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  1. I guess if your argument has become so obviously vapid that you start saying that history doesn't have sides then that's actually a good sign.
  2. So proud and happy to have this guy as the coach of the team I root for whether they're healthy or not.
  3. Perhaps I'm naive but listening to these kids speak is getting my hopes up for the future. We've reached a tipping point and the times they are a changin'.
  4. Things are getting solved without or without you. Get with the times or get out of the way.
  5. I'm heartened that something meaningful is coming from this senseless slaughter and am jealous of the opportunity you (and all the other FBGs marching with their kids) have with your daughter to participate in changing our country. What a valuable lesson. I'll be cheering you on from the beach next door
  6. Curry incurs a knee strain when JaVale McGee feel into him on his first night back from his fourth ankle sprain. Eerily similar to the Durant/Pachulia incident from last year except there isn't nearly as much time to recover. Even if it's the mildest of the mild I doubt he plays again in the regular season. Playoffs start three weeks from tomorrow. Eta: ####
  7. Just like it's spelled, duh. It means friend in Slovenian, just so you know. Friend.
  8. Hey I paid last week. I'm no roustabout. @General Malaise please confirm.
  9. We're gonna see pics of Trump's Weinstein before we see his tax returns aren't we. That really is sad.
  10. We all know how good Harden/Lillard/Paul/CJ are but the most impressive thing about both teams is their improvement on defense. Still nice to see Houston get called for fouling on one of those 3 point attempts once in a while, tho. Screw them.
  11. I vote for the $50 option. I need something to do this summer.
  12. I hadn't thought about just sitting on the bench for a year. That seems reasonable if everyone else is amenable
  13. The only thing I can think of is to put my guys up for bidding and fold the team. If you have any better ideas let me know. I was really looking forward to this year but I don't see any realistic way to compete. I've never had a situation like this before. Sorry guys.