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  1. Thanks. That makes sense. It's too bad that someone this talented can't just shut up and play football and collect his millions and live a life 99% of us just dream about, without all the prima donna stuff.
  2. Can somebody explain to me what exactly he wanted from the Raiders? I don't think that is very clear. Why was he doing everything he could to sabotage this relationship?
  3. I just don't understand his thinking. So boo freakin what if you are not being used. Play out the last year of your deal, take the $5 million, and find a new team for next year. Jeez. You were a 7th round pick who should be lucky to be making what most of us can only dream of making in an entire lifetime and you whine about not getting enough PT? Dang dude, look out for your family's future first.
  4. Never understood the infatuation with Perkins. He's been putting up Trent Richardson-like numbers this year and has 0 career TDs. Him and Darkwa would be practice squad fodder on any other team.
  5. Perkins and Darkwa returned to practice today. So much for those FAAB dollars on Gallman.
  6. He's always been known to favor veterans.
  7. Exactly....Fox is one of the most overrated NFL coaches (along with Lewis and Fisher) and I suspect he will milk his Super Bowl appearance for a while longer. He is maddingly frustrating with his RB usage going back to the Carolina days with Foster/Williams/Stewart and Denver with Anderson/Hillman.
  8. West got rejected by CLE and TEN. Enough said. Dixon should be the starter. But, Harbaugh is acting like John Fox did in Carolina with Deshaun Foster and Deangelo Williams. That was maddingly frustrating back in the day. That idiot KC coach (Haley I think) did the same thing with a washed up Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles for a couple of years.
  9. Probably more frustration than anything. However, you'd have to look pretty hard to think of a top 3 player who has busted this bad in the first 4 games that wasn't injury related. Would love to heard some examples.
  10. He's gotta be the biggest non-injury top 3 fantasy pick bust that I can remember in playing 15 years of FF. Damn you fantasy experts for saying he's worthy of a top 2 pick overall. He has single handedly ruined 2 of my leagues of which I have a combined 4 titles in the last 4 years.
  11. I agonized over picking up Dixon and dropping Deandre Washington. Same situation as Philly, Washington will need a Murray injury and even then, he'll have to deal with Richard. Dixon has a chance to grab the job as soon as he hits the field due to suckiness of the other 2, Forsett and West. Not sure if Buck Allen even is in the picture.
  12. He's been saying this for weeks, without providing any specifics on what's going on. He must be the Donald Trump of coaching.
  13. How long should we wait on Charles? Serious question. With each week that goes by, it gets even more concerning. I have not seen any concrete information from the Chiefs on where exactly he is with his knee. I spent a 4th round pick on him in my 10 man league and all he's doing is taking up a valuable bench spot. Here we are week 4 and he is not even close to returning. That is very concerning considering the fact that his injury occurred a year ago. If he can't get back onto the field in 12 months, how is he going to heal up and be able to play in a few weeks? Needless to say, I am very concerned. Does any KC homer have more information? Is it a confidence thing right now of being able to cut on that knee? Is it soreness? Is it lack of healing? What is going on here?
  14. I think Washington down big seems more likely than up big. I expect a close gameIs Thompson definitely not playing? He's listed as Doubtful.