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  1. Dork Matter, returning for leagues 5, 6 and BLC.
  2. Run to the WW and do this. Sold! Although, since it's a contract league I had to drop Blount (still pay salary this year and cap hit next year) then bid on Lewis. We'll see if I get him. I don't have a huge budget left and I also just dropped Davante Adams to get in a bidding war on Edelman. I already have Gronk. I want as much of the Patriots offense this year as I can get.
  3. Dion Lewis is available in my contract league. Shallow league and there are penalties for cutting players, so there's usually some tantalizing prospects on the wire. Lewis looks like the real deal. Currently, I have Blount. Would any of you drop Blount to pick up Lewis?
  4. (Pats Hawkeye21 consolingly on shoulder) You have no idea what you're in for, do you? Your next obsession has begun.
  5. Do you believe the jet/fly sweep is working for Minnesota? Do you believe it opens up the entire offense when correctly incorporated into a game script? Do you believe Turner is the kind of coach to do that successfully? And do you believe defenses might as well sit down and cry when the sweep action at the start of a play could eaually lead to a CP sweep, ADP toss, seam to Rudolph, out to Jennings, or post to Wright? If you believe the answers to those questions are yes, and I do, then I think you have to conclude that Patterson is going to be magnificent throughout the season.
  6. Just traded AP and Gordon for JCharles in a redraft league. Saw a chance to get out of two potential train wrecks.
  7. Jeff, I need some advice on a possible trade for the playoffs. I keep trying to find a solution for my RB2 spot, and I'm still not happy there. Should I trade a top WR to get Chris Johnson? 10-team Yahoo redraft, 13-week regular season, six teams make the playoffs with the top-2 teams getting a bye in week 14. I'm in third place and in for the playoffs at 7-3. I might catch up and get one of the top two slots, but it's iffy at best. Start 1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, one flex R/W/T, K, and DST. Pass TDs are 5 points, 0.5 PPR, additive bonuses that favor pass catchers over RBs and QBs. Outsized performances thus get outsized scoring. As an example, Jimmy Graham's week 10 performance was good for 39.10 points. My roster is: Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman LeSean McCoy, Steven Jackson, Jonathan Stewart, Alex Green A.J. Green, Percy Harvin, Victor Cruz, Denarius Moore, Sidney Rice, James Jones Jimmy Graham Shayne Graham Denver DST We only have five bench spots, so owners have had to make tough drops during bye weeks. There are always enticing prospects on the wire, where I got James Jones and Jonathan Stewart. I got Rice when an owner had a bye week crunch. I traded RGIII, Mathews and Fitzgerald for McCoy, Cruz and Rivers, and promptly dumped Rivers for Freeman. Looking to improve at RB2, I offered Steven Jackson and Sidney Rice for Chris Johnson and Jeremy Maclin. That team owner would be out of the playoffs now, but has a shot to get there. The fact that Johnson is on a bye this week seems to help. He countered with Steven Jackson and Percy Harvin for Johnson and Maclin. I'd take a slight hit in week 11, since I'd have to replace Jackson with Maclin. However, I really like the thought of having Johnson and Tennessee's favorable run schedule alongside McCoy, who's value is looking a bit shaky with Foles at bat. I also think I have WR depth to compensate for losing Harvin. What do you think?
  8. I'm starting to get excited about this. I made it to the top 250 my first year, and then spent the last several years wiping out early. Entry 107658. 22-player roster, three kickers, two defenses. The only players who haven't scored for me are Royster and Steve Smith STL. I have Aaron Rodgers, Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch, Julio Jones, Percy Harvin, Antonio Brown, Titus Young and Rob Gronkowski. I checked various combinations of those eight players, and I'm the only contestant left with Rodgers/Martin/Lynch/Jones/Harvin, Rodgers/Jones/Harvin/Brown/Young, or Jones/Harvin/Brown/Young/Gronkowski. Jermaine Gresham will count for me in week 9 against Denver, but that's fine, since he's already counted over Gronk twice. Luck @JAC will cover Rodgers' bye, and he's outscored Rodgers three times. My toughest week comes in week 11, with Lynch, Harvin and Wright out. Harvin has counted every week, Lynch all but one, and Wright five out of eight. My week 11 will look something like Rodgers, Martin, Alex Green, Jones, Brown, Young, Gronk, and Gresham, which hopefully will be enough. If I can get through week 11, I think I'll have a good shot.
  9. How confident are you that Goodson is the established handoff for McFadden? I have McFadden, and Goodson may have enough injury concerns that I'm unhappy with both the starter and the handcuff.