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  1. No problem. Be careful - I'm finding I might need to disconnect from news altogether right now because I'm getting too worked up/frustrated.
  2. Sorry to keep quoting Reddit stuff but I don't want to plagiarize anything and most people there are way smarter than I and can put things in better terms
  3. Nice speech that was - nothing but feuding with the media for reasons nobody even understands - wtf has the media done exactly? Had some biases when editorializing news they were reporting? That needs to dominate an entire speech? Did any other Presidents have "rallies" like this? these are getting oddly "different" than Presidential speeches. From reddit: " What else was he going to talk about at the rally? Unemployment? Infrastructure? Health care? Terrorism? Racism? Police brutality? Taxes? Trade? Gun laws? Immigration? Abortion? Net neutrality? Climate change? Money in politics? Reforming Wall Street? The refugee crisis? Any of the actual things involved in being the president? Nah.
  4. #### I think I'm done posting here anything criticizing the President.
  5. I feel like Pence might be kept out of the loop on a lot of stuff. Sent out there to do typical international relations stuff that the President usually does while not really being in Trump's inner circle - this is probably by design. He may be just another useful idiot. Does Trump have any foreign visits even scheduled? Or just trips to his vacation home every weekend?
  6. Which is actually worse. We need a few honest true patriots to infiltrate the current structure and try to fix this ####### mess from the inside out. Every candidate with integrity that declines or withdraws just opens it up for another useful idiot.
  7. I hear some of the points on a lot of the bed-wetting and freaking out hyperbole and can understand the viewpoint, but the guy who followed around Trump for a year to ghostwrite his book is deathly afraid Trump is going to create a nuclear holocaust - that's likely a guy that knows Trump as well as anyone. And he came out with this long before Trump was elected (source: ) This is the kind of #### that scares me.
  8. Not only that - there's a subreddit for basically anything you might be interested in and it's the same system. Any ridiculous comments get pushed down within mere minutes. Beware though, I've pulled many an all nighter going down the Reddit rabbit hole
  9. I'm trying to keep my cool with them as a political agnostic and try to never insult someone based on politics unless you say something overtly and meaningfully racist (then I will carve you the up) , but it's getting tough as I have 3 or 4 holdover friends that are still happy with their vote. They refuse to look at ANYTHING Trump has done as negative when it's actually objectively a negative. And they just argue without listening ("Yeah the media IS fake news" "He's draining the swamp") What worries me about them is I still think they'd support him if Trump decided to turn us into Russia and hold fake elections and basically tear up our constitution. - meaning he'll have support from way too many people in the country if things go that way. I know Obama had issues too, and he has his tommyGunz of the world - but something feels really different about this. Really different.
  10. I stopped posting here often and moved a lot of my participation in message boards to reddit about a year ago. Anyway...I highly recommend It's just basically having an RSS feed in a very easy to sort, clean place and the place is on fire over the last month of course. Some of the comments you'll find there are really great. And the best part is - there is no smiley - and any non civil discussion is banned within minutes. Not to take away from FBG at all because I know its a big cyber family here, but I'd also recommend adding that sub to your daily reading list.
  11. I'm just gonna bump my post from Day 2 of his Presidency because it's now even more relevant. Something very bad is afoot - I'm almost certain of it.
  12. Almost no crying about refs this game either. Kind of nice to (not) see for once. Thought they did a really good job.
  13. Big choke job. Unreal. That said, seemed like Brady was just seeing the Matrix the 2nd half and there is no Patriots win without that performance by him and White in the 2nd half - so tip of the cap as much as it pains me to say it. Brady is a god