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  1. After closely following Fantasy Jungle, AFFL and WCOFF this is devastating to see. We as fantasy players need to be watchful for ANY red flags, including but not limited to: 1. Accepting signups from Illegal States 2. Not properly accounting or reporting earnings for tax purposes 3. Adjusting prize pools after taking signups We will be running a freeroll post-season fantasy tournament. After seeing how this went down, I hope a Phenoms player wins it. Details and prizes to be announced soon.
  2. You're seriously comparing Pennington to Bridgewater? Homey, all due respect. I hate you now. lol... In all seriousness, why would you think that? Kid could do ANYTHING he wanted on the field. He chose to sit in the pocket and throw. When he ran, he did it with ease, but when you're as accurate as he is, with the receivers that he has, he would typically always have faith in the downfield or checkdown throw to move the chains. I am shocked that you don't see him as a special athlete.
  3. Thanks EBF! Love your analysis! First of all, you're wrong about Teddy. He's going to tear up the league. He's accurate and a natural born killer. (See Miami and Florida) Secondly, wasn't it you that used to do the player comparisons? Those were really valuable to me. For example: Sammy Watkins isn't Julio Jones he's more like.... In fact, what would be most valuable to me, would be, His skills/size combo is most like: His career production will be most like: I know I'm hoping here, but anyway you can edit your post to include those? Thanks man!
  4. Is the problem that it won't get to a full charge, not staying in the charging port, or something else? Just want to know what to look out for. Thanks No, it fits in snug and secure, but it just stops charging the phone, powered on or off. They replaced it with what looked like an even better charger, one that lights up on the end, but it too went bad. Again they replaced it for me. Mind you this is all within one month of owning the phoneLovThere are lots of forums talking about it. Here's a google search: Love the phone though, except for the occasional reboot I've had happen a few times.
  5. FYI, on my third charger now. Verizon has been replacing them no problem.
  6. FYI the charger that comes with the Galaxy S4 is junk. Worked great fora few weeks then nothing. The phone wouldn't even recognize it. Reading through the Android message board it's a problem for many already. Went to Verizon yesterday who upgraded it for free. Whew, glad it wasn't an internal problem with the phone. I lived through the overly hyped Bionic which had is fair share of issues. So far, this is my favorite phone.
  7. Took my boys on Fathers day to see it. One fell asleep, the other after what seemed like an hour, looked at me and said, "When are we gong to see a fight?" So yeah, the story built and built and built and built and built and... Liked the moments with Costner and Crowe. Both of them really added to the whole thing and made the movie IMO. Without them, the movie would have seriously been hurting. Thought he fell for Lois way too fast. That lacked storyline. Sure dude has had offers, why now? The whole Superman on the cross thing off the airplane was obvious and imo, weaksauce. I mean really? Why impersonate Jesus and put people in a tizzy? The ending was great. Enjoyed seeing him go to work like that. Overall though, I liked it and enjoyed going with my boys.
  8. Who would you guys rather have, Pettigrew or Gonzo? Gonzo while he's likely in his last year, can still bring you a title, but using even a 3 year window Bp likely blows him away...
  9. When the officiating crew was announced, the first thing I did was pull up their stats. As a trio, they combine for the bottom 20% in fouls called per game. They also officiated 2 of the 5 Louisville losses. Every crew is different and Pitino always adjusts his strategy after seeing how tight or loose the game is being called. Belien should have reacted accordingly. To the conspiracy nuts and whiners, you obviously don't understand the game.
  10. Totally agree. They're a tough out for anybody. Can they do it? It's been almost 30 years!!!
  11. This is NOT a spoiler. This is a DELETED scene that transpired between Season 1 and 2. It explains why the group didn't go back to "The Vatos" after the CDC. Hope it's okay to post. I enjoyed it, I think you will as well.
  12. 19.16 Roy Helu, RB WAS and Tavon Austin. Crap, Austin already picked. One second.20.1 Kevin Ogletree, WR DAL pm'ing
  13. Will pick asap. In car.
  14. sent picks to bro1ncos.
  15. 15.16 Joel Dreesen, TE DEN16.1 Dan Bailey, PK DALpm'ing.