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  1. Finally watched this. I suppose it was good for the era.
  2. Now following to see the OP pull out 22 better songs from his... tape deck.
  3. I'm probably the last person that should be commenting, since my depression is not under control. With that said, these meds affect everyone so differently. I think its worth a try if you are struggling with the D. You won't really know until you give it a go. If you google this you'll find a ton who it helped and tons that it didnt. I've always felt folks are more prone to sharing negative reviews so try to take the bad ones with a grain of salt. If you are new to meds watch for adverse affects like suicidal thoughts. Also know that if Lex doesnt help a different drug may. Last, keep searching for help within by trying things like meditation, volunteering, tai chi, affirmations, upping your exercise, therapy, etc. Talking to someone helps me when things are super dark. I wish you wellness and peace.
  4. Clare Torry on "The Great Gig in the Sky" by Pink Floyd on their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon.
  5. 1969- outside the thread topic that some moran set.
  6. Grand Funk Railroad - Closer To Home (I'm Your Captain) 1970 Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home 1969 Earth, Wind & Fire - After the Love Is Gone 1979
  7. Jim Croce Time in a Bottle Couples skate, everyone else please leave the floor.
  8. I know on a cerebral level that my family would be really hurt if I was gone; feeling it can too often be my missing link. Motivation and the meaning of life have always escaped me. When i start feeding into these issues too much I always see myself as Sigmund in ''What About Bob'. Doesn't help me more than a smile but the process is persistent. I'm certain you'll get on top of this soon, gb. One foot, yada yada. Please keep us updated and taking the best care possible.
  9. The local DJs must have hated me when I was 9 and kept calling to ask if they would play 'Fly Like An Eagle'. I still remember one annoyed guy telling me, "we just played that!".
  10. Been there and didnt get a t-shirt. "You're generally limited to no more than three day trades in a rolling five trading day period, unless you have at least $25,000 of equity" in your margin account. A day trade is basically in and out (buy and sell) of the same instrument within the same day. Futures contracts are exempt from this rule. Google for finer aspects as im no expert.
  11. @Whyatt @chet CYDY: A quick look at financials show following cash on hand: Feb 2019 $1.59mm; May 2019 $2.61mm; Aug 2019 $1.8mm; Nov 2019 $409k+. 1) Any idea what transpired from 1st to 2nd Q to create that +$1.02mm spike? 2) They burned through almost $1.4mm in last quarter noted above. Any idea where it went? 3) since they burn through $4-5mm in cash per year, when will they need to raise cash again and how will they raise this s cash? Take on debt? Issue new shares? Sell shares that the company owns? I have no view on this company. Just trying to learn how these small biotechs survive. Thanks