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  1. You should get notified by broker. You typically would not have to worry about a short being exercised unless the stock was near your $70 strike price near expiration or if the stock was WELL above $70/share with no extrinsic value left. So, It looks like you could sell a March 2020 expiration $70 call for about $92 for every 100 shares you own. $195 out to June 2020. Free $92-$195 if you are holding the shares either way. The downside is STX trades for more than $70.92-$71.95 because you will no longer participate in further gains. Seems fine to me. I know nothing about STX or whether it's a buy-out candidate. But, for sake of argument, lets say WDC offers to buy STX with a market value of $85/share. You have to decide if your $92-$195 (minus costs) would be worth the potential of losing out on those gains above @ $71. Don't forget to factor in taxes if this is not a sheltered account. Only you can answer if this is worth doing. Let us know if you make a move so we can follow along.
  2. Yes, but it might be below your $70 target. With volatility so low now it may not be worth giving up your upside potential. Say you write a $60 call and stock goes there in a week, what would you do?
  3. As long as you have a plan if your strike gets threatened, why not?
  4. They paid the claim I assume. I'd be happy that they didn't call me, lol. Good luck.
  5. Raised two over twenty now. Put me in the camp that feels the OP is a little too tight with this. In hindsight, I worried way too much about this stuff. I suggest he considers turning over sleepover decisions to his wife. I wish our children grew up closer to SIL's kids. With that said, this footage from his daughter's last sleepover has me second guessing my opinion.
  6. I've atributed my last two serious, suicidal-thought episodes to drinking. I'm going to try to stop for good but it will be difficult. I've been a weekend warrior for many years now and a 3-day per week guy for a couple decades before that. I drink mostly as a means to escape from my thoughts. I guess it caught up to me . If whacking the mole becomes my next trigger I'll really be torn.
  7. Fortunately there has been so little bias in the matter that we all expect this to be fully & transparently investigated.
  8. @Long Ball Larry Thanks for sharing your success with the pharmas & meditation. It's great to hear that you are doing well. I'm wondering if you would share what this looks like in practice for you? How long you do it, anything you listen to that helps, do you repeat a particular mantra, eyes closed, focus on a particular object, stand on your head while wearing a kilt, etc, etc. It feels like something that may help me if I was disciplined enough to do it.
  9. I'm going to have my staffers look into this and get back with my position.