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  1. well, when this thread has been reported a half dozen times or more today, it's going to get some added attention. I thought Bacon stopped posting. Don't really see why he needs to use an alias.
  2. huh? been cleaning up this thread all day. please stay on topic. TIA
  3. that article does mention some of that stuff. I just didn't know any of the background here. sucks to wait 3 years for him.
  4. what happened with Kaprizov? https://www.hockeywilderness.com/2017/8/14/16142190/it-seems-like-the-wild-really-screwed-up-the-kirill-kaprizov-situation-minnesota-khl-cska-moscow
  5. Pastrnak trade rumors are awesome. https://sports.yahoo.com/stanley-cup-odds-sidney-crosby-david-pastrnak-puck-daddy-countdown-150021064.html
  6. I'm sure I could have done better, but I feel ok with this group. just need Gronk to stay healthy and a breakout RB or two.
  7. pineapple on pizza is an abomination.
  8. I was underwhelmed with Lamberts
  9. ,s Grab McFadden and suck it up for a few weeks
  10. well with Beckham and Gronk, I was going to have questions at RB regardless lots of upside with all 3 RBs IMO
  11. I am pretty confident in the other 2 RBs personally.
  12. QB Rivers, T.Taylor RB McCaffrey, Ingram, T.Coleman WR Beckham, G.Tate, E.Sanders, A.Thielen, R.Matthews TE Gronkowski, D.Walker traded my 13/14th for a 12th/16th in a later draft since my team is pretty set and I'm hoping to land a better RB4 option there.