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  1. This is what matters. Kobe has to buy in or this would be a failure from the jump. I'm cautiously optimistic. I thought Brown did a good job in Cleveland. I guess we'll get to see if the Brown haters were correct about his limitations, or if they were just making excuses for King James. "If you're building a championship team, your DNA always has to start with the defensive end of the floor," Bryant said on May 11. "Always. I'm a firm believer in that. I don't believe in building a championship team on offense. It has to be built on defense and rebounding. Period."I never understood the Brian Shaw hype. He's not Phil Jackson any more than Shannon Brown will become Kobe Bryant when he retires.
  2. they showed it on the sny broadcast....awful. exactly what i was hoping would happen. can't wait til the show mondayGary's First Pitch At Mets Game.
  5. He was injured. Why does this blow you away?He came back the next year to have a phenomenal season. You had a sure thing with Brees, and I'd argue the Chargers would've made it to at least one Super Bowl with Brees at the helm.A QB coming off a serious shoulder injury is never a sure thing. It's not really a hard concept to understand.
  6. For how great Brady was last week on a per play basis Rivers was better. Link What a terrible quarterback!
  7. This "caller" who is talking about her daughter and throwing up is clearly fake.
  8. Rivers is real Kevin Acee December 27, 2007 So many e-mails, so many questions in the mailbag. I thought I'd just give my take on the hyper QB here. I cannot stress enough how great a guy Philip Rivers is. I say that not because he makes my job easier and more enjoyable. I say it because it is the truth. He is not a poor sport or in any way the ugly trash talker some are portraying. I defend him (if that's what you want to call it) because I know that he's real. He is who he is. And it is what makes him who he is -- on the field, in the locker room, at practice. He just loves the game and plays it all out. Nope, he has not yet won a playoff game. (He's 0-1 in the postseason.) But after 31 regular-season starts, he has won 24 times. He has an 86.8 passer rating and has thrown 41 touchdown passes to 24 interceptions in those 31 starts. Sure, as Champ Bailey noted, he is surrounded by great players. Rivers is fortunate to have LT, Antonio Gates and now Chris Chambers. But Rivers is also a very good quarterback. He has struggled this year. He is not a Pro Bowler. But he makes throws and decisions that reveal he is a fine QB. And he is tougher than many. As for how Rivers acts on the field, his talking and gesturing is part of his play. It always has been. I'd imagine it always will be. The comment I hear most often is that Rivers should stop talking and concentrate on playing better. Do people who say that think he is not spending 80 hours a week working on being better? Do they think if he stopped yapping, he'd automatically be better. I argue that he might be worse. I used to cover a guy named Jim Edmonds, who had something of the opposite "problem" as Rivers. His teammates and Angels management wondered aloud again and again how good a player Edmonds would be if he just tried harder, was more passionate about the game. Thing was, Edmonds was the most exciting and most clutch baseball player I ever covered on a daily basis. When the rest of the Angels were collapsing in September of 1998, he was batting something like .380. His argument (and mine) was that if he were a different guy, he wouldn't be as good a player. I'm not saying everything Rivers says or does is brilliant or even advised. But honestly, if Rivers were a linebacker, no one would even notice. As he said yesterday, if he were to give me a list of all the things that were said on the field Monday night by every player, "It would be longer than the Mitchell Report." He does not talk about people's mom's or wives. He doesn't curse. "To think of what is said on the field that is way worse than anything out of my mouth is unimaginable," Rivers said. He has all the respect in the world for Champ Bailey. "You don't go after the guy," Rivers said. But he loves to have fun and considers that fun part of the game. When he does complete a pass on Bailey, if Bailey looks at him, Rivers said he will grin "like, 'Hey we got you.' It's always been a very respectful communication between me and him." He noted that maybe Bailey hasn't taken it that way. Rivers was honestly surprised by the hubbub over what happened Monday. He said he took no offense to what anyone said to him or his teammates. Recalling Jamie Winborn hollering about Lorenzo Neal on Monday, Rivers said, "So what? I would have done that too. It's fun." I promise you he is like that pretty much every moment of the day. Quite a few times I have gotten irritated at him for interrupting an interview by walking by and making fun of me or his teammate that I'm trying to talk to. The reasons this is an issue is because ESPN had about a million cameras at that game and the game was a blowout and Rivers was on the sideline. And because he is a quarterback, people think he shouldn't act this way. As he reminded me last night of his high school career, "I used to be a linebacker."
  9. I see the same thing that I described earlier. I must be as blind as Family Matters.PS FM reason number 64 why AJ Smith's job is nowhere near to being in jeopardy. Stat of the Week So you want to know how active your team will be with a good free-agency market coming up in three months? Here's a chart of how much cap space each team was due to have next spring as of Saturday, along with how many players each team has under contract: Team Signed Players 2008 cap room 1. Tennessee 39 $40.85 million 2. San Diego 44 $33.03 million 3. Jacksonville 43 $32.69 million 4. Buffalo 49 $32.05 million 5. New Orleans 39 $31.69 million 6. Cincinnati 48 $31.45 million 7. San Francisco 48 $30.91 million 8. Cleveland 42 $30.31 million 9. Arizona 34 $30.27 million 10.N.Y. Jets 45 $27.72 million 11.Oakland 40 $25.98 million 12.Tampa Bay 48 $25.90 million 13.Miami 48 $25.56 million 14.N.Y. Giants 49 $24.47 million 15.Detroit 42 $23.50 million 16.Houston 43 $22.91 million 17.Dallas 40 $20.61 million 18.Kansas City 44 $20.27 million 19.Chicago 52 $19.80 million 20.Pittsburgh 43 $18.61 million 21.Green Bay 48 $18.37 million 22.Philadelphia 49 $17.17 million 23.Denver 49 $16.77 million 24.Minnesota 49 $14.88 million 25.New England 41 $10.93 million 26.St. Louis 45 $9.61 million 27.Seattle 44 $9.55 million 28.Indianapolis 48 $8.49 million 29.Carolina 35 $6.05 million 30.Atlanta 52 $5.79 million* 31.Baltimore 42 $5.00 million 32.Washington 45 -$20.72 million * Not including unspecified potential rebate from contested return of Michael Vick's pro-rated signing bonus. And yes, you read it right. The Washington Redskins are $20 million over the projected '08 cap, a number that will be reduced once the 'Skins convert some bonuses assigned to the '08 cap (including a hefty one paid to tight end Chris Cooley) to signing bonuses, which can be pro-rated over the life of the contract.
  10. That's great. I'm surprised to have heard it characterized on multiple shows as "hostile" if that is all it was. But glad to hear it. Hopefully everyone on the team shares the same understanding that it is a non-issue.It's a non issue because they ended up winning. LT's explanation is not very believable if you see the video.Seemed like a fitting explanation to me when seeing the video. Get real dude. LT looked over at him. Had a look of disgust on his face and stormed off. Rivers just threw an interception and you actually believe LT thoughts are focused on some random play involving Lorenzo Neal and not the turnover that just occurred.