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  1. What else is out there in the HIV space? Remember that CYDY has received fast track FDA approval and is going to file their BLA for combination therapy. HIV thought leaders have looked at their treatment and said that this is the next generation treatment because: 1) it's safe. No adverse side effects in any of the 840 patients who have been on the drug for years; 2) Unlike HAART, patients have not developed resistances to the drug; and 3) 80+% of patients respond to the drug. Please show me anything that has or may have a similar track record in treating HIV.
  2. To me, the bigger red flag is the CEO making outrageous claims about transforming cancer treatment in 30 days and the stock price reaching triple digits. I really detest that kind of hyperbole. I am not surprised your BIL hasn't heard of the company. It's small and really only has produced cancer results for the last month or so. I have a feeling that it will be much better known in the not so distant future.
  3. They've had to do micro raises since they don't produce any revenue yet. After the recent stock spike, many people exercised their warrants which caused a cash inflow to the company. Also, they have an $87.5MM milestone distribution agreement with Vyera which gave them ~$4.5MM in the last 6-8 weeks.
  4. I guess I am defensive when it comes to a group like Culper research who hides behind their website, publishes lies and misleading info and never has to answer for their claims. I have nothing against short sellers but I do not like people who try to manipulate the stock market. I don't mind differing opinions as long as both are presented in good faith.
  5. I just shipped a car from Utah to Chicago last week. There are plenty of companies who will do this for you--a simple google search will reveal many. I think I could have had it done for ~$800. However, they don't let you put much/any belongings in the vehicle which was an issue for me. Apparently, the driver can be fined for it. In the end, I had someone who did some work for me drive the car. It was more expensive but I was also able to ship a bunch of boxes in the SUV.
  6. I didn't know that Cytodyn had paid for that article but I know they've done so in the past and am not surprised to see it again. It's tough for small companies to get media exposure and paying for articles, while not ideal, is a marketing strategy. However, unlike the Culper "reports", the information in those articles is provided by management and therefore must represent their honest beliefs--otherwise they risk shareholder lawsuits and SEC sanctions. Culper, on the other hand, has no reason to tell the truth. They are hidden behind a website with no information as to who they are. Some have linked them to Germany but there's nothing to verify that either. I believe their "report" is full of lies and is a blatant attempt to manipulate the stock price down. Using their report as a source of your investment thesis is a very dangerous undertaking and I'd urge you tread lightly. I will say that I think we are to the point where CYDY has to produce to quiet the short selling crowd. I believe the filing of their BLA, hopefully before month end, will be one catalyst. Another will be the Coronavirus treatment. Despite your inability to locate it with a Google search, it is real and the trial is slated to start. I agree with you that the 30-day window for changing cancer is more than aggressive, your statement that there's virtually zero chance they will commercialize for cancer is equally ridiculous and somewhat naive. Also, seemingly heavily influenced by the Culper report. The most important criterion the FDA looks at is the safety data. CYDY has had ~840 people take their drug without any of them experiencing any kind of adverse side effect. That safety data is transferable for cancer, and the Chinese FDA looked at that data when evaluating and then accepting Leronlimab for possible Coronavirus treatment. The compassionate use designation granted by the FDA for metastatic breast cancer was given in large part because the drug is so safe. They now have data from 4 patients and it's spectacular. Yes, you can say that 4 patients is a small sample but when does the data become meaningful in your opinion? The FDA has a breakthrough designation application that it's evaluating and they can't ignore the results--elimination of CTCs and reduction in tumor size. The 4 patients who have taken Lironlimab have a significantly better life expectancy and that cannot be ignored. What's your axe in this fight? I find it more than a little suspicious that your first posts here are to slam CYDY. Please explain how you got here and what your connection is to Culper, any competitor of CYDY etc.
  7. Yeah, I've added ~40% to my holding since the move up and I keep telling myself that I should have put the money to work at $0.30. Not a fair complaint though because the story has been significantly de-risked since then. Here's to treatment for Coronavirus and metastatic cancer!
  8. I am feeling a similar feel with CYDY as I did in the late fall when I was buying as many shares as I could in the ~$0.30 range. I knew the stock was going to go higher but I didn't know when. Same feeling now. I buy a little every day but also watch for the news that will propel the share price higher. Anyway, GLTA.
  9. Another video. As I've said before, he's not a great communicator.
  10. From the above link and describes the opportunity in a nutshell:
  11. Our 50 patient trial should start in the next week or two. We are quietly confident that the treatment will help the victims. :fingerscrossed:
  12. Lots of possible catalysts. BLA. Coronavirus, Cancer results, break through designation opinion from FDA.
  13. BOT 20k more today and will buy more this week. Step up, sheeple.