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  1. Call adult protective services. I'd also call the police to at least get a report written up. If she is scamming a vulnerable individual it may be a crime in that area. Last, if you two (or other family member) have interest in becoming his guardian going forward now may be the time. It might need to happen without his consent which isn't easy if he is even fairly lucid. If he has assets expect her to try and marry him or at least get the will & deed written/changed to benefit only her. If he has assets you should probably get on this yesterday. Assets include a house, life insurance, low FBG member number, & investments. Some assets may not be easily transparent.
  2. My opinion is they are underestimating COL. I'm trying not to get involved in the finances since it's their journey. If they end up with $100k in debt then they do. He has an honorary degree from a Big 10 school so should do alright eventually...just maybe not in the NE? He works in that same college town so there are cheap co-living options. Also, both parents are 60-85 minutes from him for weekend life should he choose.
  3. I believe her goal right now is to someday be able to counsel folks: this seemed to be the quickest route to that goal while leaving options open to do other work in the field. Whether Columbia MSW is worth the tuition & COL bump over other schools is TBD. It's expensive but they are giving her $25k/year supposedly. $35-40k/yr still sounds like a lot to me for an MSW. She'll prob get done with about $40k debt; Prob not too much if it helps them fulfill a dream of living there and hopefully advancing his career.
  4. I think the key is to work closely with your medical provider if there are adverse issues that keep you from performing a normal life after a week and a couple weekends. I did not do this until I had an accident (first one at fault in my adult life). Personally, Ive tolerated SSRIs better (and can drink on them) but always start getting headaches after extended use. Since Pristiq is now offered as a generic, I'd keep that on your list of things to try if the Zoloft doesn't work for you. Wellbutrin, Pristiq, Lexapro, Prozac, etc good to discuss with the doc. Also, I would advise staying off the Google to look these up as you'll get the 5% of horror stories. Also, message board advice might stink as well, ymmv. I hope you find relief, GB.
  5. Made me loopy. I was pulling out in front of cars and what not. It wasn't for me but is for a lot of folks from what I read. Good luck, LBL.
  6. So, just learned our daughter has to inform Columbia by this Monday. She is going to choose Columbia and hopes her husband finds somehing close. She said she would never forgive herself if she didn't go there. I support her, of course. Looks like a $35k/year nut for two years. I told her to start hiding money.
  7. SIL interviewing at a couple in Chicago and one in NY so far. Daughter has a few weeks before she has to commit to Loyola or Columbia. They have not given up on trying to make this next move together. I do not believe "Plan B" has been determined just yet.
  8. 1) I usually see things differently than most so, take my opinions with a grain of salt. 2) in the grand scheme of things this doesn't matter much at this point in your career. Seems you've decided to stick it to them some way and I get it. It will matter more to you than the company as you reflect on your last weeks there. My read: You professionally put in your resignation and expected professionalism back. The boss went off the rails and made you feel uncomfortable. You went to HR mistakingly thinking that things would be made easier for you. They don't give a crap about you... they exist to protect the company and keep employees happy enough to work there. HR met with your boss. You were probably thrown under the bus by your boss as she had to protect her reputation/career. Since HR is only concerned about the company and your boss is s still with the company, you are being put in the corner for your remaining time. You forced the matter going to a Dept that has zero consideration for you. Honestly, what did you expect HR to do?Discipline your boss who is staying with the company? She is part of their future for better or worse. You are not. Couldn't you have just told the boss something like, "I see that you are emotional about this and it's making me uncomfortable. Can we pick this up tomorrow?" Then leave the room since you are quitting and there would be no repercussions anyway? Of course, I was not there so... Best of luck with this and your retirement.
  9. HR, which exists for the company and not employees, probably don't want you poisoning employees and your manager with your attitude (not that you would but they don't know). By going to HR instead of dealing with this yourself you made them have to take action with you. HR only cares about operations, management, and employees. Why not just show up at corporate for 9 days, email cursory reviews of what you do (SOPs), anwer further inquiries politely, take long lunches, have a get together with ex co-workers, and move on with your life in 9 days? Why all the drama when you are leaving to reduce stress and being over worked? Oh, and get off my lawn.
  10. This thread has been particularly interesting to me. After losing my job in 2013/2014 I had thought about and looked at small businesses for years. I came from a niche field and my experience did not lend to the employment market well. Analysis paralysis and not understanding sm biz profitability (most sellers in my price range that I spoke to made very little except for the invisible tax savings or massive hours logged). A few sellers would tout livable profits but I could see through it and they closed a few months later. My strength is analysis...see the irony here. Anyways, I'm wondering if you would indulge me on a few questions, understanding they may be too personal to answer: 1) Are you able to grow revenue while cutting expenses like this? Is the customer experience still good? 2) Would you be able to cover your life expenses if you scaled back to, say, 45 hours/week? 3) Let's assume after your fifth year you had a debilitating case of Uromysitisis poisoning and couldn't work for six months. What would happen to the restaurant? I haven't 100% given up on the idea for me but my gut started telling me I wasn't sm biz material a while back. Thanks for the sharing of your journey, Pollard.
  11. Kim's Convenience S3 on Netflix dropped. Love this show for some reason.
  12. My experience with watching toddlers has always left me curious about their need to test boundaries. May I humbly suggest that rage may be superseded by the individual's need for CONTROL. I feel like rage may be the bi-product (energy) derived from one's lack of control in their personal environment. An 18-month old throwing Cheerios on the floor is testing her control over her environment. She may feel rage if not allowed to do this. She may develop strong rage if yelled at or spanked. She may grow up with more problematic rage than others if further attempts to control her life and environment are stifled with hostile punishments. I wonder if fixing ones rage is is akin to attacking a cold with a cough drop. So, I'm suggesting that anyone who learns to control their rage may still struggle with their inability to control their world to their satisfaction. If an individual was given literally everything that they wanted would they still have rage? I'd submit the rage comes from the inability to express desires, urges, and control as they like. Society teaches us to keep our rage in check but the batter of control remains in the baking bowl. Example: A guy making $45k/yr at the unstable plant who buys a $60k boat may not be acting out of Rage but his inability to Control other aspects of his life. He may not have much say in his job but is sure going to have some fun. It's his way of exercising Control in his own life I do not have a healthy baseline of love, security, and community. So, I do struggle with rage but, somehow, have it mostly in check. However, I'm still an unhealthy person because I've never been allowed/encouraged to forge a healthy sense of control. As such, in one of those who feels life happens to me than the other way around. I'd guess healthy folks do not feel this way, take fewer selfies, and generally accept limits better, capitalizing on those things they positively can control. Admittedly, I may be using the term rage more superficial than what was intended by Wikkid.