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  1. I get the feeling that Martavis is not the brightest tool in the shed. Collinsworth seemed to say as much during the broadcast. He certainly is guilty of listening to some bad advice.
  2. Curry getting his fourth foul early in the second half was key. In all their losses he's been in foul trouble.
  3. New Quinnipiac poll: Also the highest numbers ever for gun control: Also this on the Russia investigation:
  4. I used to drink at work all the time. Then I got fired.
  5. If this lead holds up Golden State will win their seventh straight game by 17 points or more, an NBA record. That's pretty cool you should watch.
  6. I think the Warriors are mesmerized by Elfrid Payton's floppy hair. I know I am.
  7. Now the Knicks are melting down in the fourth with the Cavs shooting 9 3's.
  8. It's not official yet but Curry is probably out. Not that it matters that much. The Warriors have won six in a row by 17+ points for the first time in their history. Probably extend that streak tonight.
  9. I'm all for it, investigate away and prosecute all the law breakers on both sides. Link to the story.
  10. Sessions is apparently mulling appointing a second independent counsel to investigate Hillary, emails, uranium, etc.
  11. I like "Trumpeteer", has a nice, Mickey Mouse Club feel to it.