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  1. probably Burns, but should be Karlsson given he was 2nd in the league in blocked shots
  2. McDavid Crosby Karlsson seems about right. such bull#### they gave the Norris to Doughty last year.
  3. Canada media loves the storyline though. When will a team from Canada finally win a Cup again? Discussed ad nauseum.
  4. can't wait for a huge goal celebration to get called back on an OT or goaltender interference review
  5. I think NHL games last 60 minutes. Last I checked anyway.
  6. pretty nice day for NFLX, AMZN, and GOOG
  7. very easy to convert to gift cards through https://app.gyft.com
  8. the Whalers played in a mall and never really had much success. not a surprise that team didn't last.
  9. they've also never really bottomed out like the Pens and other franchises have. that one down year was an outlier.
  10. the narrative has always been that Mario saved the franchise twice.