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  1. Hockey HOF Class of 2017: Teemu Selanne, Paul Kariya, Dave Andreychuk, Mark Recchi, Danielle Goyette, Jeremy Jacobs, Clare Drake. to Big Dave
  2. Like Schenn but agree that he's been underwhelming as a pro. Maybe the new team will help him.
  3. Lots of head coaches take a demotion to get back to work.
  4. Pretty strong start for Vegas with Glass, Suzuki, and Brannstrom.
  5. Looked like a man against boys in the HS clips I've seen.
  6. Yzerman drafting the son of Adam Foote is good shtick after those Wings/Avs wars
  7. Not happy about the Leafs getting Liljegren.
  8. Not sure why anyone gives up anything significant for either
  9. Reaves is the new Rinaldo
  10. Nice moves for the Blues imo. Love the Kostin pick.
  11. Could use some time in the gym
  12. Big Anti Raanta fan?
  13. They are pretty new at this
  14. Hope this Minnesota kid is legit
  15. Maybe McAvoy wore the same clothes two days in a row.