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  1. This is a great point. The "we've covered this numerous times" idea always annoys me, as that line has been thrown at me a number of times. First of all, 90% of the discussion in this sub-forum is done in like 5-6 massive threads. Second, the search feature is never going to be easy to use in a situation where there is so much info in so few threads. Third, some of us have attention spans that only allow us to absorb a bit of politics. I'd be a very sad guy if I followed politics 24/7. Something gets my attention and I might join in the discussion for a week or two, then I'm off to more interesting/happier things for a few months. So I miss things and I miss discussions. Whether it's been talked about on page 354 of a 2k page thread is unknown to me.
  2. I was thinking about this the other day. Some of you ask things like "how do Trump supporters still support him after this???" The answer is that they literally have their own reality they live in. Fox News is their TV channel, The_Donald is their subreddit, and they can filter their twitter feed to follow whomever they want. When that is the info you are taking in on a day to day basis, it's easy to see how they still support him. Now there definitely are issues the other way too. If you have a twitter feed full of Trump doom all day long, and surf r/pol all day long, you may be convinced that Trump wants to be a dictator and will never peacefully step down. But that's the reality of the situation and if you know what data collection companies are learning about us, I doubt it's going away soon.
  3. You're assuming the event will happen. Minnesota doesn't want to get stiffed and foot the bill.
  4. I haven't even looked at the polls yet until just now. It's probably way too early, but there are a number of polls where he's doing well vs Warren, and a few where he's getting crushed by Warren. So, yeah, he's still got a really good shot at this.
  5. There are many on the right who fundamentally never understood what happened, and they probably never will. Much of the reason why is because many on the left were so unbelievably cocky on election night, and never thought Trump had a chance. Some warned it could be a close call and were laughed at. Trump basically won the lottery that night, but to be fair, honestly not a lot changed in the overall vote count. The polls were pretty accurate, he just happened to nail almost every key state he needed. In the aftermath, the Republicans only remember the liberal tears, the memes, and the cockiness getting destroyed. For many Republicans, it was the greatest political night of their lives. But as the 2020 elections start closing in, casting doubt on the polls could be a very effective tool for Trump in keeping his base energized even if the polls start going against him.
  6. Well to be fair, about an hour ago CNN found a video of Gowdy going on a rampage against the Democrats a few years ago for refusing to turn over documents in the Fast and Furious if he had accepted, his credibility would be shot.
  7. In fairness I just discovered r/pol and they are absolutely going insane about this. To officially say you won't comply seems big. Ultimately, I think this is where Trump is. He thinks he has a winning hand with the Senate in his back pocket. To be fair, as long as he does have the Senate in his back pocket, he can literally do whatever he wants.
  8. To me, this seems like the most unbelievable thing he’s done. Which is insane I know.
  9. kind of big.. 10.08.2019.pdf
  10. For the record, it’s absolutely absurd for any of you to use your personal experiences in an attempt to categorize conservatives and liberals in terms of which group “loves people” more. Just absurd.
  11. Not sure why anyone cares what people think about the call, when we have a record of the call. We know what he said. Why do we care what other people that heard the call think?
  12. There’s a big difference in influencing opinion and hacking the ballot box. Politicians have been telling lies about themselves and digging dirt for hundreds of years to influence opinion. Obviously it doesn’t make what went on right, but the difference is vast.
  13. For the record, I think one of the most under-talked about issues of the current age is IT security. It’s an epic disaster in the making and I don’t know if anyone takes it seriously enough.
  14. For the record, this is HAVA. The issue with it, as I’ve learned, is that states can do whatever they want to with the money. Some are intelligently using the money, others aren’t. If more money is thrown at the problem, more money will be there for the states to do with as they please. Sometimes wisely, often not. You can spend a lot of money in IT purchases and still have significant issues.
  15. The govt has given out a lot of money to the states to tighten up cyber security.