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  1. No one is advocating The type of “socialism” you are referencing here. The argument is completely disingenuous. Except for fringe wackos, the Democrat position left of the moderates, advocates for a system of government modelled after commonwealth republics and 1st world democracies that work. No one is advocating modelling America after 2nd and 3rd world countries. It is complete nonsense. Tell me, should I as a Canadian be worries that the political system we’ve had in place for decades is ultimately going to result in famine, poverty and body counts? With respect, the foundational assumptions you make to prop up this strawman argument are rotten.
  2. Four hours is too long. And imagine how many times Trump would lie unchecked (Rogan is an admitted Trump supporter). Listening to a serial liar who conflates truth with lies based on his own self interest is a waste of 5 minutes never mind four hours. And the format would be a disaster for Biden. As I said before, I doubt he can stay awake for four straight hours.
  3. Absolutely disgusting: who cares how many reporter questions Biden has fielded? This guy is a (I don’t want to get suspended).
  4. This is the part that blows my mind. Do his supporters actually fall for this? Biden hasn’t been in govt for 4 years and, the last time he was, he was basically Obama’s yes man.
  5. Who is the good leader who is a bad person? Because Trump just said tonight at his town hall that “herd mentality” will solve covid. He’s clueless. And he doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie. Ask Woodward. He’s the worst “leader” in modern American history.
  6. I mean, wtf is this:
  7. After watching Trump embarrass himself tonight the debates, with Joe Rogan or otherwise, are going to be an absolute gong show.
  8. Anyone watch the trump town hall? Our fears about Biden making a fool of himself by speaking jibberish will be offset. What a disaster Trump is.
  9. What a historic day. The endless wars between Isreal and (checks notes) UAE and Bahrain are over. Trump and Kushner pulled it off!
  10. Agree. I am very worried about Joe in the debates. I think he is in obvious decline. The debates will likely expose that. But, like I said in another thread, I would vote for Uncle Bernie (Weekend at Bernie's) before I would vote for Trump (if I was American, of course).
  11. I don't think Joe Biden could stay awake for four straight hours, let alone engage in substantive debate for that long.
  12. Trump would never agree to debate Obama. He'd get embarrassed.
  13. At best he is Austin Ekeler. Safe bet he is Cohen. No chance he is Bernard.