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  1. They are gonna have vereen all over the field, split wide too. Madness to sit someone getting this much work.
  2. Without Gronk, thinking Brady will be relying on Vereen even more. Currently have him over Bush/Bell.
  3. I said this last year, I own him this year....doh
  4. interview with Steve Young on KNBR just now, they went over how Alex might be a better start under the noise at the Dome this weekend. I tend to agree that Kap might have a harder time than Alex in those conditions.
  5. Reece (me) and Jones both went for $1 in one league, and got Jones for $1 in another (Reece bid was high). Both leagues have Raider fans in it, which is concerning.
  6. if he's a GTD scratch (hoping not), I might have to roll with Thomas.
  7. Wait if you want. I'm getting out while I can. Not gonna be much left to sell on a guy out for most of the rest of the fantasy regular season.Glad to have Gronk this weekend instead of Graham.Must be nice. I have to choose between Dustin Keller and David Thomas.In other words I'm f'd.Think he's saying he sold for Gronk over the last 4 days. I just bought Graham, sounds like he should be back fine for the 2nd half of the season.