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  1. when a user gets flagged as a spammer (which I did to that account last night), all their posts are immediately hidden from view (but admins can still see them).
  2. they're going to need him to be pretty great after Tavares leaves.
  3. this thread is pointless.
  4. What's left to discuss? This story is old news.
  5. can't believe BC didn't make it. They destroyed UVM in the Hockey East tourney. Vermont also choked against Notre Dame late in the year, which probably killed their chances.
  6. I have no idea what happened to Harvick, and wouldn't even know where to look it up.
  7. I'm confused. I see Denver playing in the Midwest Region with Union and Penn State and Michigan Tech. North Dakota and BU in round 1 in Fargo. UMD vs OSU in 1 v 4 there. Harvard plays Providence in Providence. Minnesota vs Notre Dame.
  8. Lol at Hockeytown.
  9. Bovada EDIT: except for the Lumpy prop. must be a local.
  10. they need to kill these things. nobody cares.