for Everyone mentality. This has turned the university system into nothing but diploma mills for most students, and as a by-product made colleges change their focus from being an educational institution towards more of an amenity-filled summer camp, which has helped make costs skyrocket. Also something that will need to be figured out, are all degrees equal and worthy of debt forgiveness/free tuition? I don't think so. Helping a student get their engineering degree, yes. Helping a student get their transgender poetry degree, umm no.
  14. From what I gathered from some Joe Rogan podcasts, this makes sense as the brain will need a few seconds to produce natural DMT which will send your spiritual energy to the next dimension