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  1. Depending on Moore's health, this guy can be a WR3 with WR2 upside going forward for the FF playoffs. McLovin looks like he's has some kind of poise behind center and they're probably going to have to throw a ton. The fantasy variables? No competition for catches except for Streater and plays on a crappy team. I'm throwing some FAAB at him this week. Edit to add: Moore didn't practice today (Wednesday)
  2. It amazes me how Todd Haley still gets considered for jobs, let alone hired. Ellington gives the team such a different dimension, and I'm not even an Ellington owner..
  3. This is a good comparison. And it did take Plaxico a couple of years to fully mature and become a dominant player who knew how to take advantage of his physical advantage. I'm as big a fan as Justin Hunter as there is around here, but the Burress comp isn't a good one. Burress was 6'6" 231lbs coming out of college. Hunter is 6'4" 196. Comps to Sidney Rice (6'4" 200), AJ Green (6'4" 211) and Randy Moss (6'4" 197) are much closer from a physical standpoint anyway. I suppose it's really easy to compare a 6'4 guy to every other 6'4 guy lol, but I'm just talking about his skill set. He's not showing me a stretch the field skill set, rather a solid possession guy. Plaxico was 230+ out of college but played like he was 180. His body type isn't a carbon copy of Plax but they look mirrored in the skill set IMO
  4. Perhaps I'm in a "guppy" gun shy league, but I can't get a bag of chips for Cameron. He's backing up Jimmy Graham and the David Wilson owner laughed at me when I offered him Cameron/S. Smith for Wilson/Welker. He's currently starting Owen Daniels at TE.
  5. I think Britt is a lost cause, can't see the Titans getting anything higher than a 6th for him at this point. You know that when a team openly dogs their WR in the media, he has 0 value. NFL GMs are smarter then to drive their players stock down before looking to unload him. IMO, this gets ugly. The Titans put up with his nonsense and got nothing in return on the field, this could potentially be Bucs/Keyshawn-esq. They know this is his contract year and they know he's looking for another payday. Best revenge? Bench him and if he acts up? Suspend him for conduct which further blackballs him. I think the Titans have given up on Britt and are now expediting the reaping of what he sowed.
  6. If we're making comparisons after one play, I'll bite. I can see the A.J Green comparison, but that's a little premature. I see a Pittsburgh Steelers Plaxico Burress and after a few seasons and more muscle you'll see a NYG Plaxico Burress. Good size, decent speed, good body control and concentration.. Career Floor: Jerome Simpson Career Ceiling: Plaxico Burress Edit to add: Just watched the youtube college compilation. Yep, I see a young Plaxico.
  7. Idiocy at its bestNo, he's right. I'm not biased in anyway in regards to the 49ers and Alex Smith but he does throw a lot of ducks. I was watching the Giants/49ers game and he handled the pressure very well but also floated a few up that if the defense was in position was probably going to lead to a few picks. He's managing games very well, but he's not winning them.
  8. Chase, are you drunk? Who are the "many" here who are trying to "crown his ###"? No one's comparing his performance yesterday to Simms in the '87 SB or some of Montana's playoff gems. And your "I'd like to see what he'd do without his OL & D" comment may well be the silliest single statement by anyone in the history of this board.Here's what Flacco has done: he's put up average to below-average NFL passing numbers for a team that hasn't asked him to do more, he's cut down on mistakes, led his team on a game-winning drive yesterday, and has been the QB for a team that's won 13 games. Can he be great, or even very good statswise? I don't know yet & neither do you. As most Ravens fans have posted over the last several weeks, we've yet to see him bring his team from behind to win and so don't know if he'll be able to do that consistently. "Potential" can be a dangerous word because we tend to project that a player will just keep getting better when he may in fact already be as good as he'll ever be. What some of us here are saying is that we can see signs with Flacco that he could be pretty good. Or let's look at it this way: how many teams do you think wouldn't trade their QB situation for Flacco as he is right now? FalconsGiants Steelers Chargers Cardinals Packers Jaguars Patriots Saints Dallas Philadelphia Cincinatti Indianapolis Houston Denver Remove the Jags and Texans and it's good.Edit: Garrard didn't have a stellar season at all and I don't think Houston is sold on Schaub..
  9. i hope taylor gets better... i was a huge fan of his at the U and overall he's been one of my favorite players since he came to the NFL... i wish him the best... he's a blast to watch and an amazing player. I understand he's sketchy and not the best attitude but he is one of the best at his position.