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  1. Yeah, but it could have easily been soooo much better. Dream scenario is to have a kickoff return stopped at the 2. We got that, plus we got three helping of Gurley - and ended up sucking eggs. 21 carries, 2 goal line drives - and we get 15 points? That's settling. You get that kind of scenario with an AP or healthy Lynch and you end up with 30 unless it's SEA in the Super Bowl. 21 carries, 2 receptions, and a Rams win. It's a winning formula for them.
  2. Lamar Miller effect coming, welcome to 20 touches Todd
  3. not on injury report for first time since 11/11.
  4. Actually missed practice today after limited yesterday. Interesting.Yeah that was from yesterdaySorry - I should get reading comprehension lessons. Thanks for the update. Sounds like he isn't ready yet if he went from limited in practice to not practicing. They didn't want him/Alshon on turf. I wouldn't read into it too much, he's a veteran. It's not like he needs practice. Goes without saying, tomorrow will be key if the winds die down.
  5. Yeah, I don't see that either - Fox does seem to value experience. Langford really showed his stuff, but if there were a more proven vet behind Forte, I am not sure Langford would have gotten his chance. I could see Langford becoming the full time third down back. Way more electric in the passing game. Forte has good hands and will still catch passes on first and second down, but bringing Langford in for third downs is a logical way to still get him quality touches while presenting a coverage issue for defenses. I could see two or three series for Forte, followed by one for Langford. Plus the full time third down role for Langford. Cant say I have studied it closely enough to feel strongly about it...but isnt Forte kind of a perfect RB for 3rd down? Very reliable and savvy in the pass game, plus able to pass block. Yes. Langford is good for 2nd/3rd and long. 3rd and 4, Forte is still in there.
  6. DNP in practice today (11/12), groin from yesterday's practice per Fox
  7. Brian Baldinger said it the other day.Some guys talent are so obvious it's impossible to miss. My mother could scout Todd Gurley. Not quoting because this isn't exact. Something along these lines, though.
  8. . Do you guys have any children you aren't that attached to? I wouldn't sell for their child, unless she's legal and really hot, Hot wife would work, too. "So you two had an arranged marriage? That's interesting, what was the dowry?" "Todd Gurley"
  9. wow, not misleading at all. At 1:17:43 of the podcast, Carmen says "The word around the campfire is he's not happy anymore, he doesn't like the fact that Brandon Marshall is gone, he might not want to commit to this team long term. Are you hearing any of that and do the bears have to consider trading him" John Clayton: "Heard it, uhh, but the problem in trading him are you going to get value." and then he goes on about the trade/comp possibilities. It's hardly Clayton saying what Leming says he did.