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  1. I think every day that it runs, it goes back and re-runs the curve for the entire month? As an example, there was a point where TN jumped to the highest R value in the country. But if you look at the TN numbers now, you can't see that point, because the newer data wiped it out. The process constantly reevaluates the entire curve.
  2. I don't quite get their numbers on TN. TN is definitely on the upswing. After being around 350 cases/day for the last 3 weeks, 5 straight days over 400 and yesterday was +821. The last two days were some very high testing numbers though, so as you mention, that may account for why TN's numbers haven't risen much.
  3. A virus holds no political agenda. The protests will cause the virus to spread and if the country forgets about the virus and moves on, you’ll be quarantined again.
  4. Per usual, trump got in his own way. The protests were getting out of control. The national guard was probably the right move. But he executed it poorly. Its hard to predict crowd behavior but I feel like the protests are on the way down now. Trump will claim his speech was the turning point. In the end, I think he overstepped his bounds and lost just enough voters to ensure he won’t get re-elected. That made for tv moment was just a bit too scary for most people.
  5. No, it did happen. I have watched the stream a lot myself. It was a random girl that grabbed the megaphone and yelled “the only good cop is a dead cop” But I don’t see how that’s the twitch guys fault, or why you’d turn it off. It’s reality
  6. Posobiec has long been on my feed for entertainment value. Conspiracy theorist maybe. But cmon man he’s not a Nazi
  7. Yes. Looting is not something invented by Antifa in response to Donald Trump. It happens all over the world and has happened for years. When a situation presents itself, there are usually people that are going to loot.
  8. I live in a suburb. Apparently a teenage girl tried to start a peaceful protest for today in our small town. People flipped out. Some people are raiding her facebook page looking for pictures that show she's trying to cause chaos in this town. She deleted her post and her mother came on facebook and made an irate post at how everyone treated her daughter that just wanted to stand up for issues. No one seems to believe these protests are going to be peaceful. Rumors abound. Knowing this town it's probably nothing. I'll be at home regardless but it's crazy.
  9. I don't think Antifa is a major instigator, nor do I think there are secret groups of white nationalists causing issues. IMO there are 4 main issues at play: 1. Legitimate protests to a horrible killing that are creating large crowds. This creates the opportunity for these events. 2. Massive unemployment rates at levels not seen since the Great Depression. This adds to the number of people that can be out protesting and that have little to lose. 3. Police that in many cases treat all protesters as if they are potentially violent. This fuels the angers of the protesters. If you've watched a stream for more than 30 minutes, NOT ON THE MSM, but on the internet, you can watch it happen. The cops don't smile, stand there in their masks and riot gear, and don't treat the protesters like humans. The protesters just get angrier and angrier. 4. Large Crowds are dangerous and it's very easy for bad apples to cause chaos. Edit: I guess I forgot the big one. There's been a brewing left vs right animosity for years. It's always played out behind a keyboard....
  10. Does anyone have a link to a stream with the major looting in Manhattan?
  11. Key to defeating those white guys in Philly is to make them run more than 50 feet
  12. Decent chance many of these young people watch that performance at the white house tonight, realize how insane some of these people are, and decide to do the rest of their protesting on twitter for a few weeks.
  13. I’ve been a huge critic of cnn for years. Got made fun of quite a bit for it in this forum. I think they are being quite balanced tonight.
  14. Me and my wife are laughing incredulously at this