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  1. We have an ikea house, it is cheap and very durable. Probably 75% of the furniture in our house is from there. A good example is we bought two 400 dollar couches there before my kids were born and they still look like new even though my kids are now 4 and 2. Anytime something is spilled, just pull the cover off and throw it in the washer.
  2. I work in software development in oil and gas, most of our business analysts do not know SQL. I do not think you should get discouraged.
  3. Matt Ryan For 2021 1st rounder (probably early) We had an owner quit the league over this trade.
  4. I have a strong feeling the UK will exist a decade from now, regardless of the current or future presidents actions. I do not even like Trump, but this thread is a little extreme.
  5. Calm down, our relationship with UK will be just fine 5 years down the road, 10 years down the road, etc.
  6. I offered a 2020 first and 3rd for him and was turned own.
  7. There is no time lapse video. I have an older multi-function device(off), raymarine C90W. I am unsure if the new units have time lapse radar. Many people are switching to satellite weather for storm tracking offshore. Modern boat radar is more for auto-pilot or navigating in the fog. I do not have either auto-pilot or satellite weather in my dinghy though. I need to become better at reading radar.
  8. I have a 4kw radar unit on my boat, it is black and white though. I can identify large storms, but have trouble with identifying their direction or speed.
  9. You could probably put something together pretty quick in Excel.
  10. I bought No Mans Sky, I have heard decent reviews since all of the patches but I am not impressed. It still seems like a beta game that has many of the correct pieces of a good game, but needs 2-3 years of solid development.
  11. What gun do you use for rabbit hunting, 300 ultra mag?
  12. Below is a beginners guide to gun choice for you. I hunted bird and small game 40+ days a year for over a decade. I should not assume gun selection knowledge is common.
  13. I agree with your statement, however I stand by my opinion. I am a gun nut by many standards. I currently own 8 guns, including semi-auto pistols and shotguns. I used to hunt rabbits with a 22 semi auto pistol because it would give them a fair chance. If I used a shotgun I would have wiped out the population where I hunted. I understand there would be some downsides with my definition, however I stand by it.
  14. It would have to be manufactured and all gun modifications done from today forward. I do not think it is appropriate to confiscate guns.