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  1. No idea, but I never thought Vegas would happen so maybe. Seattle seems like it has to happen. Houston also interesting. Quebec should get a team if they don’t bring a 2nd to Toronto, but I’m sure the NHL likes the idea of a big US market better. Panthers owners don’t seem interested in moving and no idea what the latest plan in Arizona is. Hurricanes seem like a good candidate to move though.
  2. yeah, his numbers were awful early on so I assume that hurt him but he's been unstoppable since November it seems.
  3. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/21444728/nhl-wyshynski-weekly-reader-how-houston-became-front-runner-land-expansion-team
  4. actually, forgot about Carolina. Ship them out somewhere too. (sorry Cav)
  5. https://www.sbnation.com/2017/11/15/16659204/nhl-houston-expansion-rumors-relocation-tilman-fertitta-gary-bettman-meetings-2017
  6. expansion team = Seattle move Arizona to Houston move Florida to Quebec problem solved.
  7. no Cliff Pu
  8. Not sure anyone has any clue why these guys are so terrible. Feel bad for Housley but I don't know where you go from here if you dump him.
  9. praying for Dahlin at this point. I hate this team so much right now.
  10. they have so many bigger problems than that, but yeah he wound up being a Leino signing. can't believe he's so useless.
  11. I had a good week. May go 6-0 but probably 5-1 if Antonio Brown goes off.
  12. yeah, but he's good now. true, he (and other goalies) may have liked the idea of going somewhere without a starter who plays 90% of the games.
  13. not really sure why they didn't go after someone like Anders Nilsson, although $2.5MM may have been too steep for them.