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  1. Connor/Scheifele/Wheeler Tarasenko/Schenn/Schwartz Kucherov/Namestikov/Stamkos all pretty great too
  2. One of the few moves that was obviously a disaster the minute it happened. Could not believe Boston passed on him.
  3. This year is still really dumb
  4. Maclin and Sanu imo.
  5. my team is pretty sick. up to 3rd in overall points. was top scoring team overall this week and still had all these guys on my bench: T.Coleman 15.8 J.White 10.8 R.Matthews 10.0 E.Sanders 19.7 R.Woods 37.1 D.Walker 12.3 everybody else was on bye.
  6. Blackhawks mean no other team can have black in their name? Same with red (wings)? Blue (jackets)? So dumb. Meanwhile we have Canucks and Canadiens. Same thing, no?
  7. I reached out to ask him if he was managing his team and he told me he has been setting lineups each week but that's it. I haven't looked into it much lately but I did take a look at his team earlier this year when I tried to figure out what was going on, and it seemed like he was pretty unlucky early on. Starting injured players and giving away games is a bummer in a team competition though since it's just as easy to ask someone else to take over the team.
  8. I merged the threads but it didn't change anything. Can't find a way to delete/remove first post of a thread as it appears to be based on chronologic order. Would have to find an old post from BFred and merge it with this one I think to give him ownership. My first time coming into this thread so no idea wtf is going on and don't really care to find out.
  9. Ingram is currently RB6 and Kamara is currently RB7. Pretty amazing mess in New Orleans. McCaffrey will probably be top-10 after tonight as well. I lost Odell Beckham but hit on some other guys to make up for it: Thielen is WR3, Tate is WR6, R.Woods is WR13, and R.Anderson is WR16
  10. I think my team is on a 21-0 run the past 3 weeks. Doing my part here guys.
  11. Trending Topics: Golden Knights already badly mismanaged
  12. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4124200-netflix-new-content-king
  13. Can’t wait
  14. that's a ridiculous trade proposal
  15. Chabot, White, Brown all could be pretty good by then too