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  1. Doesn't take much. Takes about 2 minutes I set one up before for the stock trading guys but discord is a young man's app and it was difficult really keeping it moving. I could try again I suppose for iDating/e related stuff.
  2. I'm spending every other month in Vegas these days. I can't really talk about much as far as "dating" but I did visit one of the legal (keyword: legal. Don't nuke the thread Joe) Brothels 2 weeks ago. Went to Shari's Ranch. Was expensive but awesome. Also enjoyed a night with an adult film star back on the strip in my apartment. I wish e was still around. ETA:The sugar baby didn't work out. I can't really tell the story here without line crossing either. This is why fbgs needs a discord group.
  3. Sorry their Facebook page.
  4. Lot of exciting news on the Gasparilla zbowl web page today. Be sure to chime in and beg for the Beefs Parade comeback
  5. Yeah I don't want to talk about that part - even though I brought it up an hour ago.
  6. I mean you're the person who brought him up. Now a follow up question is a deflection because it requires an honest assessment to you that doesn't fit any of what you've been saying for 3 days (or the RUSSIAN TIMES for that matter)? Craziness.
  7. I was just looking for an honest answer without the agenda or the delfections.
  8. Let's try to be honest here for a second. If you had to guess tho...what would your guess be?
  9. Imagine getting into the dirt to mess around with siffoin. Only one of the most helpful and nicest guys here.
  10. Steve Austin episode was awesome. Best season ever IMO. Halle Berry is the new GOAT.
  11. If he does something about guns, I'm going to start leaning back to having some shred of support for him TBH. It would be something humane. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a terrible person as are a lot of his supporters (I said a lot not most). Let's see how this thing plays out.
  12. It'll die out by Tuesday or so.
  13. Believe me, I used to feel the same as you on that front (waiting a little time before discussing the gun control issue) but it's just gotten out of hand at this point. A board moratorium is ridiculous.