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  1. yep. big difference maker the remainder of the season.
  2. probably toxic at this point - you don't want a piece of a guy who has a bad foot in the current season.Maybe 2021 but not 2020 these things never heal never get better and it never works out for owners. As much as I like his skills and ability to put up good #'s, a foot injury is a fatal flaw
  3. I don't see it. Cam is the person to own in that offense and very little otherwise. it's the worst rbbc in the league - with the smallest payout for any of the players. I'd rather have a share in the Rams backfield, etc
  4. I dunno know.. on one hand, that Minny defense isn't great, opportunities will be there.but on the other hand, Davis kind of has that Sammy Watkins thing going on, a highly regarded player that just never got it going.and every time you tried to count on Watkins he'd let you down. Same with Davis. it's kind of a situation where Davis blows up, 8-132-2 and you trade him .fast.
  5. legendary player. just watched some videos to see him again.. I don't know about other comparisons but to me he looks like a carbon copy of Marcus Allen ( or vice versa) . super smooth, can cut on a dime. RIP
  6. there's little or no fantasy value in any Giants RB the remainder of the season. stacked boxes, make danny dimes beat you. lousy line, poor play calling, general fecklessness. look elsewhere
  7. would be interesting to see more data on this, but another thing to consider is that no preseason has probably had a far greater impact on games than empty home stadiums. it is hilarious that the broadcasters or stadium staff find it necessary to pump in the crowd noise, and they got it so wrong during the raiders game on mon night. on good plays for the raiders you heard little or no noise when clearly the Raider Nation would've gone crazy, and on on bad plays for the raiders like when n.o. would get a TD or a long pass play or 3rd down conversion, you heard the crowd cheering LOUDLY. when Richard fumbled there was a loud roar and excessive cheering noise. you would hear a pin drop in most stadiums with people in the stands. it's just so cheesy of the NFL to do the noise thing. and pretty cheesy of them to have 3 new stadium openings and not allow any fans in them. l.a. x2, lvr.
  8. The Kelley situation in L.A. looks intriguing. I would be very hesitant to put any faith in backup NYG RB's,Freeman, Gallman, Lewis,etc. Just because someone fills in for Barkley doesn't mean they're going to have any sort of value. this team is going to crash and burn the remainder of the season.
  9. too soon to start talking about Jalen Hurts as Philly's starting QB?! Wentz just plain sucks. Haven't we seen enough of him yet? bad footwork, untimely INTs.
  10. this. Niners are down to 1 WR and a receiving RB - McKinnon. Mostert has 23/148 while McKinnon has 6/101. JMC is doing more with less. Now I get that it's unsustainable and illogical to think he can continue a 16 ypc ag. , but JMC is now the #1 back in a rush-first offense without some big guns at WR and RB and he's the perfect all-around player that can catch and run.
  11. time to buy Antonio Gibson, volume was there yesterday. he's going to snag this lead role and run away with it. it's like they're prepping him for a significantly larger role, using first 2-4 games as quasi-preseason. buy McKinnon any way you can.he's a dynamic player, fantastic athlete. they're just scratching the surface with him.two games into the season, and he has double-digit fantasy pts. in each. that's a trend. if he does it again next week you won't be able to acquire him, the price will be too high. right now you can just say ;yeah he torched the Jets because they're the Jets I just need him as a bye week filler bla bla bla.' shark move. buy benny snell - if you believe in James Conner's ability to remain intact and healthy for an entire year, you're viewing things through rosey colored glasses. sell Jordan Reed he's a sneeze away from IR again. too late to buy Tannethrill?!?! he's going to be fantasy football's #1 or #2 QB this season.
  12. I dunno, Mike Zimmer in Minnesota is just plain awful. zach taylor is by FAR is the single worst HC in the history of bad coaches. the only thing he needs to complete the climb to the top of Incompetence Mountain is an 0-16 season. he's horrible, 2-16 record as a HC. yikes. how many games do the bengals actually win this season, 1? so 1-15. grand total of 3-29 before they show him the door? Brian Flores is an incredibly lousy 5-13 as dolphins HC thus far.might win 2 games in 2020. Gase. 'nuff said
  13. you're a week too late. he's been producing double digit fantasy pts 2 weeks in a row now, only to increase his role going forward.
  14. Cooks will be golden this season. He's been a top 12 guy in 3 of past 5 years.
  15. let's see this guy stay healthy and play all 16 games.