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  1. PPR Lamar Miller @ TEN or Tevin Coleman vs. Car
  2. 12 Team PPR Keep 1 League I'm picking fourth tonight. Some guys jumped the gun via email so I know who the first three picks are. Already picked: Bell, Elliott, D Johnson N/A (Kept): Gurley Kamara I'm looking at Gordon, Barkley, Hunt, Antonio Brown, Fournette If I go receiver, all the mocks I've done show that my RB1 will actually be a RB2. Don't think I want to go WR so it's a RB. I'm leaning Gordon.
  3. warpedone

    Keep 1

    12 Team PPR - Keep 1 for round you picked him in last year (FA's are round 10) Not much to choose from... Ben Roethlisberger (11) Average Current ADP Round 8 Mark Ingram (6) ADP Round 4 Devin Funchess (9) ADP 7 Evan Engram (10) ADP 5 Corey Davis (10) ADP 7 Value looks like Engram.
  4. 12 Team League with extra points for longer TDs and rushing TDs for QBs.
  5. Daily league. PPR. Thanks in advance
  6. Wait as long as you can but I think it's Coleman.
  7. I'd say Williams and Crowder for sure. Third one is tricky. Arob v Vikings is not good. Cobb in sketchy weather is not good. JMatt is a strong possibility. Mitchell in the possible snow or Gabriel (probably without Julio) are both worth considering. I'd roll the dice with Gabriel.
  8. Moncrief. GB weather is worrisome.
  9. PPR TE: Olsen v SD or Eifert @ Cle Flex: Ajayi vs Ari, D Parker vs. Ari, or Olsen/Eifert (the one not selected at TE).
  10. Matty Ice on MNF @ NO or Luck vs. SD. Been waffling all morning.
  11. Tough one. I think Miller's for sure just because of volume. I'd go Elliott - better matchup on paper - but don't it's almost a coin toss.
  12. Don't wanna get cute but Luck has a soso matchup @ Denver. (they're run D is brutal which may lead to more passing) Ryan has a juicy matchup @ Oak. - leaning Luck Also... PPR - Woodhead vs. Jax (who are tough against RBs but Woodhead catches a lot of balls) or Tate against a pretty good Tenn. D - leaning Woodhead