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  1. I’d take any hockey playoffs and be grateful, personally
  2. no comments on AMZN earnings? EDIT: -5% drop after hours
  3. there's like a whole other thread to compare MJ and Lebron...and another to compare LBJ to Kobe, and probably many others as well. seems more interesting/relevant to talk about Jordan and those Bulls teams in here.
  5. I'm a bigger fan of LBJ, but can't see an argument for putting him above MJ in terms of pure dominance and who had the best career.
  6. I’d be shocked if they finish the year, but regular season games feel like a no-brainer to cancel.
  7. right, but it sucks when a vocal minority (or one person in this case I guess) chase off people who are sharing useful/helpful information and ruin things for everybody else.
  8. this is no different than a wagering thread where some guy posts his plays/leans and then guys who follow along but lose a few start whining about it until nobody with any useful information is willing to share anything. @Todem think you should consider ignoring him. it's just venting.