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  1. St. Petersburg event wasn't too bad. I'd recommend watching the main event and the Makhachev vs Tsarukyan fight was great with excellent grappling.
  2. Not being a jackwad. Being realistic. Pull your panties out of your crack. Each of you needs to tone it down. Thanks.
  3. Says the guy with CDS. TDS, CDS W(hatever)DS is not allowed on the boards.
  4. Absolutely stop with the personal attacks and non-football posts.
  5. Post talking about how good (or bad) your (or others') posts are actually aren't good posts. Everyone, stop making such posts. Instead, stay on topic.
  6. I only watched the Mitchell/Moffett fight, but I thought all three rounds were easy to score. Moffett did get a lot of takedowns, but he didn't do much at all with them. There was very little ground-and-pound and only a couple of submission attempts. Mitchell got a knockdown in Round 1 and threatened with a triangle/armbar sequence. He easily won that stanza. Lots of grappling exchanges in Round 2 and Round 3. Moffett got the best of it in the second and had a very close D'Arce. The third was close, but Moffett didn't get much going while Mitchell was close with a rear naked choke. I thought Moffett lost the fight by going for the third-round D'Arce. He wasn't doing much from half-mount, but he was winning. Going for the same submission that failed in Round 2 allowed Mitchell to scramble to Moffett's back and nearly get the stoppage. That exchange gave the fight to Mitchell.