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  1. Yes
  2. I don't think losing Gordon matters that much. I'd go Taylor.
  3. Wow. Tough one. White because it's PPR.
  4. I have the same choice and I'm going Henry.
  5. Golloday and Cole. I can't see benching Golladay right now and with Gabert starting, and Cole being the #1 in Jax, I'd go with him.
  6. I would go with Stills. Gabert is starting for Tenn.
  7. PPR need to pick 2 from Fitz, Enunwa, or Agholar. Leave link will reply.
  8. starting him over Enunwa or Agholar. Not sure which of those I'm starting.
  9. What do you guys think about LAC at Buf?
  10. What happened that you'd want to bench him for?
  11. Eh, the Giants have Shepard, Engram, and Barkley commanding targets but Beckham will still have a huge season. Winston missing 3 games sucks, but he looks much more focused this preseason. In dynasty, if you can buy Evans, you must.
  12. Oh boy.
  13. Anyone with an opinion on his dynasty value? I can get a 2020 2nd for him, wondering if I should get out while I can get something.
  14. I'm Joe Namath. No current news on me.