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  1. Also loved the blackface Justin Trudeau moment but that definitely plays better for Canadians. Here’s a link to a story about the Borat movie reference and the scandal Trudeau’s blackface scandal caused. I foresee more apologies.
  2. Go to Beacon, NY, meet up with @Nick Vermeil and shoot the lock off your wallet.
  3. Thanks to @Nick Vermeil! My package arrived today and it's quite the haul. A nice note and then 2 pints of sours, a shirt and a glass from Hudson Valley--the artwork on the cans is as nice as I've ever seen. I might display them instead of drink them. Alright, we all know that's not going to happen. And 4(!) pints, a glass and a shirt from Industrial Arts. Can't wait to try them. Thanks again for everything and I appreciate your patience as I was unavailable to accept for awhile. This has been a lot of fun and I look forward to being part of the exchange again next year!
  4. Just got back the other day after nearly two months in Canada. Thx GB
  5. I think the gals over at the Purse Forum axed this thread. @Otis what are some hot topics over there?
  6. How is FD handling the Chiefs/Pats game? Nothing on the site.
  7. I am fishing in a remote part of Quebec wit limited wifi and no cell phone coverage. I won't be able to hear the CC tomorrow but I do have a fireplace in my room.
  8. No PR makes me a little wary of this info but if it's true, then it's positive.
  9. If not, it's a big loss. It was a must read last year. @David Dodds any chance your blog comes back?
  10. FBG's fancy new lineup builder lists Lamar Jackson as $9300 but he's $9400 on FD. Mistakes like this make building lineups tough. ETA: User error on my part. Apparently, he's priced at $9300 for some slates and $9400 for others. Weird.
  11. I read the following here. Global annual manufacturing capacity for monoclonal antibodies is apparently 16mm liters. If true, that number needs to be increased. Can anyone opine as to the veracity of the numbers?