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  1. The camps my kids usually go to were canceled so I’m creating our own. We will go with friends to do the same stuff they would have done. Even looking into renting a camp facility. The fl governor said camps and sports and whatever can open. But the ones we do opted to stay canceled.
  2. I’m not going to do all that math. I will be 50 this year. I listen to Spotify and mostly full albums of musicals. Some mix playlists I created myself. Sometimes just the radio but rarely.
  3. #10 (5yo) was annoyed that I got presents and special treatment today. He said “when is Father’s Day?” I said “next month. do you want to plan something for daddy?” He said “no, but I’m my hamsters father and he better get me something good”
  4. I put this in the grocery thread but it might be interesting to some of you who don’t go in that one. Re bulk chicken buying.
  5. I bought chicken like this from a different company that has since gone out of business. But if you are driving distance to Atlanta this may be a great option for you. If you create an account to place an order use a metro Atlanta zip code. I used to buy 3-4 40 pound boxes. It would last us 6 months til the next delivery timeframe. We would separate the boxes into freezer bags and prepare them in a couple different ways. It was such an awesome deal for us. I was so sad when zaycon went out of business.
  6. Yes. Do the next right thing.
  7. Sort of. Just your basic homeschool moms in north Florida. I could be wrong about the exact ages of her kids but her oldest was about the same as my #4 and her youngest were older than my youngests.
  8. The answer is #11 is 4yo and seems to be the last. All 11 are our natural born children of our single marriage. No multiples. I’m 50. The oldest is 24. 6 boys, 5 girls. Not catholic or Mormon. Have tv.
  9. When I was little there were these two old ladies who walked around my great aunts town. They walked and walked and argued and bickered constantly. You would hear them before you saw them. I think they were sisters. One year I saw only one of them and my aunt said the other had been hit by a car and died. In the big city next to my town was thong bicycle guy. Older, really fat guy would ride all over the city on a bicycle with just a thong on. Sometimes a cape.
  10. The ones here have all been canceled. In north Florida.
  11. My kids want to get out. I took one with me yesterday to run some errands in town. She said “I wonder if anything has changed”. So I would like to take them to the park, the springs, the beach.
  12. A friend of mine died and I was taking a dinner to her family. She left a husband and five kids (17-10ish). I was getting their dinner and our dinner prepared together, then separated theirs out. 1 jar if apple sauce (I kept 2), 1/3 of the green beans and chicken for them, 2/3 for us, 1/3 of the brownies for them, 2/3 for us. #10 (5yo) says “why are you giving them all our food?!”
  13. Nursing home in my town. We have 2, this is supposed to be the better one.