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  1. Alright boys. I'm out. If anyone wants to stay in touch PM me your email or number (so I see the PM in my email and dont have to log in to get it, or gchat name or add Ronald Silks on Fbook. ) "Dog bless." -Ronald Silks
  2. No way. Want proof? And I can back this up with screen shots. Week 2 in College last week 22-8 on sides. Week 3 = 5-18
  3. My Aggro Shaman C'Thun deck game is at a 10. My Rogue Mill deck game is at a 2.
  4. I'm a god, I'm not the god (Seriously, after Anti-Media Narrative Week 1, and Anti-Overreaction Week 2, it's all ####### downhill from here - wish the season was 2 weeks)
  5. has been down for the last 30 minutes, so here I am. FML
  6. If I told you our thread Week 2 - Anti-Overreation plays were 4-0 this week and now 16-1 the last 4 years, is that something you'd be interested in?
  7. I looked at this closely today. Only thing I'll ask, was the narrative that the "eagles were awesome and are going to over achieve!" or "wow the Browns are pathetic". I think it's the latter. Meaning, I'm not seeing/hearing the Eagles hype enough to make it a big week 2 play. Don't think, for the purposes of our yearly strategy here, we can back both Browns and Eagles based on the same principle of this shoddy "system". Most of what I've heard is chicken little attitude re: Browns. If you like em otherwise, I have no opinion. One team I forgot... Rams +5.5
  8. Hey family! It's week 2 NFL so I figured I'd break my hiatus and give a little insight into what I'm thinking for week 2. I actually had a 6 for 6 record last week in the NFL, 22-8 overall for the week by just doing anti-media narrative on my plays. Niners, were my favorite play in years - teams featured on Hard Knocks are 1-6 ATS in Week 1 since 2009 (I figured this one out myself so I may be wrong :chainsaw:), Because Hard Knocks does things like make Case Keenum look like Joe Montana. I usually look at the week 2 lines as the following: If I were a complete idiot (I am, so this is easy for me) and just reacted to week 1 as such, I would look at lines and say what? "The Browns suck!" "The Raiders are gonna be awesome!" "Tampa Bay/Jameis is the next dynasty" Therefore, I think: Browns +7, Cardinals -6.5 and Falcons +4.5 (I'll probably play the Browns ML as well)
  9. Rebranding for my new channel on twitch. (Sent you a PM if you want to follow along)
  10. 10 men and 10 women in a house. All have been matched up with their "Perfect Match" if everyone finds their perfect match the cast wins a million dollars. Worth catching up On Demand on this season if you can. Lot of crazy people. We discuss the Challenge a lot in the Wagering Thread believe it or not. It's the best.
  11. Rivals - Bananas and Sarah were a team - dominated the whole season and won the final challenge. Option was given to take the entire 275K top prize based on who did better in the final challenge. Bananas opted to keep the entire thing for himself.
  12. Got taken to church by this ####### thing over the last few weeks. Thought my stop loss set at $17.33 was holding my nose until yesterday morning. Oof. Trying to find the right point to get it back. Could always use your updates here.
  13. AAPL
  14. Good thread. In an odd place myself. Like my job a lot, comfortable financially but haven't a title bump in 10 years. No room to grow upward. (I have had plenty of raises) If and when my company does lay me off or we restructure I'll be going into my next job interviews with a title I had when I was 24 years old, out of college. Which, I believe will hold less gravitas with potential new companies irrespective of how I was compensated previously. I've debated taking a considerable pay cut for an actual promotion which probably makes me crazy but I want to get to the highest level possible in my field within the next 10 years. Wonder if there's anyone out there who thinks like me in that regard. More money now/lesser position vs more money later in life/higher position. A bird in the hand... I guess.
  15. Bananas is such a tool though (great for the show as it's someone to hate). I respect his game but whenever he throws someone into a challenge it's game play. Any time over the years he gets fed to the wolves (see: playing the game) , it's the biggest ####### conspiracy and betrayel of all time. Huge hypocrite. Awesome challenge competitor though. The needed that twist to save the season, it was boring. They've also forced me to watch AYTO now so I can see the prospects coming up the minor leagues and I hate them for that.