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  1. I will try to remember to follow up but feel free to remind me. A little background. My friend was a lawyer in Chicago practicing Corp law and hated it. One day around 2011, he quit, moved to CA and bought his first company. I highly doubt he has specific expertise in employment law but I’d expect he’s getting decent advice.
  2. As I mentioned above, this is an attempt by the radical left to control free speech under the guise of political correctness. Don’t fall into their trap. Use your own judgement as to what’s appropriate to say.
  3. Then you should be ashamed for likening the plight of women to that of blacks.
  4. Are you a women’s studies professor because you appear to have completely bought into the radical left agenda.
  5. And this “knowledge” leads you to believe that women have been treated as poorly as blacks historically? No interest in reading anything that would have you believe that.
  6. You may want to stop buying the arguments of radical left feminists who would have us believe that we are living in an oppressive patriarchal tyranny.
  7. That’s complete bs. Likening the plight of black people to what women have have gone through is as ridiculous as almost anything I’ve ever read on this board Historically, men and women have had to work together to overcome the elements. Life is infinitely easier today than it was just 130 years ago when the average wage was less than a dollar per day in today’s money. Sure women didn’t get the right to vote until the early 20th century but likening that to the slavery and racism that black had to be endure is preposterous.
  8. According to the 2015 International encyclopedia of the social and behavioral sciences, sex differences in aggression is one of the most robust and oldest findings in psychology.[61] Past meta-analyses in the encyclopedia found males regardless of age engaged in more physical and verbal aggression while small effect for females engaging in more indirect aggression such as rumor spreading or gossiping.[61] It also found males tend to engage in more unprovoked aggression at higher frequency than females.[61] This replicated another 2007 meta-analysis of 148 studies in the journal of Child Development which found greater male aggression in childhood and adolescence.[62] This analysis also conforms with the Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology which reviewed past analysis and found greater male use in verbal and physical aggression with the difference being greater in the physical type
  9. I'm not writing an academic paper but it's widely accepted that men are more aggressive on average than women. Start here. It's not a contentious issue as far as I know.
  10. Yes, women unfortunately have to put up with sexist behavior. In a perfect world, it would not exist. We can all agree that cat calling is wrong but where do you draw the line? Are men allowed to flirt? What constitutes flirting that's too aggressive?
  11. Are you intentionally being obtuse? Define what you mean then. It's not hard.