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  1. I have shipped boats across the country using uship before. It would be similar for cars, pretty painless. You could also ask this question at as they have a couple guys that run shipping companies as regular posters.
  2. The bag they lost had the kids winter clothes. Thankfully my parents live in Denver so we will have the bag delivered to my parents house. My kids get an extra day with their grand parents at least. Silver lining.
  3. Stupid frontier lost my bag on a direct flight. They just found it in Houston and cannot get it to me until tomorrow evening. I lose a day in the mountains now.
  4. I fly out this afternoon for Copper Mountain. My brother will ski with me Thursday and Friday, he is 10 years younger, still lives in the rockies, and has a season pass. So we will see how that goes.
  5. I trained a Brittany spaniel myself as a bird dog. I would love to say that the fourth of july was a confusing holiday for her, but by the time she hit 3 or 4 she was quite used to not finding anything after a loud bang. Although in my defense my dad is a worse shot than me, i didnt stand a chance.
  6. I work for big oil(100k+ employees), we cut off almost all international travel. I had to cancel a trip to the UK this week. Although the price of oil is tanking anyways, it could have been a cost cutting measure disguised as health concerns.
  7. I think this is the article you are looking for.
  8. This is good news, just need everyone sick to stay home.
  9. You posted this after I had typed out my previous response. The problem is i think your numbers make things look too good.
  10. The things that bother me are few and far between, which is a problem with written text. I live in a community that is 40% asian and have close friends/coworkers with family members in mainland china. I have been following this significantly more than the average US citizen. They are worried sick about this and based on what they have heard first hand the chinese numbers are not trusted by anyone. My concern is only with people seeing those numbers and thinking that they are accurate.
  11. You keep quoting those numbers, but from what little we do know all of those numbers are made up. I bet I could make up numbers right now and I would be willing to bet thousands of dollars they would be more accurate than the official numbers.
  12. That is a healthy mid 30's guy that needed supplemental oxygen and experimental drugs. I wonder how quickly production of Remdesivir can be ramped up?
  13. I picked a switch up over the weekend to play mario with my 5 year old daughter. I have a modded wii that we have been playing a couple times a month for the last 6 months. She wanted to play as the pink toadstool when she saw it in target, which was enough of an excuse for me. I have been wanting to play Mario Odyssey for a while now.