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  1. You aren't kidding. Go read the comments section on Fbook re: the Bush speech - holy ####. It's filled with straight vitriol for George Bush from RussiaGuys or actual republicans dumb enough to buy into RussiaBots. I clicked on one of the profiles. His page is immediately filled with Bush is stupid meme's straight out of the 90s. Actual Republicans have lost their minds its seemed.
  2. Yeah, I don't remember it word for word either but it was 100% about Sheriff Clarke considering taking a job in the White House and was pretty "pro" in the favor of such. It scared the #### out of me, but was probably something pumping his tires for his base to eat up. It definitely wasn't in support of anything this administration has done. Phew, cleared my name there I hope.
  3. That was a tweet about Sheriff Clarke. It wasn't quoted to back up Trump but quite the opposite when it looked like he was getting a job in the White House. So yea, I did, but not for the reasons your post implied. Quite the opposite. Which makes it even more confusing
  4. I did? Pretty much one of the most anti-Russia guys here. If I actually did then FML. Pre-election I was a Hillary guy and secondly Rubio guy, but I had an open mind about whomever would be elected. That open mindedness ended the day after he lied about his inauguration crowd.
  5. Wait, what?
  6. @Nick Vermeil Hey man - need a 4th tonight for squads. I think my buddy messaged you on steam
  7. Yeah - hence why I said "I'm thinking of". Implying I was incorrect.
  8. Ya I'm thinking of the LL remix "I Shot Ya". Same beat
  9. Second run through now This one is nice "Fast and Furious" ft Raekwon - seems to sample the last 2 notes in the piano drop from "I Shot Ya" (and probably another song before that)
  10. I could listen to "People Say" on repeat for an hour straight. It's probably my favorite rap song in at least 10 years. Song is just perfect IMO. @Capella @Good Posting Judge - my young nephew said it sounded like "Grandpa Rap" - so that's a thing now.
  11. This is from earlier in the year but a friend recently turned me onto it and I can't get enough of it. When Weebs and Rappers collide.
  12. Damn that Wu-Tang song is good.
  13. Holy ####. People like this actually exist. People who vote for people like this actually exist. It's really amazing.
  14. Correct. The left has moved past trying to reach the RussiaGuys in our country. It's hard to reason with guys who are happy to be cucked by Russia. Impossible even. There are many other Republicans and moderates however that can be reached. From what I've seen here, the RussiaGuys are too far gone though
  15. RussiaGuys still crying about the mainstream media and using the term "Lib####s". Amazing.