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  1. what's going on here?
  2. Zetterberg done playing hockey per Ken Holland.
  3. if he re-signs in San Jose, all Ottawa gets is a 2nd round pick added on though. Just terrible. Buyer's market out there these days I guess. Nobody giving up top prospects in trades anymore.
  4. I think the 2019 1st is lottery protected, so if the Sharks somehow missed the playoffs this year then it would revert to a 2020 1st. I'm assuming that means the Sens would get the 2019 lottery pick.
  5. what a joke of a trade. Burn, Ottawa, Burn.
  6. Sharks traded their 1st round pick in 2019 to the Sabres already.
  7. Maybe when they win the Hughes lottery.
  8. so weird. Brisebois seems perfectly capable though.
  9. Can’t do it.
  10. Highly recommend this league. Rodg needs a good hockey guy.
  11. it's my biggest holding by far. just wish I had a lot more. Edit: Just went back to check and looks like I bought some originally at $268 on 4/23/2013. Now it's around $2012. So, only like 650% growth in a bit more than 5 years.
  12. I wish I put everything I had in AMZN a year ago.
  13. Breville makes a nice toaster oven.
  14. coinbase or blockchain? I think I've sent from coinbase before with no issues. Just seems there are people out there who have had that end badly for them so it's best to avoid when possible.
  15. step 1: Buy BTC at coinbase step 2: Send BTC to your Blockchain wallet step 3: fund sportsbook with transfer from Blockchain address step 4: profit? coinbase apparently frowns on sending money to sportsbooks so I've heard they may lock your account if you do it directly from them. But you also can't buy BTC directly from Blockchain, so that's why both are needed here. It's pretty easy to send from one to the other though.