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  1. No thanks. The “who was Shokin” and the “what was he investigating” horse has already been beaten to death.
  2. +20 in Antarctic just the other day. Bring your spf 30 if you’re heading down there for a beach vacation.
  3. Except that it works in every other first world democracy on earth.
  4. The lies in this administration never end. Trump is like an untreated infection that just spreads and spreads.
  5. Literally everything in Bruiser’s post is wrong. Remarkable.
  6. Also, who “vetted” Zelensky? What happened to the CNN interview where Z was going to announce an investigation? That was all teed up and then nothing post-whistleblower?
  7. So, Trump was more worried about the incoming anti-corruption candidate than he was about the incumbent who was universally acknowledged as corrupt?
  8. The founder of the fraudulent Trump University is worried about potential corruption in Ukraine! But only after Biden announces he is running. checks out. Also, still haven’t heard why Trump released the money? What changed? If he was legitimately holding it back, why did he release it?
  9. Remind me again...what did Trump do to satisfy himself that the money should be released? I forget that part.
  10. GOP senators know he did it. They admitted as much. I have yet to hear anyone articulate a coherent theory that would explain the known evidence in a way that exonerates Trump. It most certainly has never been done in this forum. It is literally connect the dots. Which, of course, is why Trump had to prevent evidence from being heard. So his base could hold onto the "hearsay" argument. Which is ridiculous.
  11. I’m sure. He did it. Being acquitted by the sycophant GOP senators means sweet #### all in any objective analysis of the evidence. Which was overwhelming.