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  1. Forced to start him (Henry injury) and bought into the hype. Going to lose In large part because Carson got hurt and my opponent had Indy Defense. Too bad, thought we had something here.
  2. The Adjustable Rig is something I have always wanted. I have the swing grate, which is perfect for doubling the size of the cook space, but if I could do it over I would grab the adjustable rig. After moving last year, both of my eggs apart in the basement and not being used. I really need to build some sort of patio back there to get them going. Wife won't let me put the medium on the porch.
  3. Same decision. Rolling with Ivory right now.
  4. Crazy to think the ONLY infielder not to contribute to a loss in the late innings was Flores. Wright, Murphy, and Duda all made crucial errors at the worst possible times. Flores held his own defensively.
  5. Great season ending with a wet fart. So hard to get to a WS, only can hope they are in the mix the next few years.
  6. He was lucky, but it wasn't bad base running. It was a simple calculate risk.We will have to agree to disagree.
  7. The only way he scores is an error. Duda is the next tier below a gold glover. His bad baserunning was rewarded with luck.
  8. No balls in that booth to call it a horrible baserunning play that got lucky. Easy ####### double play and we get to KC. Blowing three leads 8th inning or later is inexcusable.
  9. Disagree with the perspective. The Mets have horses on the mound. Need one win tomorrow.
  10. 1. 1903 Boston Americans (Red Sox), down 1-3, won World Series 5-3 over Pittsburgh (best of nine format). 2. 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates, down 1-3, won World Series 4-3 over Washington. 3. 1958 New York Yankees, down 1-3, won World Series 4-3 over Milwaukee. 4. 1968 Detroit Tigers, down 1-3, won World Series 4-3 over St. Louis. 5. 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, down 1-3, won World Series 4-3 over Baltimore. 6. 1985 Kansas City Royals, down 1-3, won World Series 4-3 over St. Louis