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  1. I can't see Roger dinging Tyreek points for denying these old prior accusations in a private conversation to the one person in the world who was a witness to the actions he was accused of. When there are only two people in the elevator, they both know who farted.
  2. I've been in the neutral "let's wait until we get all the details" camp but this is a stretch. You could maybe try to argue defamation, which then starts to get down the slippery slope of what is and isn't considered legally "false." Hill said what he said on tape. This is incontrovertible. It's not false. But by providing select clips in a certain context, did the station intentionally - and I'm not a lawyer but can dust off some comm law classes from Syracuse - and with actual malice release just one portion to serve their own agenda? That would be the key question. So if there emails/text where people at the station hate Hill and are saying "Oh man this will really kill this guy's career now. Scumbag. Let's do it. Screw releasing the whole tape let's just do this portion who cares." The maybe there is some kind of defamation case, but it's so hard for public figures to prove I doubt it's even worth the time it took me to type the above. All that aside, from the selfish FF POV, penny-on-the-dollar sellers must be really kicking themselves. Nothing like losing your season by your own hand before mini-camps even start. Dynasty is a lot like the stock market. Participants have to realize that more often than not doing nothing is doing something.
  3. Good to see others are putting him in the first+ value category. Makes me feel better about shopping him. I might try to move him to our league's last place team. He's a disaster and will be top 3 again. I'd take the value of a top 3 pick plus a RB with upside (just for reference, he has underwhelming sophs Freeman and RoJo, that's the level I think is fair to aim for). I think that final stretch to end the season added some real value in the eyes of casual non-owners. Agree with others I would not move him for a pick that could be mid or late first. And regardless would absolutely need a prospect coming back.
  4. Boy I was trying to give him away midseason. If the hype gets high enough to sell I'll move and not look back. He must be fetching a first plus at this point to right?
  5. Great example. Even though Marino played majority of year, still valid comp. And I'll take Mahomes as the 2020s version of Marino all day.
  6. 1000% on you with this. Great for you if you got Kupp in a rookie draft, huge value. But people are acting like he is gonna be some kind of autoplay low end WR1, if not more. His return is great for Goff, for sure. And Kupp might have a week or tow where is the WR1, but IMO all those Rams WRs are great WR2s and no more.
  7. League is full of guys who bounced around practice squads or bottom of rosters for 2-3 seasons until they pop. Especially guys who switch positions. After a promising rookie stint when Welker went down Edelman did nothing for two seasons. In fact, he even had to play D to make the team. I think Waller is a very low risk high reward dynasty play at a position without many of them. Outside a rookie coin flip (which would cost you decent draft capital), show me a guy with a clear path to TE1 relevance sitting on the wire? The guy is the top of the depth chart for a team where the TE who left was top 5. Nothing but good things being said. Which don't mean much but are better than bad things. Maybe there are other guys I'm not privy to, I don't know. Only guy off top of my head that might be on the wire is Adam Shaheen if Burton injury gets him Pipped. This time of year, Waller is the kind of pick up that can give you an edge. If he's nothing who cares? So you weren't able to roster Byron Pringle or Devine Ozigbo for a few months. Ouch.
  8. Max of 4 per what I'm reading on PFT. IMO, this is CLASSIC Roger. Actually a brilliant move. He leaks the "max of 4 games" so he can float it through the Twitterverse and calibrate his Outrage-o-Meter. If it comes back low, he sticks to 4. If it comes back and the readings are too high, he ups it a few games. Either way, he delivers the verdict on Friday, July 5.
  9. Counter point: How many of those had said historic season in their first year as a starter?
  10. Berman is gonna come out of retirement because of this guy.
  11. I just got him 2.1 in 12-team ppr. With the recent hammy news, I think he'll easily be going late first early second. A lot will depend on how much your league values QBs and TEs. Both TEs and Murray went in first this league.
  12. So I guess people are really disgusted with the landing spot. Just got him 2.1 in a 12-team full ppr. Couldn't pass him up on that value and have no issues with a red shirt year. Liking the camp reports (less the recent injury), but as the beat reporter says, be wary of falling in love with what guys do versus air. Anyway, all aboard, I guess?
  13. They need to figure out a Brate deal. No brainer. But anyone panning for gold in the NE TE hills needs to look at their splits when Gronk is out. If there is no talent there they just phase out the position.
  14. 14-team league where QBs can score quite a lot with bonsuses - Mahomes scored 40ppg, #2-3 were at 34 and QB 14 (Cousins/Rivers) was 28. Mahomes owner moved him to worst team that is pretty much barren (taking over for departed owner) for what I think was insanely low value. Really bizarre part is Team A had already come in two years ago to take over bad team and did a great job selling parts and re-building through draft last two seasons and hit on Mahomes and a few others and is now contending with a ton of nice young prospects already. Morale of the story is if you want Mahomes, there are owners out there apparently expecting a massive regression ... Team A gets Kirk Cousins QB MIN (rank: 9-9-QB22) 2019 1st round pick 1.3 #3 (Miles Sanders) 2019 1st round pick 1.14 #14 (Parris Campbell) 2019 2nd round pick 2.2 #16 (JJ Arcega Whiteside) 2019 3rd round pick 3.2 #30 (Dexter Williams) Team B gets Patrick Mahomes QB KC (rank: 1-1-QB1) 2019 4th round pick 4.8 #50 2019 5th round pick 5.8 #64 2019 6th round pick 6.8 #77 2019 7th round pick