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  1. Yeah that confused me too
  2. This Bacon guy must be a brand new user though
  3. http://stats.hockeyanalysis.com/ratings.php?disp=1&db=201617&sit=5v5&pos=defense&minutes=100&teamid=20&type=corsi&sort=OZPCT&sortdir=DESC he started 45% of his 5v5 shifts in the offensive zone and only 22% in the defensive zone. by comparison, Staal started 27% of his 5v5 shifts in the offensive zone and 35% in the defensive zone.
  4. but you can find all that out in the numbers. I just didn't bother to look it up for you.
  5. when a player hits UFA status, they typically get more money b/c any team can bid on them. so, a UFA will cost more than a player who is still restricted in some way. so, to lock them up on an extension and prevent them from hitting the open market, it costs more money. that's what's referred to when people say "buying UFA years".
  6. Craig Kilborn likely available
  7. he does have good numbers (56% CF at 5v5), but I assume he was sheltered with a lot of offensive zone starts and easy matchups.
  8. what are start dates for the drafts this year?
  9. signed up. username is 'Rudnicki'
  10. wtf?
  11. I don't hear any footsteps
  12. KBLT, no
  13. I got in today at 2.24
  14. Yes but way better. Lighter and easier to use.
  15. http://krugersfarm.com/events-programs/summer-concerts/ this farm has concerts on Thursday nights. can pick berries, take a hayride, eat good food and drink good booze. pretty nice spot on Sauvie Island.