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  1. Have you read the indictments? This was a lot more than an hacking two email accounts. It was a multifaceted, coordinated effort to install a puppet president willing to do Russia's bidding. In some respects it is more serious than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.
  2. Serious posts only in this thread about a View catfight lol
  3. Sorry, you're right. They won't tank but will just suck the old fashioned way.
  4. Gonna be a great season. The only team tanking in the West is Sacto (at least at the outset). I'd say Nugs or Wolves but it's obviously a tough call. One of the non-listed teams might make it in as well.
  5. Is it your goal to just annoy the entire board with tired, unfunny shtick? I'm not one to judge how one gets their jollies but it's rather pathetic. You be you I guess.
  6. I don't know that much about golf but it's pretty obvious to me that these Brits need to invest in some freakin' sprinklers.
  7. I'm not a Raider fan by any stretch so I can appreciate the genius. Still, Papa is/was one of my favorite announcers. He and Jim Barnett were just about perfect.
  8. Wanting attacks on our country to be taken seriously is being "holier than thou"? Listen to yourself, man.
  9. If Greg Papa starts re-announcing Warriors games instead of the virtually unbearable ultra-doofus Bob Fitzgerald I might start listening to the radio again. Let us pray.
  10. Much better than "a better deal".
  11. Bernie Sanders: It is imperative we elect Hillary There's literally dozens more videos of Bernie supporting Hillary if you care to look: