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  1. I have a gom beach vacation for my whole family plus some sos. Starting Sunday. The whole week shows storms. I’m so bad. Should gave gone this week.
  2. It is. I wanted to be a dink. I probably should have been. But this is ok too.
  3. At the pool, boys are playing squirt guns. #10 (4yo) says to #6 (12yo) “I’m going to shoot you!” 6 replies “if you do, I’ll tell mom”. 10 says “no you won’t, you’ll be dead!”
  4. To be fair I was not a good housekeeper when I was single/no kids. It’s just not something I want to do and only do when I really have to. That didn’t change when I had 1-5-10. But if I was a sahm with kids in school I would probably get a job to pay for a housekeeper. I do a lot of volunteer work in the organizations we are part of so I would probably do more of that or in their schools. I also make my kids do a lot of work. I have a personal chef, they do their own laundry, clean their own bathrooms. They pick up their own toys, one is pretty good a vacuuming the living room. The only chore that I take on consistently outside my room is cleaning the kitchen after dinner. Because it’s important to me. But even still half the time my husband does it and 1/4 the other kids do.
  5. Exactly. I mean someone has to take care of the kids, the dinner, the appointments, the laundry. I don’t who care does it. Why trash the one who does?
  6. he lent it to his cousin who got stuck and bailed.
  7. 2 is hard. After that it gets a lot easier. But fostering brings a whole new world of trouble with meetings, visits, therapies, etc so my 11 are a lot easier than their 9.
  8. I’ve been a sahm for 23 years now. I think it’s great. I’m also a homeschool mom so my perspective may be a little skewed. 1) my job is the kids. If a kid gets up at night, I deal with it. If a kid needs to be somewhere I usually take him, but with our numbers hubs gets pressed into service sometimes. 2) his job is his job. He keeps making money to keep me in the manner I’ve become accustomed to. All is well. 3) chores goes to whoever cares the most. Bathroom bothering you, clean it.
  9. Don’t forget “it’s not going to suck itself”. We love that.
  10. Netflix big mouth, animated series, r rated for language, cartoon nudity. Clown car 5 stars