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  2. Can we stop calling Herb Dean "One of the Best"? Just on tonight's card, Beltran and Herzog are light years ahead of Dean.
  3. That was probably Jones' worst fight ever from a tactical perspective.
  4. You make $150k in most parts of Arkansas, and you'll have people thinking you're among the elite
  5. Should drop out ASAP Should have never been in: Bennet, Williamson, Swalwell, Yang, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Delaney, de Blasio, and Inslee Trending down: Biden, and O'Rourke Flat: Sanders Needed a good performance in the debates but whiffed: Klobuchar Needed a good performance and got it: Castro, Booker, Gillibrand, and Gabbard Should be on strong footing post debates: Harris, Buttigieg, and Warren
  6. Way better than expected: Harris Better than expected: Gillibrand As good as expected: Buttigieg Better than expected but it doesn't matter: Bennet and Williamson (was an extremely low bar) Generally bad: Biden and Swalwell (clearly came guns blazing, though) Same story, 173rd verse: Sanders Doesn't matter: Hickenlooper Forgot he was there and that really bums me out: Yang The first person who should excluded from coming up with debate questions: Todd
  7. Way better than expected: Castro Better than expected: Booker and Gabbard As good as expected: Warren Disappointing: Klobuchar (but she had a great closing statement) All-story/No-substance: O'Rourke Talked too much: Todd Not bad but don't matter: The rest
  8. Stay on football or take a break from here. Thanks.
  9. There's a card this weekend? But yeah - agree with your post completely, @hooter311.
  10. True story. Sterling was even better than I expected. Grasso, Kattar, and Shevchenko looked amazing. Cejudo looked great after the first. I'm amazed. He's so terrible on the mic, though. Suarez has a lot of work to do. Overall, one of the best cards ever. The only fight that was a snoozer was Stewart/Lewis.