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  1. Well, that's the rub, ain't it? Incompetent refs trying to administer rules that are left open to interpretation. What could go wrong?
  2. So they've made the catch rule even more complicated and figured out how to throw more unnecessary flags? Bravo, NFL. I'm sure that will stop you from bleeding viewers.
  3. Yeah, I was gonna say. Surgery would definitely be the last resort. Most folks I know that have opted for surgery on their back have not gotten the results they hoped for...sometime they were worse. Maybe focus on core (if you haven't already). Get that trunk as strong as you can and maybe you'll straighten that disk out.
  4. So is there anything they can do to correct this disk? I hope something other than surgery.
  5. Yeah, it's a major bummer training for a marathon...being in PR crushing shape and never getting to the start line. This ain't the first time for me either. The difference is the old me would have tried to find another marathon. I'd have kept pushing it. But now I realize it's better to just shift gears and not force it if it's not going to happen. I'm thinking about a 10K at the end of May. That seems reasonable. How is your training going? You running the Cleveland Marathon?
  6. Well, it feels like I'm trending in the right direction so I may get back on there next week or so. Yesterday I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and then hopped on the trainer for 40 min and then last night a ran 2 1/2 miles with my daughters run club. All in all my foot feels like it's at about 70%, which doesn't sound great...because it's not but I'd say it was at about 30% before... so big improvement overall. I'm thinking 2 more weeks and it will be pretty close to 100%. But dude, that sucks you're still having problems. Your issue is from a back injury or something? Are you seeing anyone regularly about it?
  7. Wow to pull a strong PR out after all that and in the middle of peak marathon training?! Very impressive. Can't wait to see what you do next month. Congrats.
  8. That's awesome. Stoked for you.
  9. Especially because I'm a pessimist by nature. Going into an appointment and seeing the confusing looks on the doctor's faces is just the worst. It starts to feel like you'll never feel better.
  10. Thanks, bro. I'm doing my best. Your marathon this weekend? How you feeling? Yeah, I'm making due with the cross training and I do feel like I'm staying in shape, so mentally that's big for me. And yeah, I think you're right. If I can come back in a couple weeks, I still had good cycle training, I was just forced to end it sooner than I wanted. So I think I can carry some of the gains I've made over to summer training. That's my hope anyway... Thanks, dude. How's your training going?
  11. No doubt. I never want to be forced to take a break but 6-8 weeks ain't bad. I know you can relate but one of the main reasons I hadn't checked back in here is because I didn't know what the time table was because I had seen like 3 different people that didn't even know what was wrong with me. That's probably the most frustrating part.
  12. Wuddup, fellas. Sorry I've been MIA for so long. This isn't the first time I've been banged up but this is probably the most frustrating. There's never a good time to get injured but work and family stress has been insane for me the past month. Really sucks not having running as my outlet. But anyway, I'd figured I'd give you guys an update since I have a little more clear picture of what I'm dealing with... So it turns out that my foot issue stems from damaged nerve in my ankle. And here's the real kicker, I didn't get injured from all the miles and I'm pretty sure I never mentioned it here but the Thursday before my 20 miler some jackass on beach cruiser had his hood over his eyes and ran into me while I was running. At the time, I just thought I was scraped up and bruised but didn't think it was serious but turns out that nerve was a ticking time bomb. That bomb went off during my 20 and I haven't been right since. After seeing numerous PT guys and getting no answers, I finally saw an orthopedist on Friday and his best guess was the bike trauma was causing the issue. He also said that it usually takes 6-8 weeks for a nerve to heal. I'm now almost 4 weeks from the injury. Anyway, I've been mostly riding my bike trainer, lifting and occasionally testing my foot out with a mile or 2. I'm trying to stay as fit as I can but it's tough without any upcoming races to look forward too. And I'm sure you guys have noticed but I've set my strava/garmin stuff on private as I work through this issue. I guess I just didn't want the pressure of people asking about how I was feeling etc when the answer was "like ####" and "IDK when it will get better". It does feel like it's getting a little better but I have a ways to go. But I do feel bad for not coming around here more because it looks like I've missed some great races. Congrats on the huge PR @JShare87! Nice PR and race win @pbm107! I saw @Juxtatarot had a helluva half this past weekend too! I miss anything else? I'm sure I did. Hope everyone here is doing better than I am.
  13. So the deal that Skins didn't make with Cousins after 2015 season was 3 years 58.5 million...fully guaranteed. That last part seemed to be a pretty relevant detail. Had anyone heard that before? He's been angling for a fully guaranteed contract all these years? Makes a lot more sense that they never could negotiate a long term deal with this guy. Definitely should have traded him. That was their biggest mistake.
  14. Clearly you didn't understand the point I was making. Here are the facts. Cousins in the past has preferred to play under the franchise tag when other guys in his position have sacrificed short term money for the security of a long term contract. Cousins just signed the best contract in NFL history. It just so happens that the length of the contract gives him the ability to get another large contract when he's still in his early 30s. If you don't think this was a calculation by cousins and his agent than I don't know what to tell you. And to your point without the terms of the contract offers by the other 2 teams we can really know what "more" money is exactly. Maybe it's was more money because it was more years? Maybe it was more with less guarantees. So to say that cousins sacrificed anything to play for the Vikings is speculation at best.
  15. "According to Rapoport, both the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets offered more money that the Vikings did. There weren’t any specifications about the length of the deals or the amount of guarantees that either of those two teams offered, just that they offered Cousins more than the Vikings did." Pretty sure I already said exactly this.