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  1. 1.12 Dez Bryant, WR - Dallas
  2. SSL3. I'm in. PM me when we start.
  3. Unless Wilson (-21.95) & Graham (-8), I'm done.
  4. We got my daughter a Kindle Fire HD last year & she loves it. Besides the books & games, there a ton of kids shows & cartoons available for free that she watches as much as we let her. The best thing is that it gives us something to ground her from when she gets in trouble. Taking away other things & privileges didn't phase her. Take away the Kindle & she thinks her world is over. She's 11 BTW.
  5. Does your company ship fudge?
  6. MBSL1 - yea immunity! Sorry Ref.
  7. 165.65 + Peterson (-6.8) Thanks to Helu & Gibson for a big weeks.
  8. Whats the wording on the back? Can't quite make it out.Smile Daddy? Looks like she's wearing Little Swimmers pull-ups.
  9. By putting an "h" where it belongs.
  10. Quit shaving your butt. God put that hair there to soak up all your secretions.
  11. Thanks for keeping us with this Shadow Master
  12. Crap on a cracker! 1 week after getting booted in SSL1, my team wakes up & posts the league high score.
  13. SSL1 - the king is dead. Well at least I won it last year.
  14. I get my scores using the My FBG page. Go to My FBG page Create a new league profile Input scoring, your roster, etc... Go to View Stats in the In Season section of My FBG page (you have to scroll down a bit) Change the default setting from view week 1 - week 17 to view the current week - week 17 Then use the feature to add up your top QB, top 2 RB, top 2 WR, top TE, top 2 RB/WR/TE Flex, top K & top DST It took about 10 minutes to set up the 1st time, but really easy to use after that.