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  1. Blues won, dude
  2. South Korea talking about banning cryptos I think.
  3. wtf is going on in here? JTG is very funny though.
  4. Apple should just buy everything
  5. 1. Apple buys Netflix 2. .... 3. Profit?
  6. he's headed to Buffalo. sorry.
  7. everyday, bro (only b/c it's my 2nd biggest holding)
  8. my biggest holding by far, and I feel the same way.
  9. Was hoping they could trade him. This won’t help.
  10. Tampa vs everybody should be the All Star game
  11. Phil Kessel Evander Kane was more deserving than Eichel imo
  12. that's a good deal. I would have given up Klingberg/Lehner but you got a better D and better G
  13. I need goalie help
  14. Future Norris candidate most likely
  15. Crowds were terrible until the final.