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  1. I think both Pence and Harris did what they wanted to last night. And that's good for Biden since he's ahead. Trump/Pence needed a game-changing event, and it certainly didn't happen.
  2. To be fair and provide context, there are over 800,000 law enforcement officials. I believe that is just active, not including former that the 175 also came from. Link provided with supporting info. To be fair, 175 is more than the none that Trump claimed in the debate.
  3. More than 175 current, former law enforcement officials endorse Joe Biden, slam Trump as 'lawless' president The list -- along with the rest of the article -- is available at the link.
  4. And stop replying to off-topic posts, please. Thanks in advance.
  5. Actually, "Spamming" is the default option when issuing a suspension. Sometimes, there isn't a category that really fits the offense -- likely because "You're being an obnoxious tool; please stop it" isn't a option in the drop-down menu, so the person issuing the suspension just leaves the default option. Sorry for the confusion.