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  1. Don't most star wars movies stay atop the box office for more than couple of weeks?
  2. So TLJ got beat by Paddington 2 this past weekend? Yeah, everything is fine.
  3. I understood what you were saying but the new thread title still made me laugh.
  4. Prancercise. https://m.popkey.co/e4b171/ldEkN.gif
  5. Shorten your stride. Make sure your foot strike is under your hips. Quick arm swings will also make quick steps.
  6. If you want to run races/marathons because you enjoy them that's one thing but if you care about getting faster & setting new PR's that's entirely different animal. If you fall in the later category, which I'm sure @JShare87 does, it's wise to try to look at a more long view of what's important. If there's one thing I've figured out lately is that no one race is worth risking a set back my health/development. There will always be more races. A little bit of patience will let you see that you had so much more potential than whatever your short term goal was.
  7. But this is contrary to your "run more" advice you've been pushing.
  8. What kind of gloves do you guys where when it's really cold? Yesterday it was low 20's and 20 mph wind for my long run, so while I layered up enough to keep my body warm my hands were freezing/numb at first to slightly uncomfortable for the rest of the run. And that was wearing 2 pairs of gloves (both thin gloves tho).
  9. Winning that double race in December has some nice perks. One in particular was free entry into their next race... Freezer Burn 5K Crazy conditions this morning. It went from 60 sunny and no wind to 46 and windy as #### in the span of about 30 seconds. Anyway other the weather is mostly an uneventful race. I held back slightly at the start to see if anyone would forge ahead into the wind but unfortunately the only one willing was teenager who went out too fast. There was no drafting for me. I went out on my own and led about 99% of the way. Mile 1 - 5:52(170) Mile 2 - 5:50(185) Mile 3 - 5:57(187) This was a serious gut check as it was straight back into a 20 mph wind for most of it. Also, for whatever reason there was no bike lead and it ridiculous trying yell at people to stay in their lane and not getting in my way. .1 - 5:30(183) 18:16 & the WIN! 1/338 I guess I'll be doing their next race and March now.
  10. Oh I know. You're not getting jealous that we're giving @MAC_32 #### and not you?
  11. Not sure that would quiet anyone down. We KNOW @MAC_32 is fast and that's exactly why it would be disappointing to see him ditch his marathon plans. He'd be holding talent hostage. He could BQ on MUCH less mileage than the rest of us. He's sub 2:50 if properly trained.
  12. Under armor makes a pair of shorts that has a phone pouch in the waste band. Fits my galaxy 7 perfect. Phone doesn't move at all and it's comfortable. I bought 4 pairs of them. https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/mens-ua-speedpocket-5-shorts/pid1295569 You could also buy one of those neoprene fanny packs. They work much better than armbands IMO. https://www.amazon.com/SPIbelt-Large-Pocket-Zipper-through/dp/B005OVQQBM/ref=sr_1_3?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1515601497&sr=1-3&keywords=spy+belt+for+running