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  1. Quite a few years ago at Thanksgiving when my parents were living in central wyoming my 1 year old niece had RSV and i know they tested her. They flew her to Billings, Montana in a helicopter because the 2000 person town my parents were living in were not equipped to handle a really sick 1 year old. She did turn out fine in the end, although she had loud breathing for 2-3 years after that. They occasionally test for the other viruses.
  2. It is a publicly traded company, below are the stats. Sales were down 43% from last year. Same-store sales at Olive Garden were down 39.2% and down 45.3% at LongHorn Steakhouse. For the full fiscal year, total sales were down 8.3% to $7.81 billion, partially driven by negative blended same-restaurant sales of 11%.
  3. Unless you had a flu test it may not have been the flu, just cause you get really sick does not mean it is influenza. The other coronaviruses can cause a more severe illness and also RSV. I had RSV a few years ago and it kicked my butt for almost a month. The only reason I knew it was RSV is because my young niece had to be airlifted to a bigger hospital because of it. The only way to know if you had the flu is the flu test.
  4. The flu can be extremely mild and is asymptomatic in almost half of the cases. Someone can have the flu with just a mild fever or sore throat. The only way to know for sure is the flu test.
  5. Yes, and that is my problem with higher education. I can get jobs in the software world that I could not get because i have a chemical engineering degree. I wasted 53,000 dollars on a sheet of paper and not job training. Thankfully I went to a dirt cheap state school, Montana State. I could have wasted even more money by buying into the hogwash that the school you go to matters.
  6. Same with me. I do not need my degree to do my work(software engineer), but i needed a technical degree(chemical engineering) to get in the door. If I could have save 53,000 in debt which is what I graduated with I would have been better off.
  7. I think too many people go to school and get useless degrees and this is a big part of the problem. History, psychology, sociology, zoology, advertising, communications, etc. If it was it was strongly discouraged to get a useless degree then more people could pay for their student loans. We need to also discourage corporations from making 4 year degrees required for positions that do not in fact require a 4 year degree.
  8. You need to provide more details, ideally the error word for word and any code that is included.
  9. Who is saying that? Hypertension runs in my family and people need to social distance. That is completely different than the fact that americans do not exercise enough and do not eat healthy.
  10. I agree with this, but I also think that americans could do a better job of exercising and eating healthy. TV watching goes up as income goes down. There is plenty of time for the vast majority of Americans to exercise. Eating healthier does not need to be expensive either. I eat a bagged salad most days for lunch and that is only a few bucks. Even eating healthy for 1 meal a day can make a difference.
  11. What kid that believes in elf on the shelf has a phone
  12. There is the global pandemic, and of course the fact that my company has downsized ~30% of its workforce, but still 2020 was a great personal year. Cut my drinking down by 2/3rds. Quit drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day, and instead drink 1 cup of green tea with no sugar Increased my exercising Dropped 15 pounds and am back at my high school weight. 6'1" 165lbs Spent a ton of time with my kids in the outdoors In 2021, I may work on being more humble, but that is not a 2020 skill for me.
  13. Every texan loves whataburger.
  14. I am a transplant to texas, and I do not get the whataburger hype. I think mcdonald's is better.
  15. Who else is carving pumpkins this year? Post pictures when done.