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  1. I think I've mentioned the Locked on Steelers podcast before and this one was spot on: -Coaching was a disaster -Todd Haley's limitations will keep showing up -Keith Butler has to go -Ben Roethlisberger's mixed bag performance -Jaguars vaunted defense wasn't an issue -What is the standard for Pittsburgh now? -Should Tomlin be on the hot seat next season? -GOLDEN opportunity lost for Pittsburgh
  2. They used to sneak Ben all the time, now he's too old I guess is the thinking.
  3. What a dumb, dumb call. Sweep when you need two inches.
  4. This could not have gone much more poorly for the Steelers here at the start.
  5. I won't criticize Bell for looking for a huge contract and I wouldn't criticize the Steelers for not giving him one.
  6. I think we can all agree that Trump has substantially weakened his bargaining position on DACA and immigration with his colorful commentary regarding the matter. If you were ever wondering what a negative-dimensional chess game looked like, now you know.
  7. Of course Africa is a ####hole country. That's the country that birthed Obama, duh.
  8. Wolves heads should enjoy the new Lowe Post with Jim Petersen and his tales of a resurgent Minnesota team. Everyone's head should enjoy the second half where he tells tales of 80s NBA and partying with Prince.
  9. -Washinton Post I love how in his desperation to prove how stable-geniusy he is he just keeps digging the hole deeper. So perfectly Trumpian.
  10. Kasie Hunt‏Verified account @kasie 1h1 hour ago .@SpeakerRyan on the floor now trying to explain section 702 of the FISA law The intended audience: @realDonaldTrump and any GOP members who think the president wants them to vote this down because of the tweet this morning
  11. No, no, no, that's just the name of his sex tape, or so I hear.
  12. He's saying they're "built for cold weather" because their strengths are rushing and defense, and he's right in that sense. Whether their particular version of these strengths will be successful in cold weather is another thing. I think you're right that they won't be but that's not what he was arguing.
  13. Mazda 6 has been a great car for me. Sporty 4-door sedan that looks mean and gets good to excellent reviews.