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  1. 8 days until I take the family to Disney World.
  2. What movie has he played in the last few years?
  3. I do love the beach and will be there fishing this weekend.
  4. I am a millennial. Things i like: Raises/promotions Vacation Traveling Fishing Skiing Video Games The internet Ethnic cuisine, especially Vietnamese, Argentinian, thai, and indian. NFL
  5. I would like to try and be an entire raid, but that is outside of my budget and time. I am going full on multi-box with a warrior - lock - priest - mage - mage. I am not planning on pvping as that would be unfair and unfun for the opposing team. I am only trying to be my own team to make it more challenging for me. I will mostly level up by running dungeons at least once i can make it to deadmines with my group. Currently my team is level 10. Lots of buttons to remember, for example to heal my warrior it is shift 1, lock is shift 2, etc. I had 3 level 60's the first time around, a healer, tank, and dps. Lets see if i can combine all of those skills into one group.
  6. I am playing alliance on Herod. I will slow level and will not play much once I get to 60. I will wait for ZG and maybe raid it on the weekends when that phase is released. Hopefully I can geared up enough in the 20 mans to get into AQ40 and Naxx. Those phases are at least a year after initial release.
  7. There is bass fishing all over the place close by, or you are only an hour away from inshore saltwater fishing.
  8. I am 37 and my long time fishing buddy who passed away early this year was 64. It was not weird. His daughter was a year younger than me.
  9. My brother's boys are 7 and 9 and will want to ride the rollercoasters. My parents will be there as well to help with the kids, however it would be good to help keep them busy a little bit.
  10. I am flying into Orlando MCO airport, is there a car rental company that is significantly better or worse at this airport?
  11. I want to read your posts, because I am going to Disney in a little over a month. But I have no idea what half your acronyms mean and you use 2-3 in every sentence.
  12. I will be going next month with a 2 year old and a 4 year old; 3 days at disney and 1 at universal. I would really like any tips you have related to universal with young kids.
  13. Are you wanting to take a 4 day fishing trip to Wyoming or are you visiting that specific part of wyoming and also want to fish? I have fished it, but I think there are better places to fish in the state. :Edit: It may be the proper area to fish depending on what you are going for and the exact time of year. If all you want is a trophy brown trout with a limited skillset for flyfishing then it is a great place. If you want a self guided trip to catch large cutthroat, browns, and rainbows and you are a good trout fisherman then Cody, Wyoming is a better destination. If you want a self guided trip and you are not a good trout fisherman then the Bighorn mountains outside of Buffalo would be a better recommendation. It depends on your skill level, whether you want to float or walk, what species you are after, and whether you want a guide.
  14. We were fishing some ridges in 120 feet of water. The only rigs left out of Freeport are about 80 miles offshore.