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  1. The fact that Trump is calling the shots on US foreign policy is the scariest thing about his presidency. The man is a borderline illiterate simpleton. He is about the least qualified person in Washington to be making these decisions. And, to make it worse, his narcissism is so profound, that he doesn’t enlist the help of those able to mitigate against his gross incompetence. It is truly unbelievable. The US of ####### A has a halfwit dictating its foreign policy. bananas.
  2. Of course he was unhappy. Facts don’t matter in trump’s world and anyone who brings them up are annoying.
  3. Also, if Trump did an “exhaustive” search Before selecting his own property, why do they again need to conduct a search for a new location? Just have it at the second best place based on their exhaustive search. Unless they were lying about the exhaustive search? Nah, that can’t be it.
  4. You honestly do not believe that Trump has leveraged official US policy for political gain? Honestly?
  5. What conspiracy theory have the Dems followed? I have a feeling you aren’t using the real definition of conspiracy theory.
  6. he is terrible, no doubt. But no one is as terrible as trump.
  7. It is amazing that literally everything Noonan posts is wrong. Amazing.
  8. Lmao. Trump is such a joke. Easily the dumbest most ignorant president of my lifetime. a total fraud.
  9. Trump is a foreign policy disaster. The best he can do is write a letter that reads like it was written by a grade four student. He is bad at everything. Except screwing people over. He is the best at that.
  10. Any concern in here that Trump just got teabagged (metaphorically) by Erdogan?
  11. It’s going to cost me the fantasy season but I agree.