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  1. This kid on the Eagles would be fantastic from FF. But dang, from an NFL perspective, he REALLY opens up that Cowboys offense. That would be an amazing get for them.
  2. Been waiting for this post @Faust I don't watch much college football but about 2-3 years ago I was half-watching an ISU game on ESPN and saw this kid in his first year and was just wowed. Same way I felt about AJ Green at Georgia. Just screamed superstar. Kind of figured once he hit the combine he'd have freakish measurables and shoot up boards. I expect him to go late first. Would LOVE for him to go to Seattle. Seems custom built for Wilson's sandlot scramble and rainbow bomb game. I know the lazy driveby analysis is "Seattle doesn't throw" but you don't have to go far back to see seasons where PC was relying heavily on RW.
  3. I've never heard you can't horse collar the QB in the pocket? With all the Qb safe rules in place can this be true?
  4. What's his contract status? Isn't he coming to have a really inflated number this year and a likely cut? Fingers crossed he gets cut and is able to put up some low end TE1 numbers somewhere. Could be nice in NO or NE if Gronk hangs it up (or even if he stays).
  5. When you're coming off the ship I guess that gives you some leeway. I just feel AJ has enough name value that if you don't think he's done but still plan to move him, you're picking the absolute worst window to deal him. Why not wait until TC or preseason when he's healthy or even after a good game in September? Sure there is risk he might never be right, but my guess is even if he misses all preseason with nagging injury or slow recovery, you'd still get similar value to this deal. Re: WRs and the "wrong side of 30", I read a very telling article (please don't as me to dig it up....) that basically showed for top WRs, they continue to produce strong numbers into their early 30s and sometimes beyond. Basically, any WR who is aging but still good enough to start implies they are very good and will still generate lots of production. Top tier HOF guys like Harrison, AB, Fitz, TO. I'd put AJ in close to that tier.
  6. I guess I'm more bearish on Anderson & Callaway. Both those guys IMO are solid WR2 upside. AJ as you said has upside of 3 more years of WR1, plus name value if he puts in a great 2019.
  7. Man, this is the second deal I've seen on here where AJ has gone for nothing. Are people really that down on him? At those package prices, just deal him for a first plus. I don't get it.
  8. Didn't they combine for like 35 carries? No way game plan was to give Gurley the bulk of those carries. Will be interesting if CJA gets enough interest to earn a decent check, but my guess is they bring him back on the cheap.
  9. So do Pats just challenge is a fumble so win, or do they have to challenge that they recovered so lose?
  10. "Not impressive" is generous. That Miracle in Miami could likely cost them another SB appearance.
  11. Yup. Around 70-75%. It's same thing when they say Pats off bye are great they are 28-8 or something. Meanwhile that's same rate they normally win at.
  12. Glad to see I'm not the only one who still types SD. 😆
  13. Time zone changes only matter when you lose.
  14. Was concerned when they took ball but yeah great drive. Liked that they are trying not to expose Brady to the rush.