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  1. The clone apps are great for movies and shows that are a year or so old. Can probably go a little older for super popular movies/shows like the Marvel universe, etc. Still getting good links for them. As soon as you want to go back longer than that, or the movie/show isn't quite as popular, the pickings get slim.
  2. Just tried Kodi with Venom per your post. Searched for an old movie from the 80s I can't find links for on Cinema/Cineflix/UnlockMyTV. Got quite a few links and it played flawlessly. Good call.
  3. Han, Chewie, Luke, and Leia all went down the garbage shaft (ANH). Luke went down a Cloud City shaft after falling a bajillion feet (ESB). Holy cow! All of Star Wars can be boiled down to surviving falling down shafts! Why did we never see this before!?!?
  4. To quote Mel Brooks, "It's good to be the King (Emperor)!"
  5. I work in the defense contractor industry. As such you are required to have a Common Access Card (CAC) for security reasons and access to certain systems, bases, etc. When people refer to it, they always call it their 'cack'. So quite often you hear- "I can't find my cack." "Do you need your cack?" "My cack isn't working for some reason." "I think my cack is up for renewal." I'm always giggling like a little school girl inside when I hear people talk about it.
  6. Used to wear this tape out as well. The original video has the VFW sketch where Eddie performed in a reggae band singing "kill the white people". Hilarious on many levels. Unfortunately it was edited out of later 'best of eddie murphy:snl' compilations. Definitely should always be included. "I thought they were going to do Day-O"
  7. It has a motion wizard where you will tell it how much traffic you get and how far away it is. If that doesn't help you can scroll where you want the motion zone to be. You can also create a schedule for when you want motion settings to be working but I haven't needed to do that.
  8. Recently got the Ring doorbell/Echo Show 5 deal and have been very happy with it. It's very easy to tweak the motion alert settings and the video is crystal clear on the Echo Show and my phone. I read about the recent hackings of the Ring cameras and it appears it was due to people using the same password for everything. A hacker first got the password from something else, then signed into Ring. For my Ring I use a totally independent password and have enabled two-factor authentication. I know nothing is 100% safe in the tech world, but I'm ok with it. Would recommend.
  9. Agreed. Looks interesting and makes me interested in figuring out the story the movie will present. I think we can surmise- The main kids are Egon's grandkids (the girl seems to be affecting his mannerisms and figures out some kind of puzzle to the hidden something). Will be awesome if Annie Potts makes the movie as Grandma. The OG Ghostbusters did too good a job busting ghosts. Rudd says no one as seen any in 30 years. Probably forced them into retirement. Unsafe to store the captured ghosts in the city so Egon puts them in the abandoned coal mine. Containment unit is breaking down from neglect, or the as of yet unseen bad guy on the movie is trying to get them freed for shenanigans. Kids discover the equipment, slowly learn how to use it. Kids get in over the heads. Remaining Ghostbusters will show up to save Egon's grandkids/the world, then pass the torch to the kids. Yeah, I'm in
  10. So bets on the caped mystery person checking out the dead body at the end. Boba Fett, Imperial Governor Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), or someone different?
  11. So ABC spiked the story because....? Trump? Seriously? The media tried like hell to tie Trump to Epstein. The only thing they could verify was he flew from New York to Florida with him once and hung out with him at a few parties. He apparently never went to his residence in New Mexico or Pedo Island (whatever it was called). Bill Clinton can be verified as flying with Epstein numerous times. Many witnesses have alleged he stayed at Pedo Island multiple times. Witnesses have alleged that he, Hilary, and even Chelsea have stayed at the New Mexico location. Epstein has been reported to have helped create the Clinton Foundation. Best not to look too deeply into that connection though. But you're right, the Epstein story would have hurt both candidates equally. I apologize for venturing in the Left-wing echo chamber. I usually just lurk for a laugh, but in a moment of weakness thought this story was an obvious refutation of your contention that the mainstream media would never ignore a story harmful to the left/liberal/progressive cause. I was wrong. Resistance is indeed futile.
  12. One famous liberal was preparing to run for an election, coincidentally married to another famous liberal who has been linked flying with Epstein to his love shacks not once, not twice, but numerous times. It has also been alleged that the famous liberal running for election also stayed at Epstein locations numerous times. Confirming those allegations would have necessitated honest reporting, so better to spike the whole thing. But continue with your "narrative".