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  1. I just took 3.0 on a 15-yr fixed. As of last week though so not sure if things have shifted much since.
  2. right, but in terms of the last few years of his contract when he'll probably become a shell of his former self, it's better to be out injured or retired than hanging on as long as he can.
  3. if it's a long-term injury, that seems a lot better for the team and their cap status than if his performance just fell off a cliff like Subban's did.
  4. yeah. I forgot about that one. was watching the Peverley game when it happened so that stood out to me the most when heard about JayBo. Just remembered the incident with Cherepanov in the KHL too. RIP.
  5. because it keeps getting brought up and you specifically called him out for "not having Chet money" EDIT: honestly, I skimmed the post you replied to and didn't see the comment originally. that was not necessary either IMO. just feel like this thread is getting sidetracked by too many people expressing concern over GB Cav's enthusiastic investment here. Let's move on.
  6. @urbanhack @General Malaise I'll be in Portland from 3/26 to 3/31. Let's plan to hang out at some point.
  7. I don't think you know how much $ Cav has so not sure you need to worry much about him saying he bought 125k shares.
  8. Rich Peverley incident is much more recent. Game was postponed.
  9. Hellebuyck for MVP
  10. Lightning chart. Special teams carrying them of late?
  11. Pens tried to trade Kessel for Zucker. This seems like a much better return for the Wild given their current situation.