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  1. whoa..easy on the overhype here. 180k cases worldwide.7k deaths. survivability is on a sharply increasing curve upward. little dirty secret: 85%+ of the deaths are people over 70ish years of age. many 'survivors' say it was a cold, a slight fever, gone by the morning'. in the end this is going to go down as the single most colossal overreaction in the history of mankind. this is NOT the Spanish Flu of 1918. so far, 20k Americans have died from the flu this year alone. 8k have died from corona virus, WORLDWIDE. it's bogus. here's the rub: UK is open for business in every aspect, B. Johnson hasn't closed anything, I think he stated he wants people to get it so we can get past it and go on with our lives. let's just say that Johnson's gamble works - that it's a BIG nothing-burger - we've just allowed this fake pandemic to essentially close our nation down, for what appears to be no reason at all. If Johnson is wrong, many ELDERLY could die in the UK - it doesn't kill healthy 30-yr olds. nearly all deaths in Italy are old people. the problem I have is that by the end of this 14 day BS period of staying home, people will be clamoring for this to be over. how long will they stay indoors, away from long will the gov't tell us how to live. how many of these new 'temporary' restrictions actually stay in place for good?! bar owners will start defying orders to close, its going to get ugly if things dont return to normal in 14 days. thats the amount of time we've been told to wait it out and thats probably all the public is willing to concede. again, if the UK comes thru this unscathed, our govt has a lot to answer to. Italy is NOT picking who lives or dies they're doing their best to save lives. dont believe the urban legends you're being told. and we have one guy, Fauci, who is making everyone panic.someone shut this jackwagon up already. who died and left him in charge?! this is like the weather channels constant barrage last summer over the hurricane that sat on the bahamas for 5 days - it's going to hit west palm, sky is falling ,bla bla bla.and yet not one time did the Euro model show the storm coming over Fla any sooner than daytona or further north. then the other models followed suit.eventually they stopped showing spaghetti models because nothing showed it coming over west palm but rather way further up north. it was a total non-issue. think of this virus as an overhyped weather channel winter storm, hurricane story...typical overblown media reaction.
  2. Vikings got a 1st pick , and then some, for Diggs? That's a pretty good deal for Minnesota, getting rid of a guy who wants to be considered an elite WR but who disappears far too much. 40 fewer catches in '19 than in '18. never caught more than 9 TDs in any season. I'm not sure what the draw is for this guy, why Bills would even be interested.Certainly NOT for a 1st and other picks. and Josh Allen is no bueno.
  3. hope the NYG call him, he is , afterall, from the north jersey area, dad is a football coaching legend in Wayne NJ. Engram is made of glass, time for Gmen to move on from this clown.
  4. NYG need a WR in the worst way. they'll get the pick of the litter as the firs team selecting a WR in the draft.can't see them going in any other direction. they need weapons for Jones, not 40 yr old Tate, or broken Shepard, Engram, etc. Welcome to NYG, Mr Jeudy *and, thanks for doing this list OP :thumbs:
  5. I wear XXL because I'm a gym rat and have been doing it for about 30 years. XL shirts dont fit my arms loosely , they're tight. golf polos have to be XXL just to have loose fitting clothing while swinging a club. I dont like walking around like every Vinny and Joey Bats ,the guidos from Joisey ,with the guns and the tight shirts. I have noticed the XL shirts these days seem to be made for much smaller men they the used to be. it's like this skinny jeans BS..jeans for those who dont have quads I guess. I have to wear somewhat baggy pants ( loose fit, not relaxed fit) just to wear jeans. shirts are smaller and tighter. are men skinnier these days than .say, 1990s -1980s? I dont see a lot of 20-something men in the gym, mostly Gen Xers these days.
  6. 'WTF is wrong with people' might actually apply to you guys..get a thick skin for pete's sake. I don't think anyone meant anything malicious with that fb post. sheesh.
  7. Y'all are overthinking this too much: in 13 of last 15 SB matchups, the team wearing road colors has won the game. SF is wearing their road white unis with gold pants. /thread
  8. true. he's a joke. not worth his contract, doesnt produce like he did in his 1 'good' year. maybe the most underacheiving player in the history of the league. posterboy for the 'what have you done lately' billboard.
  9. and we're supposed to feel bad for this racist sexist anti cop pig? I must've missed the press release that we were supposed to have sympathy for this clown. he doesn't have CTE he's just very immature, acts out when he doesnt get his way, has been pampered and spoiled his whole football career since grade school. clearly uneducated and didn't take classes in he realizes all of his BS over the years has caught up to him - he's a 'nobody' now. he's no longer a star athlete, he's a has-been.and he can't handle the truth that no one cares about him. doubtful he's the type to take himself out without taking a number of others along for the ride.he's a Narcissistic thug. OBJ is next.yet another fruitcake brash arrogant athlete who has a grandiose sense of self.
  10. two guys made of glass. good when they play but the can't stay healthy. and their contracts will be higher than a rookie TE , right? just find a good one in the draft.
  11. don't worry he'll get plenty of steroids in the offseason, from every day life
  12. AB is a racist pig. he's a sexist pig. great dad tho shouting at his kids in front of the cops.LOL