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  1. Agency law is a thing guy. The guys with the police/security VESTS sure are going to be easy marks.
  2. They need to overbook. Their margins necessitate it because too many self entitled twats are not showing up to their bookings (inconsiderate sods), fuel costs are going down (good for them), but they are still rough, and government regulation (bad for them) and alternative lawsuits (very bad for them) are on rise. Ideally they would have needed to have a case by case analysis of the passenger's arguments when they alerted the passengers in the random testing. That costs time and money. That being said, but this was/is still a colossal poop-emoji. I would happily be on the passenger's side here.
  3. Didn't meet billables for second quarter. Guess I'm looking for a new firm (O.o)
  4. I just walked away from a 3 year post graduate degree with 140K in loans. (I had a scholarship too, but for some stupid reason they didn't allow us to work for a full year, and unpaid internships are a thing in this field.) It sucks. My loan payments are more than my rent.
  5. Way to lay it all out there man. But no, I think you have the crux of it right. Head down, do your work. The good thing is I never have to walk into a court room where I'm at. It's all patent prosecution. Although, if I do want to go big, I'll have to go into litigation.
  6. The struggle is real as a new associate. My firm is one of the most laid back places i've heard about, I don't know how you dudes in big law do it.
  7. I think THAT's where we see the line of demarcation.
  8. Same. And it's not schtick. Humans in general are pretty craptastic.
  9. "Where the year date is more than one year later than the year in which publication first occurred, the work is considered to have been published without any notice and is governed by the provisions of section 405." U.S. Code: Title 17: Chapter 4: ยง 406 405 pretty much lets you off the hook if you're an innocent infringer, if you didn't know the work could feasibly be copyrighted. You DO know, which is why you asked, so, you'd be liable for infringement. ETA: I know I didn't use proper blue book citations. : P
  10. Yea, it basically begins with the Jessie's church becoming a smoking crater.
  11. Chemistry doesn't always have to be the good lovey-dovey kind. It's like they tried to make sure they phoned in the most mediocre performances they could. Note. I LIKE the movie, but there's still flaws, and alot of them are glaring.
  12. There is a line in there right before he brings down the other droid by a trooper saying that they are upgrading to new droids soon.
  13. Liked it alot... but some things stuck in my craw. I rewatched the trailers and realized alot of those scenes weren't actually IN the movie, or were DRASTICALLY different. It was like the theater cut had an entirely different ending.