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  1. GOOGL at 800!
  2. people respect it when someone admits they were wrong about something
  3. AMZN tanking after hours Google is rolling though
  4. link? my account looks ok.
  5. just got offered a great trade. my 2.06C for 5.07A, 6.06A, and 7.07A
  6. no Martavis Bryant though.
  7. Facebook!
  8. good info. I need to open up an acct at BOL I guess.
  9. when does that end? I have presidential election futures pending til November.
  10. last time I tried to get a bonus from them, they told me I was ineligible because I had some open futures bets still pending. seems dumb.
  11. IN for TWTR tomorrow I guess.
  12. how much you think Mrazek is going to get?