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  1. No. I do. A traitor is someone who undermines (sells out) his own government for personal or political gain. Like Flynn did with Turkey. But I take your point. A “traitor” in America in 2020 is someone who doesn’t serve the king’s interests.
  2. Have to admire Trump’s power over the GOP. He just got the Attorney General to let a traitor off, who confessed twice, at the sentencing stage of a proceeding. This is banana republic stuff. And because he has the DOJ jumping on grenades, he didnt even have to pardon him. Well done. Well not for the rule of law or democracy, but amazing for Trump.
  3. Does everyone agree that Trump only cares about re-election? He’s all in on juicing the economy by any means necessary before the vote. He doesn’t give a #### about people dying. He’s pushed his chips.
  4. Trump says Merkel is following his lead. lmfao.
  5. The DOJ is a joke. Remember when Trump said this:
  6. agree. But the owners won’t both take the risk (covid) and lose money. The players will play. Their safety can basically be guaranteed with testing.
  7. I think it will ultimately come down to the owners. If the tv revenue is enough to be profitable, they will play. because there will be no one in the stands in 2020.
  8. You have to play by the rules of the game. It is sick, but that is what it is post 2016.
  9. lol. Your guy is morbidly obese and eats like a 12 year old boy.
  10. I find your perspective as an independent on both the Kavanagh and impeachment thing interesting. I agree they were debacles, but for completely opposite reasons that you do I suspect. The senate completely embarrassed itself in the total abdication of their duty and fealty to Trump. I mean, many of them admitted that Trump did what he was being accused of (even Lindsay). They just didn't want to relinquish power. Trump's "act" was much worse than Nixon's. Anyway, I appreciate you sharing your view from the middle.
  11. I'm someone who believes Ford. I generally believe women unless there is a compelling reason not to. I think she is telling the truth and Biden is a creep and likely sexual assaulter. But, as I said, credible allegations of sexaul assualt are no longer disqualifying from running for President. Thanks to....guess who? The guy who had (and still has) two dozen of them when he ran for President.
  12. so does every other western liberal democracy in the first world.