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  1. I don’t agree with this particular thread of yours, but this is a very true post. There are 8-10 posters that take the liberal side of everything in this forum, like each other’s posts, work together, and squash alternative thinking. Has been like that for quite some time and it makes this forum a bit of an echo chamber.
  2. This is probably closest to the truth as anything I’ve read in here. If we get into details, his statement was probably bigoted, not racist. But it’s still wrong.
  3. I’ve read soooo many interesting things about this story. Yet this thread is predictably going down a Trump rabbit hole of whether he’s guilty or not.
  4. This story isn’t really about Trump just yet. It’s probably headed there, but right now it’s about Epstein. Although as you can see, it’s going to quickly become a political mud-slinging event. If Trump is guilty, any decent human would agree he’s gonna go down. But it’s far too early to make him the main event, and this thread seems to be leaning that way (through pro-trump or anti-trump posts).
  5. This has of course gone political quickly. Unbelievable that politics should even come up. I’d like to think that in the next couple weeks all will come to light, but that’s generally not how these things go. But if it does, this could go absolutely nuclear. What I will say on Trump and Clinton is that they both have sex assault allegations against them. That’s gonna put them under fire. Sorry, most people don’t get accused of sexual assault and most people don’t pal around with leaders of child sex rings. Innocent until proven guilty yes, but there’s nothing wrong with investigating these things. The red flags are everywhere.
  6. There are crazy things out there when you go down this rabbit hole. Last night was reading about Trump/Clinton/Epstein theories and I was reading about Trump buying a boat from Jamal kashoggi’s uncle decades ago, pictures of Clinton/trump with Epstein, including one of a young’s insane. Who knows what’s true, but if this is all about to drop in the next two weeks, who knows what Trump and other powerful people will do to distract/stop it from coming out.
  7. It made me sick but it’s probably fake. Until we get proof though, anyone who has association with Epstein is gonna be a target of this kind of thing
  8. This really isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an issue that will cross parties and cross country lines. Trump and Clinton are quite possibly both directly involved.
  9. All involved should be thrown in jail for life
  10. I never said there weren't differences. But things were really bad previously and few cared... The article highlights just how bad they were. Yes, things have declined, but how much of that is due to Trump, and how much of that is due to an increase in immigrants that have overloaded the system? I have no idea. Trump, being Trump, has undoubtedly made the issue worse. But my point was that it's funny to see people on a high horse now, when they literally didn't care (or didn't know) previously.
  11. But this literally was happening under Obama, and "our MSM" didn't give it 5% of the coverage they are now. So why don't people cut the political crap and work on the problem? Because there are elections to win.
  12. Personal opinion: If someone had spoken out about these camps during Obama as being "concentration camps", they'd be ridiculed by the left and most of the media. Since slamming Trump is easy, fun, and gains many twitter followers and acclaim, accusing him of having concentration camps (whether he's exacerbated the problem or not, which I'm sure he has) is now ok. Sometimes, people should step outside of politics, stop trying to score political points, and do something to help the people. If a politician said "look, we've ALL been doing it wrong for years and instead of furiously arguing over who shares the most blame, let's fix the issue", they'd deserve and get respect. But using the current problem primarily to score political points falls on deaf ears and casts major doubts over the reasons people are suddenly speaking out.