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  1. chet

    College Admissions Questions

    A couple of years ago, my daughter and I met a former Stanford AO who was now a college counselor at a ritzy HS in San Francisco. He offered to help with advice when it was time for my daughter to apply. She reached out after being deferred, and he provided some great advice related to the update form that Stanford asks deferred students to complete. Here's her email with her thoughts on the update form: Here's his response: Obviously nothing earth shattering but still very insightful and his advice will have her shape the update in a completely different way than she originally thought. Hopefully his advice will help others here too.
  2. TY everyone. App submitted. 95% of the heavy lifting done. She's worked hard.
  3. Another one: Should it be "Superintendent of Police" or as written?
  4. Were like or was like For a college app due tonight. Disagreement. Thx
  5. Walking around trying to avoid the proverbial eggshells is a helluva way to live. How can you have a conversation with someone about anything that's vaguely contentious if you limit yourself to not saying anything that they may find offensive?
  6. Lots of things impair your driving ability Being tired is one that comes to mind.
  7. Need a suggestion for a gaming monitor for my son. He suggested this one. Any thoughts?
  8. chet

    ****Official**** depression thread

    I wasn't super close but my best friend was so nothing for me. He reached out last week asking for a job and now my buddy is wondering if he handled the conversation right. ####ty situation every way you look at it.
  9. You've fallen in the trap--get out. You can't push the rewind button on your kids lives. Decide what's really important to you and prioritize that.
  10. chet

    ****Official**** depression thread

    A friend took his life tonight. Mid 40s. 3 children. A tragedy. Please check in if you need help.
  11. chet

    Daughter has a boy coming over today

    Teen speak for hang out and ####.
  12. chet

    Daughter has a boy coming over today

    Your spidey sense should go off if all they want to do is netflix and chill.
  13. chet

    College Admissions Questions

    A former client made the following deal with his kids. Once they decided on a school, they had a discussion of what the child could achieve academically--this was assuming they went to class and studied for tests but also had a social life. In other words, this was not assuming they had to study 24/7. He then told the child that he'd lend them the money for school and if they achieved what they both agreed they were capable of, he'd forgive the loan and if they didn't, they'd have a discussion about repayment. I thought it was a smart way to have the kid have some skin in the game and lower the risk of them wasting the opportunity.
  14. chet

    College Admissions Questions

    FWIW, a lot of Illinois kids go to Alabama because of the generous scholarships that aren't available at instate schools.
  15. Youtube vid Some cringe worthy awesome moments.