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  1. i think this is right. massive let down looks imminent.
  2. Agree. And Augusta will expose weak putting more than any other course. If he drives it like he is now he should be able to dominate the par 5’s. That will obviously be key for him (notnjust him obvs)
  3. No question the story from 5-7 is not as good. But the production budget and dragons make up for it!
  4. Rory’s never been on better form heading into Augusta. This could be the year.
  5. Bring this home Rory. Birdie-Par-Par likely gets it done.
  6. Right. That is why the president acts the way he does. Because there is nothing there. Checks out.
  7. No one is arguing that people do not hold ridiculous beliefs. They are arguing that the fact they do is not a valid basis to oppose sensible gun policy.
  8. I think his point was that there is no real threat of the government taking away hundreds of millions of guns from the citizenry. Not how they would go about doing it if that unfounded ridiculously paranoid scenario played out. And, he is right. Pure nonsense.
  9. The president of the United States would get banned if he posted in this forum.
  10. It is mind blowing to me that this isn’t obvious to everyone. American gun culture is so bizarre.
  11. This thread blows my mind. America is so weird. The government is coming to take my guns! Good lord.