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  1. I found myself laughing much more than I should have after reading the story and the aftermath. "Terrified that the turtle would develop a taste for puppy flesh." "Durrant says people wouldn't be so quick to criticize Crosland if he would have fed the snapping turtle a less cute animal." "The only reason the puppy is more important than the rat is because we as a culture place more value on that then the rat," says Durrant.
  2. ~80% of the broken bones that occur at ski resorts happen in the terrain park. Just sayin'.
  3. Pro tip: If you decide to go to Vail or any of the resorts they own, consider getting an Epic pass for a few or all of your family members. Some of them come with Buddy Passes which are discounted day tickets. Depending on the resort and the number of days you ski, you'll probably end up spending less than if you buy daily tickets.
  4. Mustang Island* *I liked the movie, Damon.
  5. wife and I watching now both enjoying best laugh so far was the under the desert sign line. Good work!
  6. a little too for me
  7. Use the following mispronunciations: 1) Dark Vader 2) Blackgammon 3) Jail walking Feel free to add.
  8. I've worked for increasingly large investment banks for my entire career. I started at Goldman after college in '93 (10 years), then moved to Merrill (~6 years until BAC bought us) and now BAC. I've realized I don't like working for a behemoth and am in the last month of full time employment. I will be working on smaller projects where I actually have the chance to move the needle. The first one being a molecular diagnostic company we're trying to sell.
  9. Anyone have more info on Marchand? I had no idea he wasn't going to play yesterday until I didn't see him on the ice.
  10. They have to get from ~1mm to 20 or less. The questions have to be really tough. I made it to the final question once. Once.
  11. Sadly, that's a small percentage of his net worth.
  12. 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli cries in court, is sentenced to 7 years for securities fraud He's not so smug now.
  13. Same singer covering Purple Rain in a tribute to Prince.
  14. I'd love it if someone could record the album version and the cover together. cover album version I know it's a long-shot but thought I'd ask.