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  1. Another vote for Ted Lasso. This show seems right on time for 2020. A breath of fresh air really, with it's main theme of optimism, while still having an undercurrent of angst and heartbreak. Couldn't stop watching it. And the owner of the team does something for me. I would like to do things with her.
  2. Yesterday was the first time in years, probably since Flutie to be honest, that when Miami went ahead late I wasn't worried that the game was over. What is this feeling I'm feeling?
  3. Took me a few episodes to warm up, then I was all in. And Brendan Fraser as Robotman kills me.
  4. Just finished Season 4 of F is for Family on Netflix. Really enjoyed this season. Has some typical cartoon silliness, but at it's core is a very raw/real family drama with enough comedy to keep it from going over the top. Bill Burr is aces.
  5. I have two kids, a son 15 and a daughter 13. Fair question. I would definitely try, but I'm not sure I would try as hard as I currently am. I would still like to think it would serve as a wake-up call to address some personal issues. There are plenty of issues on her side as well, and I'm not sure she is giving them much attention, but I can't control that. All that being said, I do love my wife. We had an amazingly powerful connection for a long time, and we both got complacent about it. Kids and life got in the way a bit, but we didn't tend our garden like we should have. It will be a shame if it ends now without both of us really trying to see if we can get it back.
  6. We are seeing a couple's counselor. She sends a lot of mixed signals. One moment she talks about the future as if we're still together, the next she says she has no idea what she wants and isn't sure if she wants to be vulnerable. I'm fighting because my family is important and my kids are worth it. I also believe we had a very strong connection and can again. However I'm not naive and realize that she could ultimately decide to end it. I am making preparations and working on establishing strong support networks.
  7. My wife has moved into the spare bedroom, has retained a lawyer, and is giving me until the end of July to see if she will consider reconciliation. If she doesn't, I have offered to move out. All over my house are family photos. Smiling faces of happy people. How did it get to this point? I have made my share of mistakes, but I had no idea she was as unhappy as she now says she is. I've been devouring self-help/repair marriage books. I am working on myself, seeing a therapist, pushing my boundries and taking risks to pursue personal growth. I am determined to either reconcile, or come out of this a better person that can be at peace with trying my best. But the pain still comes in waves. I think I'm mentally strong in one moment, then nearly collapse to my knees the next. This depression is threatening to cripple me. Just venting. Thanks.
  8. How long do you figure Benard was sitting there offline? That was a ton of dust that accumulated on him. Least 10 yrs?
  9. "You shoot me in a dream you better wake up and apologize!"
  10. I feel like I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I'm pretty close to getting a separation/divorce from the wife (see the corona divorces thread) and now today my 15 yo son was just expelled from his Catholic school. Like a freakin idiot he gave out the google classroom codes to some tiktok thread and whoever grabbed them went into his Health class and posted pornography repeatedly until they could shut it down. Suspended for the rest of the year (expelled, but they wouldn't come out and say it that way for some reason) and pretty much told not to apply for next year. This is the email they just sent out- ****Dear High School Families, Today in Mrs. XXXXX's EF class, a class in which your child is enrolled, a series of pornographic pictures were displayed very briefly by a person not affiliated with the school. This person had been provided the link by a student who posted the private meeting information publicly via social media. As soon as the teacher recognized the intrusion, she quickly instructed all students to get off the meeting and shut down the link to the Meet classroom. The student has been suspended from school pending further action, and all his school accounts have been disabled. All teachers of the student have been directed to change their Google Meet links immediately, and all teachers have been instructed to review protocols for maintaining the privacy of Google Meet links with their students. We greatly apologize for this issue and how it may have affected your child. If this incident has caused any type of distress for your child, please reach out to your child’s school counselor for assistance. If you have further questions, please contact the vice principal. Sincerely, XXXXXXX High School **** I was running on fumes from lack of sleep due to the marriage stress, barely functioning for a job I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home with, and now this. I am in a dark place. 😟