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  1. Why wait until now to retire? Why didn't he retire at the end of the year? Yesterday he would have signed on with a team if they paid him, and today he's decided that he just doesn't like football, and has enough money. Something is off.
  2. Then why retire? Makes no sense.
  3. As long as you cooperate with the police and give them the plumber's information, then no, you shouldn't go to jail. If you deny sending a plumber there then maybe you should be locked up.
  4. Did she call the cops after this assault?
  5. The same could almost be said for OBJ. he on your no draft list too?
  6. They are twin brothers. Enjoy.
  7. Not sure why calling someone a 1st and 2nd down back is bad. He's the starter, and he's given the ball first. Once Henry starts rumbling through defenses as we saw he could, Lewis will be a handy role player and nothing else. Look at his lifetime stats and tell me you see a guy who's going to get in the way of Henry breaking out.
  8. Yeah, that's cheap. I'd give 2 Marvin Jones for Henry.
  9. Ideally, Shep plays the slot. Latimer is a bum, and the Giants are paper thin at WR, so they have to line him up outside. If only there was a veteran WR they could sign to play opposite Beckham, moving Shepard to the slot for good.
  10. He's taking his 3 games and that's that. Doesn't want to appeal, because if it goes into next season, those monster game checks would be a lot more to lose than this year's.
  11. That's never good news. Hyde doesn't bother me, but it's becoming clearer they like Duke and want to use him.
  12. How about some rules? Lineup requirements? Draft picks?
  13. A former poster here joined a league I started 10 years ago. He quit 5 yrs ago saying he was just getting too old to keep up. He was 83.
  14. That's good to hear. But the Giants have to show some good faith too and start contact talks.