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  1. nice little bump for CYDY this morning
  2. Macau casinos have reopened by I guess.
  3. I sold my shares recently. Missed the signs it was safe to get back in.
  4. My bank sends out checks for me and let’s me deposit them online. I’m sure there’s another way.
  5. Sabres not looking so good either. Said they will pay the staff if the games wind up getting canceled rather than just postponed.
  6. Blackhawks choked to Detroit just as they started to make things interesting.
  7. I just got this in my email inbox from the Chicago Tribune. If this is such an obscure music festival that some of you claim to have never heard of, why does the Tribune think it's important enough to send out a breaking news update to their entire subscriber list? also note that SXSW is mentioned 3 times. They never even bothered to call it 'South by Southwest' because everybody who doesn't live under a rock knows what that is.
  8. 18. The desire to changing the offside rule to “breaking the plane” is a victory for Colin Campbell. He proposed this a few years ago, but there wasn’t enough support. That’s changed as everyone realized the onion was being sliced too thin. What also helped was data. From 2017-18 until now, 45 of 71 “skate in the air” challenges would have been good goals instead of disallowed ones. And the number of overall offside challenges would have dropped from 214 to 143.
  9. Get fired up for the draft lottery. Can’t wait.
  10. music, film, and tech festival. it's a pretty big deal. why would anyone know anything I guess.
  11. Was very surprised to see Barclay Goodrow fetch a 1st round pick. Guess he's better defensively than I realized.
  12. Pageau already signed to a 6-year extension at $5MM/year