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  1. This is a very interesting game. So remarkably different from the fantasy fpl game I spend so much time on. But I like all the added stats. I like how James Rodriguez, who dominated Spurs today, got 19 in this game, as opposed to 3 in fpl Solid
  2. How disgusting. If you’ve reached the point where you’re chanting outside a hospital that you hope people die...geez there are no words for how sick that is
  3. Rodriguez is on the trading block. Hope to close a deal before his first injury
  4. I'll be giving that one five times the effort of this one (due to a local league with friends where the competition is fierce), so if we could get enough FBG's in there, it can be a fun experience
  5. Probably blind optimism, and I haven’t looked at anyone else’s teams, but I love my squad. Wish cristo had accepted my trade so Id have Messi tho
  6. 13.13 Sorry guys. Holding my nose and choosing Jordan Pickford, Everton. @McBokonon
  7. Fantrax is a good site. We are using it for the fbguys league. Not sure what the price is but it’s a traditional draft league like most fantasy football leagues. Im a huge fan of the official pl game. I devote wayyy too much time to it. It’s not like a traditional draft league, but like the old rotisserie baseball leagues back in the day where you get 100m and choose 15 players. I wasn’t a huge fan at the start, but have grown to love it, and my friends/family league is super competitive. My favorite part about the official game is that you have one team, but can join multiple leagues, and also rank your performance against the entire world. Last year I was 55,000. Not good, but out of 6M maybe not so bad.