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  1. They have to pay him if they have any brains. How many years does Rivers have left? This is win-now time, and the window is closing. You really want to go into the season with Ekelar as your starter? Gordon is under-appreciated, and deserves a new contract.
  2. I don't think Chubb loses a lot of value with Hunt there, but who's kidding who? No way signing Hunt was any way good for Chubb. Bottom line, if Hunt plays well, he will get playing time. No way around that.
  3. As long as he's "starting over" Dion Lewis I'll be happy.
  4. I don't see this being discussed on DLF. Link? Curious to see what they're saying.
  5. You are overblowing this. The media stirs this #### up, in the hopes that people actually believe it's a story. If it was Julio Jones we wouldn't hear a word. Beckham draws the media like flies. Hope he blows up this year and shuts everyone up.
  6. Really? You actually liked that trade? I feel it was a bad move made by a bad GM. Draft a rookie QB but take away his best receiver. Genius.
  7. Gotcha. I agree that only 1 RB in the 1st does not condemn a class.
  8. Of course. The noodles are his penis. Unfortunately, the cat is just a cat. Dr. O is a major perv.
  9. Well, there's a lot more talent at RB coming out next year than this, and this mock has maybe 4 WRs going in the 1st. I can see 1 RB taken in the 1st, maybe 2 tops. The 2nd round should see quite a few come off the board. So, to answer your question, I still think people will be high on the 2020 class based on how many good prospects there are and should realize that with so much talent available, RBs are bound to drop.
  10. The guy's been in the league 2 years. Not much of a history to be had. As far as these bets you're proclaiming you'll make, if you were smart, you wouldn't make. Cowboys can have a playoff spot clinched and they rest Zeke, Cook could limp his way to 16 games. I agree I have more faith in Zeke being healthy a whole year, but not just over Cook, over every other RB. I think Zeke offers the least amount of injury risk than any RB. Give Cook a couple more years before you start diving into his historical facts.
  11. When did having as many carries as Zeke get mentioned?