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  1. I've never seen a book offer a bet on teams making or not making the playoffs.
  2. I can put those in for you somewhere. Let me shop the lines and I'll let you know.
  3. $150 on Canes to make playoffs if yes, $100 more on whether they advance. $100 on Sabres va Carolina in standings if you want I'll pass on the others.
  4. $100 Sabres finish higher in the standings than Canes? Projections have them almost dead even.
  5. Sure. I'm good for both. If they miss the playoffs, I assume 2nd bet is no action?
  6. What's the bet? Playoffs or 2nd round? I think they miss both so name the bet.
  7. Yeah. I was underwhelmed.
  8. Dunno. I like it up to -160 or so. Don't expect him to play in the nickel with Burfict back. Also don't expect Rey in base. So hopefully limited snaps for both and lots of passing from Miami.
  9. Played the under just now for -105. Like the Dansby under 7.5 a lot more.
  10. smart phones make people dumb
  11. Playing with who? That seems optimistic.
  12. Put up a huge score and still lost 2 this week. My team looks pretty strong though.