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  1. Fak this will make you angry. Released a few days ago, better than Making a Murderer. Good for a memorial day weekend devoid of plans.
  2. Can you translate your post here from Russian to English? thanks in advance
  3. That's about right then. If you want to discuss Obama's presidency intelligently, I'll be here. If not, get in line behind the TrumpGuys
  4. Yes it really did and no it really was. come at me with an argument devoid of facts, proof or thoughts and get one back.
  5. I've tried to be so diplomatic on politics stuff as a guy who was brought up right wing and lived it every day for nearly 40 years, until this most recent election where I swerved toward Hillary almost immediately as it became clear that Trump would be the Rep. nominee. She was a centrist, while shrill and borderline obnoxious, would have done a great job at just holding the status quo (which was ####### fine guys, America looked good under Obama - I say this as a guy who voted McCain and Romney). Trump is left field, three dollar bill territory. I saw a pickup truck today with hunting decals, and a Trump/Pence 2016 sticker - saw the guy in the rear view. Backwards camouflage hat and those sunglasses with the shiny spectrum tones. That's your demographic now if u dig Trump and "what he stands for"...a country music stereotype. The fake news allegations, the media is the enemy of the American people tweets, the obvious-clear as day obstruction of justice stuff shouldn't be cool with the party that thinks they love America more than liberals. That bull#### is anti america Trump ####. If you're cool with that, you are closer to a Russian than a Republican. If you chanted "lock her up" over an unsecured email server, but it never even dawned on you that Trump has already been proven to have done 3x worse and you haven't chanted "Lock him up", you are a hypocrite - plain and simple - that needs no further debate. This guy doesnt represent you. He cares ZERO about you. Kenny Chesney is closer to how you feel than a lifelong millionaire. I'm not saying we need to settle for Noam Chomsky, and I think every political post Tobias makes is not only condescending, but just riles up the right wing side more. But Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump, his inner circle, Russia and nobody ####### else. I think there are 3 parties at this point, Democrats, Republicans, and people who dont give a #### they are being cucked by Russia and Russian compromised guys who call themselves Republicans. I will never call you idiots, call Fox News stupid (outside of Hannity) or call people Trumpkins as a pejorative. But we have to get off of this soul sucking perestroikacoaster and step the #### back, oppose and destroy this Putin-cuck and the rest of his staff and get back to worrying about the US. The pro Trump folks are the exact reason so many people have estranged themselves from anything to do Republican. If Donald Trump is the kind of guy you represent, I want zero point zero part of that. We can bring back some fiscal responsibility to the country without being nutcase racist, sexist, lunatics. Get a fakking grip guys - you've lost your party and yourself if you think Trump represents you unless your guy I described in paragraph number 2 - and if you are, god bless you anyway and I respect that that's how you feel - would love to get some coffee with you and have a talk. Cheers
  6. I think Rodnald Silks made some great points
  7. It's cool that I think this track is crazy good even though the lyrics are all time bad? G-Eazy x Carnage - Guala
  8. "Contacts between Russian officials and the Trump campaign" as per John Brennan. I'm sure they were just talking about big furry hats and pierogis
  9. It's alright, just hate when you (and, to be fair, others) do it while the story is still developing. There's a thread for that type of argument, and it's relative here, but in the first few hours, I think it's better to get the news out there first. Ignore the guys immediately doing the anti-Islam shtick if you can until tomorrow or something. That's my personal preference, I don't want to tell you how to do things though - that's not my call. Cheers either way.
  10. Another terrorist attack. Time for tim to argue with people for 16 pages. Here's the compendium thread for actual news for those who want to follow the news:
  11. This subreddit is great - enjoy:
  12. I just woke up - can you unpack this a bit (and the meaning behind it)? Thanks gb
  13. There's no chance a 300 billion dollar arms deal with the Saudis will ever come back to bite us.