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  1. This one had 4 grown adults laughing today. Not my kid, but my kid is in the story. We are at the park and there is a disturbance between four kids. 2 boys (6&7yo), 2 girls (7&8yo). The 7yo girl is mine. The 7yo boy is telling us why he twisted the fingers of the 8yo girl. He says my daughter attacked him. It is not like her to be aggressive so I asked specifically what she did. He said she tackled him to the ground. I said then why did you twist the other girls fingers? He said “because when Petra tackled me I realized I liked it and was trying to get her to do it again but Anna wouldn’t get out of the way” We all tried so hard to cover our laughing. We all failed.
  2. So does Publix if you’re in the south. One of the reasons I’m fat.
  3. It was awesome. The dorm we stayed in also housed kids attending an economic college up the road. They received notice that their school was closing and they had to figure something else out. So in protest they took over the dorm. Threw furniture in the stairwells and disabled the elevators at the top. So we just came and went climbing over the stuff. We were friendly with them so we wished them well but we were all like “well the economic policies aren’t going to work” so just smiled and nodded.
  4. Where’s the “I’m pregnant so I brush every hour” option. Not pregnant I do morning and before bed and sometimes in the middle of the day if I feel like it or I’m going somewhere.
  5. I had a friend who did this. My kids wouldn’t eat it. While I think it’s weird, it wouldn’t be a deal killer if I was hungry and someone made me a sandwich.
  6. Mr clown car and I met there. He spent one summer there (1992), then we spent the next summer there (93), then I spent the next summer there (94). Then we honeymooned there (1995). We were students and stayed in a dorm in Petersburg those summers and stayed at my Penpals apartment in Moscow for the honeymoon. Best months of my life.
  7. I have 6 cats. They live outside, all were abandoned, and are all spayed/neutered. There are 2 cats who come around to eat. They aren’t really “mine” but I kind of take care of them.
  8. My boys go by their middle names, which makes it hard to “middle name” them when they are in trouble. So I will reverse order their names for fullest impact possible but it just sounds silly. Yesterday I told #10 (5yo today!): middle name first name, please clear your breakfast dishes. He replies: “clown car mommy, you do it for me!”
  9. My guess is one of your teen daughters took it and threw it away elsewhere to at least reduce some aspect of someone banging her parent that isn’t her other parent
  10. Since they both have dead previous spouses there’s a chance one of them will be dead soon anyway.