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  1. Rebranding for my new channel on twitch. (Sent you a PM if you want to follow along)
  2. 10 men and 10 women in a house. All have been matched up with their "Perfect Match" if everyone finds their perfect match the cast wins a million dollars. Worth catching up On Demand on this season if you can. Lot of crazy people. We discuss the Challenge a lot in the Wagering Thread believe it or not. It's the best.
  3. Rivals - Bananas and Sarah were a team - dominated the whole season and won the final challenge. Option was given to take the entire 275K top prize based on who did better in the final challenge. Bananas opted to keep the entire thing for himself.
  4. Got taken to church by this ####### thing over the last few weeks. Thought my stop loss set at $17.33 was holding my nose until yesterday morning. Oof. Trying to find the right point to get it back. Could always use your updates here.
  5. AAPL
  6. Good thread. In an odd place myself. Like my job a lot, comfortable financially but haven't a title bump in 10 years. No room to grow upward. (I have had plenty of raises) If and when my company does lay me off or we restructure I'll be going into my next job interviews with a title I had when I was 24 years old, out of college. Which, I believe will hold less gravitas with potential new companies irrespective of how I was compensated previously. I've debated taking a considerable pay cut for an actual promotion which probably makes me crazy but I want to get to the highest level possible in my field within the next 10 years. Wonder if there's anyone out there who thinks like me in that regard. More money now/lesser position vs more money later in life/higher position. A bird in the hand... I guess.
  7. Bananas is such a tool though (great for the show as it's someone to hate). I respect his game but whenever he throws someone into a challenge it's game play. Any time over the years he gets fed to the wolves (see: playing the game) , it's the biggest ####### conspiracy and betrayel of all time. Huge hypocrite. Awesome challenge competitor though. The needed that twist to save the season, it was boring. They've also forced me to watch AYTO now so I can see the prospects coming up the minor leagues and I hate them for that.
  8. Although our gun laws need to be examined and changed this is a terrible article essentially boiling down to: "It's easier for terrorists to buy guns in a country where it's easier to buy guns." No ####? Pulitzer worthy.
  9. 400 million / 4 Americans - 100 million apiece - paid the same day - probably just a coincidence. That said, does it matter that much? If that's what it took to get these guys home? I guess it could encourage kidnapping Americans and holding them for ransom? Is that the only beef with this? If that was the deal, I'm glad it happened, I just wish it never came to light.
  10. They have a great sound - thanks Sconch.
  11. I've had good ones, but moved out of state and picked one up as it's motivation to actually get to the gym for me. I never miss it. If I'm scheduled, I'm there - even if I'm hungover. But yes, I sometimes wonder what the point is. Sure he shows me an exercise or two, but after a year I've pretty much got it. I'm the one who has to add in supersets. He'll have me doing curls or something on the TRX bands and in between sets I have to take it upon myself to go bang out the battle ropes for 30 seconds or something. I'm going to lose weight/get in shape. Amazing that I'm the one who has to press the issue and push myself. Really is just a waste of money at this point.
  12. Alright - reading about it now. Not sure I really want to even go there but just curious what my trainer is going for here and debating getting off the program. He's gotten pretty lazy, he texts and reads emails during my sets and just shuttles me from exercise to exercise. Twice a week gets pretty expensive.
  13. 2 Part question LEt's say I'm completely dumb (I am) and just for once in my life want to say I could bench press XXX pounds - just to max - just to do it, one time in my life. How does one properly ramp up to something like this? Is there a specific program? Number of days a week? High reps, low weight, high weight, low reps, a mix of both? I'm just curious. Pick a number like 250, what's the proper way to ramp up to a new PR on a certain exercise. Doesn't even have to be bench press to be honest. Anything - leg press, squats, whatever. --------- I work with a personal trainer for the past year twice a week. Bench press is always the first thing we do and I prefer just to do 3 or 4 sets of a lower weight. Recently though, he's got me building up to just doing something like 135 - 10 times, 155 - 8 times, 175 - 6 times, 195 - 4 times, 205 - 2 times is about the most i can do. I don't even really care about benching a lot of weight, I'm just trying to stay healthy. Should I find a new trainer? It feels like bench pressing for 2 reps is almost useless. What say you all?
  14. I actually do find NoXplode to be the best pre-gym drink. Low or no sugar, 2 carbs, lots of energy (and I'm sure lots of bad stuff for you chemically as well) but when I'm trying to ramp up the weights, those drinks are magically. Of course, I feel like passing out and absolute #### after the workout.