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  1. 3.05 Jack Flaherty, SP StL It took four hours and five "customer service agents" for JetBlue to own up and do the right thing (ie fixing the problem they themselves created), but we're finally on the way back to California and nobody's getting fired for missing work tomorrow. Staying another night was never going to happen, I just had to convince them of that. At least I didn't have to burn #### down and steal a plane. Thanks for the text @Dan Lambskin. I didn't mean to ignore it, but it arrived during a particularly robust crescendo of heightened drama, and I had forgotten about its existence until now. "Customer service is not a feeling, it's a behavior." -Nobody at JetBlue
  2. Everything is doable for me except the 24th which would require the movement of mountains.
  3. 2.10 Walker Buehler, SP LAD @Bogart time's a wastin'
  4. You might remember that, after the Ukraine/Zelensky story broke, Trump tweeted that he was right to ask Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and asked China to do the same. The FEC typically stays out of the political fray, but the FEC Chair, Ellen Weintraub, felt compelled to remind Trump of the illegality of such behavior by retweeting the bipartisan FEC memo that had been drafted and released exactly for that purpose, adding the elegant yet forceful words "is this thing on?". Track down an interview with her and/or follow her on Twitter. The inability of the FEC to take action just scratches the surface (a quorum is impossible with 4/7 of the spots vacant, and Trump has refused to nominate anyone IIRC). She's basically yelling fire in a burning building. There's nothing else she can do. Of course, the usual suspects accuse her of grandstanding and seeking the spotlight, even though she was a W. Bush appointee who held her tongue until Trump started boasting about his illegal activity while adding more for good measure. She's another unsung, patriotic hero who in today's world receives death threats for her treasonous behavior. It's probably much ado about nothing as usual. We report you decide.
  5. I didn't mean to single you out @AAABatteries. We're on the same side and I hope you know I love you. It's always easier to find flaws in the words coming out of someone else's mouth rather than your own. I've undoubtedly said the same or worse. Whatever the case, it's terrifying how far we've fallen in three years.
  6. This isn't "politics as usual", and that it's being shrugged off as such is proof of its efficacy. Trumpism won the last election, and now it's won our minds. There's nothing I care more about, as it means truth no longer matters. It's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the end. 1. It's absolutely possible to police, as was done for our entire history. I'm sure most are aware of the Trump Fact Checker, which went from 1,999 lies in 2017, to 5,689 in 2018, to 8,872 in 2019. He was on pace to beat that number, but it hasn't been updated since January (they probably gave up out of hopelessness). What's impossible now is accountability. 2. Every campaign does not do this, but what does it matter? That this is a serious question is more proof that Trumpian whataboutism has won the day and won the country. My hopes weren't high, but the Dershowitz argument that anything done in the name of re-election is not impeachable, trumpeted as unthinkably preposterous a month ago, has now become our "politics as usual". Maybe it's no big deal to some, and others might find it cheerworthy, but I absolutely care that the National Anthem has been replaced with "The End Justifies the Means". Trump Jr. will be leading the country in song before the next rally. Nice little country you got there. Be a shame if somethin' happened to it.
  7. The adoption by the Sanders campaign of the same disinformation tactics that were so vociferously decried after they won Trump the 2016 election, then doubling-down on their use after being called out for it is, well, some might call it deplorable. I'd use different words, but that would just induce more attacks of the same variety, as happened when I pointed out this very thing months ago and predicted it would only get worse. Meanwhile, Putin cackles knowing that Trump vs. Bernie is a win-win proposition. See ya in the gulags, fellas!
  8. Always striving to build suspense and defy expectations 1.05 Mookie Betts, OF LAD @Capella @Fat Drunk and Stupid
  9. Sorry, overnight trip to NYC had me distracted. I'l pick within the hour.
  10. Overpopulation is by far the biggest threat to humanity, with the burden primarily being shouldered by the world's most impoverished people. The poorer you are, the more gets piled on. Of course, now that the first world is getting less and less interested in being preached to, those same populations are the new targets of the biology=immoral message, just like they were for tobacco companies and countries looking to dump their toxic waste and pollution so the problem can be ignored. Meanwhile, the rapid spread of factory farming and automation is removing the last rural way to make a living, resulting in a worldwide crisis in farmer suicide, while what's left of the family picks up and moves to the city, joining the rest to work for pennies an hour while human waste runs down the streets between the crumbling buildings. Sucks that they have to bring their kids with them until they're old to work, but they were probably born ###### or cancerous anyway so no big whoop. Yes, learning about the shameful, sinful parts of the human body or anything else that might reduce unwanted pregnancy is the real crime here, folks. These people need saving.
  11. Wasn't that investigation also initiated by a whistle blower complaint? Amazingly, the attitudes of many prominent Republicans towards whistleblower protection back then is the exact opposite of what it is now. What a coincidence!
  12. "Larry Ray is a psychotic con man who has victimized every friend he’s ever had. It’s been close to 20 years since I last heard from him, yet his reign of terror continues.” Somehow this statement manages to be both 100% true and a gross understatement at the same time. What a bizarre, fascinating, and terrifying story. Thanks for sharing it.
  13. I've never not screwed this up on the first try, but am willing to feign competence and self-improvement in deference to the greater good. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 810 Roll subtotal: 810 Roll total: 810
  14. Exactly. The customer isn't always right, so the staffer gave a generic apology and moved on. Sorry they didn't take the bait. Pete and the team rarely do. Attempts at outrage trolling like this one are a dime a dozen, and, just like here at FBGs, attempts to engage them in anything substantive only encourages more disingenuous behavior so they're best ignored. If they wanted to have a good-faith discussion on racial issues, I'm sure the campaign would be happy to oblige. Pete has the most comprehensive, causality-focused, and well-funded policy on systemic inequality in the race, one that he's proud to talk about. In fact, it is the most progressive approach by a major candidate in modern political history, but unfortunately, as is the case with all his plans, it can't be reduced to a four-word slogan. Just like his guilt is proven by the lack of denials, no slogan equals no plan equals racist. It's so profoundly idiotic that I'm continually amazed that people are willing to embarrass themselves by embracing this kind of tactic, but it attracts a certain kind of attention which some people are willing to pay any price for. Heck, Trump won the Presidency on it so I'm probably the idiotic one. A month ago a homeless guy died in South Bend due to the sub-freezing temperatures and this was proof that Pete doesn't care about homelessness. In fact, he relishes in it. Pete's donors are proof that he's a corporate shill, though they all have and will continue to take money from Bloomberg, as soon as he's off the trail. Pete should've funded his campaign by utilizing his non-existent name recognition to raise tens of millions like Bernie. The wealthy have too much power in politics, so Pete, as the only non-million/billionaire running shouldn't be able to raise money any other way. The campaign's "Invest in Black America" t-shirt is proof of his out-of-touch whiteness and racial pandering, though it was designed by and for black people. To help bring attention to his trillion-dollar plan to combat inequality. What a ####. That he speaks a bunch of languages means he's a CIA plant. Medicare for All Who Want It was designed by Big Pharma and Big Insurance. He married his husband because, as a white heterosexual, he needed to manufacture a civil rights angle to win the Presidency. The proof is all over Twitter. That he spends time listening and talking to people instead of responding to these allegations is proof that he isn't Presidential material. What more do you need? Case closed.
  15. Oh, for sure, this is all from one pollster (Suffolk University, A- on 538), and they show Pete polling higher than any other. I only found them because they received some publicity for most closely matching what happened in Iowa (where Pete was supposed to finish 3rd or 4th or even 5th, with either Sanders or Biden winning). They release new results every night so it's easy to do the apples-to-apples thing, but even the polls showing Sanders leading have it within single digits. 538's average has Sanders up by 6.2, with Pete having gained 6.6 points over the last five days. Leading up to Iowa, with most public polling showing Pete flat or fading, the campaign kept saying they were confident based on their organizational strategy that they argued wasn't being taken into account. To be honest, I wasn't buying it and a part of me was looking forward to getting my life back, but look what happened. Lost in the Iowa mess was the unprecedented nature of what occurred. There was some talk of the first gay man to win a delegate (not that that shouldn't be celebrated), but that was probably going to happen eventually anyways. What was totally improbable, almost inconceivable, is a guy going from zero name recognition, zero dollars, and zero support to winning (or tying if you prefer) a year later. Sure, Suffolk University may have a pro-Pete bias, but another explanation might be that the electorate has a pro-Pete bias. To me, that makes more sense than assuming all the polling being off by 10+ points was a one-time event, but I definitely have a pro-Pete bias. He only got on my radar because some guy named @Sinn Fein said he might be worth looking into. Man, I miss that guy. It's weird to think that four years ago we would've all been in the Bernie thread. At the time, my support and enthusiasm for Bernie was higher than for anyone else in my lifetime, but it pales in comparison to how I view Pete. This is the #1 priority in my life right now, because I'm thoroughly convinced we're in the midst of an existential crisis as a country, and we only have one last shot to save it. I'm not at all convinced that Pete can even do it, but he stands a far greater chance than anyone else. There's this constant wail about how polarization, divisiveness, tribalism, whatever you want to call it, is destroying our nation and nobody knows what to do. I think joining in and piling on is the exact opposite of a solution, which is why Sanders has become such a turn-off for me. When you look at the polling, there's one guy that appeals across ideologies, genders, generations, geographies, religions, and yes, even races (the zero-black support narrative is demonstrably false when you look at the data, but I think he's holding onto that card for Nevada). I don't know if "togetherness" will necessarily win, but his message of belonging, trust, and hope is the only chance we've got to reverse the tide. As a business student having done some international travel over the last few years, it's shocking how far behind we are. We're halfway down the drain already, and unless some fundamental changes occur it's only going to accelerate. I'll be applying to doctoral programs in a couple months, and the National University of Singapore is at the top of my list for that very reason. We've become a decidedly mediocre country trending downward, and as much as it pains me to say, we've become one of the worst at practicing "American Ideals". If I have to go to another country to find what I was raised to believe in then so be it, but I want to give the ol' US of A a shot first.