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  1. hope the NYG call him, he is , afterall, from the north jersey area, dad is a football coaching legend in Wayne NJ. Engram is made of glass, time for Gmen to move on from this clown.
  2. NYG need a WR in the worst way. they'll get the pick of the litter as the firs team selecting a WR in the draft.can't see them going in any other direction. they need weapons for Jones, not 40 yr old Tate, or broken Shepard, Engram, etc. Welcome to NYG, Mr Jeudy *and, thanks for doing this list OP :thumbs:
  3. I wear XXL because I'm a gym rat and have been doing it for about 30 years. XL shirts dont fit my arms loosely , they're tight. golf polos have to be XXL just to have loose fitting clothing while swinging a club. I dont like walking around like every Vinny and Joey Bats ,the guidos from Joisey ,with the guns and the tight shirts. I have noticed the XL shirts these days seem to be made for much smaller men they the used to be. it's like this skinny jeans BS..jeans for those who dont have quads I guess. I have to wear somewhat baggy pants ( loose fit, not relaxed fit) just to wear jeans. shirts are smaller and tighter. are men skinnier these days than .say, 1990s -1980s? I dont see a lot of 20-something men in the gym, mostly Gen Xers these days.
  4. 'WTF is wrong with people' might actually apply to you guys..get a thick skin for pete's sake. I don't think anyone meant anything malicious with that fb post. sheesh.
  5. Y'all are overthinking this too much: in 13 of last 15 SB matchups, the team wearing road colors has won the game. SF is wearing their road white unis with gold pants. /thread
  6. true. he's a joke. not worth his contract, doesnt produce like he did in his 1 'good' year. maybe the most underacheiving player in the history of the league. posterboy for the 'what have you done lately' billboard.
  7. and we're supposed to feel bad for this racist sexist anti cop pig? I must've missed the press release that we were supposed to have sympathy for this clown. he doesn't have CTE he's just very immature, acts out when he doesnt get his way, has been pampered and spoiled his whole football career since grade school. clearly uneducated and didn't take classes in he realizes all of his BS over the years has caught up to him - he's a 'nobody' now. he's no longer a star athlete, he's a has-been.and he can't handle the truth that no one cares about him. doubtful he's the type to take himself out without taking a number of others along for the ride.he's a Narcissistic thug. OBJ is next.yet another fruitcake brash arrogant athlete who has a grandiose sense of self.
  8. two guys made of glass. good when they play but the can't stay healthy. and their contracts will be higher than a rookie TE , right? just find a good one in the draft.
  9. don't worry he'll get plenty of steroids in the offseason, from every day life
  10. AB is a racist pig. he's a sexist pig. great dad tho shouting at his kids in front of the cops.LOL
  11. this might be off-topic, but CLEARLY the dumbest thing a coach has done over the past 15 years, is Joshy McDaniels duffing the Colts after accepting the job as HC. he's CLEARLY cost himself future HC jobs in the NFL, he's solidified himself as always the bridesmaid never the bride going forward. it's pretty evident no one is going to hire him as a HC after that BS stunt he pulled in Indy.what a clown. and now he's stuck with a Brady-less team with a cheesy overrated defense, and no offensive talent whatsoever ( including the steroid abuser, 'putz' Edelman) , and an up-n-coming AFC East where the Pats are surely to decline. strike while the iron's hot. McD didn't get the memo. shoulda gone to Indy. * yes , Brady is out in NE, retired or other.he's finished. he's not the same guy he once was.
  12. SF spanks GB in this one, much like a few weeks ago, GB is bring a knife to a gun fight. good for SF it has been a very long time. as a Giants fan I've always respected the Niners, we've had some all-time great playoff matchups. I hope they get back to the SB good luck Niners' fans!!
  13. he had one 'good' year in NY, and his stats fell precipitously each and every season thereafter. he might be the most overrated player in NFL history. and hiss schtick with having to try to make every.single.catch a highlight reel, one handed catch is so boring, laughable, and stupid it's comical. I'm so happy that NFL owners do in fact, blaicklist players and never hire them again once the've been dismissed from a other organizations.OBJ will be the next Kap, and AB. good riddance. you act up you're out. no one forced you to play in the NFL. you have a 'brand' , well, so do the Browns, the Giants, and 30 other teams. they don't want that brand damaged by tools like OBJ