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  1. everybody should have access now.
  2. with many people investing through mutual funds and ETFs these days, splits are a lot less common than they used to be. Bezos doesn't seem too interested in doing it. Dow might change that though: https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/12/01/will-amazon-do-a-stock-split-in-2018.aspx
  3. Just had a nice grilled cheese dipped in some tomato soup. Mayo’d it up pretty hard. Perfection.
  4. Are we going to blow up the moon or what?
  5. numbers were lower than projected, but still up. not sure I get the 10+% free fall.
  6. ,s some people are just embarrassing themselves in here over and over again.
  7. shareholder letter: https://s22.q4cdn.com/959853165/files/doc_financials/quarterly_reports/2018/q2/FINAL-Q2-18-Shareholder-Letter.pdf
  8. oh. just saw the after hours numbers. oof.
  9. what's the largest win thus far?
  10. he will? they signed James Neal to play on the top line so most likely to play with Tkachuk and Backlund at this point. Didn't he play a lot with guys like Skinner, Aho, and Teravainen last year?
  11. pretty terrible contract for Calgary most likely
  12. Sorry you suck at life