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  1. They are gonna have vereen all over the field, split wide too. Madness to sit someone getting this much work.
  2. Without Gronk, thinking Brady will be relying on Vereen even more. Currently have him over Bush/Bell.
  3. I said this last year, I own him this year....doh
  4. interview with Steve Young on KNBR just now, they went over how Alex might be a better start under the noise at the Dome this weekend. I tend to agree that Kap might have a harder time than Alex in those conditions.
  5. Reece (me) and Jones both went for $1 in one league, and got Jones for $1 in another (Reece bid was high). Both leagues have Raider fans in it, which is concerning.
  6. if he's a GTD scratch (hoping not), I might have to roll with Thomas.
  7. Wait if you want. I'm getting out while I can. Not gonna be much left to sell on a guy out for most of the rest of the fantasy regular season.Glad to have Gronk this weekend instead of Graham.Must be nice. I have to choose between Dustin Keller and David Thomas.In other words I'm f'd.Think he's saying he sold for Gronk over the last 4 days. I just bought Graham, sounds like he should be back fine for the 2nd half of the season.
  8. pre-purchased 25% off from GMG. Wondering if I qualify for the 3 day early start this weekend.
  9. My exact thoughts, and I had Stafford last year. Looking for this years and I found it, RYAN.Can u get ryan 8th and lower like Stafford last yr? Otherwise not the same
  10. not a movie but I saw Cole Phelps from the LA Noir game in Mad Men the other day....whoa, he's not just a CGI
  11. usually for PS3 online access is free. Plus is for extra Sony market features such as PS online magazines, discounts on games, and free games.
  12. I played it for 10 minutes and called it talking about the human revolution? I started it and moved on to something else as well. currently on LA Noir finally.
  13. Huge NFL fan, but from what I hear from people that don't like watching it, there is too much stop and go in football. I agree there is a lot of dead time but I'm used to it. So as much as people think soccer is boring, football can be considered so to others. Another question, how much does growing up playing the sport lead to becoming a fan later?
  14. I mix a bag of Kirkland with a bag of Blue Buffalo in a big bin, ends up lasting a good while for a 75 lbs dog. Kirkland is a pretty decent dog food, i have family that feed it to their dogs and they live a full life. It does have a good portion of grain in it so I add the BB for more meat product. Kirkland dogfood review.
  15. actually walk your dog and they'll be more balanced. seriously, known ton of pit bulls, while some may get excited seeing other dogs, none have shown any angst towards people. of course the owners actually care for their dogs and don't just lock them in a backyard to build anxiety
  16. Laptop (to check in on FBG's and hook up with other survivors)Cellphone (even zombies wont keep me from playing Words with Friends) Hot pockets (Guys gotta eat) Didn't we do a thread awhile back where you had to pick like three foods to eat the rest of your life keeping nutrition and taste in mind-(I think hot pockets was mentioned).better to choose water, beef jerky and dried produce unless you planning to sport a fridge as a backpack