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  1. Really? That's questionable coaching. They were playing Humphries over him?
  2. Looking like Tanny could be nice upgrade for AJ and Davis.
  3. Great week to have to start him in flex. Made up for my TE1 Engram egg. He looks fantastic. Should have had even bigger day and 150/3 but holding negated his best TD. I'm not sure who I'm selling for straight up in dynasty.
  4. No clue how having entire body and ball in end zone is not a score.
  5. Looks like it was his shoulder. Went into locker room. Likely done for day.
  6. Made a fantastic 23 yard catch but landed funny and looks like he hurt himself. Chest maybe.
  7. Only good news is Fish look like they'll keep it close. But no targets. McKenzie even has a few
  8. I haven't crunched the numbers, but I'd bet double digit divisional dogs cover at a better than 50% clip
  9. That was some pee wee football #### right there 😂
  10. Horrible. He put his body weight on qb because, you know, physics. Still sick catch by Gurley. Loved the roll to his side as he landed out of bounds so ball couldn't move on ground.
  11. Rams WRs wide open on most plays. LA just needs RZ TDS.
  12. Seems like a pretty even split. Ironically he's being pulled on passing downs.