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  1. Pretty sure that the definition of "trap game" in the dictionary makes a reference to the Steelers playing opponents they're supposed to beat. The old Steelers would lose this game. I hope they don't have that same tendency.
  2. 1.12 Dez Bryant, WR - Dallas
  3. SSL3. I'm in. PM me when we start.
  4. Unless Wilson (-21.95) & Graham (-8), I'm done.
  5. 165.65 + Peterson (-6.8) Thanks to Helu & Gibson for a big weeks.
  6. I get my scores using the My FBG page. Go to My FBG page Create a new league profile Input scoring, your roster, etc... Go to View Stats in the In Season section of My FBG page (you have to scroll down a bit) Change the default setting from view week 1 - week 17 to view the current week - week 17 Then use the feature to add up your top QB, top 2 RB, top 2 WR, top TE, top 2 RB/WR/TE Flex, top K & top DST It took about 10 minutes to set up the 1st time, but really easy to use after that.
  7. Mandatory vasectomies required after fathering 1 child out of wedlock.
  8. I think Wallace will get most of the deep targets (duh!) & Gibson/Keller will get the most of the red zone targets.
  9. What I saw in the OP was a guy make a great catch & then push a ref out of the way so he could show boat. When did Freddie Mitchell start playing for Marshall?
  10. I hate the toe baskets. And I really hate the pedals with those saw tooth edges. All they are good for is shredding your shins. Once you get used to the clipless, you'll love them. Just set the tension loose to start with. It will become second nature.
  11. Clipless pedals will help a ton when going through the technical stuff. You'll fall over on your side a few times before you get used to them, but they are worth it.
  12. Referring to your city of residence as H-town, D-town, C-town... We get it, your so gangsta hip
  13. I wonder if the Jets are trying to mimic the Redskins scheme. Read option with Geno & pound it with Ivory.
  14. Mad Sweeney would take it in the keister so he could do the pickle dance on film with some coked out wanna be actress.