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  1. Fire emblem - Three Houses has a social system and a calendar, but besides the heavy Japanese influence the games are not very similar outside of that. I am trying to avoid spoilers, but when running through the palaces is there ever loot that I need to search for? Do I have to inspect the barrels/crates, etc?
  2. I just started playing this game, I have never played a persona game and I am trying to play some of the popular franchises that I have never played before. I am a few hours into it and it seems like a manga turned into a game.
  3. This will be sold within a week if it is not already sold. I am out of town and not able to take a look at it, but it would be a boat I would strongly consider. It has an old 2 stroke, but I bet I could get a few more years out of it before upgrading it to a 4 stroke and have a capable offshore boat for pretty cheap.
  4. My brother in laws wife is getting tested. Does anyone know if she would test positive 2 days after exposure? Are there any studies on this?
  5. I would buy the game, however I do not want to pay a subscription service since this is a game I have played consistently for 7 years. That would be 140 dollars for this one game. The wii version also has updated interface and graphics. I do not think i would want to go back to the nes version. They should do a remastered version on the switch and sell it like they do other games and not a subscription. This i would purchase.
  6. I still have my Wii for Dr Mario, I wish they would release it for Switch. I have been playing the game for years and still play it every other month.
  7. In my opinion just because they are less likely to catch it does not mean it is impossible. I am sure more studies are needed to reconcile the two different data points.
  8. We found that none of the children under 10 years of age who took part in the study tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection at either survey, despite at least 13 of them living together with infected family members (Extended Data Table 3). Children under 10 years of age were less likely to receive a positive result than were persons 10 years of age or older, with percentages of 6.7% and 13.7%, respectively, for targeted testing; in the population screening, no child under 10 years of age had a positive result, as compared with 0.8% of those 10 years of age or older.
  9. Nice boat. Should be able to go a few miles offshore and also handle any of the lakes/bays.
  10. I had been quarantining for 2 weeks, my wifes parents were quarantining for 2 weeks, and my brother in laws family was quarantining for 2 weeks so we could all hang out together. We drove all the way to el paso without going into a single gas station, we peed on the side of the road, etc. I am good friends with my brother in law and I was looking forward to some social interaction. We were each going to take a few days off work to play some board games, however last night his wife went to a 30 person wedding where no one was wearing masks. So now I am stuck at my wife's parents and my brother in law knows that now he cannot visit. My brother in laws wife is incredibly selfish, she ruined the week for her husband and he already put the vacation in the system. So now he has to eat the vacation and cannot do anything. Not to mention going to a 30 person wedding is incredibly stupid and puts their family at risk.
  11. That is how it worked in the Houston area last weekend, Galveston closed it's beaches however all of the other beaches in the Houston area remained open with a higher density of people.
  12. But if you only close 1/3 of the beaches it just makes the open beaches more crowded. Terrible leadership in Texas, either close them all or none.
  13. That is what I do, but I am not too embarrassed by floaters.
  14. Closing Galveston beaches had the opposite effect. That pushed a higher density of people to Freeport beaches and to Texas City dyke. Those places had more people than normal on the July 4th weekend because Galveston closed it's beaches.