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  1. Exactly. A non-owner probably thinks an overpay would be a first and a high end WR2. When reality is that's maybe halfway there.
  2. As bizarre as it is to type, I need Ameer Abdullah to score under 8.
  3. As in it sounds like a made up name from Toast of London. Like Clancy Moped, Porche DeCoogan, or Clem Fandango.
  4. Can we light up the Bat Signal and get @Bri in here?
  5. So is Dawkins now in rotation or is there another non Dion back?
  6. 20 in ppr with 100 bonus. But yeah he's looks a bit like new born fawn out there sometimes.
  7. No, come on. Other than him being a better football player and producing better stats, how is he better?
  8. Anyone chancing it? Read an FBG blurb that Reich is supposed to be working on some tweaks to playbook with Brisett? If he's looking like he'll be good to go I might start in ppr over DJ Moore.
  9. Stop contemplating and start submitting. I'll be here Saturday for the
  10. Pretty sure I'm starting him over OBJ in ppr. Fwiw other WRs I'll be starting are Parker, DJ and AJ.
  11. After last two weeks I think you can only bench him for wr1 material. He'd be above all the guys you mentioned and indeed I am playing him over Miller.