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  1. I haven't studied it enough to make a judgement. What's your opinion based on?
  2. I run two private leagues on Fan Duel. Very easy and you can run them for bragging rights and exchange $ outside of their system if that's a plus.
  3. Definitely worth it for me especially with the deal. I doubt it's still available but it was a steal.
  4. Alex Smith @7100 has Dodds' highest H-Value in the optimizer.
  5. Jebus.
  6. Anyone play 50/50s? What were the cutoffs in those contests?
  7. Sounds great but what is the entry to the WFFC?
  8. Were there overlay opportunities this afternoon? Dodds wrote that with all the changes, there would be plenty.
  9. I only entered a private game today but put up 171+. I've got to think scores were really high this week as the scores in my 4 man contest were 171, 167,150 and 135.
  10. My wife and I were planning September and she said, "Wow. This is impressive. You've managed to get some of your boys' weekends during the middle of the week."
  11. I have a draft tonight and have been running mock drafts. Suddenly, DD stopped giving me view options on the top of the cheatsheet column. I don't know if I hit something to get rid of the option to view by team position, draft picks and rating. Anyone know how to get this back? TIA
  12. I agree with both of you so I bit the bullet and bought a new version of Win 10 home. It's downloading now. Should I format the SSD (erase the clone I did last night)? I don't want a bunch of old windows files all over the place.
  13. Holy hell do they make this a difficult and annoying process. Trying to download Win 7 ISO and it asks for my key. After I type it in, I get to a page saying not to refresh as it will cancel the entry and this process can take several minutes to validate my product key. After 15 minutes on the same page with the swirling circle, I closed it. I will gladly pay $20 to bypass this nonsense.
  14. Size isn’t an issue and I cloned the HD onto the SSD. I changed the BIOS instructions to boot from the SSD and Windows asked for a boot CD. I have the product key but don’t think I have the boot CD. Now what? Thanks for the help so far.