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  1. anyone able to get any deal on the ST. I have been with DTV for 25 years and have all ways got a deal on the ST.
  2. got it free this year but I get it free most years. I have been with the since 1995. I get all channels and my bill is set on auto pay, this helps
  3. it will be Cleveland and GS in the finials for 3 years in a row. there is only 4 or 5 teams worth watching
  4. DTV is very inconstant. I called 3 weeks ago and could not get any deal, they said full price for ST
  5. been with DTV since 1995, get every channel and my bill is set on auto pay. this year I got the ST free, I had to agree to a one year agreement. When you call say cancel. it takes you a higher operator that can give you better deals.
  6. Listen to Doc. btw: How young is he? I have no idea. i started working out at 15 yo.....didnt touch a single steroid until i was 40 yo now 51 and i only do one 16 week cycle a year ...have done so every year since i started....i use mild cycles and follow all the proper post cycle protocols ...i eat right and get regular doctor check ups ...ive not had a single health issue in all that time...if anything im told im in the condition of an 18 rather do what i do than smoke and drink like most people do ...i look good and feel great This folks, is a person who 'uses" to better themselves and their quality of life. As opposed to a person who "abuses" or has no idea what they are actually messing with. When i started 11 years ago i didnt even have a computer...i really couldnt research like people can now ...i went by what people told me ...i had no idea what i was doing took me a few cycles to get it right.(duration and dosages and the very important PCT)...once i got a computer it was like a whole new world opened up...and now we have access to SARMS...anyways i cant recommend researching ,read and read some more ...ask questions ...if you do it right it really is a great way to get the most out of your quest to change your body, and contrary to popular belief it is a healthy lifestyle if done in moderation. I know what SARMS are but how are you using them? With the cycle? At the end of an oral cycle while giving your liver a break? Do you add a little at the beginning of PCT? SARMs are a very good drug, I think it is nothing more than a mild designer steroid. I have done MK 2866 and S4. I did not like the vision side S4 gave me. MK 2866 helped me lean out. you can take SARMs as a stand alone cycle(I have gone for 12 weeks), with other AAS(I am currently on Test and MK2866) or MK2866 in PCT(I have done this to). I would not take S4 in PCT a lot of info out there on SARMs
  7. I have gone up to 500MG week, you are right it will make you grow. libido was crazy
  8. I have been self medicating Test for 2 years now. I want my levels on the higher end of normal, makes me feel 20 years younger. for me that dose is 250MG per week, this dose keep my test levels around 1000 ng/dl. most TRT dosages is around 100 to 150MG week. yes you need to get your E2 checked, you may need an AI.
  9. yes they explain his powers/abilities what episode? around episode 8 to 10. 13 total episodes
  10. I want a spawn remake all the remakes I have watched suck with the exception of star trek
  11. finished it. very very good. loved the suit. wonder if they will have DD in avengers 3
  12. Yea that's not going to happen. you never know. his dad did say he is coming back for his education. If I was him I would go pro. also some rumors here in Tallahassee is he might not be welcomed back
  13. jameis needs to come back to college for one more year from a maturity standpoint and QB development standpoint. I don't think he is ready for the NFL