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  1. "no state income tax in Florida" shtick must not have worked on Shattenkirk.
  2. 7/42 seems a little light IMO. Figures that Yzerman would be trying to get him to sign a below market deal since his Jedi mind tricks work on everybody else.
  3. Pens blueline getting decimated.
  4. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/30-thoughts-red-wings-telling-teams-theyre-open-business/
  5. Venetian is very stingy with drink tickets from what I recall, but I may just not bet enough.
  6. their sportsbook is pretty nice since they remodeled it.
  7. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/numbers-show-bruins-were-bound-to-turn-things-around-under-julien
  8. Canadian side of the falls is a tourist trap. Kick it old school on the US side imo.
  9. except he's driving in from Indiana
  10. they opened a location in Chicago and only lasted about a year before closing.
  11. Garbage Plates is the only thing good about Rochester. Maybe the Rhinos too.
  12. Lambert countdown
  13. MacArtist down? btw, she ever post here anymore?