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  1. let's cut the #### and get back to posting winners. no more personal insults, please or I'll have to drop the hammer on somebody to get this thread back on track. we are in this together to beat the books. no more infighting. peace and love.
  2. seemed like an obvious goal and bad call by the ref. Deslauriers swiped at it with his arm/body but missed it, and then it bounced off two Canucks players before going in. Markstrom had no chance on the play given his position so the incidental contact didn't seem relevant to me. Glad that was a quick review, b/c the Toronto one took way too long.
  3. yeah. was going to be pretty upset if they didn't overturn the call.
  4. Sabres holding up pretty well on the EDM, CGY, VAN run. Not a lot of world beaters in that group.
  5. benched him in a ton of leagues. thought he was dead. crazy what he's doing out there while Nelson does nothing.
  6. I'm on our Sabres
  7. GB -6.5 -130 live.
  8. I have no idea. Lifted the lift. Ran the run. Etc.
  9. Bought the purchase and rented out the rental. Seems obvious.
  10. this is my card: at BOL: Freeman U7.5 (+120) Amos O4 (-140) Ryan U6.5 (-140) then at Bovada: Trevathan U7.5 (-115) Burnett O6.5 (-105) Clinton-Dix O5.5 (-150) clinton-dix was a smaller play. rest are all pretty standard 1u size.
  11. As far as I know, none of us in the US have access to Pinnacle anymore and haven't for awhile. I miss them. From what I recall, it was a great book. But I have no idea what their prop selection is and that's where most of us make profits with online books these days.
  12. Quick is out indefinitely, but what do they do in 2017-2018 if they have Quick and Howard counting for $12MM against the cap? Their backup goalies aren't anything special, so I think they are almost certainly going to try and grab someone. Don't think they want to take on the term that Howard's contract brings though.