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  1. I 100% support whatever kind of message - political or otherwise - that you want to put in your daily updates. You aren't some nameless owner/CEO in the background interjecting and pontificating here and there; you are the heart and sole and owner of FBG and are active in the community and converse with your customers/users all the time. You've more than earned the right to voice an opinion regarding a cultural moment. If you feel it's important for you to connect with this base and spread a message you want to spread, more power to you. For the stick to football crowd, just skip and get to the update if you don't want to read. It's pretty easy . In fact, the irony of my take is that I read this email update and didn't even see Joe's message, so glad you posted this here, Joe!
  2. Aargh, I can think of two from the same team, matey.
  3. For redraft, sure. But for dynasty, IMO parsing his target volume for 2020 is outthinking yourself. Top talent will ultimately always produce at a high level.
  4. Don't overthink it. Dude is a superstar in the making. Full stop.
  5. This is a pretty fair back and forth breakdown. Didn't realize what kind of a drop in targets will be projected if this guy is trying to run his Minny offense.
  6. I'm no amateur scout and I've got plenty wrong but the guy looks the part to me. End of the day, who are we kidding: It's all a coin flip anyway. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Well yes that was my caveat. Of course every first round bust WR has a fantastic highlight reel. But funny you post a Treadwell reel where he displays a completely opposite game as Higgins. He is just a bigger dude manhandling players. Even the jump ball early in that clip he isn't high pointing it and doesn't time his jump particularly well. Just zipping back through Higgins you can see him making NFL caliber high point jump ball grabs like this and this and this
  8. I just re-watched career highlights: I mean yeah of course they are highlights, but come on. This kid just goes up and gets the ball. A QB's best friend. As far as circumstances, what WR in this draft is stepping into a better scenario? If Burrow is even at the Stafford/Dalton level of competence Higgins is set up to be a very good WR1 for years. The path is there. He just needs to actually deliver the goods.
  9. This kid is super intriguing both from a talent and opportunity perspective. But it's gonna be really hard this offseason to justify having an UDFA - especially WRs - taking up a dynasty roster spot with this truncated team activity situation. We'll likely see the fewest UDFAs on making rosters than we have in a long time, especially with expanded practice squads.
  10. That's a very good offer. Second as previous poster mentioned way too light. Even early second IMO is too little. Seems like the kind of player you will get more in return in players from a WR needy team than you will pure draft capital.
  11. I rode the Parker train to a ring - and was basically bumped off in another championship because of him - but feel this a great sell window. Any recent deals with him go down?
  12. Cooper all day. JJSS did not exactly impress in top dog role.
  13. I'd rather he regress on my roster than be TO 2.0 on someone else's.