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  1. Which tells you all you need to know. it's over. Make it so.
  2. Game is weird though. Caught a level 1017 Scyther yesterday with 1 regular ball, no razzberry. Yet a level 150 spearow will break out 3 times. Da fuq
  3. Level 1330 Snorlax
  4. Still wouldn't worry too much yet. Yeah, you missed out on the early withdraw angle, but you also matched him up vs Schwartzel. Schwartzel is one of the best golfers in the world and hasn't even teed off yet. Unfortunately, the angle didn't work out, but as a straight up bet, it's still far from a bad one. You got this my dude.
  5. Terrible. Thought the Omar (and Joan) interviews were really good. They were good because the interviewees were good though, not necessarily Bill. Especially enjoyed "Omar"
  6. Run for the hills
  7. What's the next piece of news that will affect the banking sector now that earnings are out? Fed talk on a rate hike? Holding a lot of Citi, up 11%, not sure where the upside comes from unless we get a rate hike or two in the next year. Thoughts?
  8. I wasn't. Not available on my sites, but I would have faded the #### out of him had RB offered it. It worked for us with Byeung Hun An at the Masters and Chris Wood at the open. Gravy train doesn't run forever without fueling up I guess.
  9. Koepka = King Sandbagger
  10. I knew that unfortunately but things just got out of control a bit too quickly and then I got stubborn. Not a good combination.
  11. oil guys...suggestions on how to play this? FML
  12. Took my profits, leaving behind the rest. The rest = 30% of my brokerage account. Will be there as long as it takes, but I love me some FB
  13. Just caught a Pikachu - level 37