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  1. He a absolute monster for not considering FF drafts into his decision & timing. I could see this as a new rally cry for the left since immigration and impeachment have really cooled. @JerroldLewisNadler @AOC . OTOH, I'm happy we finally have collective justice with OJ.
  2. My $.02: You have $2,000 into it I would not pay him future labor. If ac does not work after this week have an attorney send a letter stating you are taking him to small claims court for at least $1500 and would he rather keep this private and out of court records...settle at $1300, eat your loss, and bring to the dealer. Since he recharged & it worked for 30 minutes I can't help but wonder if there is a refrigerant leak and this could have been fixed for much less. I'm not a mechanic. Good luck.
  3. Is there a similar facility in a non-competing market? Perhaps you could buy that GM a dinner/lunch to pick her brain on business plan, etc. GL.
  4. I thought these charts showing historical S&P reactions for past events: Post 2-10 Yield Curve Inversion Post Recession Start
  5. Looks accurate to me. This was my play all along...I just didn't want to share the details before because of all the backlash you guppies would have blasted me with. Next year it's going to be GE turning into General Enema Corp Q3 2020.
  6. I think making each other the beneficiary on all accounts should do it. Also a living trust to help avoid probate if you end up in that big forum in the sky? I'm not an expert here but have planned doing something for 10 years. I believe Dave Ramsey has an affordable solution.
  7. Not sure what was worse, Lawler's performance or having to see 30 times that Antonio Brown is going to a foot doctor and other snewz over and over and over and...
  8. That's interesting. The SP500 went nowhere from mid 1950's through 1982 ... 294 July 1954; up to 784 in 1968; bottomed at 281 in July 1982 when they began to lower rates from 15%....first cut was 3% I believe. Inflation was 12%+ in 1980 and 4% in 1982. I'd say we were due for some equity gains after 25+ years of sideways action.
  9. Maybe discount the drinks that mostly only women like. Unless I'm mistaken, men still go where women are. Women are nice to talk to.