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  1. Lindsay is the real deal. Royce has that look of a guy who never gets there. Lindsay is far superior at hitting the holes, acceleration,etc. Royce is the COP back, if anything. I'd rather take a flyer on one of the Steelers' RBs or Rams RBs than to think Freeman becomes the stud that Lindsay is.
  2. great points. it's very hard to assemble a winning team when you select a TE in the first round. you'll spend bigtime on waivers and you'll usually have to bust a trade or two during the season to correct the lineup. bpa for 4-5 rounds is great advice! hold off on TE and QB till then. grab 2 really good RBs and 2 really good WRs. then start building around that. Kelce has an advantage over all other TEs for sure, but when he's just as likely to throw up his typical stinkers where he goes 7-133-2 one week, and 1-6 the next. and 2018 was a historical record for him and the TE position. fair to say there is a regression coming. he'll still be the #1 guy, but it won't be by last years stats where he was head and shoulders above all others.
  3. That was good thanks! Peterson is STILL awesome! Clinton Portis' rookie season was equally good, if not better. look at 1.47, 59 yard TD the burst of speed is amazing.same with the 35 yarder at 2.30. What a RB!
  4. I"m not a Mixon fan but I think he's going to be one of the top 5 players selected next season based on what he does in 2019. in other words, he's a poor mans Zeke Elliott, bell-cow , 3-down type RB who will be in the top 5 in carries this season. opportunity is there and that is all you need.Cincy is a bad team, but he'll get his numbers.
  5. Love your insights! I'm wondering about your stance on Gurley, only from the perspective of this: are you in the camp that takes him in the 1st-2nd rounds as a stud top tier RB , or are you in the camp that says 'hey if he's there in the 4th I'll grab him" ? you're doing a great job of selling Gurley - I'm nearly convinced he's undervalued in 2019..but..for those like yourself, who think he is in fact an overlooked player, where are you considering drafting him?? for me the scenes on a bicycle last season - the playoffs and SB especially - speak so loud that Helen Keller could hear it. CJA wasn't effective in the Championship or the SB , as you point out, well, wouldn't that be the time to put Gurley in the game, then? I dunno man, I hear what you're saying about him, I really do. but I highly doubt that Gurley Nation would draft him in the first round , or 2nd or 3rd even. I don't think they have the intestinal fortitude to pull the trigger that early. One thing he has going for him is he is far more likely to get goal-line carries than any RB in the league. So that kind of fantasy scoring goes a long way. I like your other calls like J. White - in games without Gronk, White has been absolutely golden. They don't have a TE, he is their new Gronk. in PPR, he's invaluable. watching him pull a Larry Centers-esque season out of the air here.90+ recs. For Trip, thanks for starting this thread. Tyler Locket will be a star of sorts this season, but temper that somewhat, Schottenheimer prefers the run over the pass by a wide margin. I don't see how T. Hill is a undervalued, I think people will grab him in rounds 2-3 even WITH a suspension. he's not likely to make it to the 4th round. LOVE your take on Nick Chubb and the explanation about it. P. Barber is just a guy, he tries hard and all, but I'm banking on Mike Evans as being the main benefactor of the Arians regime, not Barber.Love you r take on Cooper and Winston. disagree on Jordan Reed and Josh Gordon. Reed simply cannot stay healthy - he's toxic, you just can't rely on him. Is Gordon even reinstated yet, can he play? will he make the team? he didn't do much last season in the handful of games he played. and he of all people is most likely to be suspended again - you know it's coming, it' s just a matter of when. I'll add: Marlon Mack - Q. Nelson was a first team all-pro last year, as a rookie. the Colts line is perhaps one of the best in the league, and they're only getting better. he's going round 3 in drafts. he has top 5-7 RB potential and should be selected within the first 20 picks of a draft. yet he's going 3rd or 4th? wow. Tyler Boyd - WR rank is #26th. yet most of his great stats from 2018 came from when AJ Green was IN the lineup, not out with injury. Easily top 15 performance from a guy who is a quasi #1 in Cincy ( Green is cooked, he's at the end of the trail ). S. Michel - knee scope is overrated..A gronk-less, No-name WR team like the patriots, will likely shift to the running game in a big way.why? TB12 is soon-2-be 42 years old. No 42 yr old QB has ever thrown for more than 2k yards in a single season.TB12 is different of course, but his stats have dropped off significantly Y-o-Y last 3 seasons. Michel is going off the board round 4 in ffcalculator drafts. he probably should be off the board by the end of round two.
  6. I'll take the under 70, and less than 7 rushing TDs. the more you look at it he is/was a one-hit wonder. His career avg per rush is 4.1, and 56 yards rush/gm, with 37.7 yards/gm rec on 3.5 recs/gm.clearly his one 'good' year is the outlier, the rest of his career is less than average. add to this mixture a first year HC bringing a crazy scheme to the NFL with a rookie QB and an NFL-worst o-line, and the recipe is there for total futility. he'll be overdrafted, and then will be on everyone's waiver wire by week 4. I'll take the under every time with his production, he's a lesser JAG
  7. pretty much sums it up right there. This is a dynamic, pass-happy offense and someone gets a lot of looks opposite Hopkins. Just can't count on Fuller staying healthy at this point.
  8. after seeing the post-football Gronk , with the significant weight loss and skinny arms , I'd bet the farm he is retired for good. what else is Florio going to talk about mid-summer with nothing going on camps not even open yet. nothing to see here.
  9. In this century, only 27 rookies have run for 1,000 yards. only two of those players (Adrian Peterson, Clinton Portis) averaged more yards per carry. Broncos have M. Munchak as Oline coach, he's from the Steelers, been there since 2014. They've had a DOMINANT line the past few years under him. scary to think, but Lindsay could be even MORE effective and more productive than last year. for every can't miss guy like S. Barkley, there's a highway littered with guys like Trent Richardson. Where does Royce freeman fit? I don't think just because he was a prolific college RB that it will spill over to the NFL. It's going to be hard as heck for him to beat out Lindsay at this point.
  10. from the NFL policy, whats the minimum he's like to receive, if any? is it 2/4/6/8 games?
  11. you've been playing by these rules for 2 years, including this particular owner, and suddenly NOW he wants to say the rule doesn't exist? always someone trying to bend the rules tell him to accept the rules you've all been playing under for 2+ years, or leave the league. period end of story.
  12. what are the teams that need/want to make a trade for a RB? takes two to tango. have to find the other team who wants to dance. Mg would probably do well in TB , in Arians offense - he immediately betas out Barber and Jones. he might be a good pickup for Jax, Colts, Houston, KC, Balt. Problem is, MG is a 4.0 ypc/a guy for his career. pretty low numbers. doubtful they can get a high draft pick in return.
  13. NFC East - Dallas North - GB South - New Orleans West - LAR Wild Card - Seattle and Eagles AFC East - New England North - Steelers South - Indianapolis West - LAC Wild Card - Jags , Titans Super Bowl Dallas v. Indy Dallas wins chi,minny,KC all fail to make the postseason.
  14. Would love to see him get 22-25 carries game. Problem is this is the 3rd OC in 3 years with the Titans. and this current guy has zero, zippo,nada experience calling plays. he comes from the same Munchak borefest offense, through the worsening LaFleur offense. it's a shame that DH doesnt have a better run-first OC like B. Schottenheimer , or someone who'll use him like Dallas uses Elliott. I don't think the tiger loses his stripes here, meaning DH will be used pretty much the same way he was last year and the season before that. a lesser Brandon Jacobs
  15. speaking of the offense , Cards were in last place across the board in nearly every statistical category in 2018. 32nd in pts/for , 32nd in total yards, 32nd in 1st downs, 29th in pass attempts, 32nd in pass yards, 30th in TD, 28th in INT, 32nd in NYA, 28th in rush attempts, 32nd in rush yards, 27th in rush TD, 32nd in ypa rushing, 32nd in percentage of drives ending in a score, 32nd in avg time per drive, 31st avg # of plays/drive, 32nd yet yards/drive, 32nd avg ptsscored/drive.\ and now you throw a rookie QB on top of that, with an offensive system that is a remake of the Mouse Davis chuck n duck offense that bombed in the 90s. even if the Cards improve to 20th in every category listed above, they're STILL a mighty bad team. KM is going to get killed behind the absolute worst O-line in the NFL. defensive pressures are going to force him to make mistakes all to often.