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  1. I will leave my like on your post.
  2. Actually, I don't think you're accounting for the volume of the ball and because the volume of the ball (~0.074cm^3) is relatively small compared to the water (104cm^3), you get about the same answer.
  3. 16 yo Daughter
  4. Thx What's the best way to get the solutions to the equation? i.e. y = 0 r = -9.9, 0.26 and 9.7 I messed around with a couple of function calculators--is that the way to gp?
  5. Assume ball is waterproof Assume ball = same density as water
  6. Assume ball is waterproof Assume ball = same density as water
  7. Volume of sphere = 4/3.pi.r^3
  8. You have a cylinder with a radius of 8cm. In the cylinder is a ball. 104cm^3 of water is required to just cover the ball. What's the radius of the ball? Vc = 64.h.pi Vc = 104 + 4/3.pi.h^3/8 Right start?
  9. I hung out with Johnny "Nitro" Damon for about an hour a couple of weeks ago and he's convinced that the Vegas shooter was actually an FBI operative who was selling weapons to ISIS.
  10. I'm at a ski hill without access to a tv--what's going on in Chicago? Good goals or bad ones for Detroit?
  11. My boxing coach told me a version of this one on Friday morning and he was laughing so hard, he couldn't get the punch line out. For at least a minute. Funniest part of the joke IMO.
  12. Told them all and added a short 4th one. All well received even in my drunken state. There was probably 40 minutes of jokes in total. There may be an audio recording of some of them.