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  1. Willie, wait!
  2. Haven't heard much about him.
  3. I don't go to Chipotle as much as I would because the lines are always ####### insane.
  4. IN think I'd prefer an earlier (date) draft. no preference on draft pick.
  5. I assume little NB is 1 month old now. Congrats buddy.
  6. this is pretty incorrect 1. we don't know who did it 2. they called his place of employment. nothing "unsavory" was sent.
  7. @Bob Sacamano some info here
  8. Yeah. Somewhere. About kids and stuff.
  9. Top 5 recruiting classes don't matter if you can't beat Ohio State
  10. Yep. Was talked about in the big Woz thread I think.
  11. In, until people complain that I'm taking too long to make a pick and then I'll probably just decide to quit mid-draft.
  12. $250k? damn