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  1. Looks like Quick has one less year at $5.8MM so nearly identical cap hits. I'm just thinking LA has the cap space. Sharks could offer up a sweetener and make this similar to the James Neal/Milan Lucic swap, but maybe Jones is still better than Quick.
  2. send Martin Jones back to LA for Quick and have LA eat some salary? haven't checked their contracts.
  3. Those are new alternates. Broke them out for the home opener. Sabres going 82-0 I guess.
  4. MrJimmy said he ranked about 50 or 60 guys prior to the draft starting. With Hits included, it's tough to top Ovechkin. Did you prefer Kucherov or McDavid? Pretty sure he was setting that up as a reference and planned to make the selections himself when you were on the clock. Once the draft kicked off, he found out that co-owners couldn't actually make draft picks in a live draft AND it wouldn't let him update the rankings anymore. There are always weird rankings in Yahoo. Martin Marincin for example is always highly ranked for some reason. I don't know why/how they rank/project some guys where they do but fortunately those are clear outliers and in general their rankings/projections are much better than they used to be.
  5. Blues have some pretty sweet colors. Easy to confuse them with America’s team.
  6. Hope hockey is less stupid this year and the good guys (Sabres) finally catch a break.
  7. Hart Trophy candidates (IMO): Crosby, McDavid, MacKinnon, Kucherov, Ovechkin, P.Kane, Marchand, Matthews, Tavares, Hall, Seguin, O'Reilly, Barkov, Gaudreau, Eichel, Panarin, Girioux, Petterson, Scheifele, plus Vasilevskiy, Bobrovsky and probably a few other goalies.