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  1. gambling on gambling imo. just makes it more awesome.
  2. plus, with BTC, you can make boatloads for doing nothing except letting the money sit in your account.
  3. nothing finalized yet though. http://arizonasports.com/story/709720/leblanc-coyotes-have-chosen-site-for-new-arena/
  4. Domi/Duclair/Strome/Dvorak/Chychrun/Crouse/DeAngelo/Merkley is a really strong group of high-level prospects and most will be in the NHL full-time this year or very soon. they also made a pretty strong move to grab Goligoski before he hit the open market. Pronger/Datsyuk contracts are off the books after this year. Doan probably doesn't have much left either. They got some nice value with McGinn and Vrbata this offseason too. seems like things are looking up in the desert if they can move to downtown Phoenix. Otherwise, Seattle or some other city will land a stocked young roster when they move.
  5. questioning? I think it's pretty great to get a top prospect for garbage picks. I assume Dale Tallon gave Bolland that deal. Was awful the second he signed it, and now it cost them basically a top-10 pick from a pretty strong draft class.
  6. wtf? http://sports.yahoo.com/news/panthers-send-dave-bolland-lawson-crouse-to-coyotes-for-draft-picks-142813516.html Crouse was the #11 pick just a year ago, and those picks seem pretty light. Seems like a steal for the Yotes here, but that Bolland contract is pretty ugly. I assume he's paid by insurance if he can't get healthy.
  7. never heard of him
  8. heartbroken and so incredibly sorry for your loss. hope you can find some peace.
  9. I think Paxton Lynch is terrible, so not tailing. Hope it hits for you guys though.
  10. seen about half of these. disagree with many of the rankings, but they certainly highlighted some of the best in recent years.
  11. Good luck, man. Hoping you get some positive news tomorrow.
  12. I thought there would be more shtick in here. Way too much seriousness.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_professional_sports_leagues_by_revenue $3.7 billion in revenue
  14. you should get out more.