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  1. Oh, I'm well aware of the Trump Bunch's preferred method of engagement and have set my expectations accordingly. However, the usual back-and-forth gets us nowhere (exactly as it's meant to), so I thought I'd take a different tack and ask them to compare the facts to what they are being told. Maybe someone somewhere will actually do it and realize what they've been buying into. 3 posts asking for a shred of evidence that the powers that be on the right are not engaged in constant, habitual lying to deflect from the truth. Zero responses. So now we know where they stand which is progress of a sort. They're telling us not to take their posting seriously which I already knew but it's good to remove all doubt.
  2. How is that an opinion? It wouldn't be hard to verify one way or the other which is not a characteristic of an opinion. Yes/no. Right/wrong. This is the realm of facts. I'll humor you for a minute on the off chance you actually want to know the truth and aren't just dodging the issue like everyone else. We'll know the answer soon enough. Let's try an experiment, you know, like science does to prove things and uncover facts. Unless you don't care about those things, which would hardly make you unusual when it come to Trump. Your choice: 5 minutes to get the facts about Trump and the right-wing media or, as I expect you to do, just dismiss it with a bad attempt at humor ("I hope this explosion made you feel better") and go on your merry way. At least then we'll know what your agenda is and how seriously to take your posts. Go to Fox News (or any other right-leaning site you prefer) and look at their reporting of, say, the Mueller report since we're on that subject (pick a different one if you want, it doesn't matter). Does it talk about what's in the report or anything BUT what's in the report? Taking sentence fragments out of context like Barr did doesn't count. In fact, that's evidence the other way. Does it talk about the 10 instances of potential obstruction in the report or just that Mueller didn't indict him (conveniently leaving out that he couldn't)? Does it talk about the 100+ times Trump's campaign had contact with Russians or Russian affiliates or does it leave that out and simply state that nobody was indicted? If the latter, does it include that he didn't indict Don Jr. because he couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Don Jr. knew he was breaking the law (because he did, in fact, break the law)? Or that getting to the truth about Russia was impossible because Trump officials lied to him and destroyed evidence? I haven't looked at Fox News and don't have to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it'll be full Republican politicians and pundits claiming that Mueller's testimony will be good for Trump, embarrassing for Democrats, and proof that the investigation was rigged or somehow unfair to the President. They won't talk about about what Mueller's actually said or written or if they do it will be done in a manner such to misconstrue the obvious, original meaning of his words. Fair enough? Go get 'em tiger. Surprise me.
  3. Because the administration and the right-wing media have fed the public a steady diet of lies about what's in the report and 99% or more of them haven't bothered to read it for themselves because they trust what they're being told is "real news". It's so disingenuous on it's face but it's worked. Over and over and over again. Why they continue to be trusted is beyond me, but it's an interesting example of how powerless logic and reason are versus emotion and confirmation bias. Not just for Trump fans or Republicans but all human beings. There's a few notable exceptions of truth-telling by people on the right that still think integrity is worth something, but by far the vast majority of information disseminated by Republicans and the right-leaning media (like 99.9%) is either outright false or, more commonly, takes a small kernel of truth and magnifies its supposed importance to such a degree that it "proves" some ridiculous claim like the Russia investigation was a hoax or the report exonerates Trump or he was simply following Obama's policy of child separation. There's a million other examples and more every day (just see Don't Noonan's post above if you don't believe me). That's not to say that the left has never done anything similar or that everything the regular "fake news" media reports should be swallowed whole. But this has become the norm, the deliberate, blanket strategy of the right and their enablers in the media. This is not my opinion or my slant or my "take" on the news of the day. This is another FACT that cannot be disputed by anyone arguing in good faith and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. I'm not talking about attacks on the margins or bringing up tangentially related issues or the dictionary definition of words or how some extreme example is representative of the whole or whatever means folks use to avoid addressing the subject. What I am saying is, as a general rule, TRUMP, REPUBLICANS, AND THE MEDIA ON THE RIGHT LIE TO YOU ALL DAY EVERY DAY WITHOUT EXCEPTION. It's their business model. Their standard operating procedure. Their mission statement, raison d'etre, whatever you want to call it. I wish somebody would take me up on the challenge and prove that to be false. We'd be better off if that was the case. But they can't so they join in the "fun". Yes, there are a few instances of the right spilling the truth or "telling it like it is" for real, but they're so rare that they make news themselves, like Sheppard Smith or Mitt Romney occasionally do. But a brief glimpse of a unicorn shouldn't be taken as proof that all horses have horns, especially when the unicorns face unrelenting criticism for not following the playbook. The point of Mueller's testimony is to push back on the false narratives that surround the work he did for our country and have thus far overpowered what the report actually says. I don't know that it will make a meaningful difference, but it's worth a try and they don't have a lot of other options. This is a battle of truth versus propaganda and truth isn't doing so hot. It's Trump's upside-down world we're are living in and he's unquestionably a master at it.
  4. They're asking Mueller to testify because there's been so much deliberate misinformation bandied about (exonerates the President, no collusion), that many will be hearing what's actually in the report for the first time (hint: it does not exonerate the President and there was plenty of collusion). Before Amash left the party, he gave a speech calling on other other Republicans to stand up to Trump using quotes directly from the report. Many in the audience were shocked that it said anything negative at all about the President, let alone provided stark evidence of his lies, total disregard for the law, and concrete efforts to obstruct the investigation. Clearly they had been led to believe the exact opposite. By whom I wonder? Of course Amash was attacked mercilessly by "Republicans" and ultimately banished from the party. For quoting and drawing conclusions from the report. If nothing else, the report should put Trump's claims of "fake news" and "witchhunt" to bed once and for all, as well as convince any reader, Trump fan or no, that the man is virtually incapable of telling the truth. Instead you have legions of people cheering the report as if it proves he was right all along and contains evidence of a deep state conspiracy. People actually think Mueller's testimony will be GOOD for the President and are relishing the comeuppance Democrats will receive. If Mueller just sticks to the report it will be anything but. Like I said earlier, almost every piece of news by the MSM on Trump's ties to Russia and obstruction that he decried as fake news was proven absolutely correct by Mueller's report, a fact which I haven't heard a single one of his supporters address. In fact, you could even say that it provides a textbook on how good journalism is done. Instead of being lauded for holding the Administration accountable and upholding their duty as the fourth estate which is crucial to a functioning democracy, they've been demonized as "the enemy of the people". I mean, journalists have been murdered right here in our own country and people barely batted an eye, if not downright applauded. It's crazy. In this very thread you have posters ridiculing others for buying into the "Russia Hoax" and falling victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome, as if their concerns about our government are something to be ashamed of. While it should be absolutely crystal clear who the hoax is on and exactly who might qualify as deranged, not one Trump supporter will address this post, just like they didn't respond to my previous post about the Mueller report. The posts are 100% factually correct and I challenge anyone to show where I've stated anything that is remotely false or misleading. "But Hillarys" or CNN's low ratings or quotes from Bill Barr don't count as anything but deflection and attempts to muddy the water, not that they won't try anyway. It's all they have left. I urge those that support the President to turn off Fox News for a moment and investigate what I've said. Prove me wrong. If I am it should be easy and I'll gladly eat my crow. I'd much rather do that than be forced to accept that much of the country simply isn't interested in facts anymore. If just one person takes what I've written to heart and cracks their mind open to the mere possibilty that Trump might not be the best thing for the country, then the time I spent writing this long-### post will have been well spent. I have my doubts but I also have hope. We can't give up on America. Not yet.
  5. I don't know where most of y'all get your non-fake news, but the Meuller report confirmed almost everything reported in the MSM about the Trump campaign's contact with the Russians and their effort to swing the election. The problem was, though there was plenty of evidence of collusion, we knew most of it already and it wasn't enough, in Mueller's mind, to prove conspiracy. Most likely due to the fact that the investigation was obstructed at every turn and which Mueller chronicled in painstaking detail in the second half of the report. That he followed DOJ policy and didn't indict a sitting president doesn't say a thing one way or the other about the voluminous amount evidence he collected, just that he couldn't indict so he didn't. If you want to claim, as Barr did, that the report exonerates Trump, that simply proves your ignorance as to what it actually says and that Barr, Fox, et al were successful in playing you all for fools. Just like the Russians did before the election and continue to do to this day. That's why McConnell feels confident he can brazenly block any and all efforts to protect the 2020 election and not suffer any repercussions: Trump and the Russians have you convinced that it is and was no big deal even though all the evidence says otherwise. There's no shame in admitting you were fooled. Hell, I was a Bernie guy (and can't stand Hillary) and I fell for it, too. But to continue to tow the Trumpian line after they've proven to be so profoundly untrustworthy says something about your character, your intelligence, or both. That I've so severely overestimated my fellow Americans continues to be a source of sorrow and deep disappointment. If you find merriment in that, so be it. I don't know when caring about your country became something to be ridiculed, but it's undeniable we've reached that point. It's made me wonder, for the first time in my life, if our time as a great country, or even a country at all, is coming to an end.
  6. They're working on it. It takes a minute for instructions to disseminate.
  7. ####hole people from ####hole countries should be grateful we brought them here...look at the unemployment numbers! Many people are saying that since the Constitution abolished slavery they are here illegally. Maybe they'll be next on the list after I take care of the dirty Mexicans criminally infesting our country. I don't want to, but Democrats started it and I have to follow the law. Make America Great Again! (wild cheers and chants of U.S.A.!)
  8. Pete on the Axe Files podcast with David Axelrod. I continue to be impressed, especially with how he addresses the tough questions around race and what has and hasn't changed in South Bend. I mean, the whole thing is impressive, but I've heard variations of most of it before. That he takes the challenging questions head-on and doesn't obfuscate or change the subject or blame others or all the other things that have become standard political speech (anything besides answering the damn question) is so different and refreshing that I found it kind of shocking. I guess when something's been gone for so long you forget what that it ever existed. I think it's called honesty. Not that he doesn't have a political agenda or craft his answers, but he says tough problems are tough and there's no simple answer that's going to fix things overnight. The juxtaposition between his demeanor and the manufactured moment Kamala Harris had with Biden at the debate...I know she received a ton of plaudits for it but it was just depressing to me. That people took it as a sign that she can "take on Trump" was particularly worrisome. Nobody is beating Trump at that game and if that's the approach we're going to lose. I don't agree with him on everything but I do on the most important thing: we all lose if the tone of our leadership doesn't change.
  9. My memory isn't exactly clear on the aftermath of the Iraq invasion (hard to believe it's been almost 20 years!), but I thought he was generally proven right on the 3 states thing? At least that it would've avoided the former government from all becoming insurgents. The Iran deal was never given a fair shake and was a tremendous accomplishment. Trump is never going to be able to put it back together again, let alone get a "better deal". His utter incompetence at almost everything is breathtaking.
  10. Sorry guys, I got fooled by a tweet about his 2013 retirement (which was their intention I'm sure). I'll do better. Disregard.
  11. Oh, and Alan Dershowitz resigned from Harvard.
  12. I didn't really need another example, but thanks for proving my point in real time. Remember to protect and defend at all costs. Nothing may be considered beneath you.
  13. No no no, let's talk some more about how offensive the term "concentration camps" is. Or how there's no video of people drinking out of toilets. Meanwhile, the Chief of Border Control, who was shocked and appalled when she found out about the racist Facebook group, is herself a member. Along with a bunch of other members of border control leadership. I wasn't a fan of AOC, in fact I found some of her comments embarrassing and counterproductive. But I'm becoming one now. Somebody has to fight to make America great again. Heck, at this point I'd accept mediocre, or at least non-deplorable. When Donald Trump promised to protect us from the rapists and murderers coming over the border, I didn't realize it was because he wanted to corner the market for rape and murder for full-blooded American citizens only. What a patriot.