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  1. Wow. I turned the game off. Thought they'd pull him. What a great day. Thanks Swirve.
  2. 3 quick tackles for Davis to put him over after the Seahawks pulled their starters. Beautiful. Wagner had no chance with the lopsided game.
  3. Who started it? People can delete their own threads now
  4. Wasn't reported and I don't remember ever seeing it.
  5. Ok. Done with you anyway.
  6. Stay classy safety was the reason, huh?
  7. not dumb. I'm on both. Love Davis O7, but the juice went from -120 to -160 before I could get my bet in at 5d.
  8. That's a really weird reason to base the decision on. Carr smashed his throwing hand last week
  9. http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-38156985
  10. I don't click them so I really have no idea whether they are any good.
  11. They started their backup goalie.sucks.
  12. Maybe just stop spamming this thread?
  13. Can't believe people bother to click any of them. Weirdos.