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  1. A friend sent me this question that was asked by a potential employer.
  3. Colchicine is the prescribed drug remedy and is very effective. GLLLLLLL
  4. The league would have to approve long term disability status before the club got any cap relief.
  5. Took my son Atlantic Salmon fishing in northern Quebec last week. He caught an 18lb fish and was ecstatic. A friend told him it he fished for 15 years before catching one that big. I caught a 35 pounder---the fish of a lifetime.
  6. Pro tip: buy your boots at altitude.
  7. Actually, I don't think Bergevin is as much of a donkey as we originally thought. He front end loaded the deal such that Carolina would have to come up with $21MM within a week of matching. Bergevin was betting they'd find that difficult. I still think it was an easy decision for Carolina but I bet they had to scramble a little to find the liquidity.
  8. I've lived on 3 continents (North America, Europe and Asia) and in 5 countries (Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Belgium and USA). I spent a summer in Kenya with my great uncle--does that count? If so, add a continent and country to the above list. I've probably visited 50+ but have never taken the time to count. I'm betting @Doctor Detroit is going to have the most by far if he checks in.
  9. Anyone know the goalie situation in Calgary? Mike Smith's gone to Edmonton. Is it Rittich's to lose?
  10. Where's the frame and sticker part? eta: You have to take a pic to access frames and stickers. Very lame and stupid.
  11. Some observations: 1) The micro transactions are really annoying. My son ran out of spell juice and when he found out he could either buy them or get them from inns, he said he wasn't going to play anymore. 2) I like the red dots that signify you have something to collect or do but the one by your picture can be tough to get rid of. 3) I don't know how the runes work or what the numbers signify. 4) I don't know how to tell if a confound able is rare or common without clicking on it. Even then it's not alway apparent to me. I also don't know what the different colors represent. Of course, all of the above was likely explained but I clicked through all of the "conversations".
  12. I've got to think this is way below their expectations.
  13. What are dark detectors and where do you activate them?
  14. Based on what I heard from people in Montreal and now PK going to the Devils, I have to assume he continues to bee a problem in the dressing room.