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  1. I'm finally gave up trying to choose a few weeks ago and am starting both him and Robbie and a 2wr/2flex PPR and have been very happy with results. Seems like one of them always has a top 10 week as thus far the third+ WR is pretty much an afterthought in this offense. Targets Robbie 59 DJ 53 RBs 50 Samuel 29 After that there are literally ZERO WRs with targets on this offense.
  2. Thanks for heads up. I was gonna bring him off taxi this week but will give it a bit more time.
  3. I just picked him 1.13 and he's pretty much as advertised and more so far. Can't imagine you'll find many sellers. But prepare for first + quality player.
  4. Looking like today will be his best game of year so far. Boy he looks the part. Thompson being out might really open things up for him. If he stays healthy top 5 finish is in the cards. And this isn’t just a pure volume play, he’s actually good.
  5. He runs nasty. Love it. And what a play switching hands to put ball inside pylon.
  6. I'm tempted, but league i have him is full ppr and he's just not worth the risk at second flex. He has a floor of near 0. They could just go Williams all day.
  7. Feels so good to have this stud in waiting sitting on my taxi squad. Hopefully won't need to break glass to insert him into my starting lineup this season, but it's nice to know the cavalry is just around the bend.
  8. This. He's not back in my lineup until I see him play four quarters and see how he fits into new pecking order.
  9. 2021 or bust! Damn that is rough. That's why they play the games! (So they can get injured.)
  10. Fair enough, forget it was CV list for Sanders. Still stand by that declaring someone out Friday is not a red flag. Happens all the time. Just looking at my team this week, Watkins was also just listed as OUT on Friday. No biggie.
  11. I feel these types of same position one for one swapS to be hard to do. It just makes it very clear you like the other guy more and it's too easy for the potential partner to regret So they are less likely to do it. Much better to tag on some spare parts and picks to obfuscate the nature of what is really a player for player swap
  12. Sure is a lot of unfounded speculation going on here. I'll stick with Occam's Razor: guy had high ankle sprain which lingers then tweaked hammy. Why does his being declared out Friday need to be any more than that? They did same with Sanders. I'd be buying if I hadn't already overpaid in off-season. 😆