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  1. Can someone explain the source of hypocrisy like I'm a newt? Is it about Trump saying he grabbed kitties or is there a greater depth to the OP's perceived hypocrisy of this cat? I'm just curious. In general, I think just about everyone but me is a narcissist.
  2. I hope you're the piece of poop that sits two cubes behind me. If not, best wishes for success at your new deserve it.
  3. Guys, Agnes Miller from Davenport just switched to Mayor Pete, so, a major shift may be underway.
  4. "93 Days" on Iroko Tv is worth a look. Great Nollywood viewing!
  5. Weird situation for sure. Prob good to keep an eye on it though. I just had a doc prescribe a $600 cream when the same medicine was available as an ointment and covered by insurance for <$80. Maybe an oops but I do not think Docs understand taking time off from work, co-pays, med costs, etc...they live in a different world from most of us. Important Video
  6. Did she say how she'll know if it is bigger? Sounds like she may have just wanted to pad the $tats.
  7. If you ever have a price you want to buy at feel free to tag me in a post and I'll walk you through some options. From what I've read, Warren Buffet sometimes sells puts to establish/add to positions so it's a decent strategy.
  8. I'm horrible at timing but my bias is long. I sold 5 $32 Calls expiring 2/21/20 I sold 10 $26 puts expiring 2/21/20 I collect $270 for doing this and I'm using $3,500 to keep the position open. I'll likely adjust the position if GDX closes above $31, below $26.50, or if I can buy all back for $100 or so before 2/07/20. I sold these on 1/8. Collecting $170 in a month on $3500 is a decent return. The risk, of course, is a large move either way which will eventually happen. It's important to adjust correctly if/when that happens. *I think biggest risk for large move is to upside so I only sold half of the amount of calls.
  9. I'm selling options on GDX this year. Good luck!
  10. I thought there was a limit of two terms?