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  1. Warhogs is being quite gracious to the new poster... which is commendable. Certainly in the holiday spirit... At the same time, I didn't read anything in Hankmoody's initial reply that was hostile toward fisherkings in any way. He simply provided the proper location and method for start/sit lineup questions. Not something I would expect someone new to the site to know from the start... but helpful information for them going forward. I don't think either are wrong. Happy Holidays everyone. Hope the ball bounced your way in your fantasy football championships.
  2. Not surprised... does anyone really pay attention to his rankings? I occasionally glance to see if he concurs with Norton as a tiebreaker... that's about it.
  3. Those here who were touting Ogunjobi in the preseason deserve a lot of credit. Your eyes didn't deceive you. Well done, especially for those in DT-required leagues. This type of discussion is why I still come here.
  4. Not to be nit picky, but as a fellow Garrett owner I had to go back and double check. Garrett had 3T, 2S, 1PD. Probably just a typo on your part, but don't shortchange yourself... your night was even better.
  5. I kept reading positive reports about Avery throughout training camp. And not just your typical camp puff pieces (usually try to read between the lines on those). The comments that grabbed my attention kept coming from his teammates. Especially his fellow defensive teammates. They were talking him up from the beginning of training camp. He sounds like the real deal.
  6. By all accounts Brice was ahead of Jones on the depth chart the entirety of training camp. The legend that is Jones (based upon draft pedigree and physical measurables) has been largely overstated. He certainly had one huge game last season statistically and showed flashes, but overall the grades were not positive. Way too early to give up on him, but early returns are he is a much better athlete than football player.
  7. Sorry man. He was a free agent in our league and went for a premium in the auction this year. More than I wanted to spend had he been signed and in camp with the Raiders even. That said, the holdout and the Raiders odd stance dealing with him gave me pause as I feared this could happen (being traded to a 3-4 team). Stinks for everyone involved for it to happen this late. I feel terrible for the team who paid the premium in the auction thinking he would be a DE.
  8. Rotoworld has already made the switch. Mack is listed as an OLB on their depth chart, as expected, in the Bears 3-4. The MFL update on Monday should synch to this. Terrible luck for Mack owners but better to know ASAP.
  9. Was about to say the same... I think there are enough reliable message board contributors here to maintain an accurate 3-down LB list. That said, these boards aren't the same anymore without the contributions of Jene, Norton, et al... sigh.
  10. There used to be... unfortunately Jene no longer contributes on the IDP side. He has cut back to strictly injury analysis.
  11. Had similar concerns with how Rotoworld handled Khalil Mack last summer. Definitely some knee jerk going on from time to time. Have seen several players switch positions multiple times over the summer in the past. I think Evan and the guys there do a generally good job with the depth charts but every so often they make a change based on speculation from one interview during OTA's.
  12. You certainly seem more on top of Mack than I, and since he wasn't my player I will defer to what appears to be well chronicled. My recollection was different... thought Mack was changed multiple times last summer and listed as a DE on Rotoworld much later in the summer, but at this point it doesn't really matter. We are in agreement that if they are going to make a positional switch, the sooner the better. But again, not my point. Was only referring to cases where they switch positions back and forth. And I 100% have seen that happen before (even if it wasn't the case with Mack).
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. When time permits, that is great. Don't always have that luxury. But I think you may have missed my point on the Rotoworld change, then change back, then change again. We all knew Mack would be moving around in the defense. Every 3-4 can morph into a 4-3 or 4-man front on obvious passing downs, nickle, etc. So even though the Raiders were using a 3-4, everyone knew Mack would have opportunities to rush the passer with his hand in the dirt. What we didn't know for certain was what % of time that would be. And apparently neither did Rotoworld, or at least they couldn't make up their minds on it. The smart thing to do would have been to avoid making any position change for Mack until we (they) had a better grasp on what reality would be instead of flip flopping back and forth. My qualm was not with the eventual position designation (although others, including Football Guys certainly had a problem with it as they never changed Mack to LB in the first place), it was with not waiting to make a choice until there was clarity and then sticking with it. Ultimately, the point I was trying to make to the OP was to pay attention to the Rotoworld depth charts. They are your guide as to what MFL will eventually decide on positions. That and let's give Rotoworld the benefit of the doubt they won't repeat what they did last summer.
  14. Being this is the most recent version of this topic and I don't care to search for which of the previous is more relevant, I will chime in that the switch to a 4-3 scheme under Gruden should solidify Mack as a DE once again. But the key here is always paying attention to the Rotoworld depth chart designations. They tell you in advance what MFL will do. Admittedly they inexplicably changed Mack from LB to DE and back to LB last summer. But I wouldn't expect it to happen again prior to this season.