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  1. that english kid on 16 tee could crap the bed coming in? needs to play bogey golf along with the frenchman playing +1.
  2. Well, anyone but Koepka now. Would love to see Lowry do it, but that ain't happening. I'm rooting for Tommy.
  3. that brain fart on 16 yesterday is going to cost him the weekend. but, if he makes the cut and has no pressure and good conditions tomorrow, he could easily shoot 63.
  4. that will be an unplayable. he's done. edit: looks playable. will need to birdie 18 now. edit 2: birdie putt on 17!
  5. no kidding. He is the best player in the world when he has his "A" game. He needs to birdie 17 here.
  6. he's going to make it. birdie on 15 coming up. then he shoots 63 tomorrow in perfect early conditions and the wind and rain makes shooting under 70 impossible in the afternoon. T-3 two back going into sunday!
  7. Rory just demolishing the course today. Has a good chance to make the cut.
  8. surely Trump supporters get a chuckle out of him calling out people for using foul language? I mean, come on. This guy lives in the upside down.