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  1. Been a long time boys... Update for me is that road cycling season is officially ovah and I've scheduled ankle surgery for the end of the end of September. 2 weeks in a walking boot and an additional 2-3 weeks recovery. Will this fix the nerve damage in my foot? Will I be able to run again after? Will I even want to? We shall see... Anyway, hope everyone is doing well! From the activity on strava, I see that most of you are!
  2. Brutal group ride this morning. Nice steady 25 mph pace out with a slight tailwind coming back with a headwind and a bunch of surges to 30 mph and beyond. Guys dropping left and right. My cardio is probably the best it's ever been and that kept me getting dropped but my legs were trashed. Felt like a 10k effort out there. Exhausted.
  3. I've always hated swimming. Probably because I'm so bad at it. But if my foot ever heals, I'm going to need to tolerate it because I'm definitely going to do a tri.
  4. I miss races. I miss competing. Miss my buddies/gals that still run. I miss the beers after. Tho, I would say the biggest advantage of running is that you can basically do it anywhere. Going on vacation? Just bring your running shoes. It's impractical to bring a bike with you and dangerous to ride roads you've never seen. And you get more bang for your buck time wise. Cycling needs more planning for your routes and it takes more time get the same caloric benefit if you care about such things. The massive advantage cycling has over running is that is easier on your body. I don't need all the post run/pre run maintenance for cycling. I haven't stretched in 6 months. I don't need to get massages and trigger point sessions. No more dry needling. I rode almost 250 miles last week and I don't have one ache or pain related to cycling. So it definitely appears to be a sport that you can do long term. It's also a very social activity because group rides are so much more fun than riding by yourself. So while I've lost some running friends, I've picked up quite a few more. And there are cycling races which I've done a few. VERY different from running races. In running the fittest/fastest guy always wins. In cycling it's all about strategy. Cycling races are like endurance chess. You need to be fit, have bursts of massive power but you need to be smart about where you choose to use those skills. A weaker rider can beat a much stronger guy if the weaker guy rides smart. Let others do the work and save your energy for the final sprint or the final break away. So, trying to figure out the nuances of cycling is another thing that's pulled me in. The downside of the races is tho is the very real possibility of wrecking at high speeds. When I did my last race I got bumped going 27 mph and that scared the #### out of me. But maybe that's why they're such a rush. Cycling is definitely way more intense than running. If you're a fast runner your daily speeds probably range between 7-12mph. In cycling the speeds vary greatly. Could be 18 mph and I've gone as fast a 37mph on a flat road. You need all your senses and focus when pushing the pace during a group ride/race. Running I would try to block out senses and just sorta check out mentally when I could. You can't do that when you're doing 30 mph and you're separated from 2 bikes on each side you by a total 18 inches. So the adrenaline junkie in me certainly gets my fix. HTH
  5. Thanks, buddy. Well, will say that after about 6 months of riding, I'm fairly comfortable at 20-23 mph without the aide of drafting. Typically, thou solo rides are usually super easy/recovery efforts because I'm trying to save my legs for the group ride which are like intense interval workouts. The other day I did a recovery and avg 19 mph and my bpm was 115. So I'm not sure how fast I could time trial by myself but I'm guessing it's around 25ish for an hour.
  6. Apples and oranges, my friend. I thought the same thing until I learned how to ride in a group and got the right equipment. I used to avg 17-18 riding around my hood years ago and I was blown away by the paces guys did during group rides. Drafting is massive. Once I figured it out, I was one of the guys riding 30 mph pushing the group. But you can't do that alone and you can't do that on a heavy bike. I'm sure with a proper road bike and your athletic ability you wouldn't be far behind.
  7. Oh yeah, would have been nice to not be forced to change. I wish I would have discovered it long before I got injured. I love running but one thing that I hated was I always felt like I was doing a balancing act to increase my training load and not get injured. In retrospect, I could have used cycling to supplement some my training and stay healthy. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to do that. And yeah, sorry for completely ducking out of here. I'll try to stop by more and check in you fellas. Glad to see lots of great training on strava tho!
  8. Hey, fellas. Been a while hasn't it!? Figured I'd give you guys an update. Unfortunately there's not much change with my nerve damage/neuropathy in my right foot. I've had 2 steroid injections in my back to reduce the inflammation caused by my bulging L5 S1 disc. So far, no luck in helping my foot. So PT started talking in terms of "if" my nerve heals, so I got that going for me. So I might be done running. I just don't know. The silver lining to this story is that I discovered how much I like cycling, as I'm sure you strava guys have noticed. Cycling has given basically everything I got out of running and more but with less abuse on my body. At this point I don't really miss running. I miss the races. But overall, I prefer cycling training. It's highly competitive. The group rides on the weekends are a blast. And the bikes/gadgets are as addicting as crack cocaine. I'm hooked. I've done a couple cycling races and though terrifying, were a lot of fun. Definitely plan on training to race more next Spring. Anyway, it was tough to watch Boston registration come and go and not register. But hey, what am I going to do? I gotta keep moving and luckily I've found a way to do it.
  9. Well, that's the rub, ain't it? Incompetent refs trying to administer rules that are left open to interpretation. What could go wrong?
  10. So they've made the catch rule even more complicated and figured out how to throw more unnecessary flags? Bravo, NFL. I'm sure that will stop you from bleeding viewers.
  11. Yeah, I was gonna say. Surgery would definitely be the last resort. Most folks I know that have opted for surgery on their back have not gotten the results they hoped for...sometime they were worse. Maybe focus on core (if you haven't already). Get that trunk as strong as you can and maybe you'll straighten that disk out.
  12. So is there anything they can do to correct this disk? I hope something other than surgery.
  13. Yeah, it's a major bummer training for a marathon...being in PR crushing shape and never getting to the start line. This ain't the first time for me either. The difference is the old me would have tried to find another marathon. I'd have kept pushing it. But now I realize it's better to just shift gears and not force it if it's not going to happen. I'm thinking about a 10K at the end of May. That seems reasonable. How is your training going? You running the Cleveland Marathon?
  14. Well, it feels like I'm trending in the right direction so I may get back on there next week or so. Yesterday I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and then hopped on the trainer for 40 min and then last night a ran 2 1/2 miles with my daughters run club. All in all my foot feels like it's at about 70%, which doesn't sound great...because it's not but I'd say it was at about 30% before... so big improvement overall. I'm thinking 2 more weeks and it will be pretty close to 100%. But dude, that sucks you're still having problems. Your issue is from a back injury or something? Are you seeing anyone regularly about it?
  15. Wow to pull a strong PR out after all that and in the middle of peak marathon training?! Very impressive. Can't wait to see what you do next month. Congrats.