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  1. I googled it and the song has it's own Wikipedia page:'s_the_Way_God_Planned_It_(song)
  2. seems in line with expectations. not cheap, but not a killer for a legit top-pairing guy who's just entering his prime years.
  3. I think Netflix makes enough of their own content to remain the leader but tough to see continued growth.
  4. yeah, nothing about the Marner situation points to a quick resolution. Nylander held out until the deadline on December 1st. Leafs don't really have the luxury to pay Marner what he wants, and he doesn't seem likely to give much in return if he feels he deserves a Matthews-level contract.
  5. what is going on with Jake Gardiner? Last year, Maroon was one of the latest name UFA players to sign and he signed with the Blues on July 10th. He's still out there again, but most assume he'll stick around in St. Louis. There's been almost no buzz on Gardiner, but I've been assuming he'll wind up somewhere like Montreal or Detroit. Have to assume that means he's unhappy with the offers he's getting and will have to take something short-term.
  6. 4 x 3.5MM for Ferland in Vancouver. Man, he really hurt himself by not signing something with Carolina earlier. Not a bad pickup for Couver at that price.
  7. Anyone who thinks an NHL owner (whose team just made the conference finals and spent $4MM to literally buy a draft pick) can’t come up with $11MM to keep their best player is out to lunch. Bergevin was played.
  8. $21MM in the first 12 months. Not the first week. Dundon clearly had no problem matching. They laughed about how easy it was for them. Same team just spent $3.8MM to buy out Marleau. There was zero chance they’d let Aho walk for that deal and the draft pick compensation.
  9. in terms of RFA deals signed thus far, Aho (CAR) - $8.5MM x 5-years Meijer (SJS) - $6.0MM x 4-years Karlsson (VGK) - $5.9MM x 8-years still lots of guys to sort out though, and it could take awhile. Marner (TOR) Binnington (STL) Rantanen (COL) Point (TBL) Laine (WPG) Connor (WPG) Boeser (VAN) Tkachuk (CGY) Labanc (SJS) Trouba (NYR) Werenski (CBJ) McAvoy (BOS) Provorov (PHI) Rittich (CGY) Donato (MIN) Vrana (WSH) Konecny (PHI) Buchnevich (NYR)
  10. Aho wanted a 5-year term (for $9.5MM/year). Canes were only offering an 8-year term (for $7.5MM/year). This makes him a UFA at age 26, when he can cash in on a monster long-term deal most likely. It's a fair deal so I assume he was good with taking a bit less to become a UFA as soon as possible. The only downside for Carolina here is the term, but they can easily live with this AAV so Bergevin basically made things easier on Carolina imo.