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  1. I mean not really. Many people have stopped traveling. Many have stopped congregating. Many people are only mostly seeing the same small group of people. At lest where I’m at. Do you believe that extreme social distancing is doing NOTHING? Of course it does. But many people haven't stopped congregating and aren't practicing anything close to extreme distancing.
  2. Not even to throw the trash out. Avoiding the elevator so have to go down multiple hallways/stairways to get the street/garage. When I went out today I wrapped a big piece of Glad cling-wrap around my left hand. Opened all the doors with that. Car was sitting there so long was nervous it wouldn't start. Then almost got into an accident on Wilshire trying to see if there was a line at Ralph's. There's a big difference in how people in an apartment complex and people in a suburban neighborhood can maintain physical distancing.
  3. Before posting, ask yourself, "Might this be considered political?" If you aren't sure, don't post it.
  4. @Joe 8ryant recently warned, and I'm doing it here again. Posts about politics in this thread -- starting here -- will not be tolerated.
  5. Interesting. I'd be surprised if that happened, but lots of things are surprising.
  6. To clarify, are you saying the Never Biden group this year will be larger than the Never Hillary group from 2016?