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  1. chet

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    I made my team in ~5 minutes and am still in. Only been this far once before.
  2. chet

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    I will make the following two observations: 1) Bobby Dassey is a ####ed up individual; and 2) Excluding the coroner from the investigation is also majorly ####ed up and smells awful.
  3. chet

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    I know Brendan is Steven's nephew but does anyone know how Steven is related to Brendan's parents?
  4. chet

    The Curse of Oak Island

    Season 6 starts on Tuesday November 12. They find gold!!
  5. Vincent D'Onofrio was awesome. By far the best actor and character in the series.
  6. 4 Sens players recorded in an Uber talking #### about their coaches and teammates. I saw a mysterious tweet from Roenik saying Uber drivers cannot be trusted--he must be referring to this.
  7. I think the gold glitch has been patched. Must have done something wrong--it works.
  8. chet

    College Admissions Questions

    I think it's still the same--the common app essay is one 650 word submission. What I meant was that the extra essays that she's written as the supplemental requirement for two schools will in all likelihood be similar to the supplemental essays for other applications.
  9. chet

    College Admissions Questions

    My daughter submitted 2 EA apps last night. I've got to assume that the next ones will be easier because the common app is done and she'll be able to recycle some of the supplemental essays.