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  1. Free Clifton.

  2. I want to make the sex to that one woman you know

  3. Took him with Favre back to back in the 9th and 10th I believe. Not feeling so good about the combo after today. Could have saved myself and read all the stuff I had written about him over the years. Had I, I'm pretty sure that I would have avoided him. I think the hot start was just that.....a hot start. I'm expecting an implosion. I think he was drunk today. lol
  4. 5 stars isn't nearly enough for the info this guy drops in the SP. Great work.

  5. I started that YEARS ago at FFYesterday. Shtick stealers. Been a lot of shtick theft lately I thought you and Gekko settled out of court on that? Talked to Marcus about a month ago. Pretty sure oat knows the score.
  6. I started that YEARS ago at FFYesterday. Shtick stealers. Been a lot of shtick theft lately
  7. So what's the deal here? Who has what? I still need a ticket for the middle night in Broomfield. I just arranged a trade for the last night in Broomfield and the Four Mile Revival with Phish and SCI for my Halloween ticket. Then I traded two Umass tickets for the first night of Broomfield. That leaves me with 2 more Umass tickets, a ticket for 10/29 in AC and a ticket for Augusta Maine. Doesn't look like I'll be going east.
  8. Diplomatic relations? Community relations? Special ops?Those Kardashian girls are Iranian, how about sexual relations?I thought they were Armenian? Whereby Armenia included parts of what is now Iran, but also other countries. Whatever. 2 of the 3 are hot as ####.Was just going to type that and this popped up when I hit reply. Love me some Kardashian.
  9. I see no problem with going in there and removing the current regime, and anyone who aligns themselves with said regime. Geographically it's one of the best places to sow the seeds of democracy and freedom. I'm on board.
  10. If I get shut out tomorrow you in for some bartering or sales?
  11. Drank at the neighborhood bar last night after stopping at the hippie bar. Got pretty lit up. Almost crashed into a few parked motorcycles taking a turn...stopped about two feet short. Probably should have just walked home. Feeling hung-over. Haven't experience this feeling in a LONG time.