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  1. it's impressive considering how good the Vikings are or were supposed to be against the run. good job by D-Dubya
  2. so can we put away the anointing oils now or what?!? you mean the undefeated season won't happen for BB? what? bbut bbut I thought this was the greatest team in the history of great teams. what happened?! they got spanked you say? taken behind the woodshed? so 100 years of history didn't matter, that only once had a team gone undefeated..? hate to say we told you so, but... surprised that some haven't called this a 'generational' team ya know how people like to throw that 'generational' term around so loosely these days. or is it a joystick defense? that's another catch phrase people love.
  3. but, bbut, bbbbbut I thought they were the greatest defense ever! better than the 2000 Ravens, 86 Giants, 85 Bears, Legion of Boom, etc! what happened?!?! the blueprint of sorts had been made by the Browns - yeah they lost, but what Chubb did is kind of what Ingram did, is kind of what Sanders and Jordan Howard and the Eagles are going to do, and so on. NE can't stop the run. you can go right up the gut on them and smash them to bits. they've been exposed by this creampuff schedule."oh but look at the numbers, the turnovers, the sacks" people would say. yeah, let's look at the turnovers - against some of the NFLs worst-ever teams. let's look at the sacks - sacks against some of the worst o-lines in the game.let's look at the INTs - INT's against some of the worst QBs we've ever Darnold the guy? probably not. Keenum/Haskins? nope. Fitzmagic/Rosen? nope. Josh Allen?! lol don't make me laugh. Daniel Jones in ,what, his 2nd or 3rd NFL start?! Baker Mayfield?! , stop it, you're killing me. aside from DJ, not one single QB they've faced will be in the league in 2 years.including Big Ben.they all suck.they'll all be in the new XFL soon enough. it's easy to stop RBs of the Jets, Dolphins, Redskins, etc. The Bills are nothing special, and they gave Ne fits. come on now how'd you guys let this 'best ever defense' talk take a hold of you? you're better than this.I just can't believe that people dismissed this schedule . that's not to say they're not a good team, they are.but the defense is vastly overrated. you've missed the time to sell high,that was 2-3 weeks ago. the 2019 Jets, Dolphins, Redskins, Browns are some of the worst teams in the history of the NFL. ALL of them will finish as with top 6 draft picks next season, along with NYG. how does this not register with people, that NE played the easiest schedule to date, against the worst teams in the league.
  4. hard to trust an Arians' offense when it comes to the TE positiion.
  5. I don't see why he's not used more. he should be force-fed the ball every week , like minimum 12 targets per have to get him involved.
  6. Eagles Defense has a cakewalk schedule. I'd be trading for Miles Sanders he's just getting warmed up. put together yet ANOTHER decent week with good stats. easy schedule upcoming now's the time to buy 'low' One caveat about Breida - he's talented he's scoring pts but he's been nicked up in almost every game this simply can't trust him sit him he scores 50 pts, start him he goes 5-60 and sprains an ankle. not worth the hassle.
  7. are they really going to use another first rounder on a QB or will they be smart and get Teddy Bridgewater or someone like this? they have so much talent on both sides of the ball they just whiff every single time with the's a shame, hopefully they get this figured out but history says they won't
  8. ^^ brownies also held the vaunted Patriots rush offense to just 79 yards on the day. Chubb could easily have had himself a 200 yard outing, heck he got 131 by the time the Nat'l Anthem was done. again, you don't actually watch football, do you
  9. yeah and what's your point? they had 3 sacks, kept Brady to one of his lowest pt totals of the season, 20 comps, 259 yards, 2tds.pretty ho-hum wouldn't you say? I said they'd give Brady fits.they did. apparently you don't watch games or read the stats, but brady has his 2nd lowest comp % of the yr, against Cleveland. his 3rd lowest QB rating, his 3rd lowest yardage totals of the year. he nearly tossed an int in the endzone if the brownies DB didn't drop it, hit him right in the hands. if not for the silly coaching staff, Cleveland wouldve been much more competitive. I ALSO said that Nick Chubb was going to be the living *@#$ out of the Patrtios.and of course, he did. try to keep up, son.
  10. they're just getting warmed up, as Al Pacino would say. This eagles team is about to return to dominance, defense is healthy, offense is rolling. Miami, Washington, giants 2x, cheesy Bears offense, seahawks porous defense, cowboys on again off again team on the horizon. they're going 11-5. give them a loss to Ne or Sea, all others are wins.
  11. gase.reid.quinn. shurmur. nagy. GM who should be on the hot seat? Elway.
  12. there's no such thing as a 'generational' player, it's just a catch phrase.just how many 'generations' does Tom Brady cover, then? how many did Peyton manning cover? I think the current catch-phrase QB in KC is closer to a Mark Rypien, who had a couple really good seasons in Washington, than he is to the HOF'er y'all make him out to be after 1 and 1/3 years as a starting Qb. you remember Rypien , right? the guy who won a SB, had a cup of coffee as the best QB in the league, just like Rich Gannon, and others. Saquon comes to mind. haven't heard anyone mention him yet, but I'm sayin' Nick Chubb, it's funny that ppl conveniently forget/overlook just HOW GOOD he really is - 5.5 ypc avg 2019, 5.3 for his career. on a VERY bad team, with a suspect o-line. do you all have blinders on? he's closer to a clone of Eddie George or Bo Jackson than anyone realizes. This guy is a BALLER, no matter the opponent.y'all have the 2019 Pats as the best ever defense right, I mean they're far better than 2000 Ravens, 86 Giants, 85 Bears, Legion of Boom, Peyton Manning's Denver defense in your minds, correct? well, Chubb obliterated them last week and could've done MORE damage if not for the stupidity of the team he plays for. he's incredible. he's the ONLY mega carry per week RB left in the league. sorry John Riggins, but Chubb is the Diesel. imagine how good he is with a competent coaching staff. what happens to the catch phrase QB in KC when Andy Reid gets fired at season's end for failure to win a SB or a playoff game, and some johnny-come-lately comes to town to coach? what if they get a run-first OC? what he did last year was nice, but its unsustainable. look at his stats after the detroit game. all of his stats are down precipitously, I mean, major down trend. ok so he can throw a no look pass, but that's good in basketball not sure the value of that in the NFL and why is it so fawned over? people are so ga-ga over this catch phrase QB it's comical. He's not half the QB Watson is ( anyone who watched Watson win that nat'l championship knows how good he is/was/will be). I see the KC QB as another D. Culpepper or Randall Cunningham - some really good seasons, but not a HOF'er.sorry to burst your bubbles. he's a product of the system - Matt Moore just did well in the same system/and McNabb did too back in philly. let's not break out the anointing oils just Troy Aikman said about the Kc QB " call me when he wins a title". hey, Cam Newton won an MVP too.what's he done since?! the road is littered with MVPs who never repeat or even come close. if I'm talking about a QB I'm going for D. Watson or the one and only Russell Wilson - not only is he a 'joystick' qb ( whatever that means) but he actually wins important games and SBs and is deadly in postseason and is a LOCK HOF'er. If I knew Rodgers would be 'back' as he appears to be, I'd put 20% of my money on him. Matt Ryan is still young and is exceptionally good , and will be for a long time.
  13. I hear ya, I see your 17 pages on BB, and I raise you the 266 pages on Josh Gordon LOL why for each?
  14. he's as money as it comes, 10 fantasy ppg in PPR, every single week. he's due for his patented 24 pt, 3 td night soon..Ravens pass rush might be too much for Brady so he'll just dump off always.LOL
  15. Not sure if anyone mentioned the Eagles defense yet, but...they're just hitting their stride. questionable offense of the Bears, averaging just 16ppg last 17 games ( week 8 2018), lousy, turnover rich QB, overhyped rookie RB Monty, and a newly improved Eagles offense that can wear down the bears defense, score a ton of pts, and put chicago in position to have to throw to keep in the game. oh, and after that game, they play , among others, wash, miami, nyg 2x.