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  1. can we rename this the Casey Mittelstadt domination thread?
  2. I lost Beckham and still went 7-0.
  3. Fun finish to that game.
  4. Top-20 maybe. Tough to put him ahead of 9 or 10 of these guys: Karlsson, Doughty, Keith, Subban, Hedman, Burns, Pietrangelo, Weber, Ekman-Larrson, Josi, Letang, Suter, McDonagh, Ekblad, Giordano, Hamilton, Vlasic, Fowler, Lindholm.
  5. Gllll My 2nd kid is close to the same due date. See you at the hospital.
  6. sorry Niedermayer and Pronger and Selanne couldn't make it either. where's Dustin Penner these days? I miss Todd Marchant personally. when a team is playing as bad as the Sabres have been playing, I'll take a win over anybody.
  7. may have wanted to hold onto Subban then.
  8. So is Dustin Brown good again?
  9. Thanks for the win, ‘Heim
  10. This season sucks
  11. 49ers making back to back trips across the country for 1pm Eastern starts. Also coming off back to back OT games while Washington is coming off their bye. Tough spot.
  12. my dog hates getting wet, so use a raincoat sometimes. It's pretty ridiculous.
  13. Raanta available (or some backups I have)