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  1. Thanks for herding the cats and getting them all to the litter box on time.
  2. Damien Jones? I'm helpless away from my sheets.
  3. Frankie Ntilikina @Long Ball Larry
  4. bananafish is now bananaswish
  5. While getting off the subway leaving a friend behind: "good luck beating that rape charge."
  6. Man, this league got complicated.
  7. There he is!!! I seriously thought you just spelled it wrong when searching the spreadsheet. I had no idea there was a real Bojan. I'm an idiot. Carry on.
  8. Come back! Bogdan is taken and his brother Bojan isn't in the NBA.
  9. 13.10 Cody Zeller (sucks), PF/C CHA @Good Posting Judge