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  1. Pool Payment Access to this pool requires a payment of $20 plus GST. All of the team information that has been entered is still in the system and will be viewable once your pool is activated. Please contact your pool administrator at:
  2. She got 7 years for the drugs and 5 for stealing school.
  3. In the original thread, you say SIL's ex is a good guy but in the new thread you say he's abusive. Same guy, I assume? What happened? GLLL
  4. I don't know a lot about it but find it hard to believe you can make a decent living making bets where the casino got the line wrong--thinking about it, I don't really even know what it means to get a line wrong. I am also skeptical anyone can make it longterm taking the vig into account. Again, I am not in that world at all and consider myself a below average sports bettor.
  5. We have little/no info as to whether he's a good at sports betting. I admit I haven't listened to all of his interviews but I don't think he's said or implied that he's breaking the casinos. I guess the assumption is he's good because he does it for a living but most of those guys are a cold streak from being broke. Why would he need a bet runner? If you think the books don't want his action, I'd have a hard time believing that.
  6. i think most know it's over when Alex introduces the champ.
  7. Suppose you have two steel tanks with pressure gauges, each with a volume of 100 gallons. They are connected with a pipe that has a cut off valve. Each tank has air in it. One tank has indicated 100 PSI. The second tank has indicated 0 PSI. If you open the valve, what will the pressures be after equilibration? Is pressure linearly related to amount of air in a set volume?
  8. I thought you were denying my claim about Tonya's 5-year sentence. Apparent;y I was wrong. SHARKS SCORE SHORTHANDED!!
  9. Addressed above--I was thinking about where people get "triggered" by words or topics.
  10. Maybe I am thinking about the videos where I see people get "triggered" by what someone says. If I am about to say something that is controversial, depending on how well I know the person, I might say something like, "the following might be controversial," but I don't think I'd ever give a trigger warning.
  11. A trigger warning is saying, "Don't bring up this topic or use this word because it will cause me to be uncomfortable or worse," so even if you don't explicitly ask someone to censor their language, the request is implicit. As I've also said before, I will never go out of my way to say something that would offend someone but I will also never use political correctness to censor myself--I will use my judgement to decide whether or not to say something.
  12. I replied in a similar vein in one of your other threads but I think trigger warnings are a manufactured social construct by the radical left as an attempt to limit free speech. How am I supposed to have a conversation with you about anything that's mildly controversial if I have to censor what I say so that I don't risk offending you? It's not possible.
  13. Yes, it would. I am hopeful that the DA goes for more punishment given LL didn't accept the plea bargain offer and then the DA added the additional charge.
  14. And then you've got Tonya McDowell who got 5-years for enrolling her son in the wrong school. She was homeless at the time and said she simply wanted the best education for her child. Police said she stole ~$15k worth of education. When you compare the two cases, it certainly appears that there's no justice.
  15. na·tion·al·i·ty /ˌnaSHəˈnalədē/ noun 1. the status of belonging to a particular nation. "they changed their nationality and became Lebanese" synonyms:citizenship; the right to hold a passport "individuals seeking British nationality"